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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bargain Babe has a great suggestion! Donations to your nearest Pantry!

Bargain Babe said...
"I suggested that we all band together and donate to a food pantry this week.
Ridiculous people are donating to the Brown's so they can have a fancy new house and eat out. Let's counter that by donating to WORTHY causes. I'm taking peanut butter to our church food pantry this week. MS is donating a bag of canned goods.
Who is next?

**Or I might add, some other random act of kindness, clean out a drawer and give clothes away, etc.

Bargain Babe, everyone knows I am off my rocker anyway!!! hee hee


  1. Earlier this week Mr. T and I donated food and furniture to a needy family with very young children.

    There are many people in our communities who really do need help and who do not abuse the system.

  2. Count me in!
    But we will do it for the Glory of God almighty, never in the name of the Browns.

  3. Some toys and treats on their way to the local dog pound.

  4. I donate financial assistance monthly to the City Gospel Mission in my city. They provide meals, clothes, rent assistance, and medical care to those in need. I also donate monthly to the local humane society as well as to the Humane Society of the US. I would like to know how much the Brown's tithe to their church or a worthy cause? Hmmmm..........I bet they give $0!!!

  5. I agree Crazy Cookie. :)

    Yay Border Collie! I'm sure your fellow canines will enjoy the items.

    Anon, sounds like a very good charity that you give to.

    Very nice Terrasola. You are right, there are MANY hurting right in our own communities.

  6. My son's H.S Sr. Class is doing a food drive so of course we already donated there.
    My son is also in National Honors Society & they have to complete 12 hrs of volunteer/community service before Christmas break.
    Each week ,during football season, I collect donations from parents to feed the HS football team/coaches & managers. I usually do most of the cooking & then we set up& serve Friday afternoon before the game(Friday Night Lights :)
    I'm also a parent driver/chaperone for Native Amer Student Colorguard, JROTC Marksmaship & Piano, so I'm a super busy mama. Everyone always ask me what I'm gonna do w/ myself next yr since my son graduates in May 2012...My answer? I have no clue :( ...lol
    I'm notorious for buying & stocking tons of school supplies when they are super cheap full (i.e. 70ct Notebooks/paper /folders / pencil packs/glue sticks, etc.. @20¢/each generally @WalMart & WALGREENS ) @beginning of each school yr ...I just give em out to whoever needs it...I still have 2 huge bins full of school supplies...If anything I have a headstart on my son's basic college supplies for Fall 2012 :)

  7. My 6th graders' October PIF (Pay It Forward) project was for the Humane Society. I just sent a case of paper towels in for them. I have also scheduled a pick up from the Salvation Army for next Tuesday morning. They will send a truck to your house/neighborhood if you have enough stuff (clothes, small household items, furniture, etc.)

  8. Ooh, great Anne, I used to be a teacher, and spent soo much money buying for my children.

    Count me in!

  9. I use freecycle and give away items we no longer need or want....freecycle groups are on yahoo and they try to keep things out of the landfills that people can still use

  10. I'm in, to the food pantry I go with baby food!

  11. We always donate.
    And, at Christmas, we find a fmaily in need, and buy their Christmas.
    Great idea- isn't it sad the Brown's didn't think of it, instead of putting PO Boxes and Registries up!!!


  12. I always donate lots of stuff and went over to Fiji a few months ago and left everything we could spare with the locals, even my shoes!! We are heading back over mid next year and plan to take lots of school supplies and books because the local school doesn't even have a library. The people live in tin shacks with very little and are the happiest on earth. Great place to visit if you ever get the opportunity guys. We are lucky in Australia, its on our doorstep.

  13. And those that are well off, next time a shower or something is mentioned, let's all remember this as a lesson of our own greed, and let us become empowered and giving to our own societies on a daily basis. Good Job Bargain Babe.

  14. Robyn reading this, imiating Christine....

    "Nice....Real Nice..."


  15. What a bunch of wonderful people! We have a group called "Leftovers" that takes flowers, candles, cards, flower pots, just about anything. These items are then avaiable to teachers or other groups that need items to make craft projects. I just finished cleaning out the basement where I work and took this stuff in last week! There are truly more generous people than these money grubbing grifters. Go bloggers!

  16. I'm in..I'll go to the local pound tomorrow with stuff and goodwill to donate furniture and clothes AND I'm taking in a stray cat!

  17. I am so proud that we are banding together to donate where things are needed most.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I volunteer at our local food bank. We have seen an increase in the number of people using our services and a decrease in donations all due to the local economy.

    What food banks really need are things that are not covered by food stamps. Diapers, toilet paper, sanitary products, shampoo, deodorant, cleaners, soap, etc. Also needed are pet food and litter......low income and homeless citizens need pets for companionship too.

    Again, some of these clients do not even have can openers so we can especially use cans that have finger rings to open them and things that can be heated over a campfire and in a can if they (like some of ours are living on the beach or homeless).

    This is a great thing to do especially around this time of year. Let Robyn have her super duper strollers and brand new everything. Our clients are just thankful for anything they are given.

    Thanks so much for your idea Bargain Babe.

  18. Our grocery store had diapers on clearance and I got 3 bags to take to our battered women's shelter.

    --ironic side note..the first four letters for my captcha in order to post are "cult" haha GOOGLE KNOWS!

  19. non traditional husbandOctober 27, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Now we non traditional polys do allsorts of charity in our community.. from animal rescue to donations to animals shelters as well as donating to a developmentaly disabled charity group and an abused womans shelter with both time and goods. I guees with more of us we can get more done?
    remember we non traditionals are non denominational :)

  20. non traditional husbandOctober 27, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    and obviously using spell check is not one of the things we do :)

  21. What a great idea!

    I'm in!

  22. lol non traditional husband. Are you morally opposed to spellcheck? :)

    I'm so excited to see and hear of everyone helping out in their community!

  23. Bargain,
    I can thinnk of things i am morally opposed to but spellcheck is not one of em :)

  24. :-) Same here NTH. Hey look we have common ground!

    I hope everyone continues to give in their communities. I can't make much of a difference on my own, but when we all band together a lot can get done!

  25. I actually thought of this today when someone was at my house, and gave them to a gal that needed them worse than me that stopped by.
    Made me feel good.

  26. He never spell checks (laughs). However like he said we are active throughout the year with various organizations, especially animal rescues.