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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sister Wives: Why Polygamy Works For Us

Check out this clip!


YEAH! They don't want their children to be child brides! What schmucks.


  1. Whoa, Nellie! What happened to Kody? He sounded smart and actually made sense. Those Love x 3 people must have sent him some help. He looked and sounded great, wow.

    The rest seemed staged and fakey. Did they REALLY just go on camera in a fancy set with no makeup, yikes! Nobody in this house/set owns a brow pencil or some lipgloss, really?? And they got rid of the acrylics.

  2. It looks like they still had the acrylics to me, but I couldn't see that close.

    It just bothers me that the Browns keep focused on "we don't marry child brides" and never address issues around rampant poverty, patriarchal abuse, etc, that are inherent in polygamous lifestyles. When you cannot make emotional abuse a crime, you certainly can try to curb the practice by making their type of cohabitation illegal.

    Also, what about the fact that statistically there are an (almost) equal amount of men vs women, so by biological design polygamous arrangements have no place in human evolution. Kody never seems to realize that part.

  3. What on earth? Who ever said they did? Is that they best they have to give?

  4. But Kody still was working those crazy eyes of his, PK.

    I just wish they had stylists. That brown jacket Kody had on looked so awful. Like Sam L Jackson said to Robert DeNiro in Jackie Brown - he has this salvation army looking thing going on with his clothes!

  5. I think his long hair makes him look older, actually. Isn't that wrong for AUB?
    I can't believe Christine said, and we don't like child brides (something to that)
    WOW! I think we've always been like that, glad you walked into the 21 century!

  6. I was reading that according to the last census; it showed there are slightly more women than men in the US, also in Russia it is estimated there are 10 million more single women than men and there is a real crisis there-so many women there are actively seeking polygamy and even Russian orthodox are entering into polygamous unions. Uncontrolled polygamy is a bad idea but polygamy in which the numbers are strictly limited; and is optional I don't see anything wrong with it-it would be a solution to many issues in society. And yes; I am a woman.

  7. I dunno Poppycock. I used to be a live-and let-live kind of person ... and then I learned so much about polygamy that .

    One article that stands out to me is the article by K. Dee Ignatin explaining the fallacies in the argument that polygamy is an adult choice. Children born into polygamous families don't seem to get dealt a very fair hand in life.

    I'd rather stay single than be a sister wife and bring a child into that situation. I've been a child in an unhealthy situation and it truly sucks.

    Of course YMMV.

  8. I am in a polygamous marriage. She is from Kenya and it is the norm there. We get along great and I was the one who chose to have her in my family. She respects my position as first wife. We love each other very much. The communication between the 3 of us is our life's blood. No secrets and no cheating. It is just the 3 of us. We are incredibly happy. No nothing in life is perfect. But as I said we talk and work things out.

    1. I forgot to mention in my post,having more children is not part of our agreement She has a 15 year old, and is scheduled to have a tubal ligation. I am 57, my husband is 53. We are both grandparents.
      Her son calls us mum and dad and looks to my husband for guidance. Our wife wanted an older couple and not someone under 50. She looked for 6 years years for the right family. We looked for 8 to find our match.