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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"All American Muslim" our first look.......

We will add to our blog the new TLC show, "All American Muslim" and be taking our first look into our new show this week. Interesting! All the news from TLC will be posted here so we can talk about it and absorb our new families. ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM premieres  Sun Nov 13th after SISTER WIVES.

Sister Wives           
College-Bound Browns
All-American Muslim
How to Marry a Muslim    ALL SUNDAY NIGHT!!


  1. Hmmm... will be educational for me, I don't know much about the culture. What happened to our Muslim Commenter? I went to her website and it was gone.

  2. I am an American Muslim woman and will be following this blog for sure.. :)

  3. Daisy, we would appreciate your help. This is very new territory for us!

  4. I will be more than happy to "assist" :) I love to clear up misconceptions that people may or may not have about me and my religion. I am a normal person and a PROUD AMERICAN! I can love my country and my religion at the same time. I believe there are extremist sects in every corner of the worlds religions. Sad, but true. Looking forward to watching the show....

    I should note that even though I am a Midwestern girl, I am currently living in the Middle East. I have been here for 3 years so I am "knee deep" in Islamic culture so to speak, which is a lot different than the US Muslim culture but I am open to any questions and will do my best to help out.

  5. Like Christianity, Islam is plagued by its fundamentalists. But it's actually a peace loving religion to almost all of its adherents. Justice is an ever-present theme in the Qu'ran.