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Friday, November 18, 2011

Kody Brown and His Sister Wives on Rosie 11/17/11

Please, will someone hire a STYLIST for these people? Kody's wearing that brown jacket again! And what was Christine thinking with that animal print?

Divorce in the Polygamist Community
Kody Brown, one of America's most famous polygamists and star of TLC's reality series Sister Wives, discusses divorce in the polygamist community. Plus, learn why Rosie thinks plural marriage works for some women.

Sister Wives' Jealousy Issues
Imagine sharing your husband with not one but three women. Seeing red already? Three of Kody Brown's four wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine, open up about jealousy issues in their plural marriage. Plus, find out how these stars of TLC's Sister Wives decide to add a new wife to the family.


  1. Dang, I missed the show! I'll have to look for the rerun on it.

    Meri seemed to look like she was sitting apart from the rest of them.

  2. Oh, here's a part I love, ROBYN ISN'T THERE!!!!! BAWAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    It's running weird on my PC - anything interesting?

  3. Hey, just from looking at the still on the clip- doesn't look like those workouts OR LIV is helping much-

  4. Hmmm... Janelle you are TOO SMART to actually believe this crap! I just don't get it! How can this woman with so much intelligence believe this? She seems most defensive...

  5. After reading about how they filed for bankruptcy and how some of the wives were on food stamps, I'm kind of glad Kody is wearing the same brown jacket.

    Janelle looks like she's lost some weight. She has a beautiful face.

    I feel sorry for the women. They deserve to be in a loving relationship without having to share a man. I'm really hoping some of them (all of them) leave him and go on to live happy lives.

    I can't imagine being in bed alone knowing that my husband is at the very least cuddling another woman.

  6. Ya'know, Kody really does talk shows very well. It's amazing how bad his interpersonal skills are compared to his media skills.

    It sort of feels like he has be preparing for these interviews for a long time.

    He's going to convince a LOT of people that this family works, people. Most are not going to know about the bankruptcies and welfare. Most are going to look and listen to Kody and thing he seems like a charismatic nice fellow...unless they watch SWs and recognize how badly this actually works.

  7. Totally off topic and sorry I don't know how to post a twitter message here...but did you all see Danielle's tweet to the Browns today about how much she loved spending time with baby Solomon and the whole family?? Is auditioning for #5 wife or just crazy stalker fan?

  8. Maybe a little of both???

    Kody is doing much better in front of the camera. He used to freeze up bad.
    Janelle looks so pretty with makeup!
    Christine. UGH.

  9. Janelle is a beautiful and articulate woman. (I sound like I have a crush, lol)

    And Danielle is an academic and probably just gathering information about them so she can include it in a future publication. That's my guess.

  10. WTF is Christine wearing at the end of the first clip? A SNUGGIE!?

  11. I think they're getting pretty media savvy and much more articulate. I think Janelle looked great, didn't miss Robyn one bit and think Meri wants to cut and run as soon as the show is done.

  12. yes anon 4:25, what the heck was that?! WHY.

    Oh dear. Maybe Rosie was giving away free Snuggies if you agreed to come on the show.

  13. I think Janelle is the smartest and the prettiest of the wives! And if she lost enough weight to get into the healthy BMI section (not skinny! Just healthy!) she would be a stunner! I do not understand why she is in this family. I don't think the other wives provide any stimulating conversations for her

  14. 1. Whoever did the women's makeup should be fired. I couldn't even hear what Janelle was saying because I couldn't get over the foundation line at her jaw that made it look like she was wearing a mask.

    2. Loved the part where Rosie suggested she could be the next wife--watching the stunned silence was awesome. I can only imagine what the plygs were thinking.

  15. cannot stand these ppl and their bullshit about how closer you get to god by the more you marry. Get real and any americans that are on their band wagon are a bunch of dumb asses and should leave AMERICA.

  16. If Kody is so committed to his family, then why does he dote on Robyn? He has to know that favoritism has to be lethal to this set up