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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I am thankful for all of you. I am thankful we have some "helpers" that realize this blog takes a lot of time... and are thoughtful enough to send me something when I see it.
CARAMEL BROWNIE sent these to us today, which let me spend more time with my family vs doing my work.


Here I was thinking Fundamental was a cute play on words of their belief... it's a chain!

I am also very thankful I believe that the Good Lord will determine my fate to heaven not a husband!  


  1. Happy to see that Truly is still front and center and hasn't been shoved to the back and replaced by Soloman. Robyn was barely noticeable/shoved to the back and Soloman was nowhere in site.

    By the way, Kody looks awkward with Soloman in that first twitter video he posted. I'm guessing that he isn't all that involved with him either.
    Wonder how Robyn feels about that and if the other wives are kinda reliefed.

  2. Has anyone else been transferred to the Oprah site when they tried to open this blog for the last six hours or so? I only just managed to open this properly

  3. Hi Melissa!

    No, I haven't had any problems. How exactly are you getting to sisterwivesblog? Are you using a link perhaps?

  4. If you do a google search for "Fundamental Fitness" there are several entities using that name.
    the link posted above is a small personal training facility in Maryland, not a chain. they just happen to be using the same name is all.

    http://www.fundamental-fitness.net/index.html this sounds very close to what the Browns appear to be going towards. I really don't see them being able to put together the $$$ to buy the equipment to have an actual facility. This organization has several locations in Texas. Perhaps the Browns got the right to the Vegas territory OR they just happened to come up with the same name same idea. however I still don't see how they can do this and make a profit! they have no background in the industry. jeez.

  5. This is what having a traditional extended family was originally: grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins all living nearby, sometimes even in the same household (grandparents) and all helping each other to raise the all the kids. That's why it"s said: it takes a village to raise a child. Each family member has a defined role in the family, and people can still have that without having a man sleep with other women and having children with her and putting such a financial strain on a family, and such an emotional strain on the wives and the children not getting enough one on one time with their dad. Sorry, but the happy, beneficial twist on polygamy that the Browns and Duggars are trying to sell us is them basically trying to reinvent the wheel of an closeknit, large family that lives very close to each other, or even in the same house (grandparents), except that in the case of polygamy, the roles of the wives always has to be re-evaluated each time a new wife enters the marriage and they all have to shuffle to find their place again. And really, the reason polygamy seems so appealing to some people, especially some women, is because even though the feminist movement began decades ago, society has still only taken baby steps in the area of equality among the sexes and the fair distribution of work among the married couples: women now can do anything a man can, go out and bring home the bacon, but men haven't caught up to the fact (I'm generalizing here for the sake of argument, I know lots of men shoulder more responsabilities) that that means they also have to take on some of the household burdens in order for it to work (in addition to women getting paid the same as men for the same work, etc). But the reality isn't that yet, so women work then rush home and tend to the kids, cook dinner etc. In a traditional family today, if the wife works as well, you would have one of the grandmothers looks after all the grandkids, or you pay a nanny, etc. All the polygamists are doing, really, is taking the different roles women play today and distributing them among the women: the stay-at-home-mother, the soccer-mom chauffeur, the other bread-winner besides the dad etc etc. (PS: what if one of the wives craves physical intimacy and it's another wife's night? What happens then?)

  6. to answer my own question in my previous post: oh yeah, when it's not that wife's turn and she wants intimacy, she "works on her jealousies and selfishness" Right.

  7. are we sure that KBF is opening a franchise of Fundamental Fitness? Or are they just goofy enough to name their OWN gym that without checking to see if anyone else holds the name. Like me opening a "Curves" without actually buying a franchise.

  8. Yep I seen the other fundamental fitnesses in Texas too...that's why I figured it was a franchise. Afterall,economics wise it seems cheaper to buy a franchise then start from scratch...but thats just me... But I also IMO, I think it would be smarter to pay off their existing debt instead of creating potentially more future debt! Also, why not put some $$ in savings so it can acrue interest or maybe just invest in their childrens education or more feasible family business, instead of MLM CRAP?? Just seems like they're peddling everything,taking overly advantage of their fan base!! Next thing U know they'll be selling Avon or Mary Kay...lol

  9. Yes Baylor, I agree Kody looking awkward holding baby sol in the RealKodyBrown Twitter video....lol

  10. Hey Bargain Babe!

    I was just getting ready to say exactly that. I think he IS dumb enough to use a name without checking to see if someone else was using it first. Not surprising considering how self-centered he is...

    (the logos are different, too)

  11. Bargain Babe, I posted above, I think they spoke before the even knew!LOL

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