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Saturday, October 22, 2011

UPDATED : DISCUSSION: Sister Wives The Wives Diet Woes S03E06

Discussion here about the Upcoming Episode: The Wives Diet Woes, (we've all had those) and of course- the Priests "tough" questions!

Many have wondered.. Is this baby ever coming? And, why is she constantly putting out her gift list? How many times has it been posted?
What is Progressive Jack Mormon?


  1. I think it is pretty obvious that Meri, Christine and Janelle are emotionally eating. They have lost their self esteem since Robyn came on the scene. They are sharing Kody in a way that they did not have to before. They are all subconsciously fighting for him and Robyn is the winner. At least until he gets tired of her dependence on him and her whining and the fact that she is slowly breaking up the marriage that he was comfortable in for the past 16-17 years.

    No one's emotional needs are being met especially the children's' and theirs is the most important. Robyn is the only one who is happy now as she is the "Queen" and most desirable to Kody. The children are all seeing this believe me. They are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

    Why do these families have to have the best? What would happen if they moved into one big less expensive house? Certainly that could be done. Is TLC pushing them to all have newly built houses with swimming pools and spas? Are they doing this for the viewing audience? I think most of us would like to see them living within their means and struggling like most people in this economy. Not having so much and then later relying on the government and our tax money when TLC dumps them.

    This is just my opinion. What do the rest of you think?

  2. I hope they don't place to great of an emphasis on weight as the kids (nor the wives) really don't need the added criticism and pressure. It's tough enough that their lives are completely turned upside down, let alone having to obsess over their weight as well.

    I agree though that the weight gain would be emotionally based. Now that they're in separate houses each wife will find she has less physical activity due to having less kids around, so that combined with seeing Kody so infrequently will definitely be taking a toll.

  3. Well, I will be interested to see the Lisa Ling show on OWN tomorrow night. That family lives under one roof (except for wife #3 who left because she couldn't get along with wife #2). It looks like the stress could be compounded if they were all together. In the Utah house the Browns had their own apartments and space, although it was easier to come together.

  4. I agree, Serena, that they should all have their own apartment (private space) but, in one location to save money, promote togetherness when wanted. Also, the children are used to being together. I could also see Robyn having her own space since that is what happened in Lehi but, if that's what she wants then let her earn her own money to pay at least part of the rent. And, I myself would not want a pool with that many small children. Just an accident waiting to happen unless fenced with alarms.

    I am also interested in watching the Lisa Ling interview tomorrow night. She seems to be able to put things into perspective.

  5. Sissey, I agree with your statement about the pool. That was my first thought during that episode. Pools and small children do not make great pairs, and adding distracted parents to the mix is potentially fatal.

    Has anyone else noticed that there are many camera shots of Truely not being attended to? I know that they are shots lasting a few seconds, but there seem to be many of these in each episode. She's cute, but seems to be unattended a lot. Not good with a pool.

  6. Well, to me the weight isn't so much about being a certain weight, but it's about their health. Honestly, contrary to Robyn's ego, most aren't interested in being skinny without curves and having to wear a gel-filled bra from VS. However, the wives would be in a good mental state if they were active and healthier. That's true for all of us. I'd like to see them get in shape for themselves, not for Kody. They might be surprised how empowering it would feel to gain some self-esteem, as well as how much energy they would have. The older we all get, the more difficult it becomes to maintain proper weight. That's not something you can deal with by going bankrupt or collecting government assistance. It's something that comes from dedication to your own health. Competition can be a good thing. I'd never, ever let somebody like Robyn get the best of me. The other wives could jog/walk around the neighborhood, swim (but not in the wading pool!), do exercise videos on their new flatscreen tv's, etc. They don't have to join a gym to get started. I mean, if they're not working, they have plenty of time! I'd be pretty unavailable to babysit Robyn's younger children one way or another!!

  7. You can say whatever you want because they won't be reading this. They will not accept anything but positive, fall all over yourself, slathering lovely comments on their own site. They won't be coming here because they are into positivity, don't cha know?

    Come here to be honest.

  8. On the houses issue, I've Seen their houses, and they are NOT that great. They are tiny! If I had 6 kids in one of them it would be so squished! They are in a beautiful section of Vegas, but a kinda trashy neighborhood. trust me, the houses are o.k at best

  9. All very true!! A couple of their fans were of course calling us a mean site. Saying that if anyone post something positive about the KBF to be ready to put up a fight... Imagine that, since were way past the" honeymoon" & getting down to the nitty gritty, that makes us mean girls(so to speak....lol) ??
    I guess Robyn isn't the only one who wants to stay in honeymoon phase ,their fans do! HA

    *Exclusive* (well, sort of...) hehe
    Robyn just posted on the KB fb page thanking everyone who sent baby gitfts this week. Also, saying their lil baby boy has not arrived yet either.

  10. Seriously? Her baby isn't here yet? The baby was due 10 days ago. I'm calling bullshit on that one.

    I suspect the announcement will come timed with a "very special episode" type crap.

  11. Well- my both boys were 14 days late and as long as pregnancy is ok (mum and baby doing fine) they don't need to induce the labour...

  12. I don't blame baby Solomon for refusing to come out. Heaven only knows the chaos he will have to deal with living in that household with that family. It's like he knows that already and is trying to avoid it for as long as possible.

  13. I feel so sorry for these women. Definitely emotional eating, over Robyn coming into the family, the show and moving so quickly. I've seen the most weight gain in Meri and you know that she's not happy.

    Another aspect of this is that several of their children are overweight as well, especially the teenagers. One of the girls is so overweight now that I think she looks pregnant.

    I've never seen them eat healthy food. And I believe that the parents' bad examples (bad diet and no exercise) are directly affecting their children.

    Their whole family needs a big wake-up call in the health department.

    Those poor kids. I feel so sorry for them more than anyone else.

  14. I keep reading about Kody Brown's Facebook page where Robyn posted a baby gift list and now says the baby hasn't been born yet, etc. Can someone please post a link? I can't find it on Facebook.

  15. I think the kid is here too. I think they talked about it, then took it back right away, because it had to do with a contractual thing with TLC.

    Somebody who knows them, say next door to the byrd robyn, would have to post. Or somebody who is at the big deal livinternational thing this weekend. In fact, it's half over already.

  16. I was really shocked to see how much weight all the original wives have gained since S2 - Meri in particular. It shows more on her...and not just the wives but the teenagers. Definitely stress eating. been there done that wrote the novel...

  17. I would think that Robyn would not post that "the baby is still not here" if it was not true. On most TLC shows they give the birthdate and stats of the baby. We shall see, wether it's true or not.

  18. Houston we have a problem.

    Found Robyn's twitter from July 8th that she is "30 weeks pregnant"

    That would make her 45 weeks pregnant today (when she posted that there was no baby yet).

    SO. Either they are full of lies about the fact that the baby has already been born.
    They were full of lies about when she was really due and she wasn't as far along as they said she was.

    It is one thing to be a week or two overdue, that is usually fine. But a doc would not let you be FIVE WEEKS late. There are health risks and increased infant mortality if you wait that long.

    Someone is full of crap.

  19. btw i got a screen shot of her july tweet about being 30 wks. just in case she tries to deleted once they know that WE KNOW they are liars.

  20. Good hunting Bargain Babe :) ...wow, 45 WKS? ? Yep definitely something fishy, not right...Seriously for their fans sake, I hope Robyn isn't lying...bc then, just another prime example of the KBF TRICKERY which is no surprise to us who has caught onto their BS & sneaky PR game!!
    Plus if Robyn is still prego & KBF lied about the due date to coincide w/ their episodes just to get bigger fan base, guess that can be labeled trickery too! Although Robyn is prolly loving it bc I'm sure Kody has been stayN w/ Robyn more overnight "just in case " she goes into labor, which I'm sure the other 3 wives esp+ his kids are just loving that....NOT (well maybe the teens are ...lol)

    I agree w/ BC about having a neighbor or someone who has attended the liv events to give us a more accurate update than what KBF has...
    I'm really curious how Kodys speaking debut went & their $ales too...Gawd I hope people didn't buy into the "humanitarian" cover..lol

  21. Just a short comment about the LIsa Ling report coming up. I saw her gushing about the Centennial Park women, so don't expect it to be objective.

  22. Border Collie love your posts :-). I agree about Meri. She looks like she's gained 40 pounds, so apparently jealousy doesn't cause weight loss for Meri. Gosh if Kody adds another babe they will all be really huge. I mean at some point quit wearing tight jeans and walking away from the camera, geez it's painful to watch. Yes several of the teenage girls have also gained weight. Seriously there needs to be an intervention because something is really wrong here. What is going on?!?!

  23. Caramel Brownie, I read that pregnancies can last 37 to 42 weeks. I've never had one so I can't attest to experience, but is 45 weeks dangerous if the top end is 42 weeks?

    SOMEONE should tip off TMZ that the Browns are lying about quite a bit.

  24. Yes GOJI, 45 weeks is unheard of. A doctor would induce you at 42 weeks...if not before.
    I have 3 kids, the only one overdue was the first and doc induced me at 41 weeks.

    She is either not as far along (her tweet in July was a lie) or she has done had that baby.

    I suppose the 3rd option is that she is dumber than rocks and just couldn't count the weeks correctly. "1, 3, 8, 16, 30!!"

  25. I'm sorry but I'll be damned if a cable network would tell me when and when not to publicly announce the birth of my child. It's not even relevant to the topic of the show.

    Talk about whoring your soul for a reality tv paycheck.

  26. Thanks, Bargain Babe for the explanation. I smell a rat.

    I'm hoping that maybe your or someone who has the screen shots could send in the tip to TMZ. This might be something they could research, and it's been a slow news weekend with no Lohan updates.

  27. Yep GOJI, I agree w/ U about tipping off TMZ w/ tweet screen shot...
    Also I'm not familiar @all how a midwife functions, so would they be able to induce labor? Is she having a natural birth w/o drugs?

  28. Someone please send the screen shots to TMZ....pretty please?

  29. Let's hear it for the resident sleuth, Bargain Babe, our very own Sherlock. YEA Babe!!!!

    IMHO sending the limbo channel anything isn't going to gain anything. I think their fancy D,C. lawyer is in fact a TLC guy. You know, the one filing charges against the state of Utah for all the trouble the state has caused to their pieces of mind. And they all have such little minds one has to be very, very careful.

    Also have to tiptoe around their feelings. They dont care about our little broken hearts and how we've been had, or all the people they are set to screw out of money with their MLM scheme.

    Hope they slide all the way back to Utah in sheep poop.

  30. I love the series of screen shots you chose for this post. Oh my goodness. Sheesh no wonder this is called a mean blog! :) Although if I saw myself in that moment I'd buy a dozen cases of my miracle BS juice and move in to the gym and not leave.

    I am DYING for someone to post info from the LIV event. They can't know what everyone from this website looks like! They can't hide from mean people forever! I SOOOOOOOOOOO hope someone got to go and will bring back the scoop.

  31. Now what about the Baby?
    I thought it was due Oct 12th?
    Where did it say otherwise?
    I got some super sleuths here! We love it!

  32. Interesting, guys, I put it up there for all to see!
    I'm sure we had it on our Twitter page, but lately I am sick of clipping them. She defiantly got her dates mixed up!
    I think it's pathetic she is still putting her Babies are us up. Why not ask others to give to the local food bank? Others that aren't making the big money she does. Remember?

  33. got a link to the babies r us registries? I'd like to see them. Not going to buy stuff of course, just be nosey.

  34. The housing situation: move into an apartment complex, get 4 apartments, then use the gym and pool for recreation like the rest of the world.

    Their food expenses can't be that much, the kids can eat breakfast and lunch at school. School breakfast programs are everywhere.
    But expenses for Kody's hair care products- that's where the money is going.

    Obseity- Wives #1, 2, and 3 are setting a poor example.(Robyn gets a break until Solo arrives). Meri's daughter and Christine's oldest daughter are quite overweight and that's just sad. All the women and those girls need to take their frustrations to the treadmill.

  35. "Jack Mormon" - this is from the Urban Dictionary
    "A person who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but seldom or never practices their religion. Unlike ex-Mormons or anti-Mormons, Jack Mormons usually support the goals and beliefs of the church and maintain friendships with practicing Mormons, but for reasons of their own choose not to attend church services and activities. Jack Mormons may also indulge in activities discouraged by the church, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and premarital sex.

    Jack Mormon equivalents in other religions are "Christmas and Easter Christians" and "Yom Kippur Jews".
    Although Tim was a mormon, he did not go to church on Sundays, and enjoyed drinking beer with his friends on weekends. Because of this, his buddies referred to him as a Jack Mormon."

  36. No more talk about building one big house- now it's 4 houses in one spot.

    Isn't that sad? Life as the older kids knew it is gone.

    4 houses=not happy wives.
    What's the use of being polig if you aren't living together?

  37. We were also asked about the "tough questions" of the 'Priest/priestess". Who is she and where is she coming from?

    From what I have read, she is Danielle Timminio. She is infatuated with Kody Brown and the Sister Wives. I read where she was flying the Kody Brown Family to the East Coast to talk to her class/congregation. I did not hear any "tough" questions. She was just fascinated with them and their lifestyle. After all, she is younger than Robyn, pretty, and although newly married....what difference would that make to Kody. Anyone who looks at him like that definitely looks mesmerized. What is to say that she would not join him in his AUB lifestyle. After all, they need a leader besides Kody.

    What happened to the pastors, priests, Fathers, of the past who were only there for their congregation and to listen to their parishioners. Now it seems as if a lot of priests are "in your face" types.

    Danielle is also a fan of Desperate Housewives and often asks herself "What would Susan do?" Google her sometime.

    If you ask me, she is trouble, just like Robyn and Kody thrives in the attention.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Mister Sister, slap my hand if I went too far on this =)). I usually try to stay away from religion.

  38. I don't think the pictures were meant to be mean at all - it's who they are.

  39. Aspyn was referring to her family.

  40. The Bargain Babe - thanks for reminding us of another hypocrisy with the due date!
    Sissey- we started this blog because other blogs are kiss ass or you can't talk religion! Here, we WANT people to know about their religion.

    Danielle doesn't seem like a preacher, does she? Hypocrite again!

  41. what other blogs? are you talking about the Facebook fan pages?

  42. i started this because on TWOP you can't talk about anything but what you see on the show. And it bothered me. People should understand what they believe in their religion.

  43. oh! I didn't think they had a sister wives page.

  44. If the admins want the screenshot from twitter to send to TMZ, let me know. I can email it to you but don't know your email address.

    I'm sure you could screen shot her post on FB about not having had the baby yet and send both screenshots

  45. Thanks-but we will let you do that!
    We get enough heat as it is. I would assume TLC would take it happily.

    I just saw this...
    "Sister Wives, has filed a lawsuit in Utah detailing how the bigamy law is hurting their family instead of helping."

    Articles like that make me sooo mad.
    they made these choices, it's it's hurting the kids, they should blame themselves, don't you think?
    GREED sometimes causes problems.

  46. GO FOR IT, Bargain BABE!!!!
    Then has Cj or Ms delete it off here, so no one can see !!!!

  47. That's a great idea!!
    Send it, and spell it out for them, and then have it disappear from here!

  48. Alright, I submitted a tip to TMZ, it was on a form on their site. No way to attach a file but I told them what was up and that I had a screen shot if they wanted it. ;-)

    Now I need a screenshot of Robyn and co. saying the baby was not born yet. Anyone have one of those?

  49. I am not on their facebook, or I'd send it. WHOMEVER has this, please send it to Bargain Babe!!!!

    I'm sure someone will by tonight!

    you should tell them about the babies r us, too!!

  50. I thought Kody & Robyn lied about the due date from the beginging. One of my kids has an early oct birthday and I had some fertility issues so I am positive when I got pregnant. It was the beginging of Jan. If Robyn was due Oct 12, the baby was conceived in Utah. On the show they said they decided once they got to the "promised land" of Vegas and had no more stress they deicded it was time to have a baby. Oct 12th due date always made it impossible to me that they were settled in Vegas before she got pregnant. She got pregnant in Utah, or on the way to Utah. This "lie" has always bothered me. Didn't they flee Utah on MLK weekend which was Jan 18-20 time frame. If Robyn got pregnant once they moved settled in lets even say Feb 1 (that would be a quick settle in and lucky timing for fertile days given the 1/4 rotation?), that would have the baby due near hallowen? I hope the are not messing with dates. I know most people know the oct 5th due date means you were conceived on new years eve(I knowseveral people with this birth date & jokes are always brought u about how it hapened). So Oct 12 is one week later, it doesn't take too much too figure out they either lied about when she got pregnant or are lying about the dates.
    I really think Robyn isn't that swift and the whole 30 week comment if off. I think maybe she was starting her third trimester and got confused? As much as I have strong opinions about the family choices, I just hope Robyn is getting prenatal care and the baby is healthy.

  51. If you want to view the babies r us registry , all you have to to is go the the babies r us website and search under NV Kody Brown. It is the only registry that comes up.

  52. Wow--I just checked out the baby registry. Hard to imagine that a family with 16 children needs all that stuff. A high chair? Surely they must have had available high chairs.

    The only word for it is greedy!

    Maybe someone should check the Victoria's Secret gift registry!

  53. I thought it was wacky her saying she conceived in Utah and was due Oct 12th. Why? I was due Oct 12th and that meant I got pregnant in the first week or two on January.

  54. loony brown, the lost wifeOctober 23, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    1st-does she really even see a Dr. much? She is planning a home birth, with a midwife, probably skips the Dr.-costs money-does TMZ give them insurance? Next, pregnancies can stretch that long-I saw that when I was in Nursing school and did my maternity hours in the county hospital-women WHO NEVER SAW A DR. Unfortunately, after 40 weeks, the baby gets bigger, and the amniotic fluid lessens, the placenta doesn't work as well... your baby can go into fetal distress. also, the larger the baby, the smaller the woman, the harder it is to deliver. Before modern day delivery methods, women did die during childbirth...

    Robin conceiving-didn't she and Kody say, among a bunch of immature giggles, that once they got out to NEVADA, and got the houses, they felt they were settled and started trying? Not in Utah, but Nevada?

    I have stated this on a number of sites-Kody is full of sh*t when it came to housing. There were places/housing that had the 8+ or whatever bedrooms he needed. He went ON AND ON AND ON... about all these LARGE houses in Vegas, but they only had, like 2 bedrooms. Sorry Kody, we are not as dumb as you and your 'wives'. He obviously does not understand the full scope of the internet. Zillow and other real estate sites have listings from $88k and above that he could have gotten. Most were efficiency units, with 4 units in them. Perfect for that family with 4 wives and 16+ kids.

    As for this weight problem show, how long before they add in their LIV! scam.. uhm... business venture which has a weight loss detox program-all yours for $250 and points for the seller for the cruises to be won! How long (Scam) before (scam) the Browns (Scam) give up (scam) on this too? Like what happened to their real estate thingy?????

  55. I got a screen shot of one of the Brown kids on twitter saying the baby had not been born yet. I saved it. I'm not "friends" with the Kody Brown Family on facebook (can't bring myself to do it. even for nosey purposes). So I can not get a shot of Robyn saying the baby isn't here yet, but I did get the teenager.

    Yeah she had said a homebirth but then during birthing class I thought she raised her hand that she was getting an epidural? Somewhere I saw her say she was getting an epi. Um. Can't get those at home.

  56. I'm definitely not a Brown family fan, by any means LOL, but I don't think they lied about the pregnancy dates. From the show, I gathered that they made the decision to wait until they were settled in LV to try but that she found out she was pregnant immediately after (or during) the move. (I think the only lie is that Robyn was probably trying before the move but wants the other wives to think she wasn't)

    I think she has already given birth and they just are not telling anyone because TLC wants the big reveal. (which I think is just stupid)

    Meri mentioned that she was right around her due date on Twitter a few weeks ago and no real mention has been made of it since. If she didn't have the baby yet, I am sure at least one of them would be tweeting or FBing that they were anxious about this baby getting here already.


  58. I am beginning to wonder about Robyn.
    When they went to see the boy/girl of the baby, she said she hadn't been to the Dr. yet, didn't she?

    If she WAS due on the 12th, it would of been a utah baby.
    Now it's beginning to look like a Nevada Baby.

    Goofball prob got her dates wrong.

  59. Anonymous said:

    "If she WAS due on the 12th, it would of been a utah baby.
    Now it's beginning to look like a Nevada Baby."

    Actually it could have been either. If it was due on the 12, she would have conceived right around the weekend of the move.

    Grosses me out that I am even thinking about when they conceived LOL

  60. I am ready for tonights show!!!
    Whoever sees it first, be sure to snark on here! LOL

  61. Wendy, I agree that she has prob already given birth and TLC wants them to keep quiet about it.

    To which I pointed out to Mr. Bargain Babe (lol) that they could have just not commented at all, but instead several of them have been on twitter or fb the last 2 days saying the baby has NOT BEEN BORN yet. A clear lie. That is what I have a problem with.

    Batman Brown--I'm Eastern time and will be here!

  62. Yesterday on the FB page, Robyn posted that she hadn't had the baby yet. That's possible. I was almost 2 weeks late with one of mine. In fact, I was at least a week late with 4 out of 5

  63. Great! I love to hear others snark before I see it!

  64. anony 7:26pm---yes being a week or two late is entirely possible. I was as well. But if Robyn is to be believed, she is actually FIVE WEEKS late (from her july post on twitter).

    No doctor worth his salt would let a woman be that overdue. The risk to the infant greatly increases.

  65. @Sissey...Remember, Robyn was Merri's idea! She met Robyn, introduced them and told Kody that she'd make a dandy 4th wife if he felt a connection with her. Before you can say AUB, Kody was a courtin Robyn! The rest is Sister Wives history.

    Every wife has had a problem with Robyn, especially Christine. She feels Robyn gets all the best that Kody has to share. Merri had problems with Robyn earlier on, but that was because Merri just wasn't feeling loved by her husband. I also hear Christine's caddy remarks about Robyn, especially when she say infers that Robyn's figure is something to envy...but really...she's too skinny! I'm calling BULLSHIT on Christine. You are plain, old fashioned jealous! And I don't blame you! It's the natural feeling any woman has when her husband is boinking another hot girl!!!! This whole polygamy is no fun when one wife looks more mainstream and less Little House on the Prairie. Right?

  66. They call us mean, but I see way too many reviews that aren't nice.


  67. They just announced all the wives' weights. *shock* ohmygosh.

    Then cut to scene on couch. Robyn says "Kody told me he likes curvy girls so it isn't like I've got some kind of upper hand in all this."

    Translation--"I'm skinnier than ALL YOU FATTIES."


  68. That was rotten to tell their weights IMO. Poor Janelle. Did they really have to do that?

  69. Poor Janelle. I was surprised how close Meri and Christine were in weight.

    Why is Robyn still nauseus? This episode is not making me like her any better.

    I'm between SW and WS (World Series- my Cardinals.) So if I post something that doesn't make sense, I am sorry.

  70. Can't say I blame Robyn's kids for not wanting to be part of all of that drama a la.... next weeks preview. They weren't born into that chaos

  71. What were their weights?
    Did they tell heights? That makes a big difference, too.

    Seriously, I can't believe they told that!

  72. Janelle-271
    Meri-213 or 214 (Don't blame her!)
    Robyn- 158

  73. They did not tell the heights, I agree it makes a difference.

  74. Oh, and Kody feels he can trust their trainer because he is a professional, and he trusts his wives. (gag)

    Once again, this show is so random. What was the deal with Danielle? It didn't explain anything or enlighten us-except for letting us watch Robyn eat like a snake. Why was Danielle on the show?

  75. Janelle-271
    Meri-213 or 214 (Don't blame her!)
    Robyn- 158

    WOW~~~~ I had no idea Meri was that big!
    273 - obscene.
    And Janelle is the shortest, I'd say she's 5'4 or shorter, Meri and Christine, what, 5"6 or 7?
    Robyn weighs 158, but very preggers-
    Although, my 5'8' daughter weighed 120 b/p, and only weighed 145 pregnant.

  76. Gosh, I feel skinny at 160 now. And no, not all were skinny when they got married.
    Christine and Janelle were pretty big for being young.

    I could kick Robyn in the teeth.

  77. Christine has had 6 kids, one recently, so she's done better than Meri and keeping her weight down.

  78. Kody was talking about how this trainer is a "professional" and he expects he will act in a "professional manner" and "I trust my wives" yada yada. You could tell Kody is a control freak and actually probably does NOT like his wives going to a trainer.
    They might start getting ideas. Like that they don't have to put up with his sorry butt.

    Also, as my dh said "[snort] dude. I don't think that trainer is interested in your wives. He's probably got some 20 yr old that weighs 110."

  79. I'm not sure how correct the weight and pants size actually are. I know someone who is 165, about Janelle's height, carries the weight the same yet is quite a bit smaller. Also the fact that Mary is 213 and a 14 is odd. Especially since she seems so tall.

    Finally are they really drinking voss water? Even when I am feeling indulgent and get a luxury water I don't buy that.

  80. Yeah, there was a lady I worked with that OBVIOUSLY weighed 30 lbs more than me. I was a 16 at the time, she swore she was a 14. Uh huh.
    What did the others wear?

    Yes, Robyn drinks Voss Water.

  81. http://www.okmagazine.com/news/does-sister-wives-kody-browns-ad-job-add

    You can vote on if you think Kody really makes good money or not.

  82. That trainer was a tool.

    I cannot believe Janelle is that big, and I'm surprised that they stated their weights on the show like that.

    I think Meri is a tall woman, but there's no way in HELL she's a size 14. She's obviously lying about that, which this family is getting good at doing.

    "I trust my wives"....jesuschrist. Really??? Kody is so full of himself and quite obviously insecure. I hope all of those women wise up and dump his sorry ass once their kids are older.

  83. I hope "KodysFavorite" comes and does a funny point dialogue like they did last show, that was a scream!

  84. Was that a mohawk on Hunter???

    That poor kid....he's going to be a handful.

  85. The personal trainer must be the first man in many years (maybe all of their lives) to listen and pay attention to the ladies. From the little bit of footage shown, I thought he cared, encouraged them, and is a whole lot easier on the eyes than the Kodster.

  86. We just saw all the women, what 4 wks ago on all the talk shows? I wonder when this trainer started? Can you tell?

  87. We need to pray for those children nightly, that they get out of this crazy religion. Sadly, probably at least 2 of the boys won't make it in, because only so many boys can.

    I just love the kids to pieces, except for (ducking) Mariah. She comes off as a big ole baby, and a little too uppidity for me.
    I bet she is a pouter.

  88. Who was Robyn talking about it that little snippet? her kids, or someone else?

  89. Me Mum tells me that's not a fair way to get your weight. You only get it after hours with nothing to eat or drink, hair and nails freshly cut, no shoes or socks, no jewelry, wearing nothing but a bunch of balloon strings tied to you.

  90. LOL!! You are too funny!

    What size did Janelle and Christine say they wore-

  91. The other wives didn't give their size.

    Tableturner--I think she was talking about her kids, how they can choose not to live with her. Meaning they probably can choose to go live with the ex husband (who is NOT AUB).

  92. as of last thursday Robyn was still very pregnant. Saw it with my own two eyes

  93. Going back to the pregnancy, Kody saying that they "waited" to try for a baby until they got to Vegas, will not go down well with his religious leaders. In AUB you're not supposed to "wait" or prevent babies from coming. Black mark Kody! Might slow you up from getting number five.

  94. Tell us where you saw her!! How did she look?

  95. I bet you if they wanted to live with their dad- she would NEVER see them.

  96. If Kody is paying more attention to Robyn right now -HELLO PPL - she's pregnant right now and needs a little extra support.

    OKAY, back to topic of conversation - the weight issue!
    I commend the sister wives for tackling their weight issues finally. The first 3 wives who are NOT pregnant are all over the 200lb mark. I'm rooting for you all the way.

  97. Anony 11:58-
    Yes, Robyn is pregnant. But that just made me think- where was Kody when Christine was pregnant, and had 5 kids already??? Out dating Robyn, 5 hrs away!

  98. They have very pretty faces for being that overweight. I am 5'6'' and I got up to 170 once, and my face blew up like a balloon. These gals don't have that. Well, maybe Janelle, a little.
    But Christine's face is thinner now than when she married Kody.

  99. PickledPolly you are right, she said on this show she was heavier when she married Kody!

  100. Did you see any nicely placed water bottles?

  101. 1. We can all agree those are some BRAVE women, to put their weight out there for all to see.
    2. I pray that Janelle loses weight, she has started to look sick to me. I feel for her, when I gain 10 lbs I can barely move, Don't know how she does it, she has to be miserable.
    3. Yet, isn't it sad, that TLC or whomever, thought this was a GOOD idea, with skinny Robyn around?
    4. Then it struck me... LIV International.... are these ladies having pressure put on them to lose weight, and then sell the product????
    5. Then, as usual, it would be the women doing all the work!
    6. I'm glad those Finite resources cam through (cough cough) for a personal trainer!
    7.Seriously, I am thrilled that my 3 favorite women get the chance to lose weight with help. You go gals, and beat the heck out of Robyn!!!!!

  102. Christine & Janelle was chatting tonight on KB fb page. A fan asked Christine how her weight loss is going. Christine replied that she does Weight Watchers + line of the Liv SXinney detox products (way to plug it) & that she hasn't lost a lot of weight yet only inches, but it's going great.
    Christine also said that Aspyn looks AMAZING now

    I'm super curious how they all look now, bc most of their recent photos looked airbrush!!
    Also I don't know how to do screen shots of FB or I would ...I'm not the only one on here who is their FB friend so maybe they know how ....lol

  103. What did Robyn say about her kids and living with thier dad? I guess I was so focused on the weight, I tuned out Robyn. I noticed Daton (Davidjr) did not go to Wyoming with the other boys. Was he with his dad?

  104. You know, if both these ladies weighed over 200 lbs (Janelle and Christine) which we know Christine did, prob Janelle too- when they got married, no wonder they don't think anything of the teen girls being pudgy. They've never had a time in their life when they were little and could flaunt it! Hopefully, they will have that chance!

    Mole, thanks for the info!!

  105. What did Robyn say about her kids and living with thier dad?

    (You know how editing is)
    She said something to the effect if they weren't happy, they couold go live with their dad.

    Which either meant- she was saying that to them......
    or something happened where they didn't feel a part of the family, therefore, Robyn was kinda complaining to another mother like, hey, I could lose my kids if they aren't treated better and feel a part of this family.

    That's the way I took it. Probably another drama over nothing. It was curious, though!

  106. Guess Solomon will be a Scorpio now instead of a Libra.....that is if they weren't lying about not having the baby yet ..

  107. UR welcome Rabbit :)

    I forgot to mention that Meri & Robyn didn't come on to chat tonight either.
    Also Christine mentioned she can't wait til baby Solomon gets here....
    Maybe she is finally going into labor...

  108. Meri lied about her size for sure. I weigh 178 and I'm 5'7". I wear a 16 or sometimes larger size. There is NO way she wears that size. No way. Even my husband was laughing like "No way" and he has no idea about fashion/sizes.

  109. I say *bullshit* to that too. No way.

  110. Don't know why they said it's time to start trying, I mean what in the hell were they doing on their 11 day honeymoon? Just "fooling around" & Robyn brushing Kodys straw??...lol
    Or is she required to use birth control & he a condom when it's not mating season??..lol I mean how exactly does that work?

  111. Robyn's kids...

    I mentioned it in an earlier post, but where is those kid's father??? I would have great difficulty with my children being in an enormouse pleural family.

    I think that one of her kids got their feelings hurt by one of the multitude of kids or one of the moms. I remember when Kody and Robyn were "courting." Robyn's kids were bratty and misbehaved. I do take into account that Dayton has autism, but the girls were just awful. So now they have more people telling them how to behave. I think we've all learned from 19 Kids and Counting that in these huge families, the older ones help in raising the little ones. Maybe one her kids is having a hard time following the rules and has their nose outta joint! Send in Robyn to accuse the other kids and/or moms of not being sensitive to her tender young ones!!!! Robyn uses her neverending parade of tears to send everyone on a guilt trip by saying "they can leave me at any time!!" OH NO!! Robyn needs more saving!!! In comes Kody to scowl and protect his youngest, newest, freshest wife. Kody will raise his finger of disapproval and make everyone make nice with Robyn's vulnerable, damaged children. AWWWW. Merri, Janelle and Christine will see the err of their selfish ways and see that their behavior (or their children's behavior) wasn't up to sister wives snuff- remember the meaning of the clodder rings? It will all end in a happy group hug!!!!

  112. It was announced on Facebook tonight that Robyn gave birth between the 15th and the 18th. I wish i knew how to take a picture of the comments

  113. Where on facebook was that announced? If thats true, that would make her a LIAR because she posted since then that she hadn't had the baby.

  114. Were never gonna hear their religious aspect either...

    Bill Hayes,president of Figure 8 Films, which produced "Sister Wives " for TLC, said placing the family's faith in the background was a deliberate decision made by the producers.
    "We decided not to go there b/c the story was more about their family, not about religion in any way shape or form "...

    Wow Kody really sold his & his family's soul to the devil in exchange for fame & fortune!!
    Also another free pass :/

  115. Ugghhhhh!!!!!
    Well someone is lying & something tells me it's KBF :/ What's the big freaking deal? I mean its not like it's the birth of Jesus!! Plus they're not A-list celebrities :/
    Doesn't look good for them either to keep mentioning the baby Registry esp if he is already here :/

  116. Anony 11:40pm
    Please Do Tell of ur recent preggers Robyn sighting ....

  117. No offense to that anon with the sighting, but it could be a troll. Meri .... size 14 really? Bahahaha. You're forgetting that there are many women who are watching who were a 14 at one time. I'm 5'7" and 160 at my heaviest and I had to buy a 14 on occasion.Meri my dear if you lie about things like that how can we believe you about anything else? Maybe you have a 14 top in your closet, but baby those jeans even the tight ones are no 14. These women could benefit from a 12 step program and stop living in denial land. Kody likes curvy women but would you call them curvy? I don't know I'm just over them. He wouldn't feel secure with hot wives, which is why I hope they have some success with weight loss

  118. Just saw the preview for next week and I 100% believe that Robyn is tearfuly threatening the family to be nice to her children because they can "choose to not live with her" if they are unhappy. Wasn't her husband a jerk though? If he's such a jerk why is he allowed visitation? What does it take to allow for a divorce in his particular branch of cult? What happened to cause a divorce but not keep the children away from him?

    I haven't even seen this week's episode yet, and here I am commenting on next week's overwrought drama.

  119. Wait a minute - I am confused. Didn't someone post yesterday that on facebook Robyn said she hadn't given birth?
    And now, she did days ago?
    Someone PLEASE get clips of that!
    What liars, they disgust me.
    Who do they think they are?

  120. http://sisterwivesblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/tlcs-lobbying-show-sister-wives.html

    The lobbying was on here in July.
    There's some great back articles in here!

  121. Hi Everyone,
    Man, some great conversations going on.
    I'd love for someone to clarify for me (list dates, what was said) on the Robyn baby thing.
    I would swear someone said yesterday she said she hadn't had it!!
    Also check the teens twitter, we can use some help here, it's just too darn busy -but we love it!

    If you can't get a snippet of it, maybe write it all down.
    Keep the conversation up, it's great!

  122. Soooo.... it was more important to the Browns... to file an legal affidavit this week and hawk LIV "Humanitarian" products............

    than to announce to the world their baby had been born?
    I almost feel sorry for Robyn.
    Maybe she's realizing this is the Kody show after all.

    I liked this show the best, till they had to ruin it with the "priest" if that's what you call her.

  123. Wow, Robyn lied on facebook about having the baby? wow

  124. Kody's AUB is not happy with him:

    Reactions to lawsuit

    Dave Watson, a leader of Brown's denomination, the Apostolic United Brethren said in August 2011, "No one has the right to go off half-cocked and take it upon himself to try to decriminalize plural marriage on the coat-tails of legislation passed on gay rights. ... Do I want to see it dragged through the courts and decriminalized as a result of the homosexual movement? I will not stand for it. The ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

  125. MS--on Oct 20th one of the teens tweeted that robyn had not had the baby yet. I have a screen shot of it.

    MOLE--how to do a screen shot. Open the website you want to take a shot of. Click ctrl+prt sc (control/print screen). The image will now be on your clipboard.
    Go to Microsoft Paint and open it up. Ctrl+paste and the image will be there!

  126. On saturday a fan said that Robyn posted they had not had the baby yet. Saturday was the 22nd.

    I hate liars. The fan said Robyn posted it on her fan page or the kbf page. I'm not friends and can't see it. Did take a screen shot of the fan's comment though.

  127. Too many contradictions here about the birth. Let's wait till we see the actual evidence. Someone may be messing with us.

  128. I agree FreeAnd Clear. I think the sighting could be a troll, etc. I guess I really could care less. I feel sorry for the little bugger tho.

  129. I have to give Meri a break for saying 14. I personally don't think it is possible given my experience and my friends. I think it was VERY brave of her to announce her weight. She had to know what it was beforehand because she had been coming to the gym before this episode.
    I'm sure the whole public weigh-in was Kody's idea. He probably was hoping they would loose alot of weight with thier new health drinks/detox program and then he would be able to add it too his marketing plan. I'm curious why we didn't get to see Kody on the scale? Was he busy working?? Even if he "thinks" he is the ideal weight, does he not need to get healthy. They made Robyn go and she was pregnant.

  130. I physically saw and spoke to Robyn on Thursday, October 20th at a local hotel in town, the family was there for the seminar thing they were particpating in.

    She was still very much pregnant at that time and I did overhear her telling someone she was dilating.

    I have also heard she was not present on Friday or Saturday for the seminar and they in fact changed Kody's speaking time on Friday due to Robyn being about to have a baby and him wanting to be by her side.

    Beyond that I do not know if she has had the baby since that time but if she was dilating it is possible she had the baby sometime Friday or this past weekend.

  131. Thanks for the update, anon above me. The baby conspiracy comments were getting on my nerves, lol.

  132. http://www.facebook.com/groups/174792135881081/
    So i guess the baby was born between the 15th and 18th and is doing fine. I WANT PICS!lol
    Like · · Follow Post · 11 hours ago

  133. You guys are SOoo critical! Whats is up with finding every little thing you can to pick on? OMG
    Why is it not ok for Kody Brown to take advantage of every opportunity available to him, to support his family?
    I suspect the ones that are the most critical are main stream LDS. They have a HUGE elephant in the room. They are practicing a religion that was BASED on polygamy, but they had to denounce it in order to be part of the United States of America. It amuses me that the main stream LDS has pictures of the ultimate polygamous Joseph Smith on every wall they can get him on LOL A couple episodes ago we saw "Ken the Mormon" Throw a dig a Kody every Chance he got. The Fact is that Kody has succeeded in emulating "Ken the Mormons" prophet for more Ken himself has. If Joseph Smith showed up in "Ken the Mormons’" living room with all his wives, do you think Ken would be throwing digs at him? Hell No!! He'd be on his knees begging for Joseph to lay his hands on his head and give him a blessing.
    In my experience If mainstream LDS knows you are connected to polygamy in any way they will persecute you to the grave. Hehehe that’s what was done to Joseph Smith literally.

    Final thought: Its wonderful to see a AUB family NOT living in poverty.

  134. Could be Pinesdale. But I am not LDS. Not FLDS. Not any religion connected with mormonism.

    To the anon poster with the fb links---I can't see them because the group is private. :( Can you copy and paste the comments?

    Another commenter just said that on the 18th someone posted on robyn's page congrats on the baby but that tlc wouldn't let them announce. So at least she wasn't 45 wks pregnant. But that does NOT explain or excuse the family's constant insistence SINCE the 18th that they had not had the baby.

  135. "Final thought: Its wonderful to see a AUB family NOT living in poverty."

    Why, do most AUB families live in poverty?

    What has this family done to celebrate their fiscal responsibility? They live off government assistance and bankruptcies, and not enough actual employment.

    It's pretty clear to me that polygamy is rarely a financially tenable situation.

    Last night on the Lisa Ling show they profiled a polygamist family. The father was a math teach and he had three wives and fifteen children. How is that possible on a teacher's salary? Obviously, he is counting on my taxes and yours to support his way of life.

  136. maddie brown JUST tweeted that there is no baby yet.

    curiouser and curiouser.

  137. To contradict their ludicrous lawsuit!!
    KBF will have to PROVE their case & so will the State of Utah, which they have plenty to. Help there case!!
    If we were just making this stuff up & just spewing garbage from our mouths w/o being able to backup it up, then yeah we'd be in the wrong & then people would be saying to prove it! But also everyone is entitled to their own opinions according to our 1st ammendment!!
    Honestly, if Kody has alwaysbeen taking care of his family w/o govt assistance & not defrauding the State of Utah to support their lifestyle & filing multiple bankruptcies w/ different wives then maybe so many folks wouldn't be fired up about them.

  138. Hey Piglet, you live your lives in ways guaranteeing poverty. Too many wives and kids. You take resources away from the rest of us by using welfare, food stamps, health care, and the like. You have to get rid of your boys, because there are too many of them for your lifestyle to support. Your way of life equals inequality for your women. And you have a problem with somebody "picking" on them? Boo hoo.

    BTW the FB or Twitter posters in the Brown family who first say the kid is here and then that he isn't have shown they already know how to lie out of both sides of their mouths.

  139. BTW Mister Sister I'm really glad U clarified TWOP bc I seriously thought it meant
    The Wives Other Page ........Hahaha :)

  140. Hey Pinesdale Plyg.....here's a quote from Miley Cyrus that seems appropriate
    " you can't stop people from talking about you, but you can stop giving them something to talk about"

  141. Hey border dog, I dont live my life guaranteeing poverty. I dont have too many wives or kids. Ive never used welfare, food stamps or gov paid health care. I have but one son, and one daughter.
    Hey Caramelbrown, There you go quoting the great prophet Miley Cyrus....ohh you got me. She has gods words cumming (heh) out of her mouth.

  142. Pliglet, there is a singular "you" and a plural "you" or general "you". Your post obviously started out with a complaint to almost if not all posters here because you said "you guys are SOooo critical..."

    We answered your question why it was not ok for KB to take advantage of everything to support his family.

    I answered in relation to your question about KB. I don't know why you then change it to being all about you. You must have a separate agenda and be looking for reasons to be offended and tell people You aren't collecting anything, when nobody said you were.

    Try to get with the program here. You can easily change everything around to being all about you so you can tell everybody you are SO persecuted. My foot.

  143. Wow Pinesdale piglet, I don't recall referring to Miley as a Great Prophet, just using a quote from her that seemed lie an appropriate & cordial response to U...

    Now if I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd just fart!!! ....hahahaha

  144. Pinesdale Pliglet

    We welcome you. Please don't use God and the C word in the same sentence here again. It made me cringe.

  145. non tradiional hubbyOctober 25, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    Please show some respect to others here.. they are allowed to voice thier opinions without being caleld names. good way to promote your beliefs by belittling others.

  146. I just wanted to say I am a big girl manly in muscle mass, my weight has changed from 180 where I was a size 12 to 220 where I was a size 13 to now at 275 were I am a size 18, you cant tell by weight what size paint ppl where,

    some ppl don't gain weight evenly, like me I have very skinny legs butt and thighs, all my wight is upper portioned so =P

  147. It is possible that Meri is a size 14 she does have a small waist compared to her hips and bottom. I am 5'3" and when I weighed 237 I was in a 16 and some 18's depending on the cut of the clothes. She has a relatively flat stomach (pouch) as well. I am more top heavy but I have a much bigger stomach (pouch).

  148. I havent been reading up on the show so I dont know whats going on. Is he still with all 4 wives or did Janelle leave? I only saw 3 of the wives in a pic where the new wife was pregnant.