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Friday, November 25, 2011


I have a feeling many of us are out shopping.... you couldn't catch me in a Black Friday crowd for nuthin'!!LOL
My friends are another story...I know one of them actually "camped out" for the big event!

We say...Have fun our shopoholic sisters.... and hopefully by tomorrow we will running in HIGH SPEED catching up on tweets and for the finale...... LOVE to all our loyal family here!
Discussion area below for Today........ ALL things Sister Wives!
And yes, I know...I liked Silver Man! Lord knows Christine needs a smile.  In fact, when you think about it.... when Christine got happy....Kody called her a shameless flirt!  Well KODY... we are glad Christine is feeling better and shame on you... I believe you are the FLIRT... AND the pig that pokes.....  I can't stand it when someone acts like they are kidding with the words... but really AREN'T!

If I had the companionship of my husband in my bed 90 days a year and somewhere else the rest....I might be a flirt too! Especially if he was out making "physical manifestations of his love for another wife" with Robyn.

I am sorry. I only meant to make a discussion post, not a rant. I guess that too little writing about this show has me......LEAKING!!!! bwahahahahahha
(wink... Cynical) 
See you!


  1. What a great smile Christine, cute picture. I want her to have more moments like this. .....Happiness.

  2. Looks like he is saying plant a kiss right here.

  3. Personally, wasn't out shopping on Black Friday (NO WAY!!) but just taking a couple of days off the net and spending holiday fun time with family. Hope that's what everyone else was doing!

  4. I'm guilty!! & I scored some good deals!! Got this awesome sharp looking grey & white plaid hooded peacoat from Gordman's for $17.99 which original price was $64.99 :)
    A couple of the Brown kids tweeted they were out Black Friday shopping too. Plus Maddie tweeted to her male friend in Utah, she hopes he loves the presents she sent him. Worrying about paying rent & Finite resources my ass...lol(smh)

  5. Piliocolobus that's exactly what he's saying! You know Christine is that SHAMELESS FLIRT. God forbid she have some fun.

  6. Looks like Christine finally met a man that can make her happy!