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Monday, October 31, 2011

REVIEW!! S03E07: July 4th Rebellion

Cue the ominous music - Sister Wives is about to begin! You would think after three seasons I would know not to get too excited. But I always do. Major fail for me.

As Kody intones "Vegas is really hot on the 4th of July", we see Christine marshaling her brood outside to test just how hot it really is. Now as anyone who lives in a hot climate knows - we have to put up with all sorts of questions of just how hot it is. For example, if we say it was 118 degrees yesterday, invariably someone will wisecrack "But I bet it was a dry heat!" Or sometimes, people want to know how it feels to be so hot outside - and I tell them to turn their oven on 500 degrees. Wait a few minutes, then stick their head into the oven. THAT's how hot it feels.

But the proverbial "it's so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk", there is a defined way to go about that demonstration. Unfortunately, Christine's was not the way.

First, you put the egg directly on the sidewalk, not in a frying pan. And actually, I've heard opening the egg on the actual street tarmac is best because dark colored items retains heat better. Second, it has to be during the heat of the day, and trust me, if it were hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, you would not want to be outside, anyway. That's why air conditioning was invented. Third, if we are to believe the temperature shown on the thermometer, 98 degrees is simply not hot enough for this experiment to succeed. Major fail Christine.

I'm thinking, if this is any indication of what this episode is going to be like, this is going to be an excruciating half hour.

As Kody continues, the heat is "...just o' pressive. So we're gathering the family. We're gonna get out of this heat...we're hitting Big Bear Lake in California!"

What is it about Kody that he always needs to be running away from something? He ran away from the "o' pressive" law enforcement in Utah. Now he's running away from the "o' pressive" heat in Nevada.

Kody, it's beginning to look like a pattern.

But first, we find out Christine's eight year old daughter Ysabel is moving in with Meri. Yep, seems like one the "perks" of polygamy is you can farm off your kid to another sisterwife. Of course, Christine gives the reason as Ysabel just doesn't respect her. And Shit for Brains (SfB) Kody thinks "its the funniest thing..." that Ysabel doesn't respect her mother. Thank goodness Christine did interrupt SfB Kody by saying "IT IS NOT THE FUNNIEST THING!"

So Christine, whose idea was it for Ysabel to move in with Meri?" Oh really, it was SfB Kody's , huh? And you listened. Wow. Christine, who's older, you or the eight year old? Major fail #2, Christine.

And I will choose to ignore your statement that maybe Ysabel was meant to be Meri's child not yours. On second thought, I can't ignore it. Major fail #3 Christine.

Shut up, SHUT UP SHUT UP ROBYN!! Dear Lord, that woman is insufferable! Blah blah blah...why don't we call them BONUS CHILDREN when Kody says "there is technically not a coined term for another mother's children." I rather like Meri's short response "I always refer to them as my kids". 'Nuff said. Now get back on your broomstick and fly away, Robyn! And take SfB Kody with ya!

 Robyn lays out her evil plan to prevent Meri from having to suffer empty nest syndrome by having her daughter Breanna move in with Meri, too. Holy cow. Meri, run away now! Because if you don't, YOU will be taking care of Kody's and Robyn's BONUS CHILDREN. Run like the wind and don't look back!

 Meri's most memorable words this episode (and probably this season) were spoken to the camera..."Do you like how they're talking about me like I'm not even here?". No Meri, we don't like it at all. Major fail #1 for not standing up for yourself.
Good gracious, when is the road trip going to start? We're only ten minutes into this episode and it seems like it has been on for hours. I want to see tires blowing, engines blowing and Kody leading the pack in his "old" $60K (when new) Lexus sportscar. Haha, SfB Kody makes a funny and calls his sports car his 5th wife. I guess he's relegated his hair to 6th wife status.

Did I tell ya'll that when I was in 5th grade, my Girl Scout troop camped out at Big Bear? And I got my camping badge? And that I hated EVERY SINGLE SECOND including the campfire which the troop leader had to put out because the forest ranger told her there was a fire warning and only fires for cooking were being allowed and the forced hike we had to make the next day.

 I can really relate to the teenagers - I mean, they aren't even getting a badge out of this torture, so what's the point?

Is there a Stupid Motorist Law in Big Bear? They need one, cause driving those cars into water like that was just plain stupid. And who takes a damn sports car on a camping trip, anyway?

Why didn't Janelle put the plate down and just drive Hunter et al to the lake so they could fish instead of making him wait? What was the point?

Logan doesn't like being called Johnny Appleseed
And Hunter calling Logan a Johnny Appleseed. Is this how the teenagers of polygamist fight? Your mother smells of elderberries and wears army boots! Take that!

Breanna crying...Again

Good grief Breanna. Come on, we all know you take after your mother, who can cry at the drop of a hat. Well, pretend cry.

Who can forget this child boohooing last season because someone pulled her hair? This episode it's someone hitting her in the eye. Next week it'll be someone stepping on her foot. Whatever.

Nice show of support by the sisterwives for Meri actually doing what a parent should do - discipline their children. I expect inaction from Robyn and Kody - but Christine and Janelle? Major fails for Christine and Janelle. Christine you are now on probation.

For those of you wondering why I haven't given any major fails to Robyn and SfB Kody. It's simple. They failed the program a long time ago.

Robyn, no one believes your fake crying anymore. Yeah, like you are so worried your children will want to leave you. The only saving grace is we see Robyn make yet another face, one that will cement her position as the sister wife most likely to look like a witch when she grows older. Wow, sometimes words just can't describe....

Your Thoughts?


  1. Cry Me a Robyn RiverOctober 31, 2011 at 11:06 PM

    she looks like she's missing a corn cob pipe.

  2. I'd like to know why sfbRobin is so worried about losing her kids, yet will ship her kids off to others at the drop of a hat?! I haaaaaaaaate Robin. I'm actually impressed with Hunter, he showed a lot of self restraint by making snide comments instead of doing what he wanted to do and scream "I haaaate you"! To Kody and Robin at the top of his lungs.


    That was so great!
    ""And Hunter calling Logan a Johnny Appleseed. Is this how the teenagers of polygamist fight? Your mother smells of elderberries and wears army boots! Take that! ""

    I know, I about died! Let me tell ya, I have teens every single nite after school, mine, friends, we're the hang after school place. And never in my life would i hear something like that out of their mouths!

    Breanna cried at the wedding, too, remember when they were taking pictures.

    Baby talking Robyn did me in this episode. I wanted to shoot her.

    This is excellent. Let me soak it in and laugh alittle!!LOL

    SFB. Good one.

    Those cars! God, that had to hurt the Toyota.

    As usual, you've outdone yourself!!!

  4. I kinda wonder if she WANTS to lose the kids. She is sure planting the seed in their head.

    She wants to dump them somewhere!
    Dad's Meri's, whomever.

  5. I noticed that all of the women wear a long sleeve t-shirt under all of their clothes. It looks ridiculous, especially in the heat of Las Vegas. What is the deal with that?

  6. That picture of the "egg" made me think of some things-
    1. Shouldn't you leave the egg outside to warm up a bit and do it on the pavement?
    2. myvegaslife said it was raining and cooler 4th of July.
    3. If you were going to do this for your TV show, would you not be smart enough to TRY it out first, read online, etc.?

    I think they are whack - and the teens are smarter than they are.

  7. BreanaaWaannaaWhineNovember 1, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    Let me ask you this.
    Did one parent say - awww, hunter is chomping at the bit to so fishing! Let's let them get on out of here. Heck no!
    There is no care or sensitivity in that parental group, and I am disappointed in Meri for sucking Robyn's shit up; to Christine for seemingly forgetting her religious aspects; and for Janelle for staying with this group of hoodlums.

    GREAT JOB CYNICAL JINX. I see you left your name on the tree when you were there ha ha.

  8. I really loved when meri was yelling at the kids and SfB kody was just standing there. My husband usually makes himself scarce when I watch SW, but he happened to be sitting next to me when this part came on. He started laughing at the look on SfB kody's face and, mocking kody, said, "Uh no. Looks like you got this one. Yup. I'll just let you handle this on here. I'm gonna go check my hair. Yup." it was both hilarious and accurate.

  9. LMAO!!... I have to rely on this blog & YouTube lil bits to stay caught up w/ SW bc I'm not able to watch it!! :/
    So I do notice Logans hair is starting to look like daddy dearest, double yikes...lol Someone get them the # to SUPERCUTS studio bc they give FREE haircuts & style every 2 wks!! Well @least here in OKC they do ...
    So, I'm completely over R & K (gag me w/ a credit card & stick me in layaway!! :)
    But I'm totally curious about the Johnny Appleseed comment...can someone plz help me out & set up the teens conversation in text? I'd really appreciate it :)
    Yep I'm on board w/ ya'll about the Robyn conspiracy theory that she's tryna pawn her kids on Meri :/ ....maybe someone should send her a Twitter message about our theory!!...lol. Wake up Meri, ur slowly becoming a Foster parent....

  10. Logan was yelling at Hunter telling him he was disrespectful.

    Hunter shot back- ok Johnny Appleseed!
    Or something to that effect, I didn't really get it either!

    You can watch this on itunes or download it on pirate bay(if you have a handy teen to help you)!!

    I have a husband that kinda would stand there like that a bit-if I were to take over the discipline; however he was very good on his own. BUT, when she (Meri) asked for backup- whew- and got none- I bet she hated them all!!!

    It's a wonder strung out Logan didn't yell GO MERI!

    Although, no talk of BABY TALK, CJ?
    I thought for sure you would hammer that one.

  11. Meri is a dumbass. She should of found a way to wrangle a new car, not a "sleepover" for a psare bdrm furniture!

  12. Well I missed this episode cuz I had to take me mum to the ER where she spent 6 hrs doing nothing. But she wants to know if they went camping, why weren't they fishing (or hiking or off-roading etc) and why were they instead messing around with makeup. That's not the usual thing to go camping for. Me mum hates to camp, and like to stay in a hotel on the edge of town when we do herding trials. My dad likes camping and is welcome
    to do so. After a hard day of work, I'd as soon stay with me mum at the hotel. No way do we head out of town to practice makeup. How rude.

  13. Thanks old lady :)
    Now I'm curious about the nauseating baby talkN R...what did she say??
    Hey BC, ur mom & I would so get along bc I do The exact same thing...getting a hotel on edge of town...preferably one w/ pool & free breakfast...lol. My husband,son & my son's friends (which by the way they call me mom & a lot of the HS kids do too, bc I'm involved & around alot).
    Every summer, we set up camp @ Cheyenne&Arapaho Indian Nation powwow campground...my husband has a pretty cool luxury tent which is ok during the day but @night after the powwow dance contests, I generally retire to my hotel room. I've had a couple of back surgeries, &so that's my excuse!!...lol

  14. She talked like a little freakin baby mimicking Breanna saying "I wanna go to Meri's too!"

    (so she got rid of one kid)

  15. I hate camping too. One time I went to Bodega Bay with my middle school and it was awful. We were gone for 3 days. I ended up almost having an asthma attack on the nature walk the second day that was really just a hike uphill that I wasn't preapred for and all the adults were so very rude to me because I 'ruined' the walk. Then on the way down I sprained my ankle something awful and ended up limping the last day at the ocean, which was my whole point in going on the trip, hobbling around trying to look at starfish. Again none of the adults cared and I was called a drama queen. So the Brown teens must've been bored out of their skulls. People also tend to get so evil when they're in the wilderness and from what I saw of the Browns little vacation tensions were high yet again. I can't believe Kodester tried to say Ysabel butting heads with Christine is funny. What a jerk. I bet if he had to put up with that everyday he'd be annoyed too. I didn't quite understand why Breanna went to live with Meri other than Robyn needing free babysitting. Gotta make room for baby Soloman. Meri should've whipped out the switch on all those kids. Someone needs to do it. Poor Janelle couldn't break away from her plate to discipline Hunter. I thought she was going to choke on her food trying to yell at him. Here's to next weeks episode!

  16. Meri is no fool.
    She's not going to take on any of those kids in real life.

    Then Robyn will realize Meri's house is his safe haven. Let's cross our fingers on that!
    Don't let Robyn have her way!

  17. ""Cry Me a Robyn River said...
    she looks like she's missing a corn cob pipe.""


  18. What do they expect with 17 kids?
    PLEASE Mine get in a fight in the car going to the grocery store.

    She MAY have been pestering him to know end and he blew.
    OR, he may have been pestering her- but it happens daily.
    Look around, that's no monster, that's life.

  19. Robyn needs some reconstructive surgery done on that lower jaw, it is seriously malformed. And a nose job. Maybe a personality transplant.

  20. Well let's see.
    Robyn kinda showed her manipulative side tonight, didn't she? Poor Meri is so dumb. I swear.

    Kody, (don't shoot me) I have decided, is not all to blame here.

    You've got 4 moms that do all the work. (Well, really 2 but-) They don't even EXPECT Kody to do any parenting, planning, anything! IF they would band together and say HEY! Get your shit together and help me here! (Which is what Janelle should of said) Maybe he would parent more. Men are lazy if you let them be, face it.

    Makeup on a camping trip? Aren't those the girls you hated in high school?

    Baby talk-cringe for life. she thinks she's cute when she does that. unreal.

    Love Kody called Hunter a monster, when he did not even TALK to the boy. Nice, real nice.

    I see some things happening that I think are planned. Everyone seems to have a problem, all stemming from the move. Who's turn next week? I think there is more than meets the eye, I am shocked no one else does. Maybe I am wrong.
    I guess next week it's, Mykelti's turn?

    A whole room makeover for a one night "MOVE" IN? How staged was that?
    Hell if that was me, I would of bought a car first, Meri. I side with MS on that one.

    I would assume that Toyota or Honda Christine drove (Janelle's car?) will bit the dust having water come out of the hood. Nice. real nice.

    I want to see Janelle and Christine blow the shit up and finally say they are pissed!

  21. My husband watched with me Sunday, and his comment about Robyn was, "She's awfully manipulative, isn't she?"


    I've got to give Janelle a pass at the campground, eating while Hunter was complaining. My theory is that Janelle made breakfast for everyone so she was eating later than the rest while Logan cleaned up.

    That Kody is a lazy SOB, for sure.

  22. Who takes big mirrors camping with them? I think they must have belonged to the TLC make-up crew. I imagine Kody is drawn to shiny mirrors and will look in one any chance he gets. He's such a narcissist!

  23. I am new to this what is sfb Kody? If you look at Christine when she is talking to Ysabel about going to Meri's you can see the sadness in her face. Also when you see her leave her at Meri's the love she has for her daughter, maybe this will help, why not? Ysabel unlike Breana ( please excuse all name spellings) has known Meris since birth and as amother mother in her life, maybe she does have a connectrion with her. Maybe she will miss her mom who knows, but I did see some true emotion from Christine. Robyn's view came across as minipulative and kniving. Why does there have to be some plan from her when the real plan was to help Ysabel? Robyn comes across so immature and selfish. HER MOTTO SHOULD BW: HOW CAN IT BE ALL ABOUT YOU WHEN IT's ALL ABOUT ME? and that my friends is what Hunter and the others are having a hard time accepting her.

  24. I think these episodes should backfire in their faces. How can anyone think they are sensitive parents?

    they adults are always jockeying for position with Kody. Well 3 are. Poor Janelle never seems to even try or care. BUT, she seems worn out and lonely. I'd like to see Kody sex her up!

  25. Hi Caramel Brownie: I feel your pain! I couldn't watch Sister Wives either, but I've found a link where you cán watch them for free and without membership!

    Here it comes: http://www.tv-links.eu/

    Just search for sister wives, and you get all the episodes. I've been catching up this last week.

    I hope this works for you.

    And I loved the snide review! Thanks.

  26. I think Hunter has more maturity than Meri and Robyn put together. They were grossly inconsiderate for keeping the others waiting to act like silly teenagers putting on makeup and giggling like twelve-year-olds.

    I couldn't help but wonder why Meri didn't get both sides of the story before going off on a rant. Breanna, if fact, makes ME want to hit something. And why didn't she just take the two children involved aside rather than make a scene in public with cameras rolling?

  27. Anyone notice that Janelle's car is waaaaayyyy worse off than Meri's. Rusted door and missing hub caps. What I wonder is why these moms dont all have vans and at least two of them (Janelle and Christine) a full sized van. With a large family I would think that you would want to be able to pack as many rear ends into one vehicle to save on gas a you could. I can understand having one or two cars to save on gas for errands around town and all those teens with drivers liscense would want to drive. Gosh I just dont get it. They could put all the teens in one and all the adults and little ones in the other. I bet the teens would like that!

  28. Great review!

    Robyn gets worse with each episode. Really Robyn, you expect your ex husband to continue to pay you child support when you broadcast on national tv that you sent your daughter to live with someone else??? Don't worry you won't have to wait until your kids are 13 in order to pick what parent to live with because your ex will have been awarded custody of them long before then. She is digging her own grave.

  29. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyNovember 1, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    thanks, cynical jinx for another great post!

    The posts about Christine saying her daughter should have been born to Meri are spot on. She should not have said that. That was just wrong on so many levels, as are so many things on this show. It's hard to single one thing out, but that was really a doozy!

    The posts about Robyn crying one minute about losing her kids to their Dad, and gleefully shipping them off to Meri's the next are just bizarre. Any one who doubts Robyn's true motivations should think about that.

    I have to disagree with the posts about Meri being wrong to yell at the kids in the parking lot. I know this may not be a popular opinion.....BUT, I actually found that scene to be the most true to what reality television should be. Think about it....they were all on vacation spending all that time trapped together. Hunter was grouchy, the kids were probably whining, poking each other, Meri now practically lives alone and she just reached a breaking point. She snapped and let them have it. I've had some not so great parenting moments and I was actually relieved to see her have an honest reaction. To pull the kids aside and talk to them off camera, isn't reality to me. Not everyone lives in harmony like the Duggars or the Browns sliding down a hill on ice blocks.

    It was probably the only time I have actually related to a Sister Wife. That, and wanting a Sister Wife to watch the kids so I can go on second honeymoons with my husband! :)

  30. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyNovember 1, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    I should clarify above .....the posts about Robyn and her kids are not bizarre. Robyn is bizarre. The posts are spot on! Sorry!

  31. I just watched the episode on On Demand. Frankly, I wish I had that 22 minutes back. Has TLC just completely given up on this show? The drama is ridiculously manufactured and the scenarios are so construed, it is just boring, with a capital B.

    Regardless, I had a few thoughts - Robyn is now beyond manipulative. What would have made great TV? If during her fake boo hoo fest, one of the other sister wives would have said "not buying it bitch". Or when Kody is sitting there at the end like a deer in headlights, someone should start voicing over the Homer Simpson "D'oh!".

    Still wishing I had the 22 minutes back.

  32. The kids were really suffering in this one, I feel so bad for them.

    Christine sounds like a complete airhead. And yes, it does make you a bad mom to pawn off your kid on someone else and then say that it should have been her kid all along. WTF????

    The egg thing works, but it has be dark asphalt. That's like a metaphor for their whole life. Just Google it or look it up or something. Instead they just get some crazy idea, half-ass it, fail, blame someone else, and waste finite resources.

  33. I just noticed Robyn looks like that black and white puzzle thing where it's a vase or a lady. Or a Robyn, I guess.

  34. Can i get a 5th Helping now Please?November 1, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    it also has to be hotter than 98 degrees as it showed on their thermometer. wusses.

    we had record breaking 110+ for 3 months straight w/humidity. and we're not even in the desert.

    and yes, it gets 98 degrees in utah in the summer. why were they carrying on about it. they should have been mentioning that it was a record COOL Vegas 4th.

  35. GoGoji - yes, like someone said - she's missing her corn cob pipe. i wish someone could photoshop one in. lol

  36. OMG !! I am sooo happy I found this blog! You all crack me up!! And for the record I cannot stand Robyn either ;)

  37. So glad to have found this blog. Now I can stop talking about this show to my real-life friends...who totally don't care at all. Haven't seen this week's episode yet (sad) but wanted to share a few thoughts:

    First- Robyn. I'm really surprised that her ex hasn't come forth at all to try and get his kids. Maybe he's in worse shape than she is; who knows.

    I've always been sketch about Robyn because her entry into the family was timed so well with the show going on air. Maybe this has been discussed ad nauseum here- but I can't help but wonder if someone suggested to Kody that adding a new wife would really make the show good.

    Christine- She's an airhead but had exactly the life that she wanted (I really think she's sincere) while they were living in Utah. I feel like producers feed her lines a lot hence some of her crazy comments.

    Janelle- It doesn't seem like Kody even sees her as a wife anymore- more like a drinking buddy (not that they drink) or a brother. That said, her children seem the most normal of all.

    Meri- She's also not the brightest, and I always get the sense that she and Kody are most on the same page where the family is related. I hope Robyn doesn't run her into the ground.

  38. Right on Goji! You know, I can't even look at the review pictures without losing my mind! Just the pics of the jalopy and the fifth wife are priceless though.

    The more I watch Janelle, the more it comes across to me that she is living a familiar lifestyle rather than a religion. She just wants to be settled IMO.

    The corn cob pipe comment seriously made me lol in the early morning hours while my house was still dark and quiet haha.

    Friends, why can't I get over Kody's Lexus? In fact, now knowing of the food stamps and multiple bankruptcies, it bothers me more and more. Why do the bird brains tolerate it? Do they realize how ridiculous it looks for the caravan to have a car janelle was driving and a Lexus 2 seater in the same family and the jalopy is driven by the wife? Nothing against old cars but it bugs me to no end!!!

    And don't you think for a minute the TLC camera crew just accidentally caught Kody shaking out his doo inthe mirror. Just think what these guys filming see and hear.

  39. I read CJ's review in bed last nite with my husband softly snoring (at that point!) beside me. That is until I nearly split my sides open laughing!

    OMG, you nailed it! And the screenshots are priceless! Love the one of SFB Kody!


  40. Not sure if you can actually fry an egg on the street in Vegas during the heat of the summer. But you can on a construction site.

    A group of construction workers tried this one August. Cracked it on one of the steel beams and it cook in a matter of minutes.

    Some where there is a video of it. It was funnier than anything as they then proceeded to try and cook a wide array of things on the beam.

  41. Does anyone have a job yet? How do they afford to take trips when none of them are working? How does Kody afford his $60,000 Lexus and a personal hairstylist? Also, does he not realize Farrah hair went out in the 70's?

  42. Personally, I found it abusive of Janelle to tell Hunter to go put makeup on if it bothered him so much that Meri and Robyn were doing each other's makeup.

  43. Completely not on topic, but is BC's mum okay?

  44. Border Collie's MumNovember 2, 2011 at 3:46 AM

    Why so nice of you to notice I wasn't on. Have not looked at the episode yet. Will online sometime soon. Scratched my cornea, don't see so very well most of the time, but don't hurt as bad as Sunday. Never would go to ER if not for pain. 6 hours. I hate it. Actually a little less than that but then had to go to 24 hr pharmacy so was gone for 6 hrs. The dr they told me to go see isn't in my "plan" and haven't been able to get another referral yet. Have lots to---very ill husband I take to dr up to 5 times a week. I don't have the time to put up with BS dr appt for myself. Missed Glee tonight, got to watch that online cuz it has a kid about 18yrs old from Ireland who travels part time with the Celtic Thunder group. He's super, as is the rest of the group.

  45. Hope things get better BC MUM

  46. Border Collie's MumNovember 2, 2011 at 5:01 AM

    Thanks so much anon, and bless you.

  47. wow, BC'Mum - take care. your plate is def full. my prayers and thoughts are with both you and your ill husband. XO

  48. That's goes for me too BC's mum. So sorry and hope all things settle down soon. Bless you and your family:-)

  49. Sorry to hear about your eye BC's Mum. Did that myself in college and it hurt like a bugger. Take care of yourself. You can't look after hubby with no eyes. I'll be sending good thoughts your way

  50. Scratched cornea, yikes! Get better!

  51. BC's mum - Take care of yourself! Thoughts and prayers headed your way.

  52. NoBaby Yet, Vegas?

  53. Great Review, Cynical Jinx!!
    You are the BEST!!!!

  54. I think what was oncea normalas you can be in polygamy- family----

    Has lost their damn mind over money andfame.

    And look like fools.

    GREAT Post, CJ!

  55. Border Collie's MumNovember 2, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    Thanks so much all of you for your support. It really was completely unexpected and so very nice of you. You will never know how much it means to me. Love to all.

  56. I absolutely love this blog!

    What I found most telling was that when Hunter was getting upset that Meri and Robyn were putting on their makeup, Janelle told him to "...respect the adults."

    Why isn't she referring to the adults as parents?

  57. I have a burning question, and don't know exactly where to ask, so I hope I'll be indulged here.

    Is the SW facebook page a gathering place for members of some weird Brown sub-cult? Seriously, so many of the posters gush over them, some even going so far as to call Robyn "sweet." I love being called a "hater" for thinking they're a train wreck! Just wondering if it is somehow orchestrated or if there are really that many oblivious people in the world.

  58. You have to be a Brown lover on there- say one thing "off" and they delete you!

  59. So just watched this episode!!!!WOW!!!

    As an adult I would be annoyed if it was 10am and we were still waiting to go do something like fishing,thats a good portion of your day gone.Dont blame Hunter at all!!!!

    And good on Meri for telling the kids off!I get where Christines coming from,not wanting other mums disciplining her kids,but she wasnt going to do it thats for sure.Well done Meri,good to know someones trying to instill some values in those kids.

    I laughed when Kody said 'Im at a loss as what to do with my kids,just like a million other parents" ....Ummm not many parents have 17 kids AND 4 'wifely' relationships to maintain.

    And what the heck does 'Johnny Appleseed' mean???

    Love this review!Spot on

  60. I think Hunter was kinda making a jab at Logan for following dad's footsteps into polygamy.
    The Urban Dictionary states a popular definition of a "Johnny Appleseed" involves a man who sows his "seed" with lots of different women. (check out the Urban Dictionary definition... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?...ohnny+appleseed

  61. I just want to say, I think Hunter is so darn cute. The kid just doesn't fit in, doesn't like the arrangements, probably can't stand Robyn. PLEASE, PLEASE, some relative or friend from Utah or Wyoming take the kid out of this awful arrangement before something terrible happens.

  62. Cry Me a Robyn RiverNovember 3, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    I'd adopt Hunter and Madison in a heartbeat! they're so ready to get the hellouta dodge!

  63. Anon-thanks for the urban dictionary info about johnny appleseed. That is totally what Hunter was getting at!! I love that kid!

  64. My teenage nephew watched this show (without vomiting, bless his heart). He said Hunter sounded like he watches a lot of wrestling because that's the way they yell at each other. *shrug*

    I still don't get the Johnny Appleseed reference, but my teen expert said they throw in random names as insults all the time.

  65. I missed half of this episode. Can someone tell me, WHO'S tent did Kody sleep in?

    I mean I DOUBT he was good enough to sleep in the boy's tent right?

  66. As much fun as it is to make fun of Breanna for crying, can we really blame her?

    I mean seriously... her mom is ROBYN. It's bad enough that nature dealt you that card but then out of the blue your new dad is a balding-yet-long-haired-we-are-laughing-at-you-not-with-you polygamist?!

    Poor child, I don't think I'd stop crying.

  67. ModernWife has a point.

    About the egg on the sidewalk. Even I, (NOT someone from a "hot" state) knew you should put it ON the sidewalk. And then wait. It won't like magically turn into cooked egg. They dumped it in the pan and then were immediately like "oh nothing."

    Was that just all of them being ignorant or was TLC purposely making them look like fools?

    And along those lines, boy what I wouldn't give for a camera man or producer to write a tell all book! I rarely buy a new-release (I wait for cheaper paperbacks, used. On amazon) but THAT I would buy!

  68. That's interesting. I wonder if the Camera men-women have to sign an agreement?

  69. I wonder if Robyn & Sol are still getting to ride in Kodys car? ...lol
    Bc today when I leaving my neurologist appt I seen a Lexus just like his & although it appears as a 2 seater there is actually a small back seat too!! I'm sure Mrs. Manipulative will have her way :/

  70. we saw him stick a couple of his older kids in the back seat of the Lexus on Season 1 when he was driving down to date Robyn. He took them with him to "chaperone" his dating her. which really amounted to them babysitting her kids.

  71. and who knows why no kids can ride with him and Robyn now in it. other than none of them ever want to.

  72. Good recap, but making fun of a child crying is pretty low.

  73. Burnt Toast - Still no baby. We had a false alarm this morning, I got my hopes up and then NOTHING... Too bad. Starting to feel like Robyn. This baby is just way too comfortable where she is. Maybe it's something in the Vegas water. LOL.

  74. Sue - i agree. i feel sorry for all those kids and of course they are emotionally needy. i would think Robyn's would be worse than any of the rest of them in that dept.

    however, i think Meri handled the whole soapbox lecture thing wrong and seems to have been coming from an emotionally needy place herself. she earned absolutely no respect from the teens on that one.

    But i guess TLC is grasping at straws for drama moments and that one was ripe. the show is really pretty boring at best and stressful at worst. i don't sit glued to it like i did first season. it's just a bad train wreck now with a lot of innocent children openly wounded and no one seems to notice or care.

  75. I have to say that I feel sorry for Robyn's kids after watching this episode. They are NOT biologically related like the other kids are. They are essentially "steps". Anyone who has tried to blend children from other parent knows the difficulty in this. Robyn's kids are clearly outsiders and will be treated that way for some time. I also felt bad for Kody when he talked about how difficult raising teens can be. He has a LOT of them, and I feel for him cause I know personally that it can be really hard.

  76. Anony, I agree. But we notice the kids. I think that's why we are all here.

  77. Loved the recap CJ. Also loved the images. Can you get a video clip of the Robyn baby talk? That was so horrific. I was actually looking at Kodouche to see if he was horrified, but his face remained neutral. She can do or say no wrong in his eyes!

    Kodouche clearly should have gotten up early and taken the kids fishing at dawn when the fish are biting. Duh. He is the biggest douche of a father I've ever seen. He likes making babies because it gives him an ego boost - it's an f-trophy if you will. But fathering is not his strong suit.

    I live in Texas and I thought everyone knew to fry an egg on the sidewalk you put it directly on the sidewalk, not in a pan. Duh. We had something like 95 days of over 100 degree weather this year.

  78. If I ever have time, I will start making video clips! need to get some help on that!
    IF any of you know how to take a clip from a video, holla!

  79. How do you put a picture on your posts like Mister Sister & Bargain Babe?

  80. Massengill -

    You need to make a gmail acct. (google mail)

    Then you can make a acct to post on blogs with, and add a picture1

  81. Why is it necessary for Kody to take his two-seater car on family outings. What could be the purpose? Cargo space? No. Extra seating? No. Big K doesn't have to ride with the kids? Maybe.