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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sister Wives: We Don't Like Las Vegas Video

Robyn is full of emotion as she expresses her concern with their children struggling to fit in with the rest of the family.
Maddie says "We were basically chased out of Utah" - uh, Maddie, take a looks here, honey, your parents have said different!



OH PLEASE! I guess those kids need "special" treatment, even though they are filmed more, loud and generally not as well behaved in this family of well behaved kids! SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL There, I said it!
We want to hear what YOU have to think!!!

TLC is premiering an all-new episode of the hit series SISTER WIVES this Sunday, October 30 at 9/8c.
Christine's daughter, Ysabel, and Robyn's daughter, Breanna, are moving out -- to Meri's house. Will Meri be in over her head having two "bonus" daughters temporarily under her roof? 
Then, the Browns are off to Big Bear Lake for some camping and fireworks, but some of the teens have different ideas.  They express their frustrations with moving to Vegas in addition to the struggles they are facing getting along within the family. Will the emotional fireworks overshadow the Independence Day celebration?


  1. OK, What? You can't sit on a couch with your 5 teenaged siblings and cry that you have no one in Las Vegas. I get it, you had to leave your friends, but I was an only child and we moved A LOT, and I ate lunch alone all the time. I would have given anything to have a sibling at school with me.

    I'm no fan of Robyn's, but I feel for her. No matter what role she played in creating the circumstance, knowing your kids are unhappy and might leave you has got to hurt.

  2. You know, that's what I've said, between the WHOLE family, and LOTS of attention from others, school staff, etc., and the film crew, they are not exactly out in the wilderness. Besides, They are always in UTAH!

    And Robyn's kids-need to take a lesson from all the other kids in how to BEHAVE WHAT BRATS!
    The Original children.
    Beginner Browns
    Generation 1 Browns

  3. Another thing.
    They are not BROWN children, they are JESSOP Children.
    JESSOPS Claim them kids!

  4. The Jessops should come and pick them up - voila - solution to problem! Robyn can stay and be a bad mother or choose to leave for their best interest. My guess is she will choose the Ko-Douche.

  5. If she's REALLY afraid of that, would she be laying out on National TV? Maybe a wish? 3 less to worry about about...more time for KODEE

  6. If there was ANY chance that my 13 year old would be CHOOSING to live somewhere else, I would be changing what I was doing quick smart. I know kids say stuff to get a reaction from their parents but that deserves a reaction more then a few crocodile tears. I love how when Robyn cries, none of the other wives (or Ko-Douche) EVER comforts her. Never. Its so funny. They all say they love her but don't give a toss when she starts with the sobbing. Perhaps they are just as sick of it as we are?

  7. OH NOES!!!!!!!!!

    The adults have to live with the consequences of their actions?!?!??

    You can't expect the Brady Bunch, Robyn. JesusHChrist get a clue, will you?

    I would love to hear what Dr. Laura has to say about this situation. I bet that would be a nice post on this blog if you can find it, Cynical J.

  8. Oh bummer Robyn. You wanted all these babysitters and they are going away, behaving like teens, not so enchanted with the idea of babysitting your brood. Dang, I hate it when things don't work out. If I was the mother of these kids, I'd probably punch you out, but you've got the Kodster for protection. I don't think she's in any danger of losing them. I don't think anybody else wants them.

    Teens, knock off the Utah, we're so lonely crap. We've somehow gotten the idea you have plenty of people around in Vegas, and that you rush back to Utah or Wyoming every chance you get. Suck it up, kids.

  9. And more money than they have ever seen! PLEASE!!!!

    Hell my kids haven't whines as much in a year as these guys, and they have been through hell.
    I love my kids-maybe they don't see me ME whine all the time, so they don't know that they should be unhappy?

    Her husband got kicked out of the AUB- THOSE KIDS ARENT GOING ANY WHERE

  10. Kody was not kicked out of AUB. He's still a member. They rarely do that, even when it's deserved (even with child molestors)

  11. Umm Kody. There aren't "millions of families" just like you. This is one of the problems of polygamy. It creates a really unstable environment for children, where they never know when Dad might be bringing home another woman (not to mention that woman's children). Add to that your lies and deceit about the move to Vegas, and it doesn't add up to a pretty picture. Don't ask for sympathy - this is your making.

  12. When was this taped May? June? Robyn looks way less pregnant then in the last Buffet episode. I hate TLC changing around the timeline.

    I think the issue is that Robyn's kids seemed to be raised differently. Yes they are all the same religion but that doesn't mean they will all be best friends when ut together. It is the style or parenting that is the difference here. I didn't like the way Kody made his biological kids out to be bullies. Does he get that Robyn's girls are bratty and didn't seem to be raised like with the same rules and disclipine as his biological kids (I'm sure it was easier with 3 moms in the same house to keep his bio kids on track). My kids would go nuts if I brought in 2 bratty girls and said deal with it.

    I work with special needs kids and I have always been critcial of Robyn's choices. I would be angry if I saw a mom with an autistic child have thier kid move schools 3 times in one year unless there was some major reason. I know parents that have lived in seperate cities till the school year ended(paying 2 rents), parents that bought houses they didn't like to stay in the same school, and parents that would drive back and forth up to 2 hours a day when they had other kids just to keep the school year whole. Not breaking the school year is one of the most important factors in sucess. The biggest move I had a problem with was from St George to Lehi. If Kody and Robyn were in love why not wait till the end of the school year? Did they have to get married and uproot her family that had just moved to St George a a few months later? I don't know what Robyn did in the past but this choice to marry Kody so quickly, was when she choose Kody over her kids. Her kids then have the right to choose to go be with their grandmother or father. She lost her right to boo hoo Dayton can go choose when she already made the choice of Kody over her kids.

  13. 11/06/11 episode is titled-"Another Wife". Any ideas?

  14. Ok, that's what has bothered me since I saw the preview. Hello?? Robyn??? What do you mean they can choose to leave? You would let them leave without you?? Seriously? Wait ... of course you would. It's all about Robyn, guys, all about Robyn.

  15. David Jessop left the AUB, not Kody - I think is what they were trying to say.

  16. I didn't know where to post this but realitytvkids.com, a site discusses the dangers of kids on reality tv and the lack of laws posted an article that one of the TLC editors that worked on sister wives (as well as 19 kids and Kate Plus 8) was arrested on 10 counts of distribution of child pornogaphy.
    I know all these reality shows say the crew is like our family. I hope the Browns are careful who is on the crew around the kids.

  17. Call A WhambulanceOctober 28, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    Well, I mean whether they are bratty or not, this is just a sad situation. These children are still innocent and a product of their upbringing. Any time you merge families, you're going to have clashes and problems. What may be happening is the Brown children are taking their frustrations with the ENTIRE situation out on the Jessop children, because their lives are feeling out of control because of the idiot grownups.

    Meanwhile, you have Kody, according to Christine, giving preference to the non-biological children. Of course there are going to be problems! This thing is a disaster. You know, what could he be thinking bringing a new wife and children into the fold after SO MANY years since he last "married" the third wife?

    The original children, especially older, are obviously grieving for their old life, and can anyone blame them? Maddie has been lied to and told they were chased out of Utah. One day she will realize the truth of the matter, and then she will resent the real villains here ... the grownups. Sad, sad, sad. I'm just taken aback that Kody can sit there and ponder and wonder what went wrong?!?

    Hey mister, millions of us don't do this to our children. My husband passed away 5 years ago, and nothing against people who remarry and blend families, but I am waiting until my youngest goes away to college for this very reason. Even though I'm blessed with a new relationship, I love my children too much to put them through this kind of situation. Yes, like Robyn, it would help me financially, etc., but no way do I come before my children.

    Of course, I also realize that my entry into Heaven doesn't depend on polygamy, but what the Bible says. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man comes unto the Father but by me." That includes Kody. And the Father isn't Joseph Smith.

  18. Get 'um Border Collie!! Woof woof!!

    Also I agree with wambulance 100 percent !

  19. I agree with Call A Whambulance also!

    I married a man that had a daughter. and we adopted, and we gave birth.
    Even though we were lucky in many ways- and educated, it was one rough road.
    I can't imagine "blending" those kids in with mine, who would be so much more like the Brown children- well behaved, used to work, etc.

    Remember Dayton didn't know how to load a dishwasher? And she hired a maid? I imagine they have to do little.

    LET'S NOT FORGET the "joy" Robyn is describing how they are all thrilled with this new birth. not.
    Mariah crying? for what, camera's.
    this show, Kody is teaching his kids how to act well.

  20. I think Kody's comment about millions of families was not about plygs but about blended families struggling to actually BLEND. And I agree, he is not alone in that struggle. Of course if he was married and had kids with ONE woman it would be quite a bit easier, now wouldn't it Kodster?

    I like the teenagers. MAYBE the move will be good and make them rebel against the whole dang religion.

  21. RUN KIDS, RUN!
    Don't marry into this crap!
    Be happy!

  22. I am opposed to these people and their "religious" lifestyle. First of all, this is ridiculous. Secondly, they are practicing their religion and having all their babies and probably getting food stamps, WIC, welfare, etc., on my tax dollar. I work my rear off, and I don't mind helping people who are helpless, but these people are not helpless. Since what theya are practicing is illegal, they should not be entitled to one penny of public funds to support their lifestyle.

  23. On some thread here I read that Robyn lived with her mother up until she dated Kody. Then moved into her own place for the courtship. What kind of work did that dame ever do? Anybody have an idea? She is so stupid that it could not have been much. I do know that if you can get one of your kids declared disabled--and that would be autism or hyperactivity or whatever--you are eligible for nice benefits. Those benefits would still be coming for the kid after marriage to Kody. I had not previously heard she had a housekeeper. Wow she runs a racket all right. Did it ever occur to her to pay one or more of the older kids to do some work or babysitting? Of course not. And she whinned that she had always wanted Logan to be the role model for her kids, and one of the girls to be holding the babes, and the freebies are leaving town. So, Robyn as far as I can see, never worked, never learned anything, can't clean, can't cook, can't take care of her own kids. What can she do.....oh right.

  24. BC-I think I read that Robyn's house keeper was actually her younger sister. Still stupid, but it bothers me slightly less.

    The whole "live with mom, move out to rental, move to another rental, move to Las Vegas" chain of events is ridiculous. Poor Dayton or whatever his name is! Clearly he isn't the priority or she would never had made such changes just for a stupid reality TV show!

    On a seperate side note: I'm reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" and it's interesting to see so many of the same town names that are important to Mormom history. St. George, Lehi (an important character from the Book of Mormom) etc.

  25. A Day Ahead- I have Under the Banner of Heaven and have read it. Very good,isn't it?

    As for getting disability from a kid, I am not sure autism counts and is recognized as a disability. Maybe someone here knows? I know some friends of mine with autistic kids had a lot of trouble getting insurance to pay for treatments.

    In one episode (last week?) Robyn mentioned having moved 4 times in the last couple years. So moving out of mom's and into a rental is 1, moving to the new rental when she married Kody is #2, moving to Vegas is #3. The 4th move must have been the first, when she actually was getting divorced?

  26. Bargain Babe--It's really interesting. There's a lot of history I didn't know, and it seems like there's a lot of history that isn't acknowledged by the LDS church.

  27. ~The Bargain Babe said...
    "As for getting disability from a kid, I am not sure autism counts and is recognized as a disability. Maybe someone here knows?"

    Robyn has stated on twitter that they received it until she married Kody and "didn't need" it.

    Which makes no sense 'cause she didn't marry him.

  28. I work with special needs kids and it is hard to get social security for kids with autism. Kids that are totally non verbal and in diapers at age 12 will be the kids that get on disability. Some parents push for disability and win but after 2,3,4 years of fighting depending on the states backlog. Most parents fight for the insurance aspect not for the money. Since the child has never worked the social security money is about $600 a month. Of course that is not a small amount and is suppose to be used for the childs needs. I certainly do not think one could "live off a child with a disability".
    Aspergers is much harder then a dx of autism to get disability for (I think I remember Robyn saying Dayton had Aspergers which is on the spectrum but higher functioning and usually the child is smart but lack social skills). It is even getting harder in some schools to get an IEP for kids with aspergers because if they score high on tests and get good grades the schools don't want to give any extra money towards the social side.

    Of course like with any disability claim if you find the right doctors and lawyers and forms worded the right way you could get disability.

    I live in Utah not Nevada but I can say that having an austistic child here does not get you some welfare payday even if you are a single mom. It has nothing to do with housing, more food stamps, and Utah even got rid of the extra deduction for kids with autism (pre-2007 you could get an extra deduction on your state income tax if the school or dr verfied autism).

    I think the 4 school moves are #1 Robyns orginal house, #2 her moms house, #3 house near Kody in Lehi, #4 vegas. They were 4 different schools for Dayton for sure and 2 of the schools in Utah he attended I know are not recommended for kids with special needs. As a parent you can choose to drive your child to another school that has better programs but I guess Robyn did not do that so that was another strike against her in my book. As I stated before I see parents go to crazy lengths of paying 2 rents, living apart, and driving like crazy all day to make sure thier kids that have special needs go to the best schools or stay in the same school.

  29. I see Robyn trying so hard to just be accepted by all. She is dealing with the jealousy from every angle. The adults need to grow up as to set an example for the children in this matter. I also see a tremendous new look for janelle as the weight is coming off, she has a BEAUTIFUL face. Hope this family can finally start working as a team

  30. To me, Meri has a heart of gold and I hope she & robin become closer, they are alot like real sisters & poor robin can use an alli in that bunch. Christine is much too whiney & can use some growth in the maturity side. Janelle is such an independent person but could also benefit in trying to be a bit more considerate of what poor robin is dealing with, with her recent weight loss and hopefully more weight loss and good health, she has become the "pretty face" of the wives. Kody could stand to have more of a back bone with his children. Just my observation from what I've seen from the show.

  31. This kid needs to learn some manners and respect and stop all the whining, people move all the time and have to re adjust, that's just life. Too much whining in this family from all angles. Come together and be that family you all "say" you are.

  32. I wonder why all of the older girls seem to be overweight. It is surprising, with that many parents you think they could teach them healthy eating.