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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UPDATE 11/22/11! Review: S03Ep10 and S03Ep11

If ya'll remember from last week's review, I mentioned I felt something was seriously wrong with Christine. Well guess what. We learned at the beginning of the episode that something WAS
seriously wrong with her.

Christine explained she has been suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks and taking antidepressants. Of course, she tried to downplay it, but she says she is getting stronger, and has
even started to wean herself off her medication.

Now, the cynic in me asks "why this revelation now?" Were the Browns afraid this information
would leak out to the tabloids, so they performed a public relations pre-emptive strike? Or was this just
another "clever ploy" to support their lawsuit assertions that the strain of having to leave Utah was
taking its toll on the family. So like anything that has to do with this family, only the adults know for
sure what is happening and why. We (like the children) are just along for the ride.

But enough with the serious stuff - let's get to the review!

First, we see the wives working out in the gym with Trainer Bill.  Kody says he considers Trainer Bill a "brother". If you ask me (and you didn't but I'll tell you anyway) I think ole Kody is a bit jealous of Trainer Bill and his relationship with one of his wives. You know that saying to keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Yep, Kody's keeping a close eye on ole Trainer Bill.

So it isn't surprising that Trainer Bill now holds an important place in Kody's newest business venture. He was in attendance at a business meeting along with Kody, the wives and a business consultant/investor. Why do I have a feeling this new venture is doomed?

The wives go off to a spa for a makeover. Wonderful! Lord knows those ladies need some
pampering. While there, the wives discuss why they prefer to dress conservatively. As Janelle
explains,  "We cover our bodies because we believe God wants us to be modest..." "Modest is
hottest" chirps Christine. As if we didn't know, Christine says that her greatest challenge is her
daughter Mykelti who is a bit on the rebellious side and likes to ...um...show a little skin. Of
course, Robyn has to stick her rather ample nose into conversation. "When I see teenagers,
especially ours, rebel and get mad and everything I kind of go...'You'll thank us later'." Sorry, but I
fail to see how anyone could thank you for making them go through life looking like a layered

Now when I went to Vegas, out of all the places I visited, the one that remains most memorable for
me was The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. That place was, as Robyn would say, AWESOME.
The art galleries, the designer clothing stores, Spago's (well I AM talking over 15 years ago) the
fountains, the animatronic figures...the ceiling that mimic a real sky changing from dawn to
afternoon to dusk to night to dawn in the course of an hour. They had everything you could dream of
in the Forum Shops. It was like a grown up version of Disneyland.

Now imagine my surprise that the wives did not go the Forum Shops on their night out. In fact, they
didn't make the Vegas Strip at all. They went to the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las
Vegas instead. What the h.e. double hockey sticks!!

Could it be the wives THOUGHT they were on the strip? In a voice over, one of the wives said "When
I go down to the Strip it's almost like a foreign world..." Of course, the video being shown was the
wives walking down Fremont Street. So maybe they were a little confused?

Nevertheless, where the Forum Shops are like an upscale Disneyland, Fremont Street Experience
is like a State Fair. I wonder if the wives had some fry bread and funnel cakes as they walked from
one end of the street to the other.

Meri and Christine just zipping along...
Glad the ladies loved the Zip Line, and I would think they would have been offended meeting the
"father and his son". But the wives saved up that pent up rage for the scantily clad dancers and
showgirls walking about the "experience".

For all the wives preaching  'we have more respect for ourselves' blah blah blah, they need to face the fact the dancers and showgirls at least HAD JOBS.
Beats dancing in the street...

What did they expect to see in Las Vegas anyway? Think about it. And tell me, what is so modest about women who choose to dress as human sausages, that leaves no lump or bump or curve of their chubby bodies unseen? WITH RUFFLES no less?!? I.rest.my.case.

The father and his son...

But the funniest moment had to be when Robyn was "frightened" by the guy in the predator suit. If
only Trainer Bill had been outfitted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger  to save the day and say to
the big bad monster "You are one ugly ..."

While the wives were out terrorizing Fremont Street, Kody was left at home terrorizing the 16
children that he barely knows.

First on the ' Kody does Babysitting' agenda was allowing Logan and Madison to drive his $60k sports car. Actually Logan drove and Madison served as his navigator. At any rate, those two teens were thrilled to death!

Next was homework management. Kody lost points with Mariah when he ordered her to clear off the dining room table so the youngsters could do homework. Ever the astute observer, Kody noticed that Dayton had zoned out doing homework. Could it be the NOISE distracting the kid? I mean, even Dayton said it was too noisy for him to study, but Kody completely ignores him and comes to the conclusion - it' must be too noisy. So he takes Dayton upstairs to Christine's bedroom so he can study in quiet.

Wait a minute, didn't Christine say a couple of episodes ago she didn't like people (outside of Kody) to be in her room? Kody's got some 'splaining to do if she finds out!

Oh oh, Kody notices one of the girls sniffing a marker. He lectures her on the hazards of sniffing glue, gasoline, drugs, paint, or markers. Well, three out of the five.  OOPSY,  Aspyn reminds Kody those are sniffable markers that smell good.  What a goof. You know, if he spent some quality time with his 16 children, perhaps he would have known about sniffable markers. Still in active daddy mode,  Kody came down hard on Mykelti showing way too much skin in a tank top. But then he let her slide when she said her mother said it was okay.

Look behind you, Robyn!
How convenient. Not only is it mom's night out, it's Kody's night at Robyn's house. Kody seemed a bit perturbed that it was 11:30 and his wives weren't home yet. Blow it out yer ear, Kody! They are
having FUN!  And in the case of Robyn, being scared by a stalker dressed as The Predator.

Oh dear, it's now 30 days later. Time to weigh in again. The only wife who had a "decent" weight loss was Janelle at 10 pounds. In sixty days.  We see Trainer Bill using visuals (dropping a pad
representing 10 pounds on the floor) to illustrate how easy it is to drop 10 pounds and how easy it is to pick up the 10 pounds. Christine is very impressed by Trainer Bill's visuals. Uh huh...yeah...

Meri leaking...

Meri is just so stressed: over the investigation, the move, life, finding money to pay the rent, etc etc. As Kody explains, Meri is very angry but she doesn't express her anger so it just "...leaks out all over her..." Whatever that means. So rather than swallowing pharmaceuticals like another wife does, she works out at the gym. A lot.

Kody Brown needs to wear a sign that says "WARNING...Hazardous to your health and wealth but I love making the babies. BEWARE!". As former real housewife and reality personality Jill Zarin would say, "He's TOXIC!" Yes, this is just my cheesy way to introduce the next episode.

Well, Kody may be toxic, but he was a two time state wrestling champion. So when it was his turn for  a night out with his "buddies", he doesn't go to the Fremont Street Experience. Nope, he goes to a Mixed Martial Arts Training Center to practice with the brother of his newest Las Vegas friend, Shawn. Also in attendance was his "business partner" Trainer Bill, and a member of Kody's church named Jeff.

After stuffing themselves into a red Mustang convertible, "the boys" made their way to the MMA place. Several holds and throws later, Kody picked himself up and moseyed with his man crew to the Vegas Strip where the scantily clad women prowl.  I have a feeling smart women run the other way when they see Kody making the rounds. Oh yeah, Kody used the word salacious. Ha ha Kody, Robyn used it first in combo with connotation, so you lose!

This is how Kody looks at scantily clad women

Kody and the boys stop cruising the strip long enough to eat at the cheapest looking restaurant I've ever seen on TV. That's cool, Kody must be paying for this so he has to economize. Kody willingly fielded questions from his new friends Bill and Shawn. "Is there a divorce rate?" asked Bill. "There is. You know ROBYN was married to a guy who was in our church. He just never was what SHE would qualify as a guy that should be married to more than one woman." replies Kody, adding  that he "literally had wives who were counselling each other in their relationship" with Kody. Guess the counselling didn't work too well, since one of Kody's wives had to go on antidepressants.

And then, Trainer Bill asks Kody "Does Christine raz you as much as she does me?" Now maybe
it's just me, but I don't think ole Kody liked hearing that. And to make matters worse, in his talking
head segment Kody called Christine a "shameless flirt". Something tells me Kody had some
choice words to say to Christine later. And shameless flirt were not the words he used. 

Solomon Brown's new 'crib'
Back on the home front, we find that Robyn has rounded up her sisterwives to help her pick out furniture for [poor old] Solomon [Grundy] 's nursery. Am I the only person to see the irony that when Truely was born, Kody was courting Robyn. There was no nursery for Truely. Meri and Janelle
helped a very pregnant Christine rearrange furniture so that an obviously used crib would fit in her
bedroom. Truely did not have cute pictures, nor a comfortable rocker. She didn't even have a plant.
But Robyn's Sol has a room to himself, new furniture, a comfortable rocking chair so that the
"family" can enjoy being with Sol. And a plant! Robyn, I swear you never cease to amaze me!

Oh, but Robyn isn't done: She needs to trash her ex-husband just a little more. She says in her
previous marriage, she stopped having children on purpose. She was done. She gave all her baby
stuff away. Then she met the Browns. She didn't have to be a single working mom any more. Will
Solomon be her last child? She doesn't know.

As Robyn takes Kody on a tour of Sol's nursery she makes sure Kody knows this is the first time
she's had a crib for one of her babies. Kody remarks all his kids get raised in a crib. Yeah, Kody may not have a lot of common sense. He may not have a job. For all intents and purposes, he is useless, his hair is too long and he has a wife weaning herself off antidepressants. But his kids all get raised in a crib.

Your Thoughts?


  1. I'm trying to figure out how baseball drawer knobs on the dresser led to that "nursery" design that the TLC designers came up with.

  2. Did someone say that Robyn's three children share a bedroom? So that poor Dayton is around those two crybaby sisters 24/7? If ever a child needed his own space it is Dayton. I hope I misunderstood that.

  3. Where to start? First this review was spot on! I love reading these!

    Yes Kody is certainly jealous of trainer Bill and well should be. TB actually pays attention to Christine and let's not forget that preggers Robyn is no where around at this time, so double score for Christine!
    Meri is really unhappy and it's not just leaking out. If she's supposedly is using her workouts to get the anger out, I'd say it's not working, or obviously this is another fallacy, because she's seems to be gaining weight, not loosing and she's getting angrier by the minute.

    I find it interesting that they never position the wives differently on the couch. It's always Meri/Robyn, idiot in the middle, and Janelle/Christine.

  4. I'm a little confused by the "modest" clothes they wear, because their clothes, especially the layered tops are soooooo tight, (especially at the gym!) How is that modest? Their bodies may be covered from neck to ankles to elbow, but they are still quite revealing, and not just their contours, but their bulges as well. I'm not suggesting they should all dress in burkas, but there re stylish, modern clothing that can be in and modest. This comment also refers to the Muslim women who cover up their heads and shoulders in scarves yet wear skin-tight jeans..... Like showing your hair is sexier than showing off your ass in tight jeans?

  5. How about the comment that he actually can help with homework? (not that he really "helped" at all) Hello prick, I bet your older children are real glad you finally want to be a dad....to someone else's kids!!!!!

  6. I think Christine should have a little side thing with trainor Bill....on Kody's Robyn nights. Except for Robyn I think all the wives look disenfranchised.

  7. So glad I just found your blog. I'm really enjoying it. I was just trying to figure out why they wear those awful layers that make them look way bigger than they are. I'm also really heavy and can't imagine wanting to accent it by that type of clothing. I guess I know now--have to wear long sleeves to cover special underwear, so put pretty shirts they like on top? Ugh. Someone get them on How Do I Look, stat!

    Do they really think they are convincing people that polygamy is acceptable? They may not be child rapists, but those poor women all exude deep unhappiness (except Robyn). I wish they would all wake up and go find true happiness with someone who really loves them. No god worth serving would demand a woman be treated like this.

  8. lol..I watched the second episode just in the hopes that I could see the Kod-bag getting his tail kicked...*sigh* unfortunately, if he did, it was edited out...now...does everyone have a good cleaning solution for the slime that runs down my TV screen every time he and Robin have their little soliloquies?

  9. Great job, Cynical!

    I've seen WAY too much of Robyn's skin. Just sayin'. I think I saw hair. She's so modest.

    And she didn't have a crib, remember? She had to pack her babies on her back with Victoria's Secret bras. Poor, poor Robyn.

  10. Dayton was sitting on Christine's bed. It gave ME an ick factor, I could only imagine how he felt. "Hey my stepday bangs my bonus mom on this bed when he's not at my house."

    Dang. That will probably lead to some serious anger issues in that kid.

  11. Janelle is the only one who will lose any weight or get in shape, mark my words. Since she isn't working, this is her project. She is raising the only intelligent questions about the supposed Fitness Center. She is thinking about the whole life-style change needed for getting into shape. Give that woman a plan and she executes.

    Okay, Kody could derail the whole process, move them back to Utah at a moment's notice, park all the kids at Janelle's house after Christine loses it. Yeah, that's much more likely, actually.

    Meri and Christine are close to complete breakdown. No $40 watch is going to fix their issues. Like someone else said, when are they going to admit that the big elephant in the room is this polygamy crap isn't working for them?

    Can't stand Bill. He is just an insensitive and inarticulate as Kody. They are both chasing fame with this project. Hell, they don't want a Fitness Center at all. They want to get noticed by the world and adored.

  12. Dayun is holding on to that Voss bottle...Are they getting product placement fees from Voss?

  13. Priceless review, as always. I particularly enjoyed the last paragraph. :*)

    These people have such a chronic and pernicious case of cognitive dissonance, it is a wonder that they can function even on a basic level. Regardless of that, I believe that this charade cannot last.

    When you have people who are eating their pain to the point of obesity and at least one of them has had to resort to medicating themselves to cope (although, I would argue that she is not/has not been the only one to do so); something inevitably, will have to give, at some point.

    Be prepared for the fallout.

  14. Anyone else see a Big Love connection here with this episode? Didn't Barb admit to having Xanax and taking meds (she made some Benedryl comment at one point).

    Post partum depression is very common, and I'm glad that Christine got some help.

    Rubber Tree Plant - you are SPOT on! The cognitive dissonance is very obvious with these women. Although I would never want any family to break apart, I really hope these women figure it out and hit the road once their kids are over 18.

  15. First of all, I want to say that I love this blog. It is one of my favorite places to come an giggle.

    That said, I am not comfortable with the captioned photo of Dayton in this post. He is just a little boy with some pretty exceptional challenges. Now, I know there is a 0% chance of the kid seeing it, but I still don't think it's fair.

    Thanks for "listening" and sharing your perspectives.


  16. GREAT JOB CYNICAL JINX...Your simply fabulous! You and Ms are quite the team! And the others, if there are others!

  17. 1st of all, Christine is WEANING HERSELF OFF OF MEDS!!!! Is she seeing a DR.? A Psychiatrist? Who will tell her when she can come off them? I have anxiety, depression, as does another family member, and YOU, the Patient, can not evalute YOURSELF! Okay, she supposedly had anxiety attacks, and she is 'better' now.. Probably because of the MEDS! Same thing with depression! And if she is able to get off these meds with the help of her DR., it was probably post part. dep.-if it is because of the move, the 'investigation' (which we know is BS), lack of money-THEY ARE ALL STILL THERE... and she, they are not dealing with them!

  18. Now, while Janelle has lost 10lbs, if she is doing what she says she is, (all that walking,excersize) plus they all go to BILL 3x a week. (nice, I do not know anyone who is short on money who has a personal trainer, esp 3 TIMES A WEEK!), she should have lost alot more. They all, obviously have not gone through 'LIV's" Detox program for weight ($250 for members selling, much more for the gullib, consumer). Are they all still eating CRAP? Janelle has a snack recipe for peanut butter on fritos on the recipe section. And SUGAR IS ADDED ON TOP! Okay, PB is pushing 'the muscles are more important then the lbs' but, NO! the 3 have to lose the POUNDS!

  19. Why hasn't anyone asked them about how they support themselves? I do not agree with their lifestyle, but if they want to live like they do,then Kody should find a way to support his family above the poverty line. I can't stand him and his sleezy smile, but the women & children just break my heart because they are so decieved by this "religion" and this user!

  20. ugh, and Kody's boy's night out, so SCRIPTED, SO PLANNED. I wonder if he EVEN talks to these 'MEN' outside of the show?! I mean, making 'friends' with your wives personal trainer? My husband would not even remember the name, NOR CARE, if I was able to afford a trainer. Does Kody have any friends? I am not being mean, but he is on a schedule with the 4-can't see anyone one of them 'giving up their day/night' with him so he could go shot the breeze, hang out with, 'the guys'. Besides, all the filming really showed was Kody spouting 'their values'(which of course are so much above the people they are among) and giving his scripted speech on why polygamy works and is great for the 5 of them. While his wives are off feeding their faces because of depression.

  21. @ profpeeplewatcher -- I agree! How many times can we count seeing a Voss water bottle in past episodes?! Not only is it subtle as a trainwreck, it certainly doesn't scream "finite resources"!! LOL

  22. Two more scripted moments -

    Father and Son at the end of the zip line.

    Monsters scares Robyn.

    Totally set up by the producers to capture on film.

  23. Now, that 'babysitting' CRAP.... You do not BABYSIT your OWN KIDS! It is called responsibity. Next, why were all the kids there? Mariah did not have to be there... and, Janelle's kids.. You have a 17(?), 16 and 14 year old and 3 others. Why couldn't the older 3 WATCH THE YOUNGER 3? When they went to Boston-did they have one babysitter or multiple? At Christine's house, a 17 and 15 year old-they could not watch the others? Robyn's kids are the only ones who needed a 'sitter'. Which Kody showed when he took them home, LEAVING THE OTHERS with their OLDER SIBLINGS! This showed NOTHING and none of the kids got any quality time. And since NONE OF THE YOUNGER KIDS have outside activities it seems, 'cause it would cause intermiggling among OTHERS'.

  24. I get SUPER annoyed every time I see Kody's sports car. How on earth could they have ever afforded such a car? You'd think people on a budget would have sold the car and get a more affordable and practical one, one that seats at east 3 kids.....just sayin'

  25. The words of the wives contradict their image and behaviors:

    First, Christine, Janelle, and Meri are grossly overweight. They seemed to have gained weight since the first season, which tells me that they are stuffing their pain/stress with food. All three of these women struggle with their relationship when their emotions contradict their religious dogma. This causes deep pain and anger, which they cannot seem to express in a healthy manner.

    Second, these women are overwhelmed and two (that I can see from the show) struggle with mental health issues. Having all of those children with a less than attentive, partial parent-partner is taking a huge toll on these women's mental well-being. Christine has addressed it with medication but that's only half a treatment if you aren't under the care of a licensed specialist.

    Third, Meri needs help. I hope she gets it because it sounds like she's punishing herself at the gym instead of taking care of herself with exercise.

    Fourth, Robyn is a passive aggressive and clingy woman that puts her children's emotional care second to her own. She announces to the world, on national television, her son's condition without his permission (he's a KID, they cannot give permission even if they say 'yes'...they don't understand the long term consequences of that action). This woman is an emotional manipulator and a perpetual adolescent. This will have bad consequences for her kids down the road.

    In short, one only needs to see beyond the very shallow 'happy polygamy family' facade to see that these are women in pain and need help. I hope they get proper care because I can see these women dropping dead at an early age if they don't get help.

  26. Profpeeple--I saw that too. VOSS prominently displayed. Makes me think they are getting money off it, or at least free product.

  27. ---Next, why were all the kids there? Mariah did not have to be there... and, Janelle's kids.. You have a 17(?), 16 and 14 year old and 3 others. Why couldn't the older 3 WATCH THE YOUNGER 3? When they went to Boston-did they have one babysitter or multiple? At Christine's house, a 17 and 15 year old-they could not watch the others? Robyn's kids are the only ones who needed a 'sitter'. Which Kody showed when he took them home, LEAVING THE OTHERS with their OLDER SIBLINGS---

    Because then they wouldn't have been able to promote a Sister Wives episode devoted to Kody being left alone with all his children. What they should have done was sent all the kids 14 and older to Meri's house, and have Kody be alone with all the rest. That way he could not have relied on the older ones.

  28. If you DON'T like the show, DONT WATCH THE SHOW. This is about the stupidest review ever. You are seriously digging at someone for being on anti depressants? RIDICULOUS!

  29. Hey Anony 1:28!

    Thanks for the feedback! :D

  30. I agree with Luny, my thoughts exactly regarding all the kids and how the older siblings could have watched their younger full siblings, with Mariah helping. But I think the producers/Kody did it on purpose so shed a sympathetic light on Kody on "how well he does watching his own kids". And yet here is proof that those perks of polygamy are nonsense, because with that many children, they don't get enough quality time time with their father: it's either every 4 days where they can have his full attention, or if he's with all of them in one place, but then there is no quality time, just barking orders. And "poor Kody" may not get a guy's night out that often, but sorry, you can't have it both ways: again, your night out is one night less with your kids, and your wives. Not fair.

  31. sorry... I meant Luna, not Luny (lol)

  32. If Janelle working out an HOUR A DAY gives you that, I think I'll pass. An hour a day, people!

    The Browns are more qualified to open a school to teach Chinese.

  33. I really have a difficult time believing that the three of them really workout.
    I mean... When I started loosing weight I weight something around 320 lbs.
    So more than Janelle, but I am also larger than her. So I think its almost comparable, with the difference that she is older than me and that makes it more difficult to loose weight. But on the other hand, she has the whole day off to do workout..
    I lost 12 lbs in the first two weeks by simply not eating any processed/Convenience Food anymore plus riding a bicycle to work (around 7 Miles) three times a week.
    When I started to workout three times a week in a gym, I dropped another 44 lbs in 3 months.
    And only after that, I started to loose weight really slow (about 7-8 lbs a month).

    I dont want to be mean, but I certainly wouldnt go to a gym run by these guys.

  34. Anonymous 1:28pm said. If you DON'T like the show, DONT WATCH THE SHOW.
    Since this family has a disclosed agenda to change the laws concerning polygamy, you don't have to actually like what you see to watch. Watching helps you to critique and compare what is claimed - "happy, happy happy polygamy" with the reality, which is "sad, sad, sad wives and children."

  35. Peanut Butter on Fritos??????

    NASTY! What they say about Mormon cooks is true, isn't it?

    I still think that Janelle has the maturity and mind set to lose weight. She's probably feeds her kids, not herself. They all eat junk. Seeing as her teenaged daughters are also headed towards obesity, there has to be monumental nutrition change. Someone needs to learn the fundamentals of cooking and the human relationship to food. Of all the wives, I think Janelle is the most capable of getting it...though Kody will probably undermine the whole idea somehow.

  36. Yay! Peanut butter on Fritos! Don't forget the corn syrup and the refined sugar, that would just be sad. You can top with chocolate chips if he's with whoever the newest wife is!


  37. Kody is a jerk. First of all, he seemed really pissy about them going out for a night. Like a little kid. Then he keeps calling them and is pissy about them not being home yet at 11:20. I didn't see any of the wives calling him on his night out. His "babysitting " skills are pathetic. All he did was yell at the teens and help Robyn's crybabies.

  38. It just occurred to me that if Christine and Meri are on antidepressants, that could account for some of their weight gain, since that's a major side effect of most of them.

  39. Great review & there is nothing wrong with watching a show and posting your opinion about it-good or bad.

    Re: gym. This part of show just does me in. I've worked as a personal trainer for 20+yrs so here are a few thoughts from my pov.
    1. Trainer Bill is paid for by TLC as is their AnyTime Fitness memberships
    AnyTime is a franchise that does free stuff to get on shows.
    2. TBill s*cks. 10lbs in 60 days?? Are you kidding me? He has 3 morbidly obese clients, on tv no less, his chance to really get his name out there, and he is failing miserably. Yes, it's up to the client as far as getting to the gym, what they eat, etc...but if they were my clients being watched on tv, I'd be on their doorstep every a.m. kicking their butts!! His on camera workouts are wayyyy too easy.
    3. WHY don't they wear workout clothes?? I don't care about modesty, you can cover up with workout clothes if you need to, but change into something comfortable. Who wants to workout feeling like a stuffed sausage??
    4. WHO in their right mind would go to a gym owned by Kody, 3 obese women & one lousy trainer? Sorry but they have no clue what they're doing. I'm guessing the business guy is an AnyTime franchise owner trying to help them get a start.
    However...what are they going to be doing? Trainer Bill is going to run the whole place? True, fitness industry is actually doing very well in this economy, however, we're talking Vegas where there are gyms everywhere and in every hotel.
    Do they know the overhead of running a gym??
    I can't even count the # of places I've worked for that have gone under (I work for myself now)

    Something is fishy with this whole thing. I think this is TLC financed, I think it is totally fake, and I think Trainer Bill didn't just happen to be at AnyTime Fitness, I think he was cast by TLC. Why, I don't know, he's obnoxious and a bad trainer, but I don't buy that he was just hanging out waiting for the Browns to come in.

    I really wish the ladies the best in getting off the weight but until they do, they need to find another business venture.

  40. Wow, what a great blog! Love the episode summaries and picture captions!

    One wife on antidepressants. 3/4 of the wives overweight and unhappy (the only one who seems reasonably happy when she's not crying is Robyn). Teen-agers who can't wait to bolt and go back to Utah. No one working a real job. Young girls wanting to move in with one of their "other moms" because their real mothers can't control them.

    This family is a train-wreck. I initially watched because I was fascinated with the relationship between the wives. Now, the women all just seem sad, while Kody maintains his faux-exasperated act with that cheesy grin.

    Since the move, the only ones who seem truly happy are Kody and...Kody.

  41. Love the blog & review but I do find the photo/caption of Dayton a little unfair. My son has Aspergers and it kind of makes me sad. Dayton didn't chose to be on the show, his mother put him on there. Thanks for considering my opinion.

  42. Hi Anony 3:59 and Smoochie!

    I truly meant no disrespect to Dayton in the caption on his picture.

    I've removed the caption, and will replace the picture with another one.

    Thank you very much for your honest feedback!

  43. For those critical of the Day'on photo, it's more a dig at Kody than the kid. It shows Kody's lack of any empathy for his kids that he glosses over David/Dayton's problems so superficially. He's in the zone, ie not bothering Kody at the moment, so all is well.

  44. Maybe, the 30 day meetings are just every week? Maybe TLC is waiting until their gym opens, (If ever)to show a major improvement to create more buzz. Also, another person said that it might be the antidepressants (For Meri and Christine), which seems logical.

  45. I want to know what genius decorated the nursery. I can see tons of safety violations. - a plant next to the crib, a bumper pad, pictures on the wall above the crib that could fall in, etc.

  46. Let's see...
    Free Fitness...
    Nike prominently shown several times
    Voss Water...
    What else are they hawking? Was that BLATANT product placement when Dayton was fiddling with it?
    LOVE THE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love this Blog. So many ppl on here, I probably would trust with my kids more than the Browns!LOL

    Personally, I didn't like the baby room, it made me shudder. A lethal plant near the crib? Like another poster said, pictures by the crib?

    Wonder if she put the blind strings up?

    I don't feel for the original 3 like I used to. They seem to be in the midst of the shit. I do like Janelle as a worker bee. i agree, she will make this a project and work her butt off. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HER TO BE SKINNY! Go Janelle!

    These folks can't pull it together for 22 minutes to hind the mess of a life, can you imagine what it was like when they didn't have any money?

    THANK YOU for this blog and a place to chat.

  47. It drove me nuts to see the fake plant leaf inside the crib....but the one thing that really got me thinking,they preach modesty and not showing skin(obviously they are taking a page out of the Duggars book,who are sincere in their beliefs and seem to provide with no problem not only for their family,but their community)sorry,I got off point....no skin showing is a moral they believe,yet they are showing/saying that having children out of wedlock is ok,and that its ok to leave one woman for another which limits the time that you can dedicate to nuture a propper relationship,not just a marriage,but parent/child relationship. A few episodes back,Meri was the one who corrected the children who were out of line and as the Kodster just stood back and did nothing...I thought that he was the head of the household,that he is chosen to raise his children...it was obvious watching this episode how clueless and selfish he is,no skill or interest in guiding his children the way they need,they have a burden of being in the middle of these adults choices and it is one that has many repercussions not only for a social aspect,but also makes them doubt themselves as an individual.

  48. Free and clear,

    It is not just the fact that they have a political agenda which compels me to look for and point out the faults in their "lifestyle". It is the particular agenda they have (legalizing polygamy) AND the way they are going about it (using the court system to effectuate sweeping change.) It would be one thing if they had a lot of support and were just expanding on a developing change in the law. But nobody is asking for the laws to be changed, and no state legislature (in the U.S.) has even considered legalizing polygamy. If even ONE state had done so, I might see them bypassing the legislative process and using a court to essentially pass a new law, but no state wants to legalize polygamy. If this show were about getting a judge to outlaw abortion or legalizing gay marriage, it would not outrage me so. And the other aspect of this show that makes me so critical is the fact that they are so critical of those of us who are different despite the fact that Christianity, monogamy, and feminism (or support for women having an equal say in their personal lives) is the majority by a very long shot. Just because we have divorce or unhappy marriages does not mean that this country doesn't strongly believe in and support monogamous marriage. It does. Just because we have Christians who are hypocrits or priests who have abused children doesn't mean that the public is not supportive of Christianity. I read that 78% of Americans are Christians which is a whopping majority. Finally, the third aspect of the show that causes me to be critical is the fact that so many people don't realize just what a huge change it would be in the legal system if polygamy were legalized. There have been articles that have tried to discuss how it would affect divorce, taxes, insurance, and inheritance. But the truth is, we can't even begin to realize what changes would be wrought, until we look at those countries that practice polygamy. Then we can start to understand what a change it would be. These people act like they are progressive and only trying to exercise a "free choice" but there is a lot more at stake here.

    I also don't understand why TLC is supporting their political agenda. It would appear that if the show in fact is scripted and we are only seeing a few of the negative aspects, that TLC supports legalizing polygamy. I know that may be a leap, but why else is TLC so willing to possibly help them start a fitness center?

    Sorry for the rant. Again, I appreciate this blog so much for allowing me to express these opinions.

  49. Cynical, thank you for taking Dayton's photo down (really it was just the caption that bothered me) It was kind of you to do so and you didn't have to, it is your blog&your opinion.
    Plot & Cynical, I DO understand it's about KODY, not poor Dayton, you are absolutely correct! Geez, that guy is such a loser, I feel terrible that poor kid has been thrown into this mess. Stupid Robyn is oblivious to his disability and Kody is such a 'genius' he thinks he's discovered the cure for autism! (throw him in a quiet room!).
    Nope, I totally get the reason for the photo and ordinarily I wouldn't have said anything, just a little oversensitive on the subject as I have a 25 yo son w/Aspergers and it's been a long road. Thanks for your kindness, Cynical. Love your blog, it's my fav place to go online!

  50. Let me see.....when did things start going downhill rapidly in this family? Oh yah, when Robyn came along. Terrible choice Kody. Please let Christine get together with the trainer!

  51. I have to say that I feel really bad for Robyn's kids. I do not like Robyn at all. I think she's very manipulative, insecure, passive aggressive girl but her kids shouldn't be blamed for her idioticy. They have a mom who pawned one of them off and is busy with a new husband and baby. What she should be doing is taking care of her kids emotional needs. I don't think it's really nice for people to call her girls crybaby's. If you were a little kid stuck into that situation you'd be pretty whiney too.

  52. Thanks so much for the wonderful synopsis of the show! I have watched a few of the episodes on tv but I can't anymore--the whole scenario (trying to pass polygamy off as marvelous when it's full of harmful deceit) makes me literally nauseus. I can't even watch the TLC videos put on the site here because I don't want to give TLC any sort of positive reinforcement for putting this crap show on the air. I love your reviews, however :-)

    I'm not surprised at all that Christine has been on mental meds. I believe that the state of Utah (mormon central) has the highest use/abuse of all the states. Seems to me that says a little something about the culture. So sad.

    Keep up the great work you do keeping us informed!

  53. Hey Cynical-

    I knew you were not trying to be disrespectful to Dayton, and thank you for making that little change. :-)

    It needs to be said, that you guys rock! This blog is lovely little stress reliever. I really enjoy laughing along with you at all of the Brown silliness. :-)

    Speaking of silliness, the gym idea is the most ridiculous idea they have come up with yet!

  54. I agree with Anonymous 5:49 about calling Robyn's girls crybabies...I can't imagine what they must feel like, being uprooted not once but twice in a short time, having to call some goofball "Dad," and being forced to suddenly get along with 14 new brothers and sisters. I feel for all the kids, but especially Robyn's. All of the other kids have had a chance to grow up as brothers and sisters, but the three new kids were dropped into a situation they probably didn't understand - and now, here comes a new baby into their lives. It would be nice to see Robyn give some loving attention to her own kids instead of butting into the lives of the teenagers every other minute.

  55. So Meri is crying about paying the mortgage but Sol got all new furniture, the wives are each seeing a trainer 3-5 days a week and they all just got manis/pedis and makeovers???? WAH!!

  56. ApplePie4Breakfast says:
    Why do these people need any baby furniture? They've had 10+ kids in this circus. They should have plenty of furniture. Where's the sisterly love?Hand over the crib Christine.

    Kody was in high school wrestling. Kick boxing is a good idea for him. Take along those overweight kids and wives. Burn some serious calories and maybe these women would lose a decent amount of weight. Lose Trainer Bill- he's ineffective. vote him off the island.

  57. Reading twitter feeds today, there are mentions from the salon that did the ladies makeovers, twitters from the store they goto Sol's furniture from, etc...all of these product placements and mentions are showing up everywhere. They're getting a lot of stuff for free. Prob not rent/mortgage but a lot of other stuff.

  58. WOW...Life is totally spiraling down into the abysc since they pulled out of the driveway in Utah. Great summary and fun comments. I watch, chuckle, and enjoy a little break........Can the adults be that CLULESS on what moving to Vegas would bring. The teens were, and are still the ones with, the intellect and awareness of the group. They cautioned how hard it would be on the kids and poof, they make a hasty exit at Kodys' direction..........Spot on with the comments on the blog, Life is too short not to have fun. And Kody gives us plenty of opportunity to have fun.(Feel bad enjoying when I stop & wonder about the kids 4 hrs out.....Relocating to Vegas is hard enough as a teen.

  59. Female Attorney said...

    "I also don't understand why TLC is supporting their political agenda."

    TLC has an agenda. Look at it's other reality shows. It's not very difficult to see what it is. If The Roloffs were hippies do you think TLC would film them?

    Kody is a curious person to support, true. Maybe the fundamentalist fear of homosexuals and loose women is enough for TLC. I don't know, honestly.

  60. Female Lawyer, you are right. Most of the people who say 'they aren't hurting anyone' have not research polygamy nor looked at the Browns close enough. Nor knows much about economics. Insurance companies, large companies in general would be shouting from the highest mountain about impending bankruptcy. And, would that mean, someone like Janelle, who used to work for the State, be able to have ALL THE KIDS, Wives, and Kody under her heath insurance? The employee costs for states with larger polygamy marriages would be out of this world! Next, suits would follow that companies are prejudiced against these people and will not hire them. One plus would be towards the bankruptcy courts-no more transferring of assets to another wife before filing, and everyones credit would be affected by the one.

  61. First of all, thank you to those who expanded the 'peanut butter on fritos' recipe. My blood sugar rises just thinking about sugar, corn syrup and peanut butter all melted together. Never mind that each frito must now be 400 calories. Also, anony-I dont mind LUNY, it is alot better than a week or so ago when someone called me worse for commenting on a pic! So, is anyone going to start a pool for when this gym goes under? that is, if it ever GOES UP? Kody might be great at sales, or at least think he is... but, does he not realize that alot of people will be turned off once they realize who is running this gym? Either because they do not liek polygamy or do not like the family's BULL? Also, does anyone understand where they, kody and the kdouchers say they have experience with running a business?

  62. Also, when are the wives going to be on TLC's 'what not to wear'? Come on, TLC, you got to love the crossover idea. Could you imagine Clint with them? Being yelled out for 'touching them' when he tries to show where clothes lay on a person? And clint and stacy (?) trying to find clothes that are 'modest' layered and current? I can see Robyn, christine, covering their eyes at scantily clad or as Kody puts it 'salacious' manaquins

  63. WHAT a great post! I loved it more than the show!
    I do believe Janelle used the magic term FINITE in one of these.... I could bean her for that!!

    I'm sorry, but the girls are crybabies and that's what happens when you go on TV so you don't have to work and get lots of freebies. They should of thought of that.

    Those girls of Robyn's have learned to manipulate by tears.... wonder how?

  64. Call me stupid, but I don't see what ...as so many others question...WHAT makes their outfits modest?
    If anything, they BRING OUT the figures... Come on, Meri looked stupid in that yellow top, was that the one Christine had on last week?
    They keep pushing that stupid shit and their girls just might rebel and come dancers.
    Nothing stirs hatred up in a teen like hypocrisy.
    Seriously, which girl was it, Aspyn? that had on the tank top?
    They are teaching shame to those girls. Wearing a tank top in 120 Nevada heat isn't going to make you promiscuous.
    Wearing 2 layers just might make you take them off.
    That is SO FUCKIN DUMB they wear those little tankini tops over shirts. Is a modest short sleeve out of the question?

  65. Agree about Robyn's girls learning the crying/whining from their mother. I also wonder about the night Kody "babysat" - why didn't he care about the older kid's homework? The show definately highlighted his preference for being near Robyn's kids before his own biological ones. He should have had Truely (Truly?) with him all the time. Imagine how far that would have gone to help Christine with her depression, to see the father of her baby actually being a Dad...

  66. Several people have asked why TLC is supporting the Browns in this pro-polygamy "fantasy show." Someone I know has spoken to the producer who said that he felt it was time to show the other side of polygamy because of the negative press it had received through Warren Jeffs and the FLDS. (Why he should care about that I don't know, unless he is pro polygamy for his own reasons.) Trouble is the "other side" of polygamy has a huge number of problems that the Browns try to cover up. In spite of that the mask has slipped as time goes on, and people who watch the show closely can see some of those problems.

  67. I am wondering ... we know she had baby showers, probably cool stuff from TLC, all the freebies that people hawk and promote- Why on EARTH didn't she buy a crib before?

    Also, she can NOT decorate a house. You can always tell Kody doesn't like it. All the others are much better.
    I bet none of his other kids got a ROOM to himself for VISITORS to SHARE them!!!
    Hell, don't give a private room to a teenager! Give it to a baby! Thoughtful, Kody.

  68. Meri's Leaking...bwahahahahhahha That is freaking Hilarious!

  69. I think they did the baby room so they would have a place for the cameras to film the baby with the family members.
    Im betting the baby really sleeps with Robyn in her bed. Thats how its typically done in their religion.

  70. Anyone else had a relationship fail because the other person 'just wasn't as into it' as you were?

    That's exactly what I feel like happens to these women. They are invested 100% into their relationship with Kody, and his investment in the relationship between him and each wife dwindles as he adds on new wives.

    Sorry, but Kody is not 400% man in my book- there's no way he's giving 100% to each wife.

  71. I forgot to mention how stomach turning it is to hear Meri was boo-hooing over money issues. It doesn't take an accountant to understand that tons of kids and not enough money means trouble. Meri made the choice to be in this situation from the moment she accepted Kody's first concubine. She could have made so many other choices that didn't include a family too big to support. But no, she decided that her crazy religion and pretend afterlife kingdom was more important than logic and real life. That was her choice but now she has to live with it so she better shut up about money woes.

    Also, this "family" gets compensation from TLC and still has money problems. Can you imagine all the other plyg "families" out there that aren't getting reality tv money but instead abuse bankruptcy and welfare programs like the Browns have (bleeding the beast)? It boggles my mind that this illegal, abusive practice has been allowed to continue in the U.S. Just crazy!

  72. My biggest Irk of the shows was the fact that Kody was calling Robyn.. obviously peeved she wasn't at home being his "beck and call" girl.
    Shame on him for not just letting the girls have FREE FUN. Hell, my husband would be going, hell ya, baby, do whatever you want, have fun! It's on TLC!!!

  73. I really enjoyed this show in the beginning... now I'm not so sure.

    The biggest issue for me is that all of the wives except Robyn are so obviously unhappy. Kody tries his hardest to make us as viewers believe polygamy is a good choice..... while his wives are basically begging us to save them or help them out somehow. Otherwise they wouldn't constantly be bawling, bitching or just looking SAD in their couch segments. Honestly the happiest I've seen the wives lately was when they were all together WITHOUT Kody. So Maybe Kody is the issue..

    By the way of course Kody is going to look at the scantily clad skinny girl on the strip.. Look at his poor wives.. Why doesn't he go on a walk with each wife at some point? Or something, sheesh.

    Starting to get sick every time I watch Sister Wives :(

  74. Hey guys...I'm new to this blog but not to the sister wives, or to Vegas, its my current home (not from Vegas, but pretty much no one is). I will certainly agree that Vegas is not what everyone chalks it up to be. Aside from the bright lights of the strip, Vegas could be anytown in America for the most part. There aren't clubs on every street and prostutues on every corner. BUT, Vegas never lets you forget you are in Vegas. I work in a hospital about 30 minutes away from the strip and there is a huge sign about 1/2 a mile away from it (on the express way) for the topless reView Fantasy. My point being, yes i live in beautiful Mountains Edge but I am still in Vegas. And for the sister wives to act so "shocked" when they "hit the town" is ridiculous. As someone who lives here, I enjoy Fremount Street so much more than the strip...but that is because i like the indy weird vibe that comes with it. there is no "end of the street" as the wives so described it. No, Fremount street is full of weirdos and crazies, top to bottom,...and I would recommend it for any of my friends who visisted. but not to Kody's wives. And from personal experience Robyn...Ive had worse stalk me down there. Get over yourself.

  75. Mountains Edge,
    After reading what you said, I went to google.
    It looks to me like the strip and Fremount Street and the strip are two different street areas all together- that you would not likely walk from ONE and end up too far DOWN to the other!!!

    Wow. That is totally off from what they said. hmmm. ANOTHER LIE? LOl surely not from our religious, promo/freebie/product placement gals!

    I am so glad you pointed that out!

    Alyssa, they did seem happier without him, didn't they?

  76. I agree with all who think the baby room is nuts when Janelle and Christine have 3/4 to a room!
    And, if it's for the show to highlight him....why is it that I was shocked to see Savannah on the steps with Kodouche, when it's always about Robyn's kids? We barely know Christine's or Janelle's little ones.

  77. Now I want to go to Fremount Street, how cool was that?

  78. Fremont Street is cool. It seemed to me that Robyn was very tired and not all that thrilled to be doing any walking - who could blame her being that pregnant. She looked as if every step was painful. More photo ops for TLC? Maybe that is why they chose Fremont isntead of the Strip. Fremont would require less of a walk and is less crowded.

  79. What bugs me is that I would really like to enjoy a reality show about families, even if it's scripted a tad. But who can enjoy a show, this, all housewives, etc... that is trying to sell you something all the time. These guys get one minute of fame and think they are the #1 spokesman of the world! And why shouldn't they- have you seen how people FAWN over them o twitter and facebook, GIVING them stuff like it's an honor to?
    I don't begrudge what the kids get- with one exception.
    One of the girls, not sure if it was Mariah, or Aspyn/Mykelti BUT, they got offered a job butt outright on twitter. What about the kids that applied for the job?
    Me thinks they make enough money being on a show. Me thinks there houses are lined with boxes from product placement. When is enough enough to quit bitching about finite resources?
    They are sounding like Kate Gosselin.
    They will build a million $ mansion in a year, after all their "worries" are over.

    What they need to do is Focus on making a good, quality show SOON before their 5 minutes are up.
    I hate to say it, but I find the Darger's ...maybe a tad more put together and honest?

    My friend's husband was the Tennis Pro for a small Hotel. I saw what comes in. It was ridiculous! If he was selling Nike in the Pro shop, he would get every shoe in every size in every color. Think about that.... one time it was over 300 pr of shoes!

  80. isn't it interesting that for all of Christine's insistence that she always wanted to e the third wife and never the first, she seems to have the most inner conflicts, jealousies, etc...... and it looks like this was the case even before she needed meds. I feel really sorry for her because she is trying to convince herself of how great their lifestyle is. I rewatched part of the very first episode, and boy were they much humbler, even Kody! And Meri had said, BECAUSE she married so young, she didn't get an education, so she's now making up for it, yet..... they didn't start having children till AFTER the other 2 women joined the marriage, that's a good 2, 3 years. I wonder, then, with no children and 3 women to look after Kody, what else was she doing with her time? And you'd think with just one child, once Mariah was old enough, what with the "perks" of having sister wives to help out, she easily could have gone to get some kind of training and gotten a job to help out....... Janelle seems to be the best adjusted one and seems to get the most benefits from this lifestyle. It's been implied that she is not that very sexual, so having a man every 3 or 4 days is so bad and she gets to enjoy working while knowing her kids are looked after. But I suspect now that she has been spending more time with her sister wives, and after she loses some weight and gains more confidence in that dept. of herself she's gonna bolt

  81. whoops, I meant to write, "having a man every 3 or 4 days is NOT so bad"

  82. I've been to Vegas a number of times for various dog competitions, and me mum doesn't like to leave us in a room or the car so we go to places where we aren't kicked out so much. One of those places is Fremont Street, and sometimes she'll have us do tricks to make it look like we belong there. Mainly she just likes to walk around and have a good time, as do we, and she likes to go on the zip line. We wait for her cuz we aren't crazy!

  83. The "Strip" is miles long. Fremont Street is 2 short blocks long. Huge Difference in walking time. Yes, Fremont Street is the same from one end to the other. There's no worse or better part of it , my dear Meri.

    Loved the comments that pointed out Robyn's hypocrisy over the scantily clad girls (SHOCK - who knew those would exist in Vegas?) since she was and probably still is a VS girl. She still gets her nails done so, I'm sure she still wears VS w/her rhinestoned butt jeans she always has on. She walked into the family blinged out and they knew what they were buying. Another hypocritical thing she does re:her religion's tenets.

    "Robyn - when she's not crying - seems to be the only happy one." THANK YOU to whoever made that comment and made me LOL!!

  84. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyNovember 23, 2011 at 9:21 AM

    I agree with the comments about the Voss water product placement. I noticed that too. I guess the people at Voss must be thrilled to be known as the official bottled water of polygamists and the people at Sharpie are the official permanent markers of polygamists (from the Boston episode). I guess the scented marker company would like to remain anonymous.
    Also, I would like to know which wife gave up her night with Kody so he could have his Guys Nite Out? Take my night, Kody!! Pick me! :)

  85. I didn't watch this episode as I was laying down with a headache (Brown-ache), but I did listen to the conversations. What kept standing out to me was Kody's "I, I, I" comments. Almost every sentence started out with an "I or had a ME" in it. He is an overgrown, hormonal adolescent with nothing but time on his hands looking for the next best, free thing. I feel that this family is a disaster waiting to happen. Real Housewives get divorced, Gosselin gets divorced, next the Brown's will go their separate ways. In a few months the whole gym idea with be over and Kody will come up with another hair (!) brained scheme to make money ("give me money") without working.

  86. These women acted so shocked at the girl in a bikini dancing on the street. One of them said it was so sad because that girl was some mother's daughter They have a very warped sense of morality. That is exactly how I feel about their choice to live with a married man, and endure so much emotional trauma because of knowing they will never be enough for him. Now THAT is sad, and I wouldn't wish it on any young woman.

  87. Have you guys seen the latest clip on the tlc website? the older kids are talking about their mixed feelings about the baby. Come to think of it, even now Mariah is the only one who has expressed any real excitement about the baby on twitter. I think Robyn will have her hopes dashed on having the teenagers help raise that baby.

  88. AMEN Sistah FreeAndClear!

    Yep, Baylor.... that's what i said earlier. The only two people out of that whole family that are baby hungry are Meri and Mariah. I'm sure Robyn will find a way to utilize (manipulate) them to her full advantage. The other teens are sick of her and a baby is just long ago quit being a novelty to all of them.

  89. Robyn's probably stupid enough to even ask them, "Do you not want to come and hold the baby cause it reminds you that your Dad and I have sexual relations too like your Mom and him do?" barf

  90. I should clarify - i think Meri is only "personally" baby hungry but has accepted that's not gonna happen now. I haven't ever seen her playing and cuddling up to Truely so, if she does with Solomon it will just to rub it in Christine's face.

  91. Did anyone see this:


    There's a clip of Meri talking about how she's always wanted a close relationship with her sisterwives, but never had it -- until Robyn.

    WTF? When the show started, all the wives couldn't shut up about how super-fantastic it was to have sisterwives, and how close they all are and how they all love/help/support each other.

    Yeah, right.

    Methinks Wife #1 is forming an alliance with Wife #4....

    I thought her comment about how she feels a special bond with Solomon is also kinda weird. If I were one of Christine's or Janelle's kids, I'd have to wonder what personal connection she's feeling with this new baby that she evidently never felt for me.


    The more I learn about polygamy, the more abusive it seems to participants. Subtle, but nonetheless hurtful to the wives and, it seems, to the kids as well.

    Doesn't seem like such a bonus to have more moms, if some of those moms admit to not really feeling all that into you.

    And even if they don't admit it, there's obviously no way to maintain fairness in this environment where crazy religious beliefs cover up competition & insecurities between family members who deserve better.

  92. Baylor - this is anony 10:45, 47 and 51 AGAIN! i went and watched the clip and I CALLED IT FIRST! hehehe.... not shocked at all that Mariah's the only one that's happy about it and the other teens have no problem being vocal about their displeasure or apathy. Well, Logan, of course is defending the fact that It's Robyn's FIRST baby of theirs but he's not talking that he's thrilled or cares one way or the other about it really.

    Hunter's just disgusted with it all and rightfully so. Poor trapped kid. God, my heart goes out to all of them. Including Mariah who feels bad that the rest aren't on board with her and doesn't get it.

    These teens have probably all talked to their Moms about their feelings or lack of about Robyn's baby and the Moms have probably all had to bite their tongues for how they themselves really feel about it. The cognitive dissonance is alive and well in the Brown Family.

  93. Robyn really hit the payload with this family.

    She has a house now, a father figure kinda sorta, tons of free stuff, and a new sister wife to raise her latest offspring.

    No wonder she is so happy.

    Janelle and Christine are bonded by the children. They have worked out a partnership. Janelle might be very grateful that Christine raised her children so she could work. There seems to be genuine feeling between them.

    Meri never had the kids to compete or participate, nor did she have a professional job like Janelle. She has probably felt inferior and insecure for a long time. Poor Little Robyn was an opportunity for her to bring someone in the family who would be grateful to her, Robyn being lost and in financial ruin.

  94. Oh, one last thing. The only way this show will survive, since the shock factor is dying, is if the adolescent kids start taking center stage. Frankly, that's the only interesting aspect left now, how those kids feel and how they deal with all the mayhem in this family.

    Do they really buy into this Celestial Kingdom polygamy crap?

  95. Since the kids are in public school and have internet access, they stand a chance of escaping the polygamy brainwashing.

    Logan seems like a great young man with a good head on his shoulders.

    Madison has spunk and seems to be smart.

    My hope is that Logan and Madison use their smarts and get out. Whatever they choose could have an impact on what the younger kids choose, with the exception of Moriah. I think it would take Meri telling her that polygamy and their religion is flawed for her to see the light.

    I think Hunter is already doubting that polygamy is a great life choice.

    Logan and Madison seem like natural-born leaders. I hope they lead the kids the right way since their parents sure aren't.

  96. I just can't wait for the tell-all book you just know one of the kids will write one day!

  97. A couple people have commented that the weight gain is in part contributed to by the anti-depressants. Really? I have never seen anyone gain 60 pounds from taking Xanex.

    As for starting a gym... really? Perhaps a bakery. But a gym? Really? Not only has their prolonged unemployment demonstrated a lack of skill on the business front (getting paid by TLC to pimp your family does not count as a "business") but their marked lack of physical fitness will be a severe detriment to this venture's success. What makes them think they can run a lemonade stand, let alone a gym? Clearly their real estate venture has not taken off, or they are keeping that under wraps so Meri's tears seem more realistic.

    Now let's get to the real deal: Robyn. If anyone needs to be voted off of the island, it is she. What exactly does she bring to the table? No wonder the other wives are depressed all of the time. Not only does he take another wife but he takes a wife that is extremely annoying, self-centered, a know-it-all, and also has no marketable job skills to speak of. She, like Christine, enjoys speaking to hear her own voice. I quite frankly feel like the pink elephant in the room in this family is Janelle. She is the only one that seems to have any social sense to her (best example is when they were at the church of another faith and Christine feels the need to start shoving her beliefs and complaining how she doesn't feel "right"- Janelle brings them back to reality and reminds them that they should be having this discussion in private). Janelle just doesn't fit in with this cast of loons. I used to like Meri but ever since Robyn has been fully enfranchised into the Brown clan, Meri seems to have fully submitted herself to this debacle- almost like there is a sense of defeat on her part. Beyond being annoying, Robyn seems to be completely oblivious to the hurt that she causes. Like when Christine sits on the couch and repeats the same sentence over and over- "It is difficult to welcome a new wife." Robyn sits there and nods then talks about how it is her duty to support her husband's other relationships. Really?

    The Nursery: Really? Did anyone notice Janelle's bedroom in one of the recent episodes? It looked worse than my college dorm room. She is the only woman that had a full time job back in Utah, yet, she gets stuck with a star and moon comforter back from the 1970s. Meanwhile, Robyn contributes absolutely zip and gets not only the only somewhat decent looking clothes, but also a fully furnished nursery for her Brown baby. Did anyone else notice the picture frame she picked up with the ultrasound photo? That frame cost at least $25. One mile away, Meri is sitting on her 16 year old mattress crying to herself that they don't have enough money to pay rent. Really? Robyn should be embarrassed.

    These women, along with the Kodster, are all adulterers. I don't care what they call their lifestyle.

    What about this concept of one large house that they keep talking about: Do they intend to have an apartment house, like the one they had in Utah? Or does Kody actually mean that they will share living quarters with one another. NOW THAT IS REALLY A DISTURBING THOUGHT. It seems that since their move to Plymouth Rock, Las Vegas, the only solace these women (with the exception of Robyn) have found is their privacy and independence. Try having independence and solace when you walk downstairs into the kitchen at 8am to find Robyn cooking pancakes in her VS.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  98. Plot, I love how you misspelled Dayton differently in almost every post. You crack me up.

    Let's pretend we are Rod Serling and have a Twilight Zone moment:

    "A large, seemingly happy family with 17 kids, four wives, and one selfish Dad. 15 years ago this family made the monumental mistake of plastering their lives on what was then considered 'Reality' television....

    "Speed forward 15 years and you see the results - Wife no. 1 happily divorced and living as a single woman outside of Salt Lake City. Meri spends most of her time with her daughter's 7 children....

    "Wife no. 2 sadly passed away six years ago from a heart attack she had in an unfortunate, and avoidable car accident. Son no. 1 gave up his college dreams to raise her youngest kids. He now works 3 jobs at the local mall to keep the family fed.

    "Wife no. 3 can often be seen at the local Piggly Wiggly store dancing to the Muzak and prost-elizing about the celestial kingdom. She's been on many 5150 holds in the past several years but still resides in Vegas where mental health services are almost non-existent. Son no. 1 from wife no. 2 helps out with wife no. 3's kids, who all still live at home.

    "Wife no. 4 hasn't been seen in about six years. She ditched all six of her kids on son no. 1 and ran off with a Cirque de Soleil acrobat. One could say that she literally ran off and joined the circus.

    "And where is the one selfish Dad in all of this? Mostly absent from the lives of all his children (quite a few purposefully estranged themselves from him), the Dad moved on to start a new family with three new wives. Little does he know that two of his wives are closet lesbians (and were attracted to his butch-like presence) and the third is a post-op transgender lady. But after all, maybe he does really know their secrets. This is, after all, the Twilight Zone...."

    I must be bored today. I can't believe I just wrote that crap.

  99. FreeAndClear said...

    These women acted so shocked at the girl in a bikini dancing on the street. One of them said it was so sad because that girl was some mother's daughter They have a very warped sense of morality. That is exactly how I feel about their choice to live with a married man, and endure so much emotional trauma because of knowing they will never be enough for him. Now THAT is sad, and I wouldn't wish it on any young woman.

    Right! At least that woman knows how to provide for herself. I mean, geez, she's not doing anything amoral IMO. Girls go to night clubs dressed like that and dance their butts off for FREE all the time. GoGo dancers are really not grouped in with strippers or prostitutes in Vegas, and rightfully so. You would have thought this girl was selling herself on 4th and Freemont the way the Sister Wives were judging.

    Mountain's Edge is a gorgeous place to live! I'm like on the polar opposite of that, near Aliante.

    Anyway, Freemont is not really the same from one to the end. The Freemont Street Experience is about two blocks long and is not bad at all, very entertaining. But go past that, and you are in a world of homeless alcoholics and drug-addicts, and prostitutes.After that long stretch, it turns into a pretty normal street but in a low-end area of town.

  100. HA! Comedy gold!

    Your boredom just gave me a much-needed laugh.

    I tip my hat to you. :*)

  101. Brit - that's the Fremont Street I described earlier as well as the Fremont Street Meri was talking about. They NEVER left the 2 block long Fremont Street experience.

  102. Robyn brought plenty to the table. Supposedly, she's the drama they had to go find to even have a show to begin with. Hopefully, the income from the show and new sex for Kody will offset what else she brought to the table - debt, 4 (now 5) extra mouths to house, clothe and feed, and enough tears to go around for everyone! but somehow i doubt it even comes close to an even exchange when it's all said and done with.

    I'll never forget in the first season, her dilemma was not knowing where she was supposed to leave her bills to be paid!! Yep, she hit the jackpot all right!

  103. CYNICAL JINX, I think this is one of your best!!! Although, I think that EVERYTIME!!!
    What fun you bring to us!!!!

  104. Eli Lilly you crack me up!! I laughed out loud....at work....very good!!

  105. Anonymous November 22, 2011 7:46 AM I'm Muslim and I totally agree with your comment; the ladies in Sister Wives remind me of Egyptian 'modern' hijabis, there is this whole trend over there for ladies who were previously actors or singers to suddenly become all religious and adopt the hijab except it is 'Sister Wives' style hijab, tight jeans, and tight layered tops with some very flashy scarf styling going on. Accordingly this look has become popular generally in Egyptian society and now much of the rest of the Arab world as well, a friend of mine in Egypt saw a lady wearing a bikini top over a very tight t-shirt and hijab. It really does look so odd and completely defeats the object, many hijabis nowadays are spending a fortune on their wardrobe more than any non-Muslim woman would do.

  106. Hi! What is a hijab? thanks!

  107. This is Anonymous November 22 7:46 a.m. here: I live in Europe and see lots of Muslim women in the very (VERY) tight jeans and hijab outfit. I understand and love traditions, but as "agnostic-catholic" (brought up Catholic and started to questions things in my faith at around 14 that has lead me to Agnosticism) I question and am a little suspicious of anything in religions that seem like a frivolous. physical requirement of a person's faith. Clothes and how you wear your hair, if you grow a beard or not, that kind of thing, in my mind, doesn't make you a good person. Though I understand some of these religious traditions are meant to remind a person of God or their religion, when it becomes more important to anything else, like being good to our fellow man, etc, then I think it's wrong.
    I understand the reason and purpose of hijab, but the tight clothes just contradict the whole point. As a heterosexual woman even MY eyes are drawn to the tight jeans, can you imagine the men? Same with the sister wives here. And those poor teenaged girls who have been putting on weight.... Kody freaks because one of them was wearing a tank top in the 300 degree heat, but none of the 4 adult women help guide them on how to dress in a way as to draw attention away from their (hopefully temporary) pregnant-looking bellies....

  108. My name is Kristy and I watch your show all the time and I love the idea of having sister wives. I am married and my husband thinks I am crazy for being so intrigued with your family but I can't help how I feel. It hard being married and I think having sister wives could be very fulfilling but how do you deal with the jealousy? Now that for me would be so hard. But I would love to have 3 husbands!!! lol

  109. Um Kristy this blog is not run, nor endorsed by the actual people from the Sister Wives show.

    Anonymous above; I also live in Europe, London actually and that whole 'hootchie mama' hijab look is really popular here too but thankfully I have never seen the hijab and bikini top style yet; though I have seen girls in sprayed on jeans and thigh high domanatrix style boots. As Muslims we believe faith in God has to be a balance of beliefs and actions, kind of in the middle of some Christians who believe only belief matters, and some very ultra-orthodox Jews who believe salvation comes purely from following two hundred and something rules on a daily basis. Treating hijab as a fashion and a big obsession though as it so often is these days really does defeat the object; the hijab is meant to be simple, non-form fitting, comfortable (which layers of polyester and nylon tops is most certainly not!) and non attention/fame seeking. Many Muslim women like myself fulfil all this easily by wearing some type of overgarment over our indoor clothing, but again butt tight, flashy ones of those are coming out now. Thankfully the community I am with tend to adhere to this, some of my friends only have one scarf and overgarment that they wear outside and thats it; I would love to be that ascetic.

  110. I also enjoyed the show at first because I was interested to see how any woman could make this lifestyle work and I was interested in the dynamic between the women. Now, it seems to be turning into a train wreck.

    As someone else pointed out, I can’t believe the clip out there where Meri said Robyn is the sister wife she always wanted. Wonder how the other two feel about that?

    And finally, I believe people should be able to live however they want if they aren’t hurting anyone, to each his own, but I also think all the women except Meri are in total denial when they call themselves Kody’s wife! As the laws stand at the moment, they are not his wife. I guess if we use their argument, we could all come up with our own religion and beliefs and move to the head of the line in heaven. I personally believe that God is looking for quality, not quantity.

  111. luvmeknot said " I believe people should be able to live however they want if they aren’t hurting anyone"

    Trouble is, people ARE being hurt - the women for whom this is a religious duty, the children who suffer in it, and the guys in these communities who leave when they can't find a girl of their own, because other greedy hogs have taken them all for themselves.

  112. I'm watching the SW on the Strip ep again and the weigh in is pissing me off to be truthful. Bill the PT is just not giving the right info. He needs to emphasize the nutrition. that's the problem, the bottom line is that to lose fat you need to burn more calories than you take in. I know they're doing the LIV whatdoyacallit diet thing but Bill can give some basic nutrition info - at least a calorie range. If the ladies would get their calorie intake to 1500-1800 a day, which they could do easily just by eliminating most convenience food from their diet, limiting bread and emphasizing protein and veggies. Meri was doing that in the very 1st show, making a veggie stir fry or something like that. If Janelle had made the necessary nutritional changes she could have lost at least 20-30 lbs in that 60 days, I'm sure of it.

  113. Catherine not always so greatNovember 26, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    FreeAndClear wrote: Trouble is, people ARE being hurt - the women for whom this is a religious duty, the children who suffer in it, and the guys in these communities who leave when they can't find a girl of their own, because other greedy hogs have taken them all for themselves."

    - Maybe this is devine intervention for the men who must leave. By leaving they become part of the rest of society and get to see how everyone else lives... and perhaps meet one special woman.

  114. I honeslty would love to have a siter wife. I think the lifestyle is not unconventional if you think of all those men who are having affairs when they are married how different is this. At least with this life style the women know and they can have a positive, open emotionl relationship with each other What a great concep.

  115. Anonymous 10:20, asks how different is polygamy than men having affairs? It's far worse. At least with an affair, the woman can leave, or she and her husband can make a fresh start and try to leave it behind them. With polygamy a woman is condemned to living with it every day for her entire life, and is expected to be happy about it because it is what her religion expects of her. And, after watching Sister Wives are you really claiming that these women have a "positive" relationship with each other?

  116. Catherine, you are right that it may be a blessing in disguise for the men who are forced to leave - not so good for the young teens who get booted from the FLDS with no idea how to survive in society. If they can survive without crashing and burning it does work out for the best in the end. Just a crazy system that demands men have more than one wife to get to plyg heaven, and then makes it impossible for them to do so!

  117. I find Sister wives A very disturbing and disgusting show to watch. What they are doing is illegal and using a craZY religion to justify their illegal activity. A quick look at Google shows over 15,000 mormon sects? Which do they belong to? Cody seems to love being in the center of attention and seems to be a control freak. In the show where he was baby sitting his kids he was clear he did not enjoy his time with them. The younger ones did not even appear to know him. Who brings 17 kids into a world of 7 BILLION? Even the older kids said they did not want to live this way.
    And what normal woman wants to share her man with 3 other women? Are there some self-esteem issues there? They would be better off if Cody went off to jail and they found one man to make each wife happy and feel loved.

  118. Oh am I happy to have found this site! It bothers me that when the wives fixed up Truly's (spelling?) room dear ol Kody was off on a weekend with Robyn. Now time to fix up room for Solomon and where is Kody? Off with his (paid pretend) friends. Honestly I do not know an single real man that would be any kind of friend with Kody. He is a tool! I feel sorry for the wives... very very pathetic situation IMO. They seem like nice ladies but why - oh gawd WHY - do they tolerate that fool? He does not take care of them or contribute to their well being in any way. If he has ever changed a light bulb, mowed grass or taken out trash it hasn't been shown on television. If any of my friends had a one-on-one relationship with a fool such as Kody they would need a slap upside the head.

  119. Are they cruising for more freebies by talking about how Robin's kids didn't have a crib? Where did they sleep? It is not as if a crib were a luxury item