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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Season Finale: Sister's Special Delivery PART TWO

Now that we are at the halfway mark of this episode, this would be a good time to review  the different Kody Brown Family Units (KB-FU) and what the teenagers have to say about Robyn's new bundle...of joy.

First up, we have the House of Meri and Mariah. Remember how upset Mariah was in the first episode, when Kody announced Robyn's pregnancy? How she ran crying into the bathroom ? Well, nine months later she is firmly on board the 'I am so excited, I'm quivering!' Solomon love fest.  This is no doubt the result of Meri finally finding the sister wife she always wanted in Mommy Dearest Robyn. Mariah makes Solomon a quilt - Meri gives Solomon "space" in her spare room closet. Oh yes, she did put in some baby clothes, but you have to wonder where's she gonna put his clothes when he gets older and bigger. Looks like Meri's planning on turning the girls room into a Sol shrine.

Christine showing off her "peace offering" for Robyn
The House of Christine (If you want a successful family, you DON'T have favorites) is a bit more complex. Her teenagers are mostly quiet, reacting  with body language and facial expressions. From Christine's "apology" earlier to Robyn, we know that she is looking forward to Solomon's birth. She feels Solomon loves her: When she puts her hand on Robyn's stomach, little Sol moves! Her own children are not, how do I put this nicely, so child-like.  Just look at Aspyn, Kody's eldest daughter. She acts like she's above all this nonsense. And Mykelti always looks  defiant. If I had to use one word to describe the two, it would be 'stoic'.

Hunter and Mariah having a difference in opinion
Now we come to the House of Janelle. We know Janelle is excited about the impending birth,  just not THAT excited. Janelle's too rational, and values her sleep too much to have it disturbed by the birth of Robyn's Sol.  Her teens, not surprisingly, run the full spectrum of emotion when it comes to this new baby. At one end is Kody's eldest son Logan, who tries to toe the Kody company line by rationalizing Robyn's motives for getting pregnant. She hasn't had a Brown baby yet, therefore it's okay, spouts Logan the Johnny Appleseed. Then there's Madison, who is clearly not too keen on a 17th child joining the family, but appears to be willing to babysit him - maybe. Hunter is almost off the scale on the opposite end from Logan. He wants nothing to do with the new baby and  feels there are already more children than the adults can handle. While Mariah exudes enthusiasm and love for her unborn half-brother, Hunter is perhaps more realistic of the situation surrounding his family by saying "I can't love someone I don't know." OUCH!!

You have to wonder, does Kody really understand what's going on in his families? Seems that his saying about love being multiplied and not divided isn't working out too good.

Before we enjoy Kody "coaching" Robyn giving birth to [poor old] Solomon [Grundy],  let's take a breather and  look at some o  f the stuff  Robyn has in her bedroom!

               Robyn needs to have her Bling!

Hey! I've got the same lamp!

Robyn and Kody enjoying a salacious moment
next to his $60K "fifth wife"

Meri and Kody enjoying a salacious moment outside of Robyn's
bedroom. She was in labor at the time and Kody needed some
love energy exchange.
 Just like when Christine was in labor with Truely, Kody finds the need to kiss ANYONE as long as it's not the wife in labor. Now with Robyn in labor, Kody has chosen Meri to make out with in Robyn's house, on her staircase landing, outside her bedroom door.

Kody rationalizes his juvenile actions by claiming  he was exchanging love energy with Meri. Thank goodness they were only swapping spit and not some other bodily fluid.Couldn't he just pat Meri on the head like he usually does with his wives?

And when the midwife arrived, why did Kody have to walk BACKWARDS into Robyn's bedroom? I mean, it's not like that midwife was the Queen of England - I don't think she would have had him imprisoned in the Tower of London for turning his back to her and walking into the bedroom like a normal person would. Oh wait, we ARE talking about Kody who has to be the center of attention at all times. Just thank goodness there were no small children or animals in the way.

Okay, enough with the fluff - let's get down to the stuff. And Kody can get down, let me tell you. So I now present to you...Kody Brown Coaching Robyn...The UnRated version.

Kody: Relax right here...You're doing good, sweetheart 
Robyn: [moaning]
Kody: Here...focus...focus...That's it...

Kody smiling at the camera when learning he just won the Carly Simon
"You're So Vain" award.

Robyn: Oh honey, don't move
Kody: You talking to me ...or him
Robyn: Him

Robyn: [grunting]
Kody: Hang in there...
Kody: That's right, good job.
Kody: Keep it up, you're doing great
Robyn: [grunting]
Kody: Oh, good
Robyn: [grunting]
Kody: Yep, doing good
Kody: It's been my job a few times
Kody: I'm right here
Robyn: [groaning]

Kody:You're doing great, you're doing great
Kody: That's right
Kody: You're doing so good
Kody: Oh here we go!
Kody: [Laughs]
Kody: I can see my little boy
Kody:There he is
Kody: I'm touching him now
Kody: Here he comes
Kody: There he is!

                                        Kody: Oh my goodness, he looks like my little boys

Kody: (to Robyn) I was impressed. You can have my kids anytime.

Awwww Kody, I bet you say that to all your wives! But Kody, ALL your babies look like you. You must have DNA of Steel! <shudder>

Oh my goodness, all the KB-FUs are present. Even Janelle showed up! All is right in the world, right? Let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya, OK? Well, not so fast. You see, Mommy Dearest Robyn feels she's been slighted by a bonus child, and she will NOT let it go.

Sitting on her Queenly Throne, Mommy Dearest speaks of the "hurt" this bonus child has inflicted on her.

"When Hunter came in after Solomon was born," she begins, "...he's a little hesitant with me...and I've been hurt by it...with his whole place of where he's not sure if I'm his mom, or his dad's wife, wherever he's at with this whole thing, it's like he can't deny it when you've got a baby in your arms that's your dad's wife's baby."

Nicely put, Robyn. So eloquent and mature. You do realize that you're at least 18 years older than the teenager in question, I hope.

Please, allow me to translate your "thoughts" into a more, coherent form. Remember when Robyn said in the season premiere that "A baby is a physical manifestation that there is an intimate relationship between a husband and wife..." ? We thought she only was referring to those sister wives who were reluctant to accept her. Well, Robyn also applies this "logic" to her bonus children when she thinks they are refusing to see her relationship with Kody as anything but legitimate.

Isn't it sad how Robyn lacks the sensitivity she so demands from others? Isn't it sad she can't allow a teenager whose life was turned upside down, the opportunity to warm up slowly to a new family member  and would prefer to put HER feelings before those of a teenager so clearly in pain?

And then she tells Meri - while Meri is holding a just born Solomon, that she wants to be Meri's surrogate. To carry a piece of Meri and Kody in her golden womb. Holy cow, why didn't she make this offer 10 months ago when it would appear to be an altruistic gesture of love and family. Waiting until after giving birth to Meri's legal husband's child to make the offer just seems so egoistic and manipulative.

Maybe I'm being too harsh, but this woman, in my opinion, is a french fry short of a happy meal! 

So ends Season 3 of Sister Wives. But I've got some predictions for Season 4!

1. Meri will say "Thanks, but no thanks" to Robyn's surrogate offer.
2. Season 4 will highlight the building of the KB-FU gated compound on the cul-de-sac.
3. One business venture will falter.
4. Kody will start courting wife #5.
5. Meri will apologize to Janelle and Christine for her less than sisterly wife comments she made about them.

I can't wait for it to begin in the Spring 2012!

Your Thoughts??


  1. again, this is something I posted elsewhere a bit earlier, but it really is more relevant here:

    With regards to the kids, especially Hunter who has "hurt" Robyn the Martyr:

    These kids were born into the family with the 3 moms already in place, so it's what they know as normal. I don't think they would have thought much of their dad having sex with the other mom, just like regular kids don't really dwell on their parents having sex either. But having Robyn join the family 17 years later, when half the kids are now of the age that they know what sex is, and some being at an age that they can now 'group-court", of course the idea of their dad and sex will be a more real thing rather than just an abstract second thought, and in a way they are pretty much forced to be aware of it, (regardless of all the "sacred love" b.s. Kody spews) and how gross is that when you are a teenager? Especially when the new mom is 10, 12 years younger than your dad, almost 10 years younger than their mom(s), is hotter and in better shape than their moms and sounds like an immature yet know-it-all, holier-than-thou TEENAGER who is now tying to mother them? No wonder Hunter is uncomfortable around her! I think it was Janelle who said earlier on how each group of siblings secretly thought their mom was Kody's favorite, and I can see some of the kids are secretly resentful of Robyn usurping their mom's position. Not to mention the fact that they barely had time to adjust to having her in the family when their lives were turned upside down! So I think Hunter has other, more important issues to deal with than to think about Robyn. Plus, her joining the family and thus having THEIR time with their dad reduced, (even if they all lived in one house) IMHO, happened at the worst possible time: during the teenaged years. THAT'S when teenagers need to have a male presence around the most, not less! Where are the camping trips or baseball/football/whatever sport with JUST the teenage boys and Kody???? Maybe it's "bad editing", but we're never shown Kody having quality time with either just the teenaged boys, or just the girls, or just the little ones, without any moms. (Heck, even dad Duggar went on a special camping trip with just his teenaged girls!) We only see him "nurturing" his relationship with each wife, or on group activities with the entire family, or else lecturing the teens as a group. Polygamy or plural family is exactly that: quantity, not quality

  2. I have a question, if Meri really doesn't care for Christine, why did she take her daughter into her house and set up that room?

  3. Ummm in that one picture of Meri holding Solomon he does not look just born whatsoever!!
    I wonder if Meri was all goo goo gaa gaa when Janelle and Christine had their babies and how helpful she was to them.

  4. Good job Cynical!

    I have to say that Robyn's whole argument that her having Hunter's father's baby makes her Hunter's mom is bizarre at best. I think in 99% of families, Comb Over Kody's children would consider Robyn a mistress that ruined their family and hate her. That being said, Comb Over Kody's family is the 1%. This is where it gets really disturbing though.

    With all of Robyn's philosophies on making sure the frontal lobes are developed prior to allowing the children to make lifestyle and religious decisions of their own, isn't it ironic that they are being subjected to a lifestyle/ religion that is severely debilitating to their happiness and emotional growth. For the girls, the damage is obvious. They have watched their mother share her husband with several other women, meaning their mother is worthy of only a percentage of this idiot's attention and love. For the boys, there will be serious confusion and probably resentment. Once their frontal lobes develop and they make some lifestyle/ religious decisions they will either swallow the Kool Aid or they will become monogamists and have some resentment towards Comb Over Kody for his treatment of their mother and they may even resent their mother for allowing themself to be subjected to this lifestyle.

    I think Robyn's comments about Solomon "having a big job" and her "hope for the future" make her motives clear (if they weren't already clear before): She popped out a Brown baby to solidify her legitimacy in the family. Her other kids are now even more pushed to the side and Robyn is Queen Brown.

    This has been bothering me ever since my first viewing of this episode: "pieces of you and pieces of Kody." What is wrong with these people? Doesn't Comb Over have enough PIECES of himself floating around out there? What is wrong with these women? The disgusting part is that the jealousy really fuels them to dote on that idiot even more. "He just massaged another baby out of Janelle.... I better have one now." GROSS.

    What was that name Comb Over Kody was scared people were going to call him at the Boston Q&A? Oh yeah, MISOGYNIST. He did't want to be called one because it would be impossible to dispute.

    And by the way, what kind of idiot says something like "I"ve done this a few times" as the woman is laying there squeezing your kid out of her who-ha? TALK ABOUT SELFISH AND INSENSITIVE. Meanwhile, he is jealous of the gym trainer watching his stuffed sausages work out. Please.

  5. I love the show and totally agree with 'Religulous' about Kody. He's always running around like a chicken with his head cut off going from place to place, all the while never really seeming to be to be worried about anything that dosen't involve him. He's so jealous of the wives and their working with 'the trainer,' but he can't even conceive the thought that his wives may be dealing with some issues of their own. He truly lives on 'Planet Kody' and in his world it's all about him and how he looks.

    I hope next season will have more substance and not the trivial issues like picking out the perfect furniture.

  6. Hunter is more mature than celestial wife #4 and shame on Kody once again for being only a sperm donor instead of a father. I guess in Kodyland it's OK for this crazy woman to diss his son on national tv. Janelle needs to get her kids away from this freak show.

  7. amused

    Terrific synopsis, as always !!!! Thanks !!!
    Especially since you were under the weather but still managed to make sense of nonsense.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right ??
    Scroll back up to the picture of all the shepherds standing around the bed looking down and adoring the New-Born King.
    Now look at **whom has his back** to the entire tableau of folks surrounding the bed.

    Look at who is looking at the picture over the bureau instead of at his mother and his new brother!! Poor Dayton....

    And will his mother call him on the carpet for not his faux pas for all to see and hear like she did to Hunter ??
    I sincerely hope not !!!

  8. Of course it's okay for Robbing to diss Hunter on national tv. His own father did it a few weeks ago and called him a monster, or something like that. The poor kid's going to be messed up!

    What these people don't understand is that Hunter had an attitude like a normal teen boy! I have 4 of them. Believe me, I know!

  9. Wait- is Day-un turning 13 this next season? That could be another plot line...whether or not he'll go with his dad.

    I think Kdawg starting to court another woman would be way too tough on the teenagers. I mean, up until this show, they grew up in a house with one dad and three mommies. Now, that's a really strange thing for the rest of the world, but to those kids it was stable.

    The idea of new wives coming into the picture when kids are older, in any monogamous family would be called STEP MOMs. Of course Hunter doesn't see Robbird the same way he sees Meri and Christine- they've been around since (his) beginning. Rob is his step mom.

  10. "Kody Brown Family Units (KB-FU)"

    heh heh heh... I saw what you did there...

  11. Sister Martyrs said:

    And by the way, what kind of idiot says something like "I"ve done this a few times" as the woman is laying there squeezing your kid out of her who-ha? TALK ABOUT SELFISH AND INSENSITIVE. Meanwhile, he is jealous of the gym trainer watching his stuffed sausages work out. Please.


    Maybe I'm slow...now I understand why Kody dropped the real estate scheme like a hot potato to venture into a fitness club fiasco...so he could keep an eye on that dastardly Trainer Bill who ogles Kody's wives while they work out and mentally peels the ridiculous sweaty layers off them.

    So freaking hilarious. The only exercise Kody gets is jumping into and out of his fifth wife (and I suppose, his fourth), while the wives can't possibly exercise enough to compensate for the eating of their emotions on a daily basis. What a crock.

  12. You are all right on the money. We think polygamy is weird, but the had a stable family with three moms for 18 years. It wasn't weird to them! It's all they knew! The kids had no experience with bringing in new family members. This is as traumatic for them as a divorce and remarriage. Shame on Kody and Robyn for being so selfish! And triple shame on Kody if he did this for t.v. Have fun in hell Kody!!!

  13. Hey everyone! CJ, U totally rose to the occasion even under the inFLUence...lol JK...I hope ur feeling better now :D
    I'm totally Team Hunter, b/c like most of ya'll have mentioned, he seems to be the most mature one of them all :D Now, that being said, I was thinking about what he said," you can't love someone you don't know"...well he could've been directing that @Robyn or even his daddy for that matter...lol
    Good pointing out the Dayton observation...wouldn't that be crazy if Robyn may have to worry about her own son, accepting Baby Sol...lol

  14. Also, I've been wondering for a while now, what are the odds of Solomon having autism? Also, if Robyn, did a surrogacy for anyone at all, what are the chances of the baby being autistic??

  15. KBFU. lol I didn't get that till a commenter posted it.

    I'm going to try to make a "Free Hunter and Madison!" button for the blog. In all my spare time. hahahahaha.

    A fifth wife, really? I don't think that will be season 4. I think Kody wanted to and the wives said NO.

    Oooh is Dayton going to be 13? They will exploit the hell (pun intended) out of that.

    Watching them build houses would be fun...how they decide who gets what, etc.

    Meri apologize for her comments about C and J? I doubt it. Don't think Meri will have to...she's one of the faves now that she is BFF with Robyn.

    BFF. Hmm. Maybe we will see Robyn give one of those heart necklaces that say Best Friends on both sides to Meri...you know, the kind we all had in 3rd grade? Where you wear 1/2 the necklace heart and your BFF FOR LIFE wears the other?

  16. The Bargain Babe- Meri and Robyn already exchanged something similar during last season's Christmas episode. Meri gave her some sister looking statute and I thought it odd at the time since it didn't seem she did the same with the others and she had a little narrative about how she and Robyn had grown so close.

  17. I have a few random thoughts I would like to share with ya'll :D
    * I wonder if Robyn watched the Victoria Secret Christmas fashion show the other night?...LOL
    * I wonder if her Christmas wish list to Santa aka Kody includes a shopping spree or gift card to VS? or maybe she might have a registry for her fans...hehe
    *Maybe Terrasola, can do an estimation for cost of building each home. Two of the houses will have to be big enough for 7 people. I know when the kids are young, they can get away with sharing rooms. I wonder how they are dealing with the room sharing now, since teens are getting older??hmmmm?? Technically, after a certain age, brothers & sisters aren't supposed to be sharing rooms, so I really don't know why Dayton, is sharing a room with his 2 sisters, unless thats ok, to do in Vegas...
    I'm just curious to know, how much $$ they plan spending to build their homes, & then after the TLC $$ stops coming in(& it will), how do they plan on maintaining the homes & paying property taxes, etc...??

  18. Speaking of closeness...if Meri & Robyn are so close, then why didn't Meri know about the surprise gift to Christine? Unless, that's why she looked so pissed, b/c she was left out of the Kody/Robyn hoop-lah....lol

  19. This is a bit off topic, but I'm not sure if this was brought up, so if it was someone please redirect me...lol
    Ok, so I was researching polygamy books earlier, & one author I came across:

    Dorothy Allred Solomon- She's the daugter of Rulon C. Allred & his 4th Plural Wife
    -She's author & educator committed to informing people about the pros & cons of polygamous lifestyles.
    I was thinking maybe this is where she came up with baby Sol's name...I know it's a long shot, but I tend to think a lot...lol
    Ok, I'm done rambling about nothing now... :D
    I'm going to go watch my son play his Christmas Solo, Carol of the Bells,@the mall today :D
    He's a Sr, so I'm already having early empty nest syndrome, b/c he'll be attending school in Maine next Fall...bittersweet ;D

  20. I would love to know the thought process that led Meri to decide that Robyn was the perfect fourth wife for her husband. Maybe I need to go back and re-watch the early shows - was Meri always implying that she was missing some kind of sisterhood with Janelle and Christine? Did Meri bring Robyn into the fold to somehow piss off the other two wives?

    I don't pretend to understand this lifestyle, but in what universe does it make sense to bring a young, thin, pretty new wife to your husband? That's like offering a bag of Fritos and a jar of peanut butter to an emotionally starved sister wife.

    And I agree with wanting Janelle to take her kids and get out of there. Her and Kody's "marriage" seems more like a buddy thing anyway. I can't remember the last time I've seen Kody gazing salaciously at Janelle like he does at Robyn. Has he ever?

    *giggle* I've been wanting to use "salacious" in a sentence for so long.:)

  21. If I had to use one word to describe the two, it would be 'stoic'.

    Wow.... How True.... Seriously....
    After a few gasps of Anger of Robyn's insensitivity,

    I am now free to LMAU - KBFU!!!!
    You are a piece of work CJ, Glad you my sissy! More later! Runinng out the door!

  22. Jeez, I HAD to come back, and I NEED out the door!!!
    CJ, you've made me think these things off the top of my head.

    What a manipulative winch! If the teens don't bow down to the queen, she publicly chastises them. Way to go, Ro0Bun, nice, real nice. A moth ago he was suicidal, but, hey, let's worry about YOU!

    No wonder Janelle hate her. I would hate her for fuckin my kids life up. Kody, go home to Janelle for awhile and quit making babies till you've raised a few.

    Picture of the Jewelry--- When Mary, oops! Robyn, didn't have a crib at the trailer (inn...) maybe she should have sold off some jewelry. She hasn't gotten all that in 2 yrs. AND, even if it's what I cal "junk" jewelry, it ain't cheap!!!

    God, she is evil - right on the surrogacy- don't offer that FIRST.

    Robyn is the spawn of the devil. That's why her step dad shows up, not the REAL one... he's busy right now with the Dargers.....

  23. Kody said in Season 1 (and Troy Bowles confirmed this) has to get permission from the AUB hierarchy to take on a new wife each time. Kody said, "If you're doing a really good job w/the ones you've got - they like to reward you with more."

    I don't think he's got a hell's chance of adding on to the harem now based on this show. ;')

  24. As desperately as we want all the wives to leave, they NEVER will! Their religion believes that to make it to the highest level of heaven and live with God, you have to live plural marriage. If they do not, it is like they are buying their own ticket to hell. They truly believe in their "sealing"ceremonies and without them, they are cast off from the prescence of the Lord. Those of you who believe deeply in your own religion can imagine the fear and unpleasant emotions when imagining leaving your religion that you believe so deeply in. Even if you are truly unhappy. I hate watching these women in pain, because as we all know they deserve more!!! God doesn't want his children miserable in the name of religion especially. It's sooooooo frustrating.

  25. what the? - yes, i understand and agree. i still read alot of comments here that keep asking why the women don't just up and leave. they haven't gotten the concept of the fact THERE IS NO CHOICE WHEN YOUR CHOICE IS TO STAY AND ENDURE FOR YOUR CELESTIAL REWARD OR LEAVE AND DAMN YOURSELF TO HELL!! What choice???

    whether you agree with it or not - that is THEIR BELIEF ingrained into their psyche. or frontal lobe, if you will....

    NO, NONE OF THESE 4 ARE GOING TO LEAVE. It would take major deprogramming first of which none of them are ever going to have access to. THEY HAVE TRULY DRUNK THE KOOL-AID and IT'S IN THEIR BLOOD. Hopefully, a teen or two will break the cycle and be able to get away and get deprogrammed before they embark on their marriages.

  26. Was anyone else kind of mad when Janelle did show up for the viewing of the messiah??? maybe they coaxed her over with a fresh batch of those peanut butter coated Fritoes!!

    On to Meri..as her program tag line quote " I believe in living this lifestyle, it makes us a better person ". REALLY!!! When you publicly state that you weren't this excited when Truely came or you never had this kind of bond with a sister wife before! Is this how your faith has made you a better person??

  27. Check out Janelle's crossed arms in the "Surrounding the Savior" picture!!

  28. I need to go back and do some self-education on the AUB but am I understanding correctly that the same people that give Kody permission to add a wife give the Allreds, Kingstons, etc. permission to take more wives? Robyn's statement keeps coming back to haunt her: "the proof is in the pudding."

  29. I always watch the show but what did Meri say bad about christine and janelle? I cannot recall. Also, I think it is so obvious how Kody favors Robin and I cannot judge their life but I do not understand how any woman could deal with that jealousy

  30. Amused says.....

    Love It !!!" *KBFU*
    KBFU" is our Kode-word forever more !!! Brilliant !!!

    Is there a bottom line to this whole mess?
    What we do know? Let's see..

    KBFU is an insatiable attention junkie.
    And a horny adolescent !!

    He has found a "religion" angle to justify his wants and needs.

    His original three wives had signed on to his version of multiple love and parenting.
    And life in KBFU's World proceeded as he ordained. (he *does* fancy himself a preacher.)

    The three wives chose to abdicate any sense of self and gave over to just belonging in Kody-world.
    Baby-making and servicing Kody-stud was their reason to be.
    The all lived together in their custom-altered love and birthing abode In Utah.
    Life was not terrific, but they were their own little community. It was working somehow.

    Until KBFU got bored AND aware that his brood mares may be running out of appeal...
    And soon, perhaps, out of eggs.

    What does a narcissistic, horny, polygamist guy do about that? Bingo....he goes wife-shopping?

    Because KBFU doesn't like to actually work hard at anything, he gets his most emotionally needy wife who already has some issues with the other two mega-fertile wives to spearhead the search for the next candidate for his love and sperm.

    Strange that he (or Meri) couldn't find a ripe, ingenue and had to settle for one with three kids already.
    That really wasn't such a smart economical move on Kody's part. FOUR more mouths to feed right off the bat.

    But the heavens smiled on him and he had the chance of a lifetime that would make it all work
    *AND* put his face and woefully outdated hair on TV..specials, books, podiums, businesses, etc, etc.. ...
    The sky is the limit. !!! A dream come true for an attention addict.

    *IF* ....he can keep the wives at home carping and sniping at each other..(great TV)
    Keep the kids coming....who doesn't love the babies and toddlers?
    Keep monogamous guys wondering "How the hell does this guy do it??"
    (KBFU gets a very sly grin about that)

    And of course...keep TLC happy with cliffhangers to want to renew each season !
    Doesn't matter how destructive those cliffhangers may prove to be for the wives ....and the CHILDREN !!

    It's Kody *aka* KBFU's World !!

  31. Meri wanted Robyn in the family because she needed a SW who was eternally grateful to her personally. Before the show, Robyn was living on welfare in a trailer. Meri was her entry into living in a house, having a husband who will massage her loins while she's in labor, vacations without kids, nice couches.

    Janelle and Christine are tight. They have worked out their relationship and aren't threatened by each other (probably because Janelle doesn't seem to crave Kodouche like the other SWs. She couldn't care less.)

    Meri couldn't make a dent in their bond or Kodouche's attachment to Christine. So she invited Robyn in to steal Kodouche and establish a relationship superior to J&C's.

    It seems like polygamy turns everyone into a nasty drama queens eventually.

  32. The only thing that group shot is missing are a few camels and some frankincense LOL

  33. As much as I understand that these kids are in a supportive home where they have food clothing and are not abused, I think that they are not seeing good role models. The girls are living in a world where they have to SHARE a man! A marriage should be between two people who love each other fully, it does not matter sex, gender, nationality, race, etc, but it should be between two people. How can you love two three of even four wives with all your soul? Are they all only getting 25% or it seems like Robyn has 97% and the other three only get a little.

  34. Actually, Robyn came FOR the show. in other words, the show didn't "just happen" along once Meri found Robyn for Kody. They pitched the show but were told - NO DRAMA w/your family. We've GOT TO HAVE DRAMA! How about Kody bringing in a new wife now after 17 years of your stable, boring plyg family to SHAKE IT UP!! NOW, we've got us a TLC "reality" show!

    So, OFF Kodi and Meri went on their new adventure and to hell with all the rest! Yes, Meri made SURE this one was going to be HER sister wife for once!

  35. If they cannot wear earrings because they cannot pierce any body parts, can they wear clip on earrings? If so... Robbing is blowing that bling opportunity!!!

  36. Mono4life--I laughed outloud. FUNNIEST THING ALL DAY!!

  37. How uncomfortable that's gotta be for all those other kids to be in that bedroom surrounded by Robyn and Kody's cheesy honeymoon pictures and mementos since that's what she themed the whole bedroom around? ICK!!!

    AND a pisser to the wives to be reminded how she got a 10 day beach honeymoon and they got like a night alone! while they also kept her 3 kids!

  38. "How can you love two three of even four wives with all your soul?"

    You get them fighting with each other or teach them that most of their womanly needs can be satisfied by SWs not husbands.

    I'm not lying. That is the word of Joseph Smith. Women are most happy with each other. Men only impregnate. Those sentiments are not absent from mainstream LDS either.

    By religious creed, Mormon men don't overly bond with their wives. Women should keep their plans, projects and issues away from men who are too important to be distracted by all that.

    I have a friend who was a non-Mormon executive with Marriott hotels (Mormon owned.) Female employees were discouraged from discussing all personal issues at work, including their children, to the point where photos of kids were rarely shared. If you work in the world of men, you have to edit yourself of any "female" concerns.

    Kody lives in a world like this to an even greater degree. A woman's concerns are not supposed to have any meaning for him. He is a man and a priest.

    A deep and personal intimacy with the one you love is not a priority in LDS or FLDS. It's actually a LOT like Islam in this.

  39. Amused

    "Nicely put, Robyn. So eloquent and mature. You do realize that you're at least 18 years older than the teenager in question, I hope."

    Great point !!!
    Yeah, imagine pitting yourself against a kid to score power points !!

    You are right. Meri needed a wedge between C&J and a leg up with KBFU.
    And unfortunately, it has backfired badly. They at least are very much on the same page about her and the Madonna.
    True also that Janelle seesms to be ambivilant about KBFU.
    Meanwhile Robyn has to snipe at kids for attention and power.

    "The only thing that group shot is missing are a few camels and some frankincense LOL"


    Sick, sick......all of it is sick!

  40. I'm going to play devil's advocate here. While I do enjoy your commentary on what goes on in each episode,and your incredible eye for details, I think you are a little harsh on the women for one reason: this is exactly the kind of behavior and dynamics one can expect when you have a number of women sharing a husband. I find myself watching the show and unable to take off my clinical social worker hat as I do so. I am amazed the women behave as well as they do, all things considered. Christine, as the previous last wife, was understandably the one who would be likely to have the most problems with Robyn. Robyn is trying to prove her worth and her place to everyone, to feel as if she's a legitimate member of the family. If she tries a little too hard sometimes, well, that's just a sign of how insecure she is. They're all insecure for Heaven's sake, 'cuz they're all sharing one man. If you're the only wife, you're not always sure of your husband's commitment; how much worse is that if he's spend 75% of his nights with other women? Only Janelle seems a little less insecure than the others and I suspect it's because she has fewer expectations of a relationship with a polygamous husband. She gets a lot of her sense of worth from her professional life. And, I would guess, she represses a lot - and substitutes food for affection.

    I think the dynamics that we see here are very much the same, but more in check perhaps because of the TV cameras, as what we see in any polygamous family. We don't see (and it may be because it doesn't exist) physical abuse of wives or children. Not every polygamist is a monster. If anything, I think this is one more argument against polygamy. In this family we have a reasonably nice husband (self-centered and immature, but not unkind or inherently evil), 4 women who are trying ardently to live a life-style that cannot, by definition, meet the needs of the women involved, and a whole bunch of kids with gobs of reasons to be confused about their identities. This is the best polygamy can be - and it just isn't good enough, not for the women and not for the kids.

  41. thanks ANON 1:54 for the clarification on the TLC timeline !!
    Makes sense that he would do that.

    But I think he was thrilled to add new stock to the stable and probably would have, eventually.

  42. Good gravy. I grew up with 4 sisters and it was hell. No way would I ever want to be "married" to a group of them!

    Also, ever notice that Kodouche is always sleeping or napping at their places? He is such a waste of air!

  43. Here is my thing about Robyn being Meri's Surrogate. A) It's like Robyn needs to do anything to make sure she fits in/stays a part of the family and B) isn't Robyn being Meri's surrogate the same thing as Meri doing invetro? (That Meri didn't want to do)

    I think Meri will say no bc they already have more kids than they all need. Are they trying to outdo the duggars? I can't imagine having more than 4 kids lol

  44. Amused....

    I understand what you are saying. Your perspective as a CSW is valid.
    And I can and do relate to your thoughts up to a point.

    However, these people have chosen to put themselves and those children on a magnifying lens for the world.
    And surely, beyond what they may realize about themselves privately, they must be watching the finished edits each week like we all do, and be seeing what we see. They choose to reveal what they do.

    TLC may have plot suggestions and editing power, but I am sure that at least Kody has much say over it too.
    This is the third season where they display themselves like this...for money.

    No, we don't see *overt* child abuse and violence going on. But scores of people are in therapy every week for childhood trauma and abuse that was not physically evident at the time it was occurring.
    And if there ever was a reality show where blatant child abuse was filmed routinely the show would have many detractors and be pulled from the air.

    This show is now showing very unhealthy people on many levels.
    They are now in this third season, *saying* they are unhealthy, physically and emotionally.

    And the question may be....
    Which came first, the chicken or the egg??

    Has their lifestyle, which they are *choosing* to display, made them unhealthy....
    Or has their choice to go public globally and cyberly made them unhealthy?
    Or is it both??

    Either way, viewers watch and will have opinions. TLC is counting on viewers to continue to watch.
    They don't care which side of the opinion-fence a viewer is as on, as they watch.

  45. When was the last time Janelle and Kody "sealed" things? I know Robyn would be totally into role-playing....who is the kinky one? hahaha...(u know who u are)...what's the longest they all held out cause they were pissed....I still want some sex details people. The more they say it's not about the sex.....hello! thats what creeps us all out. No one likes to be sloppy seconds....let alone promise it to god.

  46. Cynical.....loved every minute! MisterSister....thanks for keeping us updated of the illness....whatever...i know fake production (even on a blog ) lololol...to the Crew....thanks for doing all the legwork the rest of us are too lazy to do.....to ALL the bloggers.....i love this place! Thanks for all the common sense, comical relief, and some good old fashioned listening...I think i will go burn a bra now.....

  47. sex details......What did they do the last time they heard thier "other halves" banging the headboard? Do they ask the other wife if they noticed that red spot of the end of the rodster? Have they ever snuck off to another wife's bedroom and did it?

  48. Hahahah cody walking backwards through the door for the mid wife! SO damn funny! He seriously is such a dumb ass!

  49. Why do I feel that Christine gave Robyn the gift to endear herself to Kody so that when Robyn cannot have marital relations post baby - Christine can get pregnant AGAIN

  50. just look at this picture of kody.


  51. Anony 5:25....good call

  52. All one needs to see is Christine's rambling apology for her feelings about Robyn to know there is emotional abuse going on behind the scenes. For a grown woman, mother of 6, to say she will "try to do better" at accepting her "husband's" new mistress is appalling & screams of pyschological abuse.

    Most people seem to agree they might not have had a perfect life with 3 wives, but bringing a 4th in has been diastrous, especially for the older children. Robyn is NOT their Mom, nor should she or anyone else make the kids treat her as such, not when they haven't grown up with her as a female mother figure. And now Solomon is here, if there was ever a case of having a baby to try to "save the marriage", this is it, and that NEVER works. I have come to realize Kody is obsessed with sex (not to be confused with the loving sex between 2 committed people), getting attention, building his fantasy celestial planet all at the sake of his wives and children. I'll say it again and this is why I am a "3 wives fan" - Robyn should NEVER have been brought into this family. The damage to the kids, specifically the older ones, is outrageous. Robyn should back off the "bonus children", live quietly in her own house and be happy with her 25% share of a man.

  53. 3 wives fan....to quote Cynical in her last presentation..."WORD"

  54. Question.

    In the commercials for season three you would always hear Kristine saying "Kody definetely favors Robyn" and there is a shot of him with his hand on her stomach while they sat on her bed.

    I waited for that to show up in an episode and it never did! What happened to it? Why would they cut that?

  55. I got so caught up in my thoughts I forgot to add: Thank you Cynical and the rest of the Crew for such a great synopsis of this show. I read it aloud to my husband! I enjoy reading all the comments and some are very thought provoking. I got your innuendo KB-FU immediately! So clever you are....

  56. !) ditto on the assumption there's gotta be some psychological abuse going on w/Christine right now. we see it being done to the kids without worry so, why wouldn't it be done to the wives as well?

    2) they don't even recognize psychological abuse because of their belief system. sacrifice comes first. if that causes psychological abuse, then that's YOUR problem (weakness) to get over.

    3) going public just exacerbated and magnified their dysfunction.

    4) is there a medical person here that can explain why Robyn's naval area was all completely flattened out PLUS all yellow like a big ugly bruise? (i didn't even see a belly button so, i guess she just might be a reptile after all) That creeped me out more than the gajillion squiggly stretch marks HER MODESTY had no problem showing the world.

  57. I hope Christine gets desperate enough to write "HELP" in red crayon during an interview session. Christine...r u listening?

  58. Robyn....please get on birth control...We know...your a big girl and do big girl things in the bedroom, but when you get pregnant too many times it causes alot of problems for alot of people....right? even you....right?

  59. Amused...

    Re: the navel question .....and only because you asked and certainly not to pander to Robbing.

    I had BIG babies and in two of the pregnancies, I did have a yellowish bruise on the navel.
    At nine months, it was swollen stretched almost to disappear and looked flat, just like that !

    And I can tell you I sure as hell wouldn't have had it filmed !!!

  60. Don't Kody and Robyn look gaga over each other in that 5:29 photo! No way those other women aren't being eaten up by jealousy.

    I know this sounds super bitchy but Robyn ain't gonna age well IMO. There will be a Number 5 one of these days.

  61. thanks, anony 6:23. i'm only 5'4 , 100 lbs myself but had 4 NINE-pound babies!! and my naval area never looked like that. so, i was just a'wonderin' WTH is up with that naval area? lol

    and surprisingly, i only had like 3 small stretch marks after the 4th one finally. that's another thing that maybe is genetic on the elasticity of skin?

    But, nonetheless, Yeah, i guess i would have spared the world a looksey at it all if i was in that shape. Maybe she had no say in in it. Who knows? but it still seems to go against their MODESTY issues to display that to the world - creepy looking or not.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall listening to the teens discussing those Robyn shots amongst themselves! HAH!

  62. Anonymous - Gosh, I don't know. Seems to me every scene is played over 100 times.

  63. oops! If I see something to lead you to a specific spot, I'll let you know.

    I want you all to know, I am sitting her laughing - so many great comments!!!!

    Vastminds said...I hope Christine gets desperate enough to write "HELP" in red crayon during an interview session. Christine...r u listening?

  64. The Catholic Couponer

    IVF and Surrogacy have some differences. One being Meri had trouble carrying and losing a baby- Robyn may hold it in just fine.

  65. I decided I need to go back to Season 1 and rewatch. It seems to me that the wives - particularly Christine have some sort of Stolkholm Syndrome. They are constantly defending their "choice" yet at the same time, demonstrating the downfalls and psychological damage their choice has caused on them and their children. The odd part I'd they Don't ever really articulate what their belief system is- we have all had to do independent research to figure it out, you think AUB made them agree to stay Hush about their affiliation?

  66. Robyn says about Hunter "he's not sure if I'm his mom, or his dad's wife, wherever he's at with this whole thing, it's like he can't deny it when you've got a baby in your arms that's your dad's wife's baby."

    Silly woman - he probably can't deny that you've had sex with his dad - but the rest? Please! You're not his mother OR his dad's wife. One thing you are though, is a professional victim. Stick to your guns Hunter and don't let anyone guilt you into accepting this manipulative woman.

  67. If the men "leaders" of these groups were real business men, why dont they know how to strike while the iron is hot? Someone in the FDLS and LDS, and anyone else....go pitch a reality show please!TLC can show us sinners how your way is different than anyone else

  68. The mainstream LDS church does encourage real love and intimacy amongst its members. The PROBLEM lies in the abstinence asked of the members prior to marriage. They are so desperate for sex they marry the first person to come along. It is hard to be intimate with someone you barely know. Look at how
    many returned missionaries (age 21 for boys) are married within the first year of returning. Most marry within months. Within the Fundamentalist sect it is even WORSE. They are "almost Victorian" (quoting Janelle) in their dating. They see each other, flirt, and that's IT. Then the man tells their DAD they want to marry them and then they get permission from the leaders and possibly the current wives. That is why this never works out. Ever.

  69. That's very interesting about LDS members getting married so young.

    Forbidding premarital sex is common for many religions and yet I feel like that's one of the most often of the religious rules that's broken. Wonder why it's different for LDS....?

  70. "Ladies" "Are you listening?" "I know you are!"
    (Creepy throwback to a video on here of another polygamist)

    Well all the ladies that want to be #5, you just saw what Kody gets his rocks off on. Get preggers!
    Was I watching a birth or a fundy porn scene, I saw someone say. Yikes! GROSSSSSSSSS

    You just witnessed the 20 minutes of glory these women get. By the time that baby has it's first Baby acne outbreak, your husband will be bonking another concubine while your changing your kotex and wishing for a lortab.

  71. some said follow the money...some said follow the religion...but now we r getting somewhere....its the sex...i said all along !

  72. "Anonymous said... The mainstream LDS church does encourage real love and intimacy amongst its members. The PROBLEM lies in the abstinence asked of the members prior to marriage. They are so desperate for sex they marry the first person to come along. It is hard to be intimate with someone you barely know. Look at how
    many returned missionaries (age 21 for boys) are married within the first year of returning. Most marry within months. Within the Fundamentalist sect it is even WORSE. They are "almost Victorian" (quoting Janelle) in their dating. They see each other, flirt, and that's IT. Then the man tells their DAD they want to marry them and then they get permission from the leaders and possibly the current wives. That is why this never works out. Ever."

    I have figured this out. It is a TRICK to keep the young ones in the "religion" by marrying them off. They are so freaking horny and starved for some one on one affection of any sort by the time they are 18 - they marry within the religion to A Get some B have attention C get away from stupid bitch step moms with new babies.

  73. GOOD LORD I am glad I wasn't married to the:

    A First boy I liked
    B First Boy I kissed
    C First boy I screwed (sorry, no angels here)

    Having said that, I wish I had married the boy who asked me to the prom. I was "too cool" for him, and luckily had been asked prior. however, I was nice, so don't worry about him.

    NOW, he's worth about 10 million. Those engineering geeks are just the geeks with straight A's in school.
    teenagers, RUN FOR THEM. they are usually very nice, and great dads. My mistake. lol

  74. GREAT job Cynical Jinx, we are glad your better!!!

  75. AAmused says...

    3 wives fan said...
    "All one needs to see is Christine's rambling apology for her feelings about Robyn to know there is emotional abuse going on behind the scenes. For a grown woman, mother of 6, to say she will "try to do better" at accepting her "husband's" new mistress is appalling & screams of pyschological abuse."

    Absolutely true !!!!
    A mother of 6 having to grovel like that....pathetic !!! Abusive !!!

  76. My main point for this argument the whole time was...I heard 2 different SW's say "If its about the sex....why would he take on the responsability?" ummmm...he doesnt "why would he take on the emotional care?"ummmmm....he doesnt..."why would he deal with all this?"...ummm...he doesnt. I knew then...the loins are running this whole operation. They didnt even realize they were telling HIS lie for him.

  77. Anony 8:03....i read that to my daughter....an honor student. Beautifully written.

  78. Vastminds said:

    Do they ask the other wife if they noticed that red spot of the end of the rodster?

    I don't know whether to barf or LMAO.

    Which raises an interesting point (no pun intended) - do they EVER share bedroom details? How could they not? Or is Kody's bed-hopping always the giant uncomfortable elephant in the room? When he returns to the boudoir of one sister wife fresh from the home of another, how can that not be on their mind?

  79. Twisted_Sista_WivesDecember 1, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    First, I am SO GLAD I came across this blog, I LOVE IT. A HUGE thanks to Mister Sister, Cynical, and all the other contributors for taking the time to create this blog, pull the curtains back over this sham of a "family" and confirm that I'm not crazy and these people are seriously screwed up.

    I was completely intrigued when this show first started, and then bewildered that 3 seemingly "normal" women would actually marry this energizer idiot who obviously quit maturing when he went on his mission (or whatever) when he was just out of highschool. He never got any action in highschool (because everyone pegged him as a homosexual)and this religion showed him how he could finally get some tail and he went with it.

    This "family" is nothing but a sham who has blatantly LIED to everyone - even those who are still blinded by the bullshit facade they portray on television. It's disturbing, and, quite frankly, I have not been able to figure out how an (unattractive) egotistical maniac male and now FOUR women, who do nothing but have babies they can't afford, knowingly and willing LIE, CHEAT and STEAL while they scam the system all in the name of their religion?

    So, if I understand correctly, they can behave as badly and as unethically as they want on this planet during this life, but as long as jerk-off Kody bumps uglies with any woman he wants (and then proclaims as his "wife"), no matter how dishonorable their behavior is on this planet, they'll then be given their own planet in the afterlife?

    Who buys this crazy talk? I DON'T GET IT!

    Sorry for typing so long. I enjoy this blog and all the posters. Keep up the great work!

  80. I just had a thought about the previews for this season too. I remember a scene in the previews where Janelle said something about being truthful and Robyn smacked her (Robyn's) leg and yelled, "bullcrap!" I couldn't wait to see that and it never happened. I'm a little mad about that, why would they leave that out??

  81. I didn't see the bullcrap either but I missed some of the first episodes.

    Just glad we have this blog to come chat on. The TLC fb page is disgusting. "Robyn is so selfless." "I just love your family!" "You are the besttttt" "I am just in tears."


  82. I feel dirty. Those pictures and captions equated to the worst porn ever.

    I really wanted to like Meri. For awhile I convinced myself I did but I agree with others about the religion making her a better person. I would hate to see what she would be like without the religion.

    I'm also team hunter! I feel so bad that Robyn feels the need to have a rivalry with him. A kid.

    Also what ever happened to the Kody enjoys curvier women from weeks ago? Why had he crawled up Robyn's Cumorah cave if you know what I mean. (Yes you may have to look up my reference so I don't sound like a perv.)

  83. Twisted_Sista_WivesDecember 1, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    Something just dawned on me. I hadn't yet watched the "birthing" episode when I read some of the Tweets on this blog that were posted by the Browns stating most of the family was watching the episode together. Can you imagine being one of those teenagers watching that episode with the rest of your family?! How horrifying! Knowing it was on television for everyone else to watch? Poor kids. I was uncomfortable watching it by myself. I was skeeved out and I don't even know these people. Eeewwww.

  84. Over on the new facebook page, there is a clip/home video of Mariah holding Solomon and him "smiling." Guess who is around during that time? Mariah, Meri, and Robyn. We never see any of the other wives or kids tweet show such interest/excitment in/with Solomon. I think they didn't get such a happy wnding afterall....

  85. I meant "ending" not "wnding." LOL!

  86. I havent said much on Meri....why should I? She has the damn papers on this clown. If she wanted to...she could put a circus ending to this whole stageshow. She knows exactly whats shes doing....shes pissed...and i dont think she will apologize. She has clout. no..she doesnt have a penis....(not that kind of clout)....but like her "apprentice" Robyn said....this shit is about survival. Meri is laying low....she knows that out of all the survivors on the island....she holds an immunity necklace. Meri...sit back...make sure your next move is your best move

  87. Oh Kody...if you were only the wife whisperer that the old fellows are pumping you up to be.

  88. Finally...to the AUB leadership...seriously...this is not just a PR nightmare...this is beginning to border poor business practices. Any advertising exec wil tell you that you are not selling the product...you must sell the feeling that the consumer thinks he/she will get....the feelings that the "spokespeople" are protraying....not something that brings in money...not in the long run. Yes...TLC is giving this organization a shot in the arm...but if you hope to greaten the number of willing vagina's....its time to show the rest of us that men really are smart...that men really do know how to do stuff better....in the meantime....all the women out here are laughing at you guys.....im a potential baby-maker, you know?

  89. learned how to put a name!ha!December 1, 2011 at 10:19 PM

    Vastminds - surely you didn't mean my little rant about a good man!
    BTW, I have a grown dtr. Told her the same. She met a GREAT guy when she was a senior in HS. He was 6 yrs old, BUT, a gentleman, a scholar, and a moneymaker. He was in our town, she another for 4 yrs while she went to school.
    What a guy to WAIT, no..demand she have some "young" time before they got married. In the meantime, she cam home weekends, we went to church ,ate, and REALLY got to know one another before they married. Guess what.
    She waited 5 yrs to marry, got her degree, and 15 yrs later, still happy.
    How does people in the AUB "get to know each other" in 8 weeks?

  90. If my family had watched that, most would of walked out. That's saying alot since 2 were with me when I gave birth! Something weird there.

    AND, those Teens need a red HELP ME sign, too!

  91. Thank you, thank you all! Sadly, some day Truely will be old enough to see this episode and realize that Mother Meri is a big ol' bitch.

  92. TLC....im feeling like smart-assing you now.....seems you ARE hiding the good stuff. I agree with prev posts...we all saw Robyn yell" Oh bullcrap"...but...never saw it....and that jealousy footage on the previous post.....was i the only one that thought of TLC's motives first? They had the SW's describing their lifestyle as a bootcamp, not to mention their faces loooking like they get water boarded all the time. They showed the frilly birth of the "next messiah".....but they had that the whole time? brilliant? maybe.

  93. TLC used to be place where you first saw a penis on a horse....the good, science animal stuff.....:) TLC used to be place where i learned to love learning stuff. The occasional weird "lets see what quads r doing"...or useless celebrity story was....tolerable.....but now.....this Browns, Dargers, Duggers, etc., etc., etc., (ref. King and I...i think i saw it once on the old TLC).....why are they trying so hard to dumb us down?

  94. Kody is a sketchy perv who keeps his "wives" held hostage with emotional straight jackets. Christine looks like she's been on the receiving end of a serious emotional smack down by Kody (her glorious highway to heaven). I think Robin would be more than happy to help him edge a couple of them off the brink of insanity and into an asylum. More nights for her! Yup...the polygamy lifestyle is really awesome Brown Family- now please pass the Prozac.

  95. PLease note...i agree with all the posts that say these women are sooooo nice. so sweet. They all seem sweeter than my damn Nana. All of them would be the best political frontman ever! hahaha That being said...they are not educated. to make an educated choice. and they r not educated on purpose. Shame to those pricks who have turned these women into vessels.

  96. Sister Martyrs said
    " The odd part I'd they Don't ever really articulate what their belief system is- we have all had to do independent research to figure it out, you think AUB made them agree to stay Hush about their affiliation?"

    From what I have heard from inside sources, that is exactly what happened, although how they thought they could keep it a secret, I don't know!

  97. Christine Jealousy footage;TLC, angle??? Drop it as the "bitch-cliffhanger", for the summer....but then why bother overshadowing the whole baby situation? was it that we got both endings? Why do i feel like that video exposes everything. even the pro-Browns cant call the Browns themselves liars...so listen...they told us...all they r trying to do is survive this shit. So why have the fall of "grace" so soon after the manger scene? They might be thinking about jumping ship on this too

  98. I think Kody gave Robyn that idea about surrogacy because HE wants to tie Meri down, I don't think it was Robyn's idea to start with.

    Now, as busy as Kody is, as stressed and in demand - what if he had a heart attack and died? THAT may make for some real wild episodes, right?

  99. I also wonder what it will be like when they start to build the cul de sac compound. With Meri being number 1 will she get the BIG house, or will she get the smallest since she only has 1 child. You can bet is will between her and Robyn and Christine and Janelle will get a so so house without any frills just middle of the road, since they are the middle of the pack. But if Janelle gets back to the bread winning as before, She should show them all and get the Mansion of the circle. Let them all know that she made the majority of the money for years so she should get the best house, then Christine next because she raised Janelle's kids while she worked, then put Meri and Robyn in a sister wives duplex because Meri FINALLY has the relationship she always wanted. Well.. have at it.

  100. Just a little off topic, Do you guys think that the Dargars are going so public trying to get their on show? They may be better recieved than the Brown's. From what little I have seen, 2 of the 3 wives work, they have some grown children who have moved out and moved on, life after poly, nice angle to explore. And some of the kids seem to have real talent. Oh and suprise, suprise, the dad has a job. Don't know if they live in seprate homes or all together. Any one else have any thoughts. Maybe since the Brown's are on hiatus, CJ and Mister Sister, can check out their story and if they are shopping reality show.

  101. In the video that i cant get out of my head....Christines Jealousy video...She says that living alone is too much like monogamy...and it's too stagnent, she's not growing, something to that effect....doesnt that imply that they believe the complete opposite of what they have always said. lets examine....they have said...thier lifestyle is not for everyone...neither pos or neg.....that they should have the same rights as mono's....nether pos or neg....BUT, didnt she just "imply" that being a mono is not growing. So yes, they have been telling u ladies this whole time that you should just want your fair "share" of what we have, but at the same time....WE are inferior. Do these women even have any thinking processes left?

  102. We DO have ole eye on the Dargers- of COURSE they are trying their best to sell out and get the golden goose, a show!
    If you look back- Troy Bowles, our AUB expert, and philosophy coach met up with them at their book signing. Nice folks, a little more together and seemingly more happy than the Browns, book, snoozefest, answering Troy's question about racism in Mormon religion-shook them up, they couldn't answer it! Gotta love our Troy.

  103. How come the cross-stitched footprints were for Robyn...to make everything alright with Robyn....those two feet were Robyn's messiah baby.....any cross-stitchers out there? I dont know about you, but that size and detail took some hours....the producers only showed Kody accepting it for about a second like an "interruption" of the birth. She had a matt for the frame? When i cross-stitch stuff for people...dollars at my house are "finite", so i dont pay $30 for a matt? what is that...a 10x13 frame? I think TLC gave them a checkbook

  104. Love reading everyone's comments tonight - I enjoy all of them! Don't ever think yours goes unnoticed around here just b/c it's not expanded on. The Browns gave us enough amno for our next 30 posts!LOL
    Love our little group here!!!

  105. MisterSister...i ask this, probably still not mentally prepared...but....are'nt two of the Darger wives, biological sisters?

  106. Amused says..

    TLC, I do want royalties for this...
    How about a new show next season with the Browns and Dargers called **PLYG Wife Swap ** !!??

    Each episode will see a wife from each love nest going over to the other. And naturally because it is in plyg world, there will be *full* bennies.
    Although it probably will be easy to see which compound will get the better deal.
    But hey, wouldn't that be fun for the bored and stifled sistas of Kody World.

    Keeping it in the "family" so to speak.

  107. Anony 12:53.....there is pee running down my leg right now ! That is by far....the "post of the night". what did she win? I will give her my share of the extra watchbands....or even my pampered chef stuff(Robyn was my host..in the box...like Meri sad to do.....) or...a mini-vaca? whether she gets 3 days (20th ann w/Meri) or the new flavor (10 days...did'nt the zoo visit remind you of the Three's Company Zoo intro? lolololol
    MisterSister....please give some affirmation! It's important for the relationship between you and I that you have a good one with her.....this shit is getting too easy with them....lololol

  108. All those is favor of sending Super Nanny...say I

  109. There are about 4 kids missing from the "manger" scene.

    In the first naked arm shot of Robyn, the one pre-birth, she seems to have only one naked arm. The other arm seems to have a long black sleeve.

    To "learned how to put a name", surely you mean the boy was 16, not 6. At least I hope so. lol

  110. Correction above, the one showing the black sleeve is the post birth shot.

  111. Anony 12:53, when I heard of the new show "Celebrity Wife Swap" I immediately thought of the Browns, too! I am sure this would be the way to drive Kody crazy...he wouldn't be the focal point of attention anymore!

    Yes, two of the Darger wives are identical twins.

    And, does anybody know if Troy is still around? I have been thinking lately (I'm a film student) I should write a screenplay on polygamy. Very hard to research though, since the AUB and the other sects don't let outsiders into their day to day life...whenever I see one of those "documentaries" about it I feel like it's 80% fake and lies...

  112. I really just want to add that you people are hilarious! Seriously, you all need to be careful or TLC and the Brown's are going to steal your ideas and somehow turn them in to something positive, mushy and "we love the Browns" and your words will be on TV coming out of their mouths. They will not credit you.

  113. A couple of my thoughts:

    Vastminds, yes! Christine seems to be implying that living a monogamous lifestyle is inferior, because 'she isn't growing" . Ah Christine, the fact that you are feeling lonely and isolated IS a learning and growing experience! you are learning to be alone with yourself, which is what you'll be when all the kids have left home. You are learning that you need to fill your time and mind with other things other than your marriage.

    Yeah, hey! What happened to the Bullcrap scene? I was looking forward to it!

    And finally, it really annoys me when they give as an excuse for polygamy that Abraham, David and all the others in the old testament lived this way. (and thinking that God lives this way on his planet is nothing short of believing how the Gods live in Norse and Greek mythology!) But that was a primitive culture, that had primitive views on women and should not be used as a blueprint as to how to live today! Remember this old chestnut answer to Laura Schlesinger about homosexualtity?

    Dear Dr. Laura:

    Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the other specific laws and how to follow them:

    When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

    I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

    I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15:19- 24. The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

    Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

    I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

    A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?

    Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

    Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

    I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

    My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

    I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

  114. Two of the Dargers are TWINS.
    He married one twin and another on the SAME DAY.

  115. and the other one is the twins cousin........so all of their kids are related in more ways than one. And I read somewhere the twin who married them 10 years later (Vickie?) was married before, at 18, to a 44 year old man!!! That's a 26 year age difference! he's old enough to be her father! An 18 year old doesn't know much about life yet, whereas a 44 year old....... so that's just gross and pretty much reinforces the plyg clich├ęs.....

  116. I have heard twins say they feel everything the other feels....once again....it's the sex details that creep us out! I was right...im not mentally prepared to even write about them....nope...sorry Dargers...i have no questions for you right now. nope...im not curious as to how this whole thing is hanging on by a string. nope...dont care how you shuffle laundry, or all the other superficial stuff (thats all Christine and and i are good for around here) lololol....nope...my cup runneth over with the Browns!

  117. Do identical twins have identical genes? If so that would make the offspring full brothers and sisters, not half siblings, as well as first cousins.

  118. Border Collie - legally they would be half brothers/sisters; biologically they would not be indistinguishable (ie, a DNA test wouldn't be able to tell the difference).

  119. 'cuse me - I meant to say biologically they would be indistinguishable (ie, a DNA test wouldn't be able to tell the difference).

  120. Jingle Bells
    Batman Smells
    Robyn laid an egg....
    The Kodster Mobile lost a wheel,
    And the teenagers ran away!

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

    -anonymous in Canada.

  121. "Do identical twins have identical genes?"

    A tiny number of genes differ in identical twins, not enough to tell except on extremely sophisticated tests that are looking specifically for the genetic switches activated in utero.

    Just looking at Kody again in the pictures above. Smarmy assclown. Not only that, he demands that infant Sol acknowledge him - look at him! Kody isn't staring at that baby, he's demanding the baby's first sight be of Kody.

    Such a freaking creep!

  122. Although this has been said many times, I believe the original intent of the show was to portray a happy, successful polygamist family. Now, the show is all about drama and falseness.

    I've had mixed feelings about Robyn - strongly disliked her at first, then got used to her, and then disliked her again. I don't understand how she even remotely thought joining the Brown family was a good idea. Was it because she wanted the fame? Did the Sister Wives TV show depend on finding a new wife? The whole thing is so unethical, being that she brought herself and her kids into an already established family, and put her kids on TV when her ex-husband (their father) was so opposed to her doing so.

    It bugged me out even more that she truly wanted to seamlessly integrate into the family, turning into an insta-mom and have her kids be insta-siblings. Hello, have you ever seen blended families, even monogamous ones? There's hardly ever a perfect transition.

    I hate to say something like this, but I think Robyn saw a meal ticket in the Brown family. And since she grew up in polygamy (I believe), she was able to convince herself that everything would work out.

    As for Meri and the surrogate thing, I hope she says no. I also hope that as soon as Mariah moves out for college, she asserts her independence and starts working, traveling, etc. - building her own life and savings, so she can step out and say goodbye at any time.

    If I were Meri, I'd be very concerned about the house Kody's going to build her on the Las Vegas property that they plan to build on - it'll probably be a tiny place compared to the other wives'. Yes, her family is smaller (and could become a family of one, post-Mariah), but I hope the quality is just as good as the other homes and she still gets extra bedrooms so other kids can stay with her.

    I'd also be interested to see Robyn's house vs. the others. I wonder if it'll be nicer or bigger or something...you know, the whole favoritism thing.

    I find it interesting that Kody wants the kids to choose polygamy as a lifestyle, yet adding Robyn into the family showed one of the negative sides of polygamy. I don't think he's making such a great point with his actions.

    Okay, that's it for my random thoughts.

  123. Hmmm...I wonder. With the four houses, who will be the legal owners? Will each wife legally and separately own their own homes, or would it be part of the KB-FU trust? Or would it be a compound setup?

  124. Just a question, but in all of the birth scenes everyone is quiet and whispering and Robyn is only moaning, do AUB believe in quiet births like Scientology? I know with my kiddos and every other show it's not a quiet experience!

  125. Wouldn't it be something if in the compound Kody get's his own bedroom and the wives would have to rotate their turns? Now that would make for some good TV! The Kodster's bachelor pad....can anyone say ewwwww??? But wouldn't that just set it all up for wife #5?

  126. I wonder if TLC will be the legal owner of that big house?

    A poster here from Lehi said that Kody was renting out the Brown place there and it was a mess. Then some of the KB-FU moved back in lately, the poster claimed.

    TLC is unlikely to divulge any sort of split in the family. I wouldn't be surprised, if in future, portions of the family are brought in from Utah for filming in Vegas, and then go home again. The fractures in this family are going deep now.

  127. plot...I did find it interesting that on Kody's twitter page, he lists his location as Utah & Vegas...maybe he's going back and forth (perhaps recruiting #5 already?? LOL)

  128. The girls Mariah and Madison planned to move back into the "compound" ;) in Lehi so they could go to school in Utah. The way the ownership of property in the United Apostlic Brethren Church is cRaZy! They believe in the "Law of Consecration." They don't believe in "worldly" possessions (The Brown's clearly don't believe this part!) so they are not allowed to own anything. Everyone "shares." What does that mean in logistical terms? Anything they buy (cars, homes, anything!) they pay the payments but they sign ownership over to the Church. It is a "united order" thing. "Heaven" on earth garbage. So they don't own anything even if they make all the payments and pay it off. So if they left the religion they are stripped of their cars and homes. If they're lucky they can take their inside possessions if they leave the Church. Also, no one is allowed "savings." If you have money left over at the end of the year and you are a faithful member the Leaders Force you (they tell you to pray and get a testimony of it!)

  129. It cut me off... They force you to give any "leftover" money to the Church. The Leaders supposedly then use it support the less fortunate members. People assume it goes to the widowed wives of men that have died and stuff like that. But the truth is they don't know where it goes. The Leaders decide themselves and their is little accountability to the members. I don't know about you, but this religion is all about creating members (having lots of children) and not letting them go.

  130. I accidentally switched the order. AUB. Not UAB. Everything else is correct. A poster earlier said he wanted to talk to Troy. You can and should. But also these AUB people (freaks!) have published their beliefs in books that I found online. I can link to them if you want. They are important in understanding why these people stay "willingly."

  131. anony 11:20 - several posters (me included) stated how we definitely were able to have very quiet, calm and controlled natural birthing experiences. HOWEVER, i don' think any of us still bought for a minute based on that alone that this wasn't a staged re-enactment interspersed with a little bit of the actual.

  132. I watched the birth episode again and couldn't believe I didn't notice Robyn's outfit changing back and forth over and over. Black, gray, black, gray.. It drove me crazy seeing them change from second to second when she was nursing. If they're going to try and make it seem like it isn't clipped together TLC could at least buy Robyn TWO of the SAME outfit.

  133. Hey blog writers (et. al)

    Suggestion for a 'break time' series of posts - something like a 'how we know what we know' with links to articles, clips, etc. I know that we newer readers/viewers can go back through the archives, but maybe you could sum up information gathered on the family by person or something that makes sense.

    Ie- I just read above that Robyn's ex was opposed to his kids being on the show. While I don't doubt that, I am still curious where that info came from. A "robyn reference" page would be quite helpful.

    More thoughts?

  134. anony - i suggested something similar the other day for the Troy Bowles q/a to be consolidated as well as a link provided cause he seems to be hit with the same old same old questions to answer.

    also a link provided to his educational interviews re:polygamy and the AUB (including the Dargers) that's he's done with Doris Hanson on her Utah TV show.

    He and Free and Clear are the two best sources we have here re:what the Brown's beliefs are as well as what they're kinda picking and choosing to live re:them.

  135. The way I know what I know is I went to their church to see for myself what these people were really about. Their Church services are disturbing. They meet in a GYM. Yes, the gymnasium of their Church. They film their talks and simultaneously broadcast downstairs on tvs to the members who can't fit upstairs. They use old song books from the mainstream LDS Church. Don't even get me started on how disgusting their Sacrament service is. They all drink from the same glasses!!!!!!!!!! It is a long drawn out ceremony that makes you want to run away fast! The "talks" are from members whose education level is clearly lacking. Most of the talks are "inspired" on the spot testimonies. The leaders feel inspired from the makeshift podium (the stage above the gym) and they call people to come up and speak. That made for cheap entertainment. These people say things like our Teens are the "Royal" generation. These teens live like white trash!!! (not their fault though). I have never been "hit on" by so many married men. It was disturbing to my core.

  136. You can see their compound on google earth. Please keep in mind I drove by it HUNDREDS of times and never knew it because they put up these two dirt hills to hide it. You can barely see it from the freeway
    If you stop and know where to look. Otherwise it is VERY discreet. It is has a crappy get they open on Sundays and for Relief Society and things like that. They don't have the same three hour block schedule like the mainstream LDS. They have Relief Society at nighttime (every other Wednesday I believe) Sunday School is in your own home UNLESS you are "invited" to the Most Righteous of the members group that meets Sunday mornings (10 am) I believe. Sacrament is at 3pm. It has up to about three thousand members in there...

  137. Crappy gate not get ;)

  138. Who 'owns' the debt of the Brown family? Kody and Meri? I don't see where the un-spouses would be legally responsible. I would hope Meri would get out of that mess and be able to give all the debt to Kody, then move to Australia or someplace.

  139. Cherie- legally, they're not one family unit. So depending on specific rules in their state that would only come into play should they (M and K) get a divorce,

    Kody and Meri jointly owe the debt that's in their name
    Janelle, Christine, and Robyn each have debts in their own name.

    The real question is how much of the purchasing is done in Kody's name vs. each wife.

  140. Oh don't EVEN get me started about the people in the church. The men were the friendliest. The women gave me "evil" eyes like I was going to marry their husband. That was lovely. The men and women explained everything from "The Law of Consecration" to why their hair is so long. Even the toddlers have hair down their backs. THE WORST thing I saw was young girls (probably late teens or early twenties) walking their young children to the restrooms. The kids are all quiet and fold their arms (this is their way of being "reverent") but the disturbing thing was the young women were hugely pregnant holding the hands of many young children. It was hard to know if they were their kids or their "sister wives" kids. Even in church the families don't sit together. They are afraid if someone comes to Church (or leaves the Church) they would be linked to each other.

  141. About the debt: Watch the YouTube movie "Polygamy From Food stamps to Fame." It is about the Brown's debt.

  142. Anon 1:48- I totally support that idea and would appreciate anyone willing to participate. I often have the same sentiments- wishing I knew where some information had come from as in some cases it seems to be common knowledge.

  143. I think I give an interesting perspective because I was "an investigator" into their Church. They divulge their TRUE beliefs because they think you are going to join them. It is one thing to know they are racist but is another thing to have them say to you, "If someone shows up of color" we ask them to go back to the mainstream LDS Church. They said they aren't welcome there. They are "cursed." That alone shows you how uneducated these people are. I am as "white as they come" to look at but my Mom had her blood tested by those amazing DNA tests that show you where your ancestors are from. We came originally (thousands of years ago) from the Middle East. Everyone is a "mixed race." If I told them that (even if you can only see that I am white) they would tell me I can't join their church because my line is "cursed." When asked why almost all the women have unattractively long hair they replied that years ago some leader gave a talk and said "Women. Don't cut your hair. It will be a source of blessings to you." When they asked what those blessings were he replied, "Just don't cut it and you'll find out." Nice. They talk a lot of "smack" about the mainstream Church in their talks. I don't know about you but I don't go to ANY Church and want to hear negative things said about any other Church. Isn't that the whole point of Church, to learn to love and accept everyone regardless of their religion? Also, they believe the main stream church is in apostasy so they talk a lot about how their covenants and ceremonies are legitimate even thought the mainstream Church doesn't recognize them as authentic. Their Sacrament service should be a post in itself. The women are not allowed to pass the plate to their neighbors sitting next to them. They place the chairs so the man handing out the bread or water can access every person individually. Like I said before, each man passing out has ONE GLASS OF WATER and passes it to all his section to drink from. If there is water in the glass the people can take it again and again until it's gone. Same with the bread. None can be left over because it has been blessed. Therefore these people even scrape the crumbs off the plates. No child under age 8 can take the Sacrament as well as "non-members." I could go on and on forever about their "unique" beliefs and ceremonies. It is one thing to read about it. It is another thing to sit in the middle of it.

  144. Links in the sidebar would be nice. Like make the blog post and then have a "Info to Know" sidebar with links to the posts about Robyn's ex (FYI--it was in a magazine when she was dating Kody..that the first husband didn't like his kids being on tv).

  145. Anonymous 3:02 Really fascinating! Please, do tell us more! So is this the church the Brown's were going to in Lehi? So how come Meri, Janelle and a lot of the kids (girls) hair isn't long? Right, if the LDS changed their rules about blacks being priesthood holders, etc that means the fundamentalist Mormons like the Browns hold the old racist views. And nothing is worse than when racist views are "backed up" by someone's interpretation of scripture......

  146. Troy Bowles has explained here before how the Brown family is not your typical AUB practicing family.

  147. Religulous, I will write as much as I can write now and more later. My kids just home from school and unlike Kody's family my kids get a lot of attention! You asked the question about where their Church compound is located.

    1224 West 16580 South, Riverton, UT
    (801) 253-9251

    That is the address google maps provides. I am pretty sure it is really Bluffdale but it is in such a weird location I am not surprised they got the city wrong.

    You have to type in "AUB Clothing Center" or "AUB Bluffdale Utah." It HAS to be in all caps or it won't show up.

    Interesting. It used to be that I could click on it and see every angle and pics of it. Maybe I am doing it wrong or maybe someone removed their pics.

  148. That is where their "Endowment House is, their Daycare/Preschool/School, Church, and clothing store (the garments and temple clothing) are... They call it an Endowment house (versus a Temple) because they can only do their "covenants' and "rituals" for the living (the mainstream LDS Church does it for the living AND the dead). You can see the ceremony on youtube. Be warned. It is disturbing. Just look up "Original LDS Endowment Ceremony." The AUB follows the original LDS (aka Mormon) doctrines.

  149. Amused says

    Not being banal here but back to the sex...

    What must it be like to be having an intimate moment with your *husband* the father of your 6 or whatever number kids....
    And have to think, after a nice interlude...."I wonder if he does that move "on her" or "her" or "her"......yikes !!
    Or he does something a bit different this time and you have to think, "Hmmm, did "she" or "she" or "she" show him that move?

    This is way beyond when spouses lie and cheat. Yeah, there's plenty of that going on, and unsuspecting wives [and husbands] have to think about what "was" going on sexually when their partner cheated.

    But this is their *every day* reality. Just mind-numbing !!!
    No wonder these women eat their feelings. And maybe even do it to sabotage their appeal rather than continue be one of his stable sex mares.

    And has been mentioned, let's not even go to wondering if someone else has something going on *down there* that you do not want to have shared with you.

    Also imagine if you have to wonder if Kodouche shares any of your intimate details with a nosey sista. ??

    ICK !!!!!!!!!

  150. When Robyn gains the weight needed to be in this type of relationship, she will be accepted

  151. Frankly, I think the sleeping with multiple people is the least strange part of this arrangement.

    Hello...college, all over again. Many co-eds go back and forth and cycle through partners on a somewhat regular basis. That's why he wraps it up or you kick him out - and you get yourself tested regularly. The difference is that many of us grow past this behavior around...oh, 22?

    (Yes, this sounds crude. But, yes - I was one of those co-eds a few years ago, and I know that I wasn't alone. What skeeves me about their sex is the likelihood that they aren't likely keeping tabs on their bits...)

  152. In regards to the long hair, I remember on the very first episode of SW, Meri had very long hair in a few scenes. My guess is that they are trying so hard to separate themselves from the stereotypical views of FLDS, that they are compromising their beliefs (which makes me question how genuine their beliefs are). I think they really want us to believe that they're "just like us" with the exception of polygamy but clearly after 3 seasons, we've seen that there are many differences.

  153. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I read somewhere that 3 wives is the minimum for acceptability, but if you take on more than 3, you need to go to 7. I may have this wrong, but I know that I'm not the only one who would love to see Robyn react to another wife (or 3 ;)

  154. MR- thank you! I was thinking that there was some point that she had really long hair, but that maybe I was crazy.

    Also- their daughters don't have really long hair. Are you allowed to wait until 18 or adulthood to choose these customs?

  155. I think 3 is the minimum requirement to get your own kingdom but the more wives the better.. Or something like that.

  156. I can totally see that happening as Kody's ego grow: think about it: Christine is the youngest of the original wives and she's now almost 40. She and Janelle could still have one or 2 more children, but it seems unlikely. So she's getting into the family business, or getting her real estate license. So here comes Robyn, still able to have kids, who will now be the stay at home mom. As she gets to the age where she can't have any kids, by then some of the older kids will have moved out so there will be room for ( younger) wife number 5 to give bodies to Kody's spirit babies and be the stay at home mom, and it goes on and on...... till 7

  157. Some interesting and accurate posts by anonymous about AUB. If anyone is interested in seeing things first hand, the main Sunday Meeting is at 3pm and the road down to their meeting house (converted warehouse) is right next to the Veterans Cemetery on Camp Williams Road, Bluffdale, Utah. All that talk about sharing the communal"sacrament" cup of water still makes me feel queasy. It was pretty bad drinking from the same glass as some dubious and sometimes grimy people (not that all were, but even some, was enough! and quite honestly I don't like sharing with a group of even clean and decent people.) If you choose not to drink it, that is a signal to everyone that you are doing something wrong in your life and feel "unworthy"- so there was no way out. Except to eventually get all the way out! Anonymous you are also right about racial prejudice over African Americans. One of the hierarchy's greatest fears was that someone from that ethnic group would turn up and want to join, and then expose them to the authorities when they were turned down. I wish someone would do that - anyone up for it? Also right, is that when anyone whom they do not consider "worthy" (they love that word btw) asks to join, then they tell them to join the LDS church, which they consider the next best thing. It helps them shunt off all the people they really don't want.

  158. Kiera is right, three are "required" but they will be "grateful" for however many the Lord sends them. Now keep in mind Mormon doctrine teaches that we chose our families prior to this Earth. They teach that we were a family in Heaven and had to come down to Earth to be tried and tested. Did you notice how Kody said "We missed you" to Solomon? That is a Mormon teaching that we were together as a family before this "mortal experience." Kody thinks his wives were promised to him in Heaven before he was born as long as he is "worthy."

  159. oh, and a thought regarding sleeping around in college and sleeping with 4 wives: there aren't any pretenses as to what is going on. But sleeping with a different wife every night, even if you have made a commitment and are having children together and you acknowledge this children, etc, you can can put as much polish as you want on it, it doesn't take away from the fact that it is legitimized mistresses, or sleeping around, or whatever. And again, it's one man's "seed' that's being spread. I just don't see how these polygamous societies, who are all related to each other in some way, don't start showing the signs of a small gene pool..... if not everyone practices polygamy (men) but lots of women do, then again, you have a society of limited number of men whose genes are being passed on....

  160. There was a question about long hair. That gets asked a lot. AUB frowns on women cutting their hair. They say that for a woman to cut her hair "is the first sign of apostasy." Sometimes women have hair that just doesn't grow that long and there is some rivalry between women about having really long hair - witness Robyn playing with her hair in one episode. So- if they actually choose to have short hair, they are not following "group standards," but at least they haven't committed the terrible sin of having their ears pierced yet! LeMoine Jenson, their leader, is very strong on that one! Hmm, let's see - don't pierce your ears but it's OK to sleep with a married man....?

  161. opps... I mean to write that in college there aren't any pretenses as to what is going on, vs in the marriage even the Browns and the Dargers have a hard time defining it: I saw an interview with the Dargers where they state that each marriage is a monogamous one, but then that it isn't.

  162. Anonymous 5:18PM. There ARE genetic problems in societies with low gene pools. The FLDS have a problem with a horrible condition called Fumarase Defiiciency, and now Phenylketonuria (PKU) is showing up in other polygamist communities.

  163. FreeAndClear:..Holy Black Man !!!!! Oh no u did'nt ! "Robyn doing her finger-snap-a-round"!

  164. Now that one of our "followers" has provided the address, phone number, exact wardrobe, main idea of the sermon, (and i add...every room is lilly white...like my Robyn's thigh's hahaha)....even suggested a place to pick up a skirt to fit in....gaves us some tips on how to wear my hair and everything....no matter what the Mormans say....i love my SWB homies...who here....is going for the gusto?

  165. I Love this Blog! For the readers....not typing....its way more fun when you get it out!

  166. I watched the Dargers squirm at one of their book signings when they were asked if they would consider an African American "sister wife!" I've never seen so much evasion in my life. They should be in politics! The truth about their racist beliefs just wouldn't match too well with their "super tolerant' act. Did they answer the question - NO! after some smoke blowing they moved on quickly to the next question. That's why the Browns don't talk religion either - WAY too awkward!

  167. @Vastminds
    Not me. Even if I wouldnt live to far abroad, I would not do it for a million bucks.
    I once attended church meetings with a good friend of mine, she is a "Jehovas Wittnes". These peoples are disturbing.
    Oh, and btw. they seem to share some values.
    Early marriage, because they are not allowed to bump each other before marriage, and if they do, they have to confess to an elder with all the saucy details and then be shunned by the community for a few weeks until they earned "forgiveness".
    Oh, and I never had so many guys hitting on me before too.
    I finally stopped going to the meetings when one son of one of the Elders decided that I would be the perfect wife for him. Blah.. Although I have to say that the Jehovas Wittnesses are very open to black people and are more progressie in general.
    Instead they have a few other flaws/stupid rules (in my opinion).

  168. I hope one of the daughters runs off and marries a black Dr......"Guess Who Is Coming to Dinner"? lolololololol

  169. Kiera....great to hear you speak from experience...because...PRO-BROWNS....when you say "yah them..we love them...how come its always followed by...well i couldnt do it...or its not right for me...but they should be left....blah...us mono's usually learn from an early age that everything that glitters is NOT gold....not even heaven

  170. Anonymous said...

    I think I give an interesting perspective because I was "an investigator" into their Church. They divulge their TRUE beliefs because they think you are going to join them. It is one thing to know they are racist but is another thing to have them say to you, "If someone shows up of color" we ask them to go back to the mainstream LDS Church. They said they aren't welcome there. They are "cursed." That alone shows you how uneducated these people are.

    This really disgusts me. It's like making up some ridiculous lie that makes no sense and actually living your life around it.
    I'm of color, ipso facto, I'm cursed. Wonderful! What sound logic! All this time I had no idea. So glad that I've been informed of this. Really, it's just so stupid. I really just changed my mind; instead of thinking they are just ignorant, I think they are complete idiots as well.

  171. I have a few questions for "free and clear." When I was there they said the women need to get pregnant over and over because "no year shall pass without a righteous child being born (getting their mortal body so they can become a God someday) until Jesus Christ comes again to claim back his Church and get rid of the current mainstream LDS leadership and replace them with the real leaders (the AUB). Can you expand on this belief at all? Also, do the AUB do dealings to their children like the mainstream LDS do? If yes, what happens when they get divorced? Is the child still sealed to the parents? Or like in the case of Robyn and Kody is he now sealed to the children? And lastly, is Sunday School
    At church just for the Men or for the whole family?

  172. I think Michael Jackson's family is Jehova's Witness

  173. Sealings (not dealings) It is hard to type my comments on
    my phone!

  174. Who here is willing to say the racism surprises them? The cermonial garb, and hottie totties, and money-making, using women for their bodies,thinking they know a craft...when they cant get their own shit stains out... old WHITE men....thats usually what boys clubs consist of...here in the south anyway....no wonder a previous post said they are springing up in AL

  175. Vastmind:
    I think a big part of all this ".well i couldnt do it...or its not right for me...but they should be left" is because they teach us to be open minded to other opinions and livestyles. So when guys like the Browns come around, the first instinct is to say "Well, whatever floats their boat".
    I actually felt very bad when I started to think that what they are doing is totally wrong.
    But the more I watch them the more I think these kids (and maybe even the woman) needs to be "rescued" out of this.

    The friend I mentioned before did grew up in the faith (of the Jehovas W.s) and I don´t think that she actually had a "real" choice, wether to live or not live this life.
    If someone tells you from the day of your birth: You are not allowed to celebrate birthdays, if you leave the community no one will ever speak with you again AND you will go to hell, you really believe this stuff.
    So even if someone from the outside tells you "Ah, thats bullshit, you can leave anytime you want, you don´t have to do that" you probably will stay.

    So as I see it, speaking against the lifestyle of the Browns is like keeping a child from touching a hotplate.

    And if that makes me intolerant or something, thats fine by me.

  176. Ah, damn. I always confuse "live" and "life". Sorry!

  177. clarification: we have had Brown-lovers jump on here like Justin Beiber kids..."oh, we love them...send them free stuff" they usually say the reason why we should leave the Browns alone is because they dont hurt anyone, the lifestylre is not for the person is who is the groupie....whew...im the smart-ass in the group..so i usually dont explain....so did anyone else get what i meant. sorry bad articulation, i suppose I am Browns=negativity.

  178. Anonymous 6:33pm said " have a few questions for "free and clear." When I was there they said the women need to get pregnant over and over because "no year shall pass without a righteous child being born (getting their mortal body so they can become a God someday) until Jesus Christ comes again to claim back his Church and get rid of the current mainstream LDS leadership and replace them with the real leaders (the AUB). Can you expand on this belief at all? Also, do the AUB do dealings to their children like the mainstream LDS do? If yes, what happens when they get divorced? Is the child still sealed to the parents? Or like in the case of Robyn and Kody is he now sealed to the children? And lastly, is Sunday School
    At church just for the Men or for the whole family?"
    I think what you are referring to was one of the early leaders saying that a year should never go by without a baby being born in polygamy. Some people have interpreted that to mean that all women need to have a baby every year, while others say that just means that there need to be enough people living polygamy so that at least one baby is born in polygamy every year. That idea is to show how important polygamy is in their theology, and that it must never be stopped. Although most people didn't believe in the baby every year idea, family planning is condemned, so women usually have large families anyway - and some women are really burdened down by that.

    Yes the AUB believe the "one mighty and strong" will come and set the LDS church in order. Who that person is it not clear, some say it is resurrected Joseph Smith, but as you can probably guess there have been a ton of guys claiming to be that person!

    Divorces - women do get them, they are called "releases" and the children go with the women and are then "sealed" to whoever the woman ends up with next - so Robyn's kids are Kody's in the hereafter according to their beliefs. Of course, if Robyn then gets divorced from Kody, it would be "all change" again, and the kids would get yet another "eternal" dad!

    Sunday School was for all the family. Priesthood Meeting was just for the men.

  179. i know im pro-Robyn showing more skin! What about Kody? Is it too much to ask TLC for us ladies to get some views..the prior week we had to watch "vegas strippers" shaking for our morman mommas...then Robyn's playboy shot (birth)...and yes, as i suggested before...put a fan in front of Kody's golden locks! I hope they dont think Bill the training guy is our eye candy! wtf? men!

  180. I'm pro-Brown. I think TLC contrives lots of drama so that people will discuss. (Hey wait...that's what we're doing.)

    They're not perfect, but they are also representing a belief system that almost everyone (everyone?) on here doesn't agree with. While there are plenty of people who dislike polygamy and plenty of people who dislike the Browns, I think that the discussion here often blurs the lines between the two. While we have critiques of both the faith and the family, I think that too often we're lumping them together and saying that we don't like the faith because of the family and don't like the family because of the faith.

    The point of the show was not for everyone to like the Browns. It wasn't even for viewers to all start loving the idea of polygamy. It was an attempt to show people what a modern polygamous family is like, flaws and all. If they were all "too perfect" we'd be whining on about how they weren't real because they were soo perfect.

    This show is only a small window into their lives, a docu-drama if you will, and I refuse to form an opinion on them as people based solely on what is shown on television/discussed here.

    So there, I'm a somewhat rambling pro-Brown that hasn't been scared away from this blog. I have, however, been posting anonymously for a while. I suppose I'll go back to my old name. :)

  181. ...and that would be, Lurker. For some reason I'm having lots of trouble posting on here lately.

  182. Ok Kody...im giving you this one for free....you should totally sell hair products! Go on HSN and do blow-outs! I love it already! They will have lots of fans to blow those butterscotch strands around! im getting hot....better go back to the birth play-by-play by Cynical.

  183. Wow! Thanks Free & Clear for all that information! It does pay to have a former member of the AUB on here! Just to be clear, if you show up to their church they assume you are an investigator. I never intended to and never wanted to join. I just wanted to know what this Religion was all about. I was shocked that I was living so close to these people with these beliefs and had no idea. I thought they all lived in Colorado City and places like that. I knew the Kingston's lived in Savis County because I saw the newspaper articles on them. Plus my poor Dad worked for them back in the 70's. He was legal immigrant from Europe but his English was poor and the Kingston's were the only ones that would hire

  184. I formed an opinion on Christine's jealousy video. The "flaws" she displayed helped me with this opinion

  185. Davis County! Hah! Hire him! Typing on a phone and holding my baby is difficult!

  186. Robyn said the flaws need survial tactics. I assure you...THEY say this...not us

  187. Free and clear: I thought the AUB believed that Joseph Smith has already been resurrected?

  188. there is definetly a chain of command, right? So for me to hear that he is not a "typical" AUB dude, only tells me that his "boss" is asleep on the job.

  189. I keep thinking of questions for Free & Clear. I noticed certain names were seen as desirable such as "Allred" & "Taylor." I know they believe some guy was told to continue polygamy after the mainstream Church stopped practicing but are those guys relatives seen as more special than the other members? Some guy was even bragging he wrote a book all about his beloved posterity that traces back to those men. Are some people more valued than others within the church?

  190. Such interesting stuff! Free&Clear, if I were in the area, and not white, I would absolutely go ask to join. Not without my hidden Dateline cameras though. ;)

  191. Another Free and Clear question: Does the AUB believe the Adam is really God doctrine? I know many polygamists believe God came down as Adam for a while so his children would be physically his own.

  192. TheBarginBabe...yes! peed my pants ! Dateline camera? lolololololol

  193. I took some pics but accidentally deleted them. I didn't dare take pics too openly. These people seem like gun carrying "folk." There is a reason "Cabela's" opened their huge store in Lehi.

  194. Love to answer all the questions, but kinda busy right now, so I will try to get to them tomorrow.

  195. Thanks Free and Clear!!

  196. I can't wrap my brain around this sister wife facade. If it's so great than why oh why does Robin need "survival tactics", Christine need psych meds, Janelle need fritos and Meri need a new BFF so badly?Guess Kody isn't too worried- just needs to head to Walmart for a few more watches and he can wash their blues away.

  197. Religious socialism, who knew? I live in Alabama and can't find anything online about any of them being here. If anyone has more information, I would love to know more. I won't visit the Church of God with Signs Following, but I'd love to check this group out!

  198. I thought it was interesting in the episode (I think it was "Defending Polygamy") where Kody's high school friend Ken expresses that he doesn't agree with Kody's AUB beliefs as they are a "twist" of LDS teachings.

    In an interview scene Christine blurts out angrily that her religion is not a twist of the truth and that she wanted to "Get out her Book of Mormon!" and challenge Ken to a debate. As soon as she says this you can see Kody's hand grab her leg and he tells her "SHHHH!"

    Im not sure if Kody just didn't want air headed Christine talking about an theological principles on camera or was afraid of her saying something too inflammatory about LDS beliefs, or (more likely) simply didn't want her to highlight certain AUB beliefs on camera as their church could become more pissed about revealing kooky AUB beliefs.

    I dunno, maybe I'm reading between the lines too much, looking for a conspiracy lol. Maybe I'm the only one that noticed the shhhh-ing. Either way, if my husband grabbed my leg like that and told me to "shhhh" like I was a wayward four year old, he would be pulling back a bloody stump lol...

    Anyways, thanks Mister Sister, CJ, and crew! Love this blog! Everyone here has so many insightful things to say!

  199. The main LDS church once excluded blacks for a hundred years or so from holding the priesthood and therefore didn't recruit them. Their prophet after Joseph Smith was a huge racist and instigated that policy after he took over after Joseph Smith's death. However, in 1978, other colleges started boycotting playing against BYU for their racist policy. BYU as well as the LDS church itself came under the risk of losing their tax-exempt status so, MIRACULOUSLY their prophet THEN received revelation from the Lord to change that doctrine!! all about the money, folks...

    Here's everything you ever needed to know re: TRUE LDS history w/their racist theology. There's still not been very many blacks beating a path to join Mormonism in spite of this changed policy 33 years ago. Gladys Knight did join a few years ago but she is quoted as saying that all her black friends told her she had gone CRAZY. I hear she's treated very well tho because of her iconic celebrity.


  200. Once you are educated re: Joseph Smith Mormon history you will know for a fact that the mainstream Mormonism is definitely a splinter group itself from Joseph Smith's original church. The Strangites are the closest to the original but the FLDS are a close second. minus the Warren Jeffs disgusting and evil pedophilia.

    The mainstream LDS has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation due to Brigham Young moving out west and being able to be a ruthless, corrupt and greedy businessman. He died a very wealthy man off the sweat and stealing of other's businesses and land. Remember it was the wild west times and they were isolated. Just look up his murderous Danites who were like Mormon Mafia. The LDS church is actually a multi-billion dollar corporation in the business of religion. that's all. I'm talking about the institution itself and not the plenty of nice laymembers themselves. they are simply brainwashed victims. like the browns.

    I find my studies of it all fascinating and overwhelmingly sad and disgusting for the monster it has grown into. while a lot of people have been helped by it, i personally know a lot of people who have been extremely harmed by it - even to the point of suicide. sadly.