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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Real Housewives fo Beverly Hills

Sister Wives Friends, any of you watch RHOBH? What did you think of this weeks show? Comments?


  1. Hi!

    I do not care for Brandy. I think she is very rude.

    Kyle is my favorite housewife in BH.

    I think Kim has some major addiction issues and I think it is sad to see them play out on the show.

    I wish Adreienne would lay off Paul. She really picks on him and I feel bad for him.

    I'm glad to see Kyle and Camille becoming friends again.

    That's all I can think of that came to mind during the show the other night.


  2. Yeah, I didn't care for Brandi, either. Dana might be fun.

    I like Adrienne. Kim, poor Kim, is a mess.
    I didn't see the big deal in Lisa offering her help. She was honest yet, offered her home. I think Taylor is a bitch who caused so much upheavel in her husbands life, he couldn't take it. She needs off the show.

    I liked Kyle last season, not so sure if I liked her this episode.

  3. I'd like to bump Taylor right out of that show, I don't like her AT ALL.

  4. Taylor irritates me to no end. I really wish she wasn't on the show. I didn't see the big deal in what Lisa said, she was just trying to be a friend. Kim totally gets on my nerves!!!

  5. I'm not happy about Brandi. She is too z-list to be on this show. I want real BH- clothes porn, shoe porn, house porn... you get the drift. I never did like Taylor and her grifting ways. She is such a wanna-be. I remember wanting to be Kim when I was younger. I am the same age, and I watched her on TV and the movies. I feel sorry for her, and I will defend her to the end- sorry. I don't believe she ever had a childhood, and people like that have very difficult adulthoods.

  6. Plus, $25,000.00 sunglasses and a son who speaks Thai and reads at, what was it, 21 months? This is so unreal; at least to me.

  7. Yeah, the new ones, blech.

    Kim-i don't think she's on anything, I have a step dtr. who can talk nonstop. Some ppl just do that in social situations.

  8. I usually don't watch reality but this installment of housewives was such a trainwreck that I did.

    However I really despise all of the housewives except for Lisa.

  9. I think Kim may be mixing ADHD meds or anxiety meds and alcohol, but I really think they are all pots calling the kettle black if they want to call out her drinking. Andy included. I haven't seen one HW show that didn't have enough alcohol to supply Niagra Falls. I have a friend that says she is attending everything, but she doesn't attend anything. She doesn't want to hurt feelings by saying no, but she hates crowds. She figures no one will really notice she isn't there. One-on-one she is great, but I know not to rely on her for a big event.

    I really think Taylor is the one with substance abuse issues. Her weight, and the videos with her flying higher than a kite. There are also reports of her doing drugs when she and Russell were grifting people too. She admitted to taking diet pills. Who on earth would prescribe diet pills to Taylor? I'm guessing she wanted the high from them. JMHO. YMMV.

  10. Me, too. I think Taylor is a grifter-druggie