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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Discussion for Shows Oct 2, 2011 "Sister Wives" S03E02"Teen Sex Talk" and S03 E03 "4 Houses, 4 Relationships"

Step right up and comment here for the shows:
S03E02"Teen Sex Talk" 
Kody, Christine, and Janelle experiment with working in real estate. Also, the teens are beginning to go out and make new friends in Las Vegas. 
S03 E03 "4 Houses, 4 Relationships"
Robyn has a pregnancy scare and rushes to her midwife to find out what's wrong. Meanwhile, the other wives decide to make over one room in each of their houses.

Mister Sister had it crazy yesterday with one child on one part of the state in competition, and the other child in another part, in a different competition! Talk about fun! Really, it was, but now it's time to settle in for Sunday's feast.  2 shows. 

I wonder if Robyn will have her baby soon? Anytime now!! Seems she has had a scare. if that's the case- then I hope she uses a hospital for the birth.

Make sure you've gone back in the Sept. area, and picked your sex of the baby, and picked a name! Should be exciting!!

Discussion here for the 2 shows, and Cynical will put up here 1st post by Monday, on the second show, Tuesday. Give the girl a break! I know you all LOVE them, since Terrasola is out for a bit - (WE MISS YOU TERRASOLA!!) and no one can write like those two - Cynical needs some time to do all this work!  

While we are at it, many of you loyal ones know TERRASOLA well. She and her family needs our prayers right now. She's a wonderful gal and we miss her. Prayers that all will go well this week within her family. They are dealing 2 illness with two family members, quite a lot on her plate. Prayers and Love, Honey, from all of us!!! Esp. CJ, MS and PIP. Come back soon!

On with your thoughts of these shows!!


  1. Is Real Estate the smartest thing to get into if you are TV celebs?
    Do you think it was already pre-determined before the move?

  2. Someone PLEASE download the S3E01 and these to:

    So everyone can see them!!

  3. I would but I don't know how! I can't wait for the teen sex talk - this ought to be good!!! And, for Cynical Jinx's take on it, should be really good! Come on, this one's too easy. A dad, bonking a new wife on top of 3 others give a sex talk???? Too many jokes there!

  4. Sorry, I don't even know how to set my DVR!

    My goodness, Janelle looks HUGE in that picture. Man, she really needs to lose that weight. She used to be my favorite, I am not sure anymore. Excited for tonight!!

  5. Oh great, I'm sure that tears will flow from Kody tonight, or maybe I saw it somewhere. I am surprised this pregnancy has gone as smooth as it has. When Kody cries, I throw up a little each time. He needs to be crying over the time lost with the older ones that are about gone.

    Or cry that he's such a dumb shit, he's making all this money, and wasting it on 4 houses.

    Or maybe he was crying because Brad Pitt isn't his new best friend.
    Any 43 yr old man on a honeymoon going "What you doin" so goofishly - couldn't have a high IQ.

    I might of quit watching if you folks hadn't started this blog. That's what makes it fun!

  6. Can't wait! Loved last week's review!

  7. Yes, Terrasola, we all will pray that things get better your way!

  8. Right now and especially in Vegas, a real estate career is not what i would recommend for ANYONE. it's only going to be the folks with the experience, reputation and background that will be able to hang with this...back during the Real Estate Bubble Days, it seemed that everyone was either a realtor or a mortgage broker...them days are gone. And I don't know about EVERYONE, but I just don't see myself picking a real estate professional on the basis of them being on some grade B reality show that isn't even ABOUT real estate to begin with! oi.

  9. I agree. Foreclosures galore. I'd say it's just so they can pretend to be doing something. It's been 10 months down there!

  10. So have all the ladies been attending Real Estate school? A license is required to sell real estate. Is this the 'family business' they mentioned last week? Super, I forsee another round of bankruptcys.

  11. I don't think Meri has been. I bet it's a sham.

  12. Just remember one ting when your watching tonight:
    This family has a political agenda, which is the decriminalization of polygamy. Almost everything they do is is politically motivated. Let's not forget that!

  13. Someone could post whats going on here-for those of us that don't get SW. I usually find it online later, but me and another commenter didn't find last weeks.

  14. Oh man, the family is imploding before the viewing public's eyes tonight. I guess it's going to carry into next week. Best thing that's happened tonight: Janelle speaking of Kody and Robyn's relationship stuck her finger i her throat (and even said 'gag me') or something to that effect. Then Christine says "he caters to Robyn" (in a clip setup for next week. Not sure they will make it through the season.

  15. Do you think it was fake or real! Tell me more!

  16. Man, they were treating Christine like this in the first season... oh right, that was all about Robyn, too.

  17. Not sure about Janelle. She elaborated after the commercial but still sounded a bit demeaning towards Robyn when she said "you went around like a damsel in distress at the first part of your relationship." Then Robyn interrupts (of course) and starts with this irrelevant stream of consciousness about how she and Janelle are so much alike because they are both so independent blah blah blah blah blah. THus deflecting the queston. The Christine thing is for next week.

  18. For those who didn't watch yet, take a look at the interactions with the teens when they are out with their friends. No talk or mention of any kind of deep-seeded religious feelings. They looked and acted like kids in NOn-poly families. They were skating, dancing, (almost hand holding) and drinking cola all of which is taboo in LDS communities. Interesting. Everyone in all those families are ready to bolt back to Utah.
    Another thing, how on earth could they have left Utah w no furniture? I thought they were poor. Why not let some of the older teens go back for it or stay when they left and bring it. They wouldn't have arrested the teens. Weird

  19. Oh they've been back to Utah a bunch, they have it documented here. Don't let them fool ya!
    So What about Christine?

  20. The summary of tonights (rather slow moving episodes) were:
    Look at Janelle's face when they are doing couch time and anytime Robyn speaks. She is just put out! Go Janelle!
    1. Teens talk about leaving for Utah for good as soon as they are old enough (except one girl, Christines? (Oh and they have the audacity to show the Hunter clip AGAIN this week)
    2. Whole 20 min spent on poor Robyn and her spotting and will they find a heartbeat and Kody crying and then them kissing and hugging
    3. Then they shop for furniture. Interesting about this Robyn (pregnant, nursery right?) Nope wants a bedroom set. She awkwardly shows sisters in her bedroom and points out "the boxes are Kodys nightstand"(hmm didnt see a nightstand in Christines room)??
    Poor Mary got a hideous curved sofa w no arms that she didnt even pick out...Kody and Robyn railroaded her into taking it.
    4. They shop for a Clabbergh ring for Kody afterwards and find one w only 3 diamonds. Jeweler says he can put a 4th right in the center of the heart. More awkward laughing as they wonder who that one is for (surprised Robyn didnt just come right out and tell them).
    THE END boring!

  21. I believe in everyone being able to live their lives the way they want. If they're happy & it works for them, then more power to them. However, I do see jealousy & hostility & I think if they were living the traditional polygamist lifestyle, none of this would be an issue. They wouldn't be on tv or be getting investigated, or going thru any of this. I do love the show & I am very curious to see how everything turns out for everyone

  22. 1) It was soo obvious to me that TLC did the redecorating. However, the before and after pictures made me think that it probably illustrated before and after TLC came along money-wise in more ways than one.

    2) It's not such a cliffhanger if we know Robyn is still pregnant TLC! That being said, wonder if they would have shown that if she had lost that baby afterall. Wonder if they would have mentioned her pregnancy at all.

  23. It does really feel like the family is imploding, doesn't it, Gradyfamily?

    BUT, will the come on TV like last week, oh, it wasn't what it seemed?
    I really think this whole thing was a bad choice, and I think they HAD to marry a 4th wife to get the show.

    I'd like to wring Robyn's neck.

  24. Someone please download them to the address above!

  25. Every relationship has their problems, even poly families. For me, I am new to this life, and am now a second wife. For me seeing the reality of thier lives helps ALOT, even if there is editing done.

    In addition, I have had the opprotunity to get some sound advice from the sisterwives. They are very real and very honest.

    Like them I believe, this life is not for everyone, and some have moral issues with it. The object is they are not saying it is right for everyone, but it is what works for them.

  26. Hi Leah!
    Watching this family become unglued (Poly or no) -
    Do you feel they would have been better off staying away from the cameras and the money?

    Would your family do it?

  27. I think Robyn screwed up the whole chemistry of the family when she and Kody got married....however, I do think Kody cares about each sisterwife and I think he cares about the kids....I do think some of the drama they have is just for the show. It is not the life I would choose for myself, but I do enjoy watching them overcome different obstacle they all face...in the end though we will all answer for the choices we made in this life

  28. The thing is - LDS or AUB, they still believe in the core of the same basic things. So saying Janelle wasn't in the principle before, maybe not with multiple wives, but the core was the same. that would make the transition much easier for her.

    Was Janelle actually giving Robyn a hard time tonight?

    Seriously, I am a woman, wouldn't it be hard to have a younger, thinner new wife come in - I would have a problem with it, just for the fact of jealousy myself.

  29. Leah - since you said you are "new to this life," does this mean you are in it now based on joining a new religion like Janelle and Kody did or is your polygamous relationship non-religion based? Do you have children? Do the other wives have children as well? I'm just curious and if it's too personal for you to answer here, i understand. I appreciate the fact that you're here as a polygamist yourself, tho, and the insight you can give.

    I do agree with you that every relationship has its problems - be it poly or mono. I believe poly would present a unique set of challenges over the various but somewhat usual ones that come in a mono.

    i appreciate the kids' candid description of their firsthand experience. the ones that aren't interested in repeating it seem to be focused on the negatives of jealousy, drama and chaos. Meri's daughter, who so far is the only one who has definite plans of being poly, was focused on the positive aspect to her which is all about having sister wives.

    i found the kids' perspective the most telling and the most interesting.

  30. I know Robyn's kids are younger. However, I would be interested to know what they think of concerning Dayton following the faith. Being that he has those special needs, do you think they have the same expectations for him?!

  31. Even when the children talked on the talk shows the other day, I found it strange that the kids would be deciding if they wanted to live the poly lifestyle based on what they liked i.e. the sister wives, or not, ie jealousy.
    I would think they either were strong in their religion, which demands it, or they are not AUB or Independent Fundamentalists, or whatever they want to title it.

    The decision should have nothing to do with a thing other than religion. In all seriousness, sometimes I wonder if it's just a lifestyle or a religion for them - either way is fine, but I thought it was all faith based.

  32. does anyone know where i can watch or download the first 2 episodes of season 3? can't find anything online but had no problem with seasons 1 and 2

  33. Terrasola, we hope you are back soon with your magic wand, we miss you!!!

    Damsel in distress hehehehehehe
    The Robyn says she is like Janelle b/c she's independent? Makes no sense!we all know she's not that!!

  34. This show is a trip sometimes. I believe that everyone has the right to choose their own lifestyle however why would they want their children to choose a lifestyle that is illegal? I also agree that they seem to imploding. The more they are on tv the more it seems kind of staged. I just really hope that all the children are being taken care of and loved. It also seems that each wife beside Robin has put on more weight, could that be a side effect of all the drama? I think that all of the wives should just kick Kody to the curb and they can just all live together without him. . .

  35. Hi Sammy!

    I know. It is staged, yet Christine says it is real. Uh, I don't think it all is, but I do think some truth comes out they are not expecting!

  36. Hi!

    Totally staged! I agree I am sure things slip out, like the facial expressions that they catch when they are doing the interviews. I am sure they probably don't want some of those on there.

  37. Was the Sex Talk any good?

  38. I didn't think so. . .

  39. I can't WAIT for Cynical's Review!!

  40. sex talk - i'm glad the editing was done to show Robyn butting in right off the bat and thinking she's saying something profound and they all ignored her. Logan, without turning around to look at her just said in an annoyed tone, "Oh, you've told us."

    love how Robyn apparently told the teens that she'd had dated a ton of guys (sets her apart again from the other 3 in a cool way to the teens) and then Madison used that against her in stating her case! Kody immediately comes to Robyn's defense adamantly stating that Robyn only went out on one date with all of them.

    So, does that mean Robyn married the only guy that could stand more than one date with her or did she marry that one after only one date with him, too?

  41. one more thang... did anyone catch the comment the teens made about "courting" when the guy is choosing another wife? they said there's always a chaperone until they get married.

    Did Kody and Robyn have a chaperone? the wives all just talked about how he was away a lot dating her cause she lived down by St. George - like a 3 hour one-way trip. They never talked about one of them having to accompany him nor that they had a chaperone from Robyn's area.

    did i miss that info somewhere on season 1 or 2?

  42. I don't think Robyn and Kody were Chaperoned all the time, but he did take the kids down there to babysit her kids.

  43. I think Christine is having second thoughts about all the wives having their own houses. She mentioned that she liked having her own home because it seemed Kody had more quality time for her and the kids when he was there. Before, they all lived in one house, with the exception of Robyn, each with their separate space, but easy enough for Kody to come in and say hello. Next week she is making a comment about Kody catering to Robyn, I wonder if she is feeling neglected now that she doesn't have easy access to him.

  44. K I just saw this show for the first time tonight and I am disgusted. I am LDS aka Mormon and this is not how Mormon's are... This is so ridiculous. I know they claim they are FLDS or whatever but this is awful. LDS people DO NOT condone nor believe in having plural spouces. Really, it's soooo wrong!!

  45. Mister Sister if you ever need someone to write up the numerous flaws of Robyn's pregnancy, let me know... I'm your gal!

    First, no prenatal care and you are already 10 weeks? Although Robyn has had 3 children already, she should know first hand that early prenatal care is the first line in preventing a miscarriage. She should of had at least 1 appointment already at 8 weeks, if not sooner at 6.

    Second, any half rate OB or midwife in this case wouldn't even attempt at trying to find fetal heart tones on someone who claims they are 10 weeks. They would of done a pregnancy test first to confirm the pregnancy, and then an ultrasound to make sure there was a gestational sac. Fetal heart tones are very rarely heard before the 11-12 week mark. If there was actually any real question about spotting they would of immediately done an ultrasound in the first place to confirm the pregnancy. Listening for fetal heart tones was for ratings and suspense.
    The "spotting" which generally at the 10 week mark is way past implantation spotting which occurs around the 6 week mark, was probably due to having sex with Kody... gross. Spotting related to intercourse occurs frequently due to the increased blood flow to the uterus, etc... during pregnancy. Also spotting happens in about 25-30% of all pregnancies.
    Robyn and all of her dramatic nonsense makes me sick. I guess Robyn thinks she is the only lady on the planet to conceive and carry a baby. If miscarriage really was a concern, she wouldn't of waited 4 days with spotting to actually go in and get checked! Nor would she of brought the cameras with her! I could go on....

  46. @Vancouver Mom The only ep that is up at the moment is the 3rd one from this new season. Nothing else has been upped. Those of us who are reliant on that will have to be patient I suspect as whoever was putting up last season's eps doesn't seem to be this time round.

  47. Terrasola,

    I am sending positive thoughts and hugs your way!

    geeky girl

  48. I didn't hear a lot of last night's episodes because I was mumbling to myself what an idiot I was for watching these people.

  49. Hey everyone. Thanks for the kind words and good wishes. A back atcha to others who are going through trying times of their own. Nothing, no matter how bad, lasts forever (even though it may feel like it at times). Sometimes the best thing to do is simply hang on and endure, so I wish strong fingers to those of you who need them.

    A special shout out to all you medical professionals, EMTs, and home care workers; you are the best.

    And a final word before I get back to business: if you have already been thinking about it, and are ready to try, or try again, why not quit smoking now. Smoking related diseases are a horribly painful, dignity-stealing way to die. Those you love suffer with you and continue to suffer after you are gone.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Perhaps they should retitle the show and all the episodes "Hypocrisy" or "Untrustworthy".

    There are so many examples this season of contradictory statements, etc. that I can't include them all in a comment. Hmmm, I feel a post coming on.

  50. Hi All!!

    I love coming here and seeing all the comments, and so many I hadn't even thought of!

    Andrea, we'd love for you to write a post, anytime!!! This has always been an open place! We just started it, I am certainly no big writer - just lucky to grab a few helpers! I'd LOVE for you to write a post!

    Glad to see you out and about! I know, it means your feeling a bit better. We all have times, let me tell you, I could write a book on mine. Can't wait for you to write a new post, I know there is one boiling up in you!!!
    BIG HI!! to all the new folks, we love it!

  51. I'm glad to read I'm not the only one desperately waiting for the episodes of season 3 to become available for download!

    I even tried to buy them on Amazom.com en itunes, but couldn't because I don't live in the USA.

  52. piratebay has one episode you can download for free