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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's in a name.... "Sister Wives" "Kody Brown" "Robyn Brown"

What's in a name....
Well, one little fact is that is why you have all the "sons" at the end of a name.... 
Johnson (John's son), for way back when, there were so few people they didn't need 2 names.  NOW, the surname brown means (Quite Shockingly)
Brown is generally a descriptive surname (nickname) referring to the color of the individual's complexion or color of hair.
What is shocking is  if Kody's family came from a "brown" complexion- that would be a kicker, now wouldn't it? They are all awfully blonde... just sayin...

With a first name, you can kill a kids self esteem for life, or give them a name every class will have 15 of. Or, you can get so unique, in 20 yrs everyone will be looking at you twice. Apple? Really?

So what is the new pitter-patter of little feet going to have to put up with, besides that gaggle of family already set up for him or her, or that pie jaw smiling at you all the time.
What ya gonna call that kid?

With the seemingly simpleton crying mom and the self-absorbed egomaniac male donor, this should be pretty simple. Do you think they will surprise us? WE played this once before- but this one sticks, lets see if we have a winner. And yes, you can put down a name if that's what you TRUELY heehee thought of beforehand. Pretty simple, you can add later, more than one, we don't care! Just be HONEST - -and not add a good one you SAW on here.

My Boys name is Kody Winn... or maybe spelled KoDee since I believe her step dad's name is Dee, I haven't decided the girls yet, it hasn't stuck me, but it will be on here before the show Friday. I am mulling. KoDee could be a girl, too, I guess.  Oh! I got another , KOBYN!!! IDK, they may be my girl's names, too. I am playing with Winnie.

Hey, we can make up some really silly ones just for fun.
Seriously, babies are a joy, well, most of them are, and we're just playing, so no one get their diapers in a bunch.

Isn't this cute?



  1. Yep, Kody Winn is my choice too cuz I picked Robyn having a boy. But if it is a girl, her name should be Kodeine in honor of Heroine of Paris.(sorry, couldn't resist)

  2. Boy - Kody ?
    Girl - Kierston ('cause all her girls names are hard to pronounce)

  3. Boy - Konner Robert
    Girl - Cherish ?? or Shereche (weird spelling for Cherie that french sounding name.)

  4. Boy - Ezekial Winn
    Girl - Solina (for soul mate)

  5. I think the name Dove is very pretty for a little girl. I am not good with boys names. I named my one and only son Bruno and crossed by fingers that he would like it and to this day he LOVES it. The name Bruno means brown as well.

  6. Boy, Kody jr.
    Girl, KoDee.

  7. Boy -Lucas Kody
    Girl - Summer, or January - Summer for when they met, january for conception.

  8. Boy - Chance Winn
    Girl - Cherish

  9. Boy - Koby
    Girl - Celestyn (Heavenly)

  10. All good! I haven't made my pick to put up for girls, I have a little list, just not sure.
    You know, Celestyn actually would fit her girls hard to say name rule- but would they dare? I'd love it!
    If you haven't better get your choices in before babytime!

  11. Boy - Kody
    Girl - Angelica

  12. Boy - I'll be weird and go Robert Winn (Robyn-Robert)
    Girl - something icky sweet-about love-

  13. KODAK


    KOROB (they believe in Joseph Smith's revelation that God resides on a planet called Kolob so, i'm changing it to KOROB for a play on words plus combining Kody and Robyn's names. so clever, huh! lol )

    or for maybe something completely different - LEHI in honor of the home they were persecuted and chased out of and had to move "during the middle of the night."

    KORA for a girl.

  14. girls again:

    or Korinne or Koral or Koralee .... ok, you get my drift.

  15. OMG that is a hoot c c !!!!!!!!
    KOROB! KOTEX! I love it, GREAT!!!!

  16. Boy - Findley
    Girl - Daisey

  17. i admit i made myself laugh, MS. glad i made you laugh, too! i think even the Browns would laugh about KOROB.

  18. funny, c c, and Annie, I love the name Bruno.
    I like the name Rocco, too.

    Girl - Deliliah, or something gooshy
    Boy - something about Kody, or his home, I got it:

  19. Kody Winn, or KoDee, boy or girl,
    or for just girl: Daisy Dee, Cherish, Winnie, or Lovey,

  20. how about Bunny for their giggly high school remark, "we've got a bun in the oven!" then when she's alphabetized at school, it will read
    Brown, Bunny.

  21. Boy: Ryder Winn
    Girl: MeriAlyce

  22. oh good one YOYO. i hadn't thought of that. maybe Robyn actually is going to name her in honor of Meri to get back on her good side as well as to show her compassion as she stated, "unfortunately, Meri's body won't let her have any more." ;')

  23. OH, I forgot about Robyn saying that. Someone should start a list for us, and see how many good ones we've had, and will have this year!

  24. Boy - Aiden Winn
    Girl - Ava Grace

  25. Let's see, a Boy - Kody, of course. Unless they want to get hip and call it "soulmate" -
    girl - Codeine? LOL

  26. If it's a boy I hope they name him Chance cause that's what this family took.

  27. CJ already picked Kodeine (with a K) in the first post here. sorry, Mimi. lol

  28. Coming out of lurkspace to post my ideas. Great to meet you all; I love this blog:)

    KittieB, I love "Yoming"! Goes well with Ysabel, RobYn, MYkelti and all their other random uses of Y in names.

    Here are my ideas for the type of thing she might actually choose, based on the names of her existing children.

    Girl-She seems to like porn star-type names for her daughters (no offense to anyone else named Aurora or Breanna!)...so I'm thinking Jenna, Bianca, Rachelle (pronounced Rachel), Hayleigh. Or, in a more Biblical vein, since we all know she's so religious: Myriemme, Arielle, Merilee (homage to Meri), Chryschenne (pronounced "Christian"), Chrischynne (same), Chryschanne (same)...I think Skylar or Joie (pronounced "Joy") might also be a possibility. Or how about Vyctoriah, in honor of her favorite lingerie store??

    If it's a Boy-Ryder, Kaedon, Keadon, Cooper, Jakob, Dustin, Holdyn, Rulon, Declan, Waylon, Hudsyn, Trayden, Radon, Kodon, Kolon, Kondom

  29. Oh, one more idea for a boy: Levi. Do they have a Levi already??

  30. No Levi's
    Laban is another biblical name
    Although, do they all have middle names I wonder?
    That would be like, what 32 names!

  31. BTW, she'd never use "Robert" that's her father's name. She's not too fond of him.
    And how are her kids names hard to pronounce?
    I can't see her naming the baby after a sister wife either.

    Maybe biblical....

  32. If Boy I say: Preston
    If a Girl I say: Mallory
    Good Luck Robyn and Kody. Naming your child is the hardest part of having a child. God Bless :)

  33. Dakota or Dakoda Lee
    Koda or Kodiak or Kaleb
    Future girl - Destiny or Heaven Leigh

  34. Whatever the name they choose, it will probably have a bizarre spelling - just so the child can be "special." Let's face it, with all those kids, women, and the big kid Kody, the poor baby will be in the limelight for only a short while and then fade into oblivion, so he/she has to have a "cute" name to make up for that.

  35. The poor kid's name should be Lordhelpme or Getmeoutofhere. They will probably name him Harley (for the bike) or Driver for all those long trips he took while they were courting .. blech.

    I know that children love their parents, no matter how good or bad those parents are, but it doesn't seem fair for a poor innocent child to be saddled with a mom who is a bottomless pit of insecurity and 1/17th of a dad.

    I hope that child turns out great despite his start in life.

  36. amen, terrasola.

    how about Wynona with a Y? it would look like this Ynona. sweet!

    or Wyatt would be Yatt!

    cause we all know how to spell Yoming!

  37. In the Bible,King David's son was at the begining blessed,then about the age of 40 was cursed because he forgot about,GOD.That son of King David is what kody & sobin are naming thier son..Solomon

  38. That is interesting.

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