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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kody Brown Says 'Courting' Multiple Wives Isn't Easy

KODY BROWN has some wise advice for a friend of his who wants to have his own plural marriage - it isn't easy!

In an exclusive sneak peek of Sister Wives obtained by RadarOnline.com, the dad of the polygamist family talks openly with his friend Andy about marrying a second wife.
"I didn't say it was easy, I think frankly you know better," Kody tells his friend. "Have you ever tried courting a second wife?"

Andy and his wife Nicole used to be neighbors of the Browns in Utah, and said they support a polygamist lifestyle, even though they don't have a second wife yet, but Andy has some rules.  "A 37-year-old man better not be looking at an 18-year-old woman," Andy tells Kody.

Check out Sisters Wives to find out if Kody's advice helps his friends decide if they want to have their own sister wives Sunday on TLC at 9/8c.  In the meantime,  here's another sneak peek of the episode:


(Courtesy Radaronline)


  1. Kody looks a lot like Charles Manson in this picture. Scary!!

  2. I don't know why this guy is in the AUB, he has some pretty strong views against it!

  3. "'A 37-year-old man better not be looking at an 18-year-old woman,' Andy tells Kody." Really Andy? And you're in AUB? That happens frequently, and sometimes the age gap is even bigger. Methinks that was said for the benefit of those reading the interview.

  4. It is basically a generic form of a dysfunctional relationship being rationalized with bits and pieces of religion, traditions, and out of sync priorities.Shake it, pour, and it is a humorous weekly show. I just do not focus on the life consequences for the kids.....Kody is a goofballs with a lot influence and ego, believing his own twisted ever hanging logic....I think the show is a hoot as in comedy. moving to Vegas and thinking it would work, gotta love his head, that Kody. what a goofy fella...and he has believers.......Love the show, weird entertainment. Would love to see the 3 elderest at Vegas High or Rancho High, has to be weird being there by day and "home" at nite. fast forward on those kids in 10 years.

  5. yeah, this guy Andy is having a lot of cognitive dissonance going on. In his heart, he's got the "testimony" of the sacredness and beauty of polygamy.

    But the thought of him even trying to actually make it work for him - his head just tells him NO!! and so he keeps from acting on it.

    Yeah, it's a NO because it really isn't from God. why would God make us have to fight so hard to go against what we know instinctively to be wrong?

  6. What is that mental health condition when you rationalize away by saying God wants it (but not in a sane or functional way, or balanced/ equitable way)?.
    Agree, it may be religious or lifestyle freedom....It is also goofy, not thought out, short sighted, impulsive, and not a life map to put out there for your kids, if you plan to be uprooting and mix and matching family makeups randomly....Makes for entertainment...Did I say it makes for good escapism tv and then mention children, and dysfunction?...I am goofy on that as well, but TLC and the Browns have the recipe, and are giving us something to goof on each week.

  7. Yikes at that pic of Kody.

  8. Look at those eyes of Kody. He looks like he is on crack, IMO. I bet he can be meaner than a snake behind doors.

  9. LMAO.....Yes, Sara I totally agree!! ... I've always thought that Kodys hair has a lot of true red tint to it, & U know what they say about red heads? =Hotheads(Mean & ill quick tempered)

  10. LOL hey now, watch what you say about redheads. Lots of us have had to hear those stereotypes for all of our lives.

    And fwiw, Kody Brown is blonde. Just sayin. ;)

  11. I thinks he's strawberry blond tho,....