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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Less is Mormon!

THANKS to JOANNE for sending this to us!!! We appreciate it!


  1. Now that was good, really good!
    I loved it!

  2. Different strokes for different folks. I thought it was highly insulting to so many people.

  3. This woman was wrong on basically every single point! She has her facts all screwed up! I find it an abhorrant insult that this was posted here. It is sad. Goodbye.

  4. I personally thought this video was very interesting and watched some of her others on youtube.

    But I think it will offend a lot of your posters on this blog, and I don't think posting it was a good idea.

  5. I thought it was hysterical! If you are going to believe CRAZY KOOKY things - own planets, heavenly sister wives, becoming gods - prepare to be mocked! This whole "religion" - ahem CULT - was started by a horny man who wanted to have his cake and eat it too! GREAT video!

  6. I love this blog and I am strongly against censorship of ANY kind, but as a Christian, I found this asinine, disrespectful and in just plain poor taste. Not at ALL disputing the right to post it here; but demonstrating "class" is always appreciated. Just sayin'.

    That said, I still enjoy this blog, and will continue to do so.

  7. Firstly, I hope that everyone understands that this was INTENDED by the video maker to be humorous, whether or not the video viewer sees it that way. If not, you are not old enough to be visiting this blog.

    Secondly, those who poke fun at others (such as the Brown family) should be prepared to get as good as they give. That is the balance in the equation. Many commenters who are Catholic, JW, evangelicals, Muslims, Friends of Dorothy, friends of the earth, pro-military, anti-military, stockbrokers, lawyers, etc., have experienced the sharp jabs of satire and social commentary pointed at them. The Mormon faith movement (LDS, FLDS, AUB, independents, etc.) is not unique in being talked about and laughed at, sometimes in bad taste. Did you hear the one about the Priest, the Imam and the Rabbi?

    What did you expect we would limit our discussions to: AUB fashion and hairstyles; Christine's recipies; Kody's driving abilities; Meri's sewing technique? Grow up, for heaven's sake. I am starting to see some posts that remind me of the participants in the dispute resolution processes and hearings I preside over -- decidedly lacking in common sense and perspective.

    (Sorry for the rant, I just "opened" my monthly gift.)

  8. This Betty Bowers [or whoever writes her material] is an idiot!

  9. I agree with Border Collie and Jmom. It may have been "intended" to be humorous, but it was offensive. I'm really tired of being told I have to "take it" while fringe or more liberal groups or are coddled.

    As for being "old enough" to visit this blog, nice way of insulting those who don't agree with you.

  10. Satire = a form of entertainment in which topical issues, folly, etc. are held up to scorn by means of ridicule or irony. Often confused with insult.

    May apply to videos or blog comments, in whole or in part.

  11. What separates this post from the spirit of this blog, and distinguishes it as offensive to many of us, indubitably is the fact that it attacks a belief in God/Christ and so blatantly disrespects it. I mean, talking about God's private parts? Is there no class or tact in anything, anymore? I must say, I'm really disappointed. I really enjoy this blog.

    I haven't seen any overt attacks or pokes made upon the AUBs/Brown family's religious tenets; moreso, the blog seems to question/"satirize" the social/cultural/lifestyle components associated with it, and also the Brown family's ridiculous antics.

    There's a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

    I love this blog, and will likely continue to follow it.
    But just, WOW.

  12. Echoing Dinah54. Just because one knows what tact is (and thus, frowns upon poor taste in "humor"), does not mean we are immature. Conversely, actually, I see this kind of video post as incredibly immature humor.

  13. The ultimate in hypocrisy being displayed by all the offended "christians" here. It's your right to make fun of Kody and his religious beliefs, but HANDS OFF on yours!! HAH!

    I agree - if you're gonna dish it out, then you better be able to take what can get dished back.


    "One Man's Sacred Cow is Another Man's Hamburger" applies to Christians, too, ya know.

  14. Learn to enjoy laughing at yourselves first if you're going to enjoy laughing at others.

    Betty Bowers is hilarious and yes, I'm a Christian! i don't take satire personally cause i CHOOSE not to! i take it in the spirit it was meant to be.

    iIthink everyone on this blog is here to either make fun of the Browns or read about them being laughed about. You wouldn't keep coming here if you didn't get something out of it! Yes, you should feel like a hypocrite for complaining about this video!

    Did you only go on it cause you thought and hoped it would only be making fun of the Mormons but when it stepped on your toes, you scream FOUL!!

    Grow up and go put your big girl panties on.

    Btw - this was hilarious! Thanks!

  15. The Brown family put themselves on national tv to be studied, critqued and perhaps judged. Their desire is for the public to analyze and dissect their lifestyle. But labeling something disgusting as "satire" or "just a joke" in no way makes it okay. There should be things off limits, things held in that high regard so we don't destroy all that is good. I did not ready anyone telling anonymous to "grow up" and other things, but she sure spews that out! I thought the posts on here made fun of the things the Brown's put out for public consumption. This is the price for making your life public, everyone has an opinion! But for me this blog has crossed a line that I do not want to condone. It just doesn't feel good anymore. I want to stand up for what I know is right and not slide down to the lowest common denominator. There are certainly plenty of other blogs!

  16. Did anyone else get that awkward feeling while watching this- where you don't know what exactly you're supposed to be laughing at, while nothing seems funny and everything seems offensive?

    I'm not really sure who (as in a group of people, not individuals) is not offended by at least part of this clip.

    And maybe this is just me, but I don't think that most people come here specifically to mock the Browns or their faith. Question it, obviously - but not to mock it as asinine.

    That said- go ahead and post whatever you want here- I don't have a problem with that. Perhaps next time post a note warning people that they may by offended by the video/content/the gyrating God figure, etc.

  17. Sheesh! There are a lot of sensitive sallys on this board. I happen to agree with Terrasola 100% on this one.

    Satire serves a purpose and has been around since man used painted cave symbols to express ideas and thought. Satire also happens to be protected speech in the US. You don't have to like it, but you can always click the little red box on the upper right hand corner of your browser....you know the one with the big 'x' in it...(unless you are an Apple user, of course)

    I have been watching Ms. Bowers' videos for years and I truly believe that she is the worlds' best Christian, as she proclaims. I'm happy that this video was posted....it shows a lighter side to this board, actually.

  18. I think it's interesting that the complainers here had no problem watching the video to begin with cause they knew it was going to be making fun of mormons from the obvious screen picture and title.

    Yet, it "crossed the line" when it went beyond making fun of just the Mormons! Very interesting and maybe worthy of some self-introspection.

    (This is actually a bullying tactic some are using here. I can make fun of you but i'll go running around screaming "foul" if you do it back to me!)

  19. OMG! It's been years since I last saw Betty!

    Don't worry. Betty Bowers is an acquired taste - like olives and caviar! So while some may like her, it's OK if ya don't.

    Now I'm off to score some me olives!

  20. I enjoy the blog....but this latest video seemed out of context . A huh moment. Like ok, next...The Browns are not Mormon and the current Mormon Church seems like aa completely different topic. Nor am I remotely Mormon, no dog in that show...I am not offended, just skimming to the next entry...I guess the video is kind of like something I saw on The Onion, but I seemed off topic, off brand, looping in another point or topic....I too can goof on BECK...the video, while fun just did not connect me to the show I am enjoying, in a fun way. Sister wives is just a silly diversion for me, and it also points out good and bad parenting, and maybe some self image stuff with the adult females... I will check back next week.

  21. Did you post the Betty video on random blogs? Random...acquired taste, I like that implication. I have an acquired taste for commedian Eddie Izzard...Also, I enjoy Sister Wives, just as a passing voyeur moment, catching disfunction and bad choices and lack of common sense in that family constellation, and then the audacity of putting it out there weekly.....Amazing fun...Who would not know blending families, moving teens away in the middle of the night without any natural supports and claiming multiple houses in Vegas would not cause teens to experience loss, alienation, depression, & stress????....Then show some of the adults being surprised.

  22. LOL - i saw a bumper sticker driving through Utah (the car had Utah plates) that said,

    You're only MORMON because SCIENTOLOGISTS didn't get to you first!

  23. I thought it was stupid. I really can't be offended by something I find stupid.

  24. "Terrasola said...

    Satire = a form of entertainment in which topical issues, folly, etc. are held up to scorn by means of ridicule or irony. Often confused with insult."

    LOL satire isn't confused with insult, satire IS insult with the intent of using shame to bring about societal changes.

    That said, I have thick enough skin and strong enough beliefs not to be shamed or offended by ridicule of my beliefs.

  25. I am sorry if I offended anyone by posting this video.
    I thought her satire was interesting, and I myself am a Christian.
    Everyone has different tastes.

  26. Thank you, MSB.

    For me, that was all that needed to be said.

  27. Evangelical Christian here....

    I love John Stewart and Stephen Colbert and sometimes they use satire.

    Someone commented that all the christians here got upset when the video started making fun of christians and not just mormons. I don't know where the video did that. To me it was all about mormonism beliefs (kolob, spirit wives,etc) and nothing to do with my beliefs.

    I'm poked at every so often by friends who are atheists. Like water off a duck. I'm secure enough in my beliefs that if someone makes a stupid youtube video about it I won't really care.

  28. To me it was all about making fun of the Mormon - as Bargain Babe Said - "To me it was all about mormonism beliefs (kolob, spirit wives,etc) and nothing to do with my beliefs."

    I thought it was funny- an intelligent, thought provoking satire

  29. Amusing video.

    Thank you for posting it.

    I love a good bit of religious satire.

  30. I thought it was beyond retarded, but again, I hate censorship and thus, it's anyone's right to post whatever.
    I will also defend the right to verbalize my opinion, however "sensitive" or "hypocritical" it is, as well as anyone else's right to verbalize their perspective. That's what blogs (and the spirit of America) are all about!

    Anyway, thanks for the last post you left, MSB. I look forward to future SWB entries. :)

  31. Stupid video but heck, whatever floats your boat or taste. I want some more clips of this incredulous family, enjoying the ride. BLOG ON :)

  32. Right on Terrasola. If they can't take it, shouldn't dish it out & besides, it's SATIRE people! Too bad for some of the posters on here that you can't buy a sense of humor on ebay.

  33. I didn't really like it, or find it funny-it seemed a bit juvenile, but, I guess it appeals to some. People just have to remember this is one man's take on humor (Paul A. Bradley) and if you find it disgusting, offensive, etc. -do not read/buy any of his other 'works'. (he has published a few things, including books by this 'betty' entity.)

  34. Those that didn't get that Betty Bowers is an equal religion basher and was also bashing the christian right for almost the first 2 minutes of this video - then it was over your head! lol But whatever....

    if you know anything at all about Betty Bowers, she equally bashes ALL religions - including her Christianity.

  35. What The Kel, everyone has a *different* sense of humor. Just because someone doesn't agree with YOU, does not AT ALL mean they've no sense of humor. Can't buy 'mutual respect' on eBay, either. But hey, just sayin.'

    Let's all agree to disagree, and move on. Back to Kodilocks.

    Peace out.

  36. anon 10:20, it wasn't over my head. I'm not part of the "christian right", I'm part of the "christian left" so it didn't bother me.

  37. Let's not name call, please. If someone has a different opinion than yours-makes no reason to call names.

  38. Hi everyone, I am the one who found that clip and posted it to the publishers of the blog. I thought it was funny, in fact I think the origins of the whole mormon religion quite interesting and somewhat amusing. I am always amazed what people will believe without question in the name of religion.
    You don't have to agree with everything that is posted on this blog, in fact, you don't even have to enjoy it and have every right to say so but to those that did take this clip in the way that it was intended, well done. ;o)
    I did post this on my personal facebook account and I did ask that my Christian friends not watch it as they may find it offensive but a fb page is different to a blog, I don't think a warning was needed but in hindsight it may have been helpful.

  39. At least the gal wasn't afraid to call BS on the Mormon Kolob, planets, etc.

    I enjoyed it.

  40. Didn't think it was funny or well done. It was hard to follow and fast, and the humor seemed sophomoric and in poor taste. And I'm not a hardcore Christian/offended by that aspect of it.

  41. I enjoy a forum where people can verbalize such fundamentally divergent opinions and agree to disagree, despite differences. It makes for animated dialogue. I will continue to read (and hopefully comment upon!) SWB for this reason, amongst many others. :)

  42. LOL... reading all these comments, I don't think anyone changed anyone's mind one way or the other.

    But thanks Joanne and MS for bringing us some of us the chance to laugh. Humor will always be subjective.

  43. The video was, I believe, a reaction to the amount of money that the Mormons threw into Proposition 8. It's a shame that so many so-called Christians can't leave the decisions about who is going to Hell to God.

  44. The kodsters lawsuit is trying to get polygamy decriminalized on the principal of gay marriage statues.
    If gay marriage is allowed in a state, why not polygamy is one of his lawsuit's arguments.

    It's not just so-called christians or so-called atheists or so-called agnostics who have objected to gay marriage. And the objections don't all go to the premise they will go to hell. Show me where that so called argument appears legally.

  45. Thank you for sharing this video. I had never seen Betty Bowers before but I am so glad I have now found her. That was hilarious.

    Yes her pace is a bit fast and I had to pause a few times to read some of the quotes she had posted. She should probably have a different producer/editor to work on pacing issues.

    I can see how someone would be offended by her views but if they that is the case, well, life must be very difficult for those people. I wonder how they're so used to being handled with kiddie gloves?

  46. "Imagine there's no heaven"
    John Lennon

  47. She's bashing a religion, while using an incorrect title (The LDS church), an incorrect set of beliefs (we don't believe in anything the way it was described in the video, even remotely close to as described), and I've never EVER seen some one in the LDS church "dish out" such awful "humor" about another religion/lifestyle, so that point is also invalid.

    1. And the funny thing is...you've taken Mrs Betty Bowers seriously. Guess what, the jokes on YOU. It's called satire. Learn from it and move on.