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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updated!! Sister Wives s03e04 "The 4 Lives of Kody Brown"

I knew this episode was going to be trouble when I realized I was watching the GEICO commericals and fast forwarding through the show. Thank you Mister Sister for Christine's tweet! Oh my gosh, where do I begin?

First, Kody takes us through a recap of the family's flight from Lehi to Las Vegas. The version without the blown tires. And then Kody then gives his version of the Bible to illustrate "there is no road map" for how many homes a polygamist man should have. And of course, Kody reminds us that he wants his families all together under one roof, or maybe under four roofs but in a cul de sac because he is tired of going from home to home (in his $60K Lexus sports car), living out of a suitcase, rotating his schedule, not seeing his kids every day. Blah, blah, blah.

Has any else noticed he wears a different watch in almost every scene?

Poor Kody....sigh....Isn't it amazing how the show is called Sister Wives, but in "reality" it's the Kody Brown and Family show. Starring Kody Brown. Co-starring Robyn Sullivan Brown. With special appearances by Meri, Janelle, and the Brown children. Guest starring Christine Brown, as a grouchy whiney baby poopy pants. Tonight's episode: The Four Lives of Kody Brown.

Party of 21, your side of the restaurant is ready!

Poor Kody. Sensing it's time for one of those weekly family get togethers, he invites us to watch him interact with his huge family. Tonight he's taking his brood out to dinner! And to all of you thinking how can he afford this, it's KIDS EAT FREE day!!! Wait, what does the fine print on the restaurant sign say? Oh yeah, only for kids 12 and under (sorry Kody, but that leaves you out) with an adult paid entree. Wow Kody. Great way to justify spending those finite resources.

The younger kids loved watching the waiter make the guacamole, especially little Truely. Heck, I loved just watching the waiter - he was cute! But let's get back on topic...

The older kids discuss how they can't wait to get back to Utah. Kody gives his plans (to be known as Pipe Dream #1) to the family - he hopes to have all four families on one property before Logan goes off to college. Gee Kody, could you be more vague? One property? What does that mean? Hey, there's a kid with his hand up, I think he wants to ask you a question Kody. Kody? Do you see him? He's on your left - between Logan and Maddie. Kody? Why are you smiling so goofy-like at someone down the table. Is that Robyn? Hey, she's mouthing something...nice Kody, I'm sure she appreciates your "And I love you!" too!" Oh never mind, Kody. That kid put his hand down now.

Aw...how sweet. Daddy Kody saying good night to the 10 other kids (that aren't Christine's because this is HER night) in a public parking lot! And boy, doesn't Robyn look pissed waiting for Kody to get to her to say good night. But he gets to her and she hugs him, and he rubs her tummy. All's well in Kodyland. Except for that old demon, jealousy.

Couch interview time. Janelle gives us a lecture about jealousy and how a sisterwife cannot compare her relationship to another sisterwife's. Because, as she puts it "that is death...When you compare, you will never ever be happy..." Wowsers, this lady doesn't pull any punches does she?

Working through the kinks

Kody admits there are problems between himself and Christine. Christine is suddenly realizing how hard her life is.

Now here is my opinion. Christine cannot come to grips that she is no longer Kody's last wife. The fertile one. The silly, " I don't believe in toasters or microwaves" airhead personna she invented so Kody would love her for her "uniqueness". She has been replaced by a newer, more fertile and, most important, needier model whose name is Robyn. And she realizes she can no longer compete. We saw this coming in season one - when it was Christine who got extremely emotional when she found out Kody kissed Robyn prior to marriage. And it was Christine who blew a gasket when Kody announced he helped Robyn pick out her wedding dress. Christine is no dummy, but
she will never leave Kody, no matter how bad she feels. She'll just keep saying "I just love Robyn" and "We miss her" when Robyn's not around. Kind of like if you say something enough times you'll start to believe it. I would be a gibbering passive-aggressive idiot if I had to live my life that way. But luckily, I'm not Christine, and thank the Lord, I am not married to Kody Brown! And Christine says there is a downside to their lifestyle. Ya think?!?

Oooh, that GEICO commercial with the missing goldfish and sushi is sooooo cute! Oops, got to get back to the show, damn!

Oh jeez, Kody talking about bouncing from home to home... give me strength. He drives his $60K Lexus sports car to Robyn's house. Robyn goes for an ultrasound to determine the sex of the baby. The ultrasound girl at first appears surprised that Robyn is giving birth to the 17th child in the family. But of course, Robyn explains that this is Kody's 17th child between 4 wives. "Oh, that's cool" the girl says, with a nervous laugh.

Robyn is so needy she is hugging Kody while he is saying grace at dinner. And has to kiss him when he's finished. How weird is that? And what the hell? She rudely interrupts Kody while he is helping her child spell fluorescent just to make sure Kody knows to meet her upstairs! Kody looked perturbed - makes you wonder how long Kody's gonna take this woman's neediness before he snaps! Oh yeah, we're talking Kody here.

Honeymoon experience. What a crock of you know what. Basically, Robyn makes Kody the center of her universe - "A cool experience...an absence makes the heart grow fonder experience". Janelle pooh poohs it as unrealistic. She probably sees it for what it is, a way to fill Kody's brain with so much Robyn that any thought of his other wives are pushed right out of his mind. So Robyn, when Kody woke up one night, in YOUR bed, and said "I love you, Meri" - Is THAT the reason you started this Honeymoon experience crap? Yeah, I thought so.

On the other hand, this could make a good home business - packaging a honeymoon experience kit targeting monogamist families as well as polygamist families! The fusion of scrapbooking and the Joy of Sex. If it's good with one wife, imagine how good it would be with 2, or 3 or more! Coming soon to a Michael's Arts and Crafts Store near you! Yeah, baby!

But Kody has another idea. In fact, he is so excited and enthusiastic about it, he made me think he forgot to take his meds. And what was his great idea? A family food franchise that is health oriented. I couldn't tell which wife was laughing when he announced this, but Christine covered her face and Janelle just stared at him. Come to find out, Janelle has had enthusiasm about other projects which eventually the family shot down. So she's not sharing Kody's enthusiasm about his newest idea.

Take my advice, Kody. Run with the Honeymoon Experience Kit.

Or better yet, why not look for real jobs and WORK. Meri mentions she wants to go back to working with at risk youth. But in the Sisterwives sans Kody couch interview, leave it for Robyn to say jokingly to Meri "You're trying to not be a part of my family anymore! [nervous laughter from the other wives] You like living apart! You want to go get a job all by yourself! You keep talkin about how we're in different places! YOU SAID WE WERE GONNA BE A FAMILY!" Well, I think Robyn was joking. But maybe not. How does that old saying goes? Oh yes, Many a truth said in jest. Nice, Robyn. That woman can't hide a damn thing can she?

Next scene, Kody drives his $60K Lexus sports car to Meri's house. Kody and Meri and Mariah go to the park on a romantic date. Mariah lets Kody know she's going back to Utah as soon as she can. How nice, Kody's watching Meri and Mariah packing because they are leaving town but they will be back in time to find out the sex of Robyn's baby. Remember when I mentioned Kody saying "I love you Meri" while in Robyn's bed? Did you think I made that up? Well guess what, I didn't. And Kody told Meri what he did. And Meri said "Oh hell...Oh my god!" And Mariah was NOT amused.

Kody drives his $60K Lexus sports car to Janelle's. We see Kody actually having dinner with Janelle and kids. After dinner, he and Janelle take a ride to look at some property - for building the "big house" or the four houses on one lot. I call this Pipe Dream #1 Redux.

Oh look, some Janelle honeymoon experience pictures of a young Kody with his firstborn Logan. Kody looks a lot better with short hair.

Wow, I never realized that apparently Christine and Janelle have big screen TVs. I don't even have a big screen TV. Where the heck do these people get the money? Oh, I think I know how. It's a long word and it starts with a "B" and ends with a "Y". Okay, you're right. That was harsh. How about it's three letters that describe how Kody Totally Looks Cool. And now, thanks to the Sperminator, Janelle's big screen is firmly mounted on her wall above the fireplace.

HA! HA! That GEICO commercial with the rowing guinea pigs is so funny. Especially the one saying Row...ROW.... oops, did I do it again? Sorry....

So now we get to the part that we've been waiting for, the announcement of the sex of Baby Brown cooking in Robyn's oven. But first, Christine talks about her unhappiness" and "internal conflicts" with Kody. She doesn't feel special anymore. Poor Christine! In the Couch Interview with Kody and wives, Kody talks about trying to be everywhere at once, but not really "being" there. He makes a deal with his wives, by vowing "...to be center and present when we move..." Now, I'm assuming this is when they move onto the "one property" he mentioned at the Mexican restaurant. Christine asked "You promise that you're going to give more centered, focused time if we all live together?" and Kody responded "I will be present" - whatever that means. To me, that's like saying "I was present" after the car you're driving rear-ends a police car. He has no interest in changing, it's up to his wives to change. And Kody's communication skills suck eggs.

Christine, your relationship with Kody is evolving. Deal with it, get back to "your core". And you need to explain to Paedon, Mykelti and Aspyn that it's never a good idea to handle a turtle while eating food. Can you spell S A L M O N E L L A ?

Baby Gender Time

Oh goody, Robyn and the rest of the family converge on Christine's house to watch the ultrasound movie. Aw, there's the baby's spinal cord. And there's the baby's eyes! And look! What's Robyn pointing at? Why it's a little dangly thing...IT'S A BOY!!!

And my DVR stops on Kody's face and goofy eyes. It has had enough.

Written by Cynical Jinx

Your Thoughts?


  1. Can't wait for review tomorrow - they are the best! This show is getting boring without them>

  2. I don't understand why everyone thinks this show is getting boring. I find that it is getting more interesting because now we get to see the consequences of Kody's selfish decisions (the biggest being the move to Vegas). I, for one, am enjoying seeing him reap the negative rewards of what he sowed. Kody seems befuddled and annoyed when any of the wives struggles and is in pain.

    Also, I really wish someone would put him in his place and tell him to spend more time with his kids. They all obviously struggle with an absentee father figure. Absent fathers in a city full of temptations is a dangerous combination for the younger kids as they get older.

    I believe that the older kids are mostly centered and have good characters, but the younger ones are still very impressionable and I see them getting into trouble once the cameras are turned off.

  3. I find it interesting. i always wonder if they would of gotten a 4th wife if there were no show. Something tells me no. Now Kody has a taste for it, I really bet he will marry again, later.

  4. I hope they address the actual costs of the 4 houses and how they are paying for it. Even if they do not talk about rent, it would be nice to hear about food. Do they shop in bulk/food storage size still? Does Christine do most of the cooking? Since none of the wives are working full time do they get together and make large casserole type meals and spilt them up? I did this when I was pregnant with a few other pregnant moms, it was cheaper and everything was done for the week in one day.
    I suspect we will just see Kody's emotional drama about having 4 seperate houses and how the wives feel.
    I think the show is still relavant as well. Unlike other TLC families that just go on freebie trips, the Browns are under going alot of changes. I wish they would just keep the kids out of it, especially the ones that are unhappy.

  5. Personally, I do not understand this concept...I couldn't and wouldn't share my soul mate. My husband is just too precious to me to ever think of him with another woman

  6. It is interesting to see each woman now the head of their homes and Kody is just the man vibrator that fills in their physical needs. I really do not believe that they can all make it again under one home. Wish janelle would put him in his place. She is the brains

  7. I keep saying, oh she'll leave, or she will (referring to Meri and Janelle). Let's face it-something was F%$#@$ up with them in the first place to get into this mess. After 6 kids, Janelle's not leaving. Meri is not leaving. It would become a fight in their heads of "I'm not giving the others the satisfaction of leaving" and why should the others have him and not me?
    Good lord, he's just a MAN and can be replaced.
    Wouldn't they be surprised at how wonderful monogamy is? Of course, they all think they need Kody to get to heaven.
    Can you imagine thinking your only way to heaven was through HIM.

  8. u Ladies are my heros it must be great to share all the work load and have each other to talk to in tough times hang in there u have a right to live this happy life same as everyone else

  9. I love how the crux of this episode is how 'inconvenient' everything is for poooor-wittle-Kody.

    He needs to call a WAAHmbulance.

  10. it is very funny how people will except one thing like gays and there right to be married and other races, but not except sister wives,dont u think its about time we all except we are different and have a right to live the way we want to ,and except that only our creator has a right to Judge us.

  11. Someone can put up what's going on tonight for those of us that can't get SW!

  12. Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I do not accept that we all "have a right to live the way we want to," nor do I accept that only our creator has a right to judge. Let me explain.

    I believe that my rights stop where my neighbor's nose begins, meaning that my rights should not adversely affect the rights of my fellow citizens or other creatures. I do not believe that I should have the right to do something that may harm others. When I was growing up my neighbour down the road wanted to marry his Labrador Retriever (Yes, this IS true). I don't think his so-called rights should trump those of another creature to live in peace. This is an extreme example, but you get my point.

    I also think that there are times when, for the good of society, fellow citizens have not only the right, but the duty, to make determinations ("judgements" if you will) of what is and is not acceptable. Some people call this "law making" or "jury duty".

    Just my 2 cents.

  13. Can we please focus our discussions back on the show instead of talking about legislating morality? This is supposed to be entertainment, not a discussion of moral jurisprudence.

    Pretty please?

  14. I am hating myself for watching this show. I do not have a problem with their life-style they chose- it's these idiots they are featuring. Oh dear lord, I am watching where Kody wants a family food franchise that features healthy foods. WTH?!!

  15. "except" "except" "except" "except" all wrong
    Someone can put up what's going on tonight for those of us that can't get SW!
    Wow, what guts. How about asking nicely instead of the demand.

    BTW, anybody know why they always refer to 16 or 17 kids, Kody's #, excluding the count of 3 from Robin? She excluded the 3 from the count at the ultra sound place.

  16. WOW! Watch out - some people are getting high and mighty tonight.
    I don't think we are supposed to tell others what to do on here.
    Some are getting too bossy.

  17. I am the one that posted about the healty food franchise. I guess I didn't get my name in. I can't believe how angry I get watching. Again- not because of their lifestyel, but because they are idiots!! Cleaning out savings. Wanting to own a company. Renting 4houses. That is the stuff that makes me angry.

  18. Terrasola
    My question is this, how is my right to choose how to live my lift adversely affecting the rights of others? How do I harm others? The comparison to the man who wanted to marry a dog is vastly different in my opinion. No one could ask the dog what he wanted, thus the dog did not have free will. I made the decision on my own without any outside influence. I considered the cultural issues it would cause and accepted some would be morally opposed to my choice.

    I do not go out of my way to convince anyone I am right or wrong. One’s moral beliefs are their own. I am merely hoping to provide a better understanding.

    As for the good of society. All three of us hold professional careers, pay taxes etc. I am not responsible for “law making” for the rest of society, since we all have to figure what is right and wrong for us, and as long as we are not harming others I do not see a problem.

    I have a different take on the Browns but will wait for the review to start discussing it.

  19. I guess there are several anonymous posters on here. One of them was the one who made the demand for others to provide them an episode summary.

    Then there are the ones demanding acceptance of lifestyle.

    Again, anybody know why Robins 3 kids are excluded from the count?

  20. Non-traditional poly family:
    This blog is not about you.

    Got it. If we want to talk about your life, we can go to your blog. This is about the show Sister Wives.

    Not you.


  21. Wow I agree with others, some people are very testy tonight. I was responding to another's post with a question.

    We can certainly discuss the show, but I fear my viewpoint on the family would be diffrent from most as well.

    I am simply waiting for the review to go up to ensure the bloggers who run this blog have a chance to watch the show and start the new discussion

  22. I also agree I am not getting the health food francise and would like to know how Kody reached that "great idea"

    Maybe there is something we are missing there, because I just do not see someone saying "I want to go into business, so lets do.......health food francise" I mean really what is the thought process behind this?

  23. This show is just so random. I would like to see one complete thought process. Healthy food? Did anyone see their recipes they posted? Nothing healthy about them. Did Kody and Janelle find property? It's just a bunch of ideas with no follow up.

  24. I thought they were going to be realtors. Guess that didn't work out.

  25. Kody should just let Janelle make all the business decisions. That boy-man has no sense for follow-through and logic.

  26. They did not exclude Robins 3 from the count

    Meri - 1
    Janelle - 6
    Christine - 6
    Robin - 3

    makes 16

    Tonight's episode.
    Christines night Monday - family gathering
    Christine's night Friday - family gathering.
    No, she's not getting equal time.

    I have no sympathy for Kody. He married 4 women, he shouldn't have assumed they would always live in the same home.... heck, he couldn't put Robin in the previous home anyway.
    Teenagers are the most level headed here... you can see that most of them could care less if they ever see Kody.... it's the young ones that miss him.
    And, what's up with him complaining about chores... he moved the family into 4 homes, there are always chores.

  27. Geeky girl, I think you just expressed the real problem with this show. It's just too random. Might have taken forever for me to be this succinct, but that's it in a nutshell for sure.

  28. Positive parent, thanks for answering. I thought Jenelle and Christine had 8 and 7 kids, respectively. My count was way off. Appreciate it.

    Again, tonight, Robin is just way off and into inserting her opinions where they are not wanted. Too bad. Looks like a bunch of unhappy people.

  29. I saw this on another blog and wanted to post it because it is the funniest post yet!

    "Meri should start watching her calorie intake, lest her ass become a moon that gets dragged into orbit around Janelle’s massive gravity well."

  30. So they talk about opening a business, Christine is unhappy, and,
    please, tell us what else happens.
    It would be super kind of you to fill us in.

  31. "Meri should start watching her calorie intake, lest her ass become a moon that gets dragged into orbit around Janelle’s massive gravity well."

    I don't see anything funny about that. As we saw from the photos in tonight's episode, Janelle was thin when she had Logan. She had had 6 children, seems extremely stressed out and depressed, and obviously is a stress eater.

    I find those types of jokes insensitive. You have no idea who is setting on the other end of your keyboard when you type cruel statements like that.

  32. That's it. I am done with this blog. I can't be part of a blog that supports obesity and polygamy.

  33. Hey!
    Let's lighten it up here and have some fun!
    Everybody please quit taking everything personal!!

  34. positive parent

    Something we agree on. Comments on the wives weight is just cruel.

    Not to mention who is to say everyone who reads this blog does not have an issue with his or her own weight and find the comments hurtful as well.

  35. Alright. I've been watching this for awhile. Enough is enough.
    I'm certainly going to say what I want, and so can everyone else. You can't take things personal on a blog to talk about a TV show.
    So, let's quit getting upset over every little thing someone else says, and LIGHTEN UP!

  36. You are free to talk about what happened tonight! Cynical's review will be up tomorrow!

  37. Well said Mister. I stopped getting angry over other people's comments long before I stumbled on your blog.

    Which by the way I enjoy the conversatiosn and seeing other viewpoints.

  38. I just found the blog last week. I'm surprised there's not more bloodshed here. I watched tonights show. Meri and Kody on the stairs discussing how he doesn't know where he is sometimes when things 'go bump in the night' he tell's Robin he loves Meri when this happens because he is confused? ....repulsive and Meri's daughter thought so too.

    So much of tonight's show was utterly sickening. I for one am tired of hearing them whine about how poor they are. What's TLC paying these days when the circus comes to town? I'm sure it's enough. Kody cashed out his retirement? What retirement? According to his bankruptcy records he didn't have even 3 grand in there and OMG...he had to pay taxes on the cash out??? Merciful heavens.

  39. Was it a boy or a girl?

  40. Kody needs to cut that hair, and I, too, can't stand to hear any whine about money, come on! About like Kate Gosselin and the Roloffs.

  41. I felt bad for Christine. One by one, all these women have been unhappy with Kody, except newbie. What does that say?

  42. It seems to me that these women are all single mothers now and it's all about Kody's struggles. How about Christine or Janelle struggling as single mothers with 6 kids? Plus, it seemed that when Kody was with Robyn he was a whole lot more helpful around the house than he was with the other wives. Now, it seems like the families and kids barely see the other families. Meri seems happier to me, since she seems to enjoy her personal space with Mariah. They were even able to go away together.

  43. I am really embarrassed about how excited I am about the review! I can't even wait!!!

    This episode is a pathetic needy trainwreck.

    I was half waiting for Dr. Phil to pop out and say, leave this loser! Do you think you deserve this?!

  44. First I wanted to say that I just found your blog yesterday, when I realized that Sister Wives was even back on the air. I had no idea they had already started season 3.

    After doing some catching up, it seems to me that Kody is gushy over Robyn because she is the "new" wife. Meaning, perhaps he has gotten bored with the other 3 in the bedroom. And as crazy, man stealing, attention on me please, I'm the new wife and what I say goes...type of person she looks like to us, Kody has no clue how wrapped around her finger he is!

    The two scenes that stuck out to me with Meri were: The episode where the women are picking houses and they seem to gang up on Meri for picking a bigger house & a house that is away from the rest. Shouldn't the 1st wife get a nice house like that? Meri IS the 1st wife. Why do they not give her more respect? It made me sad to see Meri have to defend herself on the couch & have to explain ONCE AGAIN how she shouldn't be punished for having only 1 child. That really pisses me off how Robyn seems to be throwing this in her face.

    The last scene I like was how Meri reacted to Kody telling her about waking up at Robyn's and blurting out "I love your Meri." I loved how Meri covered her face as if to say "Out of all the women you had to do that at Robyn's house and bring up MY name."

    Janelle's body language was so stand offish as they were all shopping for furniture. Even the kiss between Kody & her looked forced.

    I love Christine. Or I did in seasons 1 & 2. By season 3 she seems very stressed and I worry about her now that the wives are not living all together. Even though she had said she loved her new space.

    There is tension there between all of the women toward Robyn & I do not think it has anything to do with her just being the 4th wife.

  45. Some observations:

    1) Of course Robyn is having a boy and I bet she names him Kody Jr. Then if any of the other wives don't like it she will cry and act hurt and all innocent about it. Notice she said that's what she wanted (a boy), but she said it was so Dayton would have a brother too. I think it's so she can give Kody another son and name him Kody Jr.

    2) Robyn has called Kody her soulmate but he has never called her that. However, her calls Meri his soulmate and tells Robyn in a sleepy state that he loves Meri. Bet Robyn is just THRILLED about that!

    3) When Robyn was talking about wanting that honeymoon-for-years marriage, I saw so many holes in that. First of all, like someone said, she saw that relationship through the eyes of a child. Second of all, notice that she didn't say that they are still like that. Just that it was for years, so obviously even she has to know it can't last forever. Lastly, didn't she talk about the pain that resulted from her father not being able to claim/acknowledge in public when they were young before in previous seasons?! So, I bet that wasn't picture perfect for her mother either. More than likely Robyn's mother was like Robyn and acted the same way around her man.

  46. I don't think the tension has all to do with Robyn either. Things are not okay in Brownsville. Meri IS his only wife according to the law, and the other 3 including high and mightly "wife #4" are not. I think this family is in big trouble, and I wish they would leave all the kids out of the mess.

    Kody, you reap what you sow.

  47. I don't think the tension has all to do with Robyn either. Things are not okay in Brownsville. Meri IS his only wife according to the law, and the other 3 including high and mightly "wife #4" are not. I think this family is in big trouble, and I wish they would leave all the kids out of the mess.

    Kody, you reap what you sow.

  48. Oops, sorry for the double post.

  49. "For those who were asking about a PO box or a registry, we will have that info in the next few days, so if you want to send a gift then go ahead and send us a message letting us know and we'll give you the info as soon as we get it!
    ~Zeb Daily"

    From their Facebook.

    Nice to know they are still willing to accept gifts. *shakes head* In fact they are practically hinting at and asking for them now. How nice! (sacrasm)

  50. hahaha HOW NICE!
    Looking for Cynical's review, I too, can't wait!!!!!

  51. I keep TRYING to like Robyn. Every Episode I go, OK.... leave your dislike at the door. BUT she is so completly freaking annoying!

    Kody will be on to her sooner or later. I think he already is.

  52. Hey Christine, don't you know why Meri suggested Robyn to Kody in the first place?

  53. I love it that Robyn says they are going to find out wether or not it's a boy or a girl. Yes, honey, it's a boy or a girl (I would hope)

  54. MAN,
    and Aspyn have turned into chunky monkey's!!!
    They are HUGE.

  55. Did anyone notice in this episode the discussion between Kody, Christine, and one of Christine's daughters of "orneriness"? What is with Mormons and the word "ornery"?? They say it all the time and they pronounce it "ahh-nery". Very strange.

    I guess polygamist families need a word like this more often than the rest of us. If I had to share my husband, I'd be pretty damn. awrrrrrrrrnery too.

  56. Dang, no review. I could use one. From an arn-reee reviewer!

  57. Hey everyone....I'm a huge fan of this blog! Pure genius :) I love reading it bc it truly does make the show more tolerable. Even tho its a trainwreck happening in slow motion & its so hard to look away.....lol nI'm so over Robyn & Kody too....Maybe we should all send them some cheese to go with all their "whine"..... Newborn son will Prolly be named Koby Lee ....

  58. I actually liked this episode better than the others- don't hit me, but it made me like Kody a tad more.

    But come one, don't be sensitive about the weight, those ladies need to lose a few!

  59. Hi Caramel Brownie and others that are new! Glad you enjoy the site!!
    I am going to wait to give my opinions until Cynical has a chance to put her review up. She will folks, it was an hr show this time!
    With the exception of this:
    When Hunter and ?? We playing in the pool, all I could think of was WHEW that pool is too close to that concrete wall. Those things are flimsy, and it wouldn't take much for a kid to slide and hit their head!!!
    OH, and I caught the language mess up of Robyn, too. "to see whether or not" it's a boy or a girl. What did she think it was? A turtle?

  60. Wow what ever happened to those without sin cast the first stone.

  61. That would be for Christians. These folks are the antithesis of Christian people.

  62. Mariah is giving attitude at the restaurant. And when she's with her parents. And she's gained weight. That's one unhappy girl. Yet she wants to be a polygamist.

    And, they all are unhappy over Robyn, but always say- But it's NOT Robyn. Uh, yes it is, honey.

  63. They want to keep a united front for the cameras, but its all unraveling. It's really hard to pretend that you enjoy seeing your husband fawn over another woman.

    I wonder how Robyn will feel when Kody decides to take on #5.
    I don't think she will be nearly as graceful as these women.

  64. WHY Does Kody think Robyn has her hands full????
    Don't Janelle and Christine?
    I bet that burnt them!

  65. Except for Robyn being Clingy and the Honeymoon yak yak, it really was toned down tonight, to my surprise. If we say an equal time with all the ladies, I might actually like Kody better. It didn't seem like he was catering to Robyn to me.
    He will get tired of that clingy-ness, and it seems it's almost a relief to get to Meri's.

  66. Great recap CJ! It's always better than the show. Thank you! How about Kody complaining he would have to pay taxes on his retirement he took out early, and he isn't getting any tax credit for renting 4 houses. That really chapped me.

  67. Ha! The tax credit whine. I was thinking, does he mean the deduction? And then I realized it was Kody, of course he doesn't do the taxes. I'm not sure he does anything. Sigh.

    This family must really have a lot of logistic issues they don't seem to touch, like who has what money and who buys the toilet paper and so on. Wives' meetings, I guess. But that would assume your man-child worked.


    Great Job, Cynical!!!!
    Great job of making a snoozefest fun!

    Love Pipe dream!

    I have to go back and look for Kody's watches.

    Yeah, I love how they get to change housing like every other week. Must be nice. He better promise something for them to have to live with Robyn. UGH! She'll be using those teenagers for sure.

    The only thing that really bugged me was that Kody said Robyn had her hands full. WTF? I guess Janelle and Christine don't. 'Cause they've raised theirs not to act like needy monsters hanging on people. Robyn's kids are ALWAYS hanging on Kody. Momma taught them neediness well.

    And what was that kiss? sickening. Right, teaching kids sexual weird- o-ness. If she's on a forever honeymoon, her kids are going to really be weirded out.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVED that he called Meri his soulmate!!!! Made my day.

    I'm sorry- but that Mariah, she was giving weird looks at the dinner, too. Her and Aspyn are getting heavy, (sorry folks). She's seriously unhappy, but wants to live this life? I don't get it.

    I liked this episode didn't OOZE Robyn. I'm sure the next few will.

    How hard is it? Kody hasn't worked in 6 months!

  69. G R E A T ---- R E V I E W!!!!

    It's what we all look forward too!

  70. Meri and Mariah going to Utah- Why didn't they take a better car?
    Like the LEXAS???
    WHO would let their wife drive off in that, and you be in a LEXUS?

  71. Cynical Jinx, your reviews not only make me laugh, they make me admire your ability to read so accurately between the lines. Thank you!

  72. Being a big girl myself,
    the thing that disturbs me is how much weight Meri and Janelle have put on in a relatively short amount of time. Once your as big as me or Janelle- you usually stay about the same size. She really must be gorging to gain weight like that.
    Meri-has put on a good 30-40 lbs since the show started.
    I actually think Christine is smaller than when they got married.

    Kody is just an idiot, plain and simple.
    Health food? What next?
    How about Porno? He could make a new one each night!

    funny review! luv 'em!

  73. Great synopsis - Thanks

  74. Excellent

    "Poor Kody....sigh....Isn't it amazing how the show is called Sister Wives, but in "reality" it's the Kody Brown and Family show. Starring Kody Brown. Co-starring Robyn Sullivan Brown. With special appearances by Meri, Janelle, and the Brown children. Guest starring Christine Brown, as a grouchy whiney baby poopy pants."

    How wonderful!!!!!!

  75. I thought of a funny-

    The Brown women all seem to have "rough" patches with Kody (well, give Robyn time, she';; be whining!)

    and they rotate "rough patches" thru the women about like they rotate bankruptcies! heeheheheh

  76. Cynical Jinx,

    I love your reviews, but now really you have me lookng at Kody's watching and seeking out Geico commericals. Thanksssssss (laughs)

  77. I don't understand how they can be saving money going to the restaurant they chose. It aint cheap even with kids under 12 eating for free. Hubby and I eat there often. The table side guacamole is $9.00, an entree is a minimum of $15.00, so 5 adults x $15 + table guac for $9 (if they only got one which is usually enough for 3 people), + how many kids are over 12? at least 6 right? so another 6 x $15 and then the specialty drinks that are gonna be at least $3.50 each minimum x 10? The sodas that are $2.00 per person let's just say x the younger kids (5) and the 5 adults? Total (on the low side) = $230 a tip which is always included at a minimum of 20% gratuity for groups over 15... Lets say $275... Um yeah, no wonder they are struggling. I understand the need for family night, I really, sincerely do, but what about pizza, or making tacos or a bbq? Or the Chinese buffet across the parking lot from where they ate that is like $5 a person, and kids under 12 eat free there too... Plus no specialty drinks needed. And I will say what I have posted before there ARE cul-de-sacs of homes for sale in this area (which is right where they currently are, just closer to the high school). Homes that are 3 & 4 bedroom minimum, 2000 sq feet, 2 car garages, only 5 years old, with pool sized backyards for under $110k each. Hell, that was half my neighborhood for the last year. Only in the last 2 weeks did 3 homes sell and 2 rent, and all for super, pathetically low prices considering that they once sold for almost 500k. I'm unsure if they are just misinformed, or haven't done enough research but living in Vegas can be really cheap if they just look. Not to mention that owning a business here is less expensive than in almost any other state. A health related business would go under right now, we already have them on every corner and it's hard to compete with the bigger ones. Why not a teen hangout arcade type place? Something geared towards kids? Vegas has very few things that are geared towards kids and teens, especially out here in Centennial. An arcade would be huge with pool tables and food. The only entertainment around here is the skating rink, parks (that are too hot to go to 90% of the time), indoor trampoline houses and The Adventerdome on the strip that is expensive and a 30 minute drive from here, and located on the strip... They have 16 kids. A lot of them very opinionated and SMART why not ask them to help them start a kid/teen geared business? It would BOOM! K, I'm done now, sorry for the long post!

  78. myvegaslife,

    You are so right! Except I would guess TLC paid for that meal.
    And I agree 100% on your housing thoughts.
    Too bad a dad with 17 kids can't think to build something FOR kids!!!LOL

    I want to know how they all didn't work for 6 months or more!

  79. Oh my. This is my 3rd try to post and I WILL be successful!

    No one has jumped all over my favorite moment from the show! I'm super surprised because every crazy word out of Robyn's mouth usually gets a comment.

    Here's the scene: Kody is at Robyn's house. He expressed the desire to go for a jog (this should happen more often). Cut to an interview portion with Robyn. She says, "The jogging is a big thing for me because when he's with me I don't like to let him out of my sight." Direct quote. So what does she do? Of course, she and the bun jog (walk) with him.

    I mean, I get it. When husband was still boyfriend and we were long distance I had similar feelings and overreactions. Oh, yeah, I was also only 19! I grew out of it! Clearly she hasn't. I'm shocked no one has pyschoanalyzed that moment yet. It's very needy and very unhealthy sounding.

    These people just cannot be living a normal life. My husband is military, so he's gone quite a bit. Recently he was gone 6 weeks, home for a few weeks, gone again. When he was home in between it felt like he was a guest. My normal routines were interupted because I was trying to maximize "togetherness." It got VERY tiring and I felt very odd the whole time. Once he was home for awhile we got back in to our routines and it was nice. I can't imagine living every day of your life with your husband in that kind of "interupted-routine-because-I-have-a-guest" mentality. What if you normally do a load of laundry on wednesday but that's your day with Kody? What do you do? Your whole groove is just totally messed up. No wonder everyone is unhappy and gaining weight.

  80. Lifeinvegas, I agree 100%. There is nothing in Vegas for kids and Kody could probably do ok in a kid friendly business with Janelle doing the numbers. I live in Utah but frequently go to Vegas and I am always looking for something for my kids to do. My friends bought some commerical real estate about 2 miles from where Kody lives and opened a business this year and it is doing great. They made the move because Commerical real estate was so cheap to buy and they had being paying rent here in Utah.
    I think the big issue is they all with maybe the exception of Janelle have bad credit, very little savings if any, and no steady monthly income either to start a legit business or buy homes. I'm know there are foreclosures like you mentioned but how could Kody get 4 mortgages for 110k each? he is paying way more in rent then he would be if he owned but his foolish choices have caused him to be a renter!
    What tax right off would Kody need? Have any of them worked except for TLC money in 2011?

    The 4 lives of Kody so he goes from house to house and does not work or look for a job? He just hangs out? or surfs online for the next MLM scheme. How nice is that! As for the watches I wonder if he has one from each wife? They did not look like anything real or fancy, Kohls is probably fancy to Kody!

  81. ""These people just cannot be living a normal life. My husband is military, so he's gone quite a bit. Recently he was gone 6 weeks, home for a few weeks, gone again. When he was home in between it felt like he was a guest. My normal routines were interupted because I was trying to maximize "togetherness." It got VERY tiring and I felt very odd the whole time. Once he was home for awhile we got back in to our routines and it was nice. I can't imagine living every day of your life with your husband in that kind of "interupted-routine-because-I-have-a-guest" mentality. What if you normally do a load of laundry on wednesday but that's your day with Kody? What do you do? Your whole groove is just totally messed up. No wonder everyone is unhappy and gaining weight.""

    I took note of what your saying, and was shocked at how NEEDY she did seem tonight. Pathetically so. Like you said, a teenager. And, all that hugging him? He didn't respond back the way I think she would of wanted. Janelle called her needy last week. (Loved the tongue sticking out) and by golly, she said no, she was independent.

    How exhausting to try to be your best the night you actually have your hubby! Isn't that ridiculous?
    Exhausting? Defeating?

    And, to be truthful, it must be for Kody, too.

  82. Tammy, you mentioned the idea that possibly they can't buy because of poor credit. Poor credit would also be a reason to be turned down even to rent a home/apartment especially in a fairly upscale neighborhood such as any one of these homes are in.

    Let me speak plainly...they wouldn't be in those homes at all except for TLC. Every penny is coming from them and has been for what? How long now?

    As to someones question about health insurance (I highly doubt there is any now or ever has been) and who's paying for the new baby/mid-wife/tests/delivery? Again, TLC and worse AFDC? SMH...are they on any kind of assistance? If not and that's a big IF in my estimation...where in the beejeezus is all this coming from? Oh yeah, TLC.

    It's really starting to bother me all this excess and not a soul working, other than the TLC gig of course.

    Sorry but I don't see any kind of family oriented business getting off the ground and if it's even suggested that they should go into some kind of teen/youth type entertainment that would be a big heel no for me.

    Train wreck. Sad for the kids, no sympathy for grown women who will accept this garbage and Kody...don't get me started.

  83. As the single mother of Dayton-she is eligible for complete assistance.
    Typically, in most states, if you have a child that is LABELED as disabled, **(and she sure likes labeling him, thanks for outing me to the world, mom)and the mother is not married, then her and all her children would be eligible for state assistance. She says she's not on it since she married Kody, BUT THAT MEANS SHE WAS ON IT WHEN SHE WAS FILMING!!! YOU KNOW, WHEN SHE WAS HELPING TO PAY FOR THE 'BIG HOUSE".
    They are such liars, who knows.
    I would bet they are on it.
    Funny, they never mention that.
    What happened to Real Estate? Another Joke? Robyn said they were all studying for the licenses a few weeks back, this was filmed in what, June? It only takes you 8 weeks to get a license.
    Either that was a TLC stunt, or they are not passing the exam. Either way, there is a lie involved, I call BULLSHIT.

  84. If they are going to be paid big bucks to have a show, then at least be honest. I would respect them a whole lot more if they would just say, yes, we used it.

  85. Drita and Cynical, you seem to have some sort of Lexus envy. Count me in.

    The crap his wives drive is continually broken down on the side of the road. No real man allows the wife and kids to go in a piece of junk while he gets the reliable, safe, and classy transportation. Screw that. There are 20 of them and only 1 of him. I don't care how small he likes his personal cars. Dump his butt out of that car just for meanness.

    Actually, if the kids have money for indoor events, that seems a good business for them. So long as the parents and kids don't do any preaching; and from the tone of the show, it wouldn't do any good.

    My best to the kids, and to Meri, Jenelle, and Christine. You ewes need to gather up your sheep and protect them from the wolf.

  86. Count me in. At first the Lexus didn't bother me, then when you look at what the others drive-GEEZ!
    They need to reverse that. Kody wouldn't be caught dead driving Meri's car.
    What are they waiting for, someone to GIVE them a car?

  87. LOVE IT! Lots of great, thought provoking comments!

  88. LOVE YOUR REVIEW! It cracked me up! I remember seeing the kid with his hand raised at the Mexican Restaurant and wondered why Kody ignored him.

    Yes, you are so right. This is the Kody Brown show starring Kody and Robyn Brown with supporting cast of Meri, Janelle, Christine and the Brown kids.

    Great Review!


  89. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  90. I think a lot of their problems stem from the separate houses. Now they are living more "normal" lives and enjoying the separate houses, they don't want to share Kody. I really don't think you can classify how they are living now as a polygamist lifestyle. It's just 4 stupid ladies in love with the same man.

  91. I've noticed that many lovers and wholesale buyers of alternate lifestyles condemn those whom they consider to be less "open" of others. On the other hand, they are usually young, have never been in a committed married relationship, have a lack of ethical behavior and don't clearly understand commitment. Being in touch with reality is not what I would list as a Kody strongpoint.

  92. I have to say I actually like the idea of doing something for kids in Vegas. There is little here for teens and children to do that is safe and fun.

    I have to pipe in on the Lexus. The one Kody has I believe is over ten years old (or he purchashed it when it was ten years old, I can't remember) and did not pay 60K for it. I do agree some of the wive's cars look as if they are on their last legs, and will more than likely have to be replaced sometime soon. However, Kody did purchase the car used when it was several years old.

    Manda2, My theory on the negative is this. Everyone is entitled to their own views and thoughts. Those of us who live a polygamist lifestyle are actually pretty used to it. So, it is my guess it does not affect the Browns much.

    As for if not liking it why watch? Again my theory, it keeps the ratings up and keeps the s
    how on the air, and blogs such as this one actually serve two purposes. It gives people on both sides of the debate a place to debate, but it also serves as a form of free publicity for the Browns and the show.

    Now, back off to seek out more Geico commericals. UGH see what you stated!

  93. Seems like Robyn is annoyed with the teenagers. When she said "Logan comes over and eats all of MY leftovers that I don't eat" She didnt want the whole package just Kody. And yes I agree with the comments below about Robyn's children being very needy. Aurora is always clinging to Kody!

  94. I don't really care who Kody is porking, but I DO CARE when he tries to present it as a normal lifestyle for a stable family. As a "choice." This is sick, and obviously this family is crumbling. It requires a subjugation of women that obviously this family doesn't have.

    The public assistance part is a big deal to me when you want to show me how great your family/promiscuity is and take my food stamps/Medicaid/whatever they are on and hiding at the same time.

  95. Great review. I am still waiting for the show to appear on my On Demand. (For some reason they stopped posting the show online after the TeenSexTalk episode!) And after reading your review I can't wait to see the restaurant scene.

    p.s. Yes, I happen to catch a glimpse of it while he was at Meri's house..but that was because the Hubby's show was on a commercial break. lol

  96. It really bugs me how, not only does Kody drive a Lexus while the wives drive older, not as nice cars, but he gets the garage spot at all of the houses, while the wives have to park out in the driveway.

  97. Non Traditionals other half (M)October 11, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    Planet Kody,
    I'll need to disagree with you. to them this is, while not optimum a normal lifestyle as yours is to you. In a healthy poly family there is no subjugation and no promiscuity. I realize that this is not a life choice for all and will not make an atempt to justify it.
    If there is an issue with them on WIC and other things someone should ask them outright. it's not hiding/lying if you don't ask. Remember if you ask the wrong questions the answers do not matter.

  98. Did you mention in your review that Kody wants everyone in the same house, or on the same property or on the same cul-de-sac? Because I don't think Kody remembered to mention it on at least one of the occassions when he was speaking to the camera. That must of been the one where he couldn't figure out where the tools were.

    Wonder why he was so concerned about Logan being in the same house as the others prior to college? Because I don't think Logan cares about that, he just wants to get the heck out of Nevada.

    They could have sold the Utah house, bought 4 homes on the same street in Utah. Would have gotten Kody out of the cohabitation charge (4 different homes) and let the kids be around their friends.

  99. Non-Traditional,

    Would you get off your high horse about your weird definition of cheating and promiscuity??? Coming from a legal point of view (and 26 states still outlaw fornication and adultery), your lover, by having sex with 2 women in alternating days or weeks, or whatever, is an adulterer and a fornicator. And so are you. OK???? Accept it. You can live your life the way you want, and I am glad you don't advocate for legalizing polygamy, but don't try to change the definitions that all the rest of us live by.

    And there is something I want to point out. A lot of the bloggers on other sites are speculating that Robyn will name the boy Kody JR. Well, she can't, because she does not have the same last name as Kody. I hope she is not going to change it for the sake of her three legitimate children who I assume all use the last name of Sullivan. She needs to keep the same last name as her three older children, and accept the fact that Kody's child is illegitimate.

  100. @ Non-traditional -- I'm not sure what show you are watching. But in this one, Kody porks more than one woman (promiscuity) while they are allowed to only pork him (subjugation).

    Obviously, this isn't working very well. That's sad because there are kids involved.

    This show is dangerous because it tries to show them as normal empowered, non-brainwashed women. That is incompatible with this pathetic lifestyle.

  101. Goodness Gracious! Folks, lets remember that opinions are like bellybuttons - Everybody's got one.

    Please, everyone, remember it's ok to disagree, but it is not ok to attack someone because you don't agree.


  102. PositiveParent asked...Did you mention in your review that Kody wants everyone in the same house, or on the same property or on the same cul-de-sac?

    Yes, I did! I labelled it as Pipe Dream #1!

    I agree with you, Kody could have done so many things differently. His older teens seem like they just can't wait to leave Las Vegas!

  103. I think some of the commenters are confusing Kody & The Gang with those prairie dress groups that marry 12 yr girls to old farts and throw the boys in the street and file false welfare claims and lie on insurance forms.

    No matter what we think of the Browns, they haven't done any of that. Utah tried hard and the only law they were breaking was the one against "cohabitation."

    Which everybody who's had sex outside marriage in Utah has also broken.

    Not putting down their religion but basically this is just a dude who, incredible as it may seem, has found 4 women who are each willing to put up with him hooking up with the other 3 and even having kids by them.

    Take away the religious stuff and being from Utah and how is he different from any random manskank on VH1?

    Answer: He's not

    So if you want to rag on him for being a manskank, and call the other women everything from stupid to cray cray for even going out with him EVER, I'm so there!

    But don't get it twisted. Their values might not be yours and Lord knows they're not mine, but that's really all any of us can say.

    They're not causing any consequences for any of us or for society unless you count that hour on TLC that could be filled with a show you like better.

  104. Female Attorney,
    Warning full of legal arguments

    We could debate definitions legal or otherwise for hours, however what the definition of fornication, adultery, and cheating are irrelevant. The reason the actual definitions in my opinion are unimportant is because the Browns live in Nevada. Thus, Kody and M are breaking no laws under Nevada Law, because Nevada is a no fault state.

    The grounds one can use in Nevada to obtain a divorce are:
    1. Insanity existing for two years prior to the filing of divorce, this cause requires corroborative evidence of the other’s insanity.
    2. The parties have lived apart for at least one year without cohabitation
    3. Incompatibility
    (NRS 125.010 Causes for Divorce)

    This in Nevada adultery, mental cruelty and other similar grounds are used in a fault based system, and Nevada is a no fault state.

    And due to the possibility someone will allege adultery not being used for grounds for a divorce does not mean it is not illegal in Nevada. Adultery is only a crime in Nevada if the parties involved are connected within the degree of consanguinity within which marriages are declared by law to be incestuous and voice. (NRS 201.180). As far as I know Kody is not related to any of the wives so therefore no crime is being committed. M, C and I are not related even distantly. (I will admit Janelle’s mother being married to Kody’s father is odd, it does not relate to Kody and Janelle being within the connection within the degree of consanguinity.

    As for if Robyn and can the unborn child Kody, Jr. You state she cannot because she is not legally married to Kody and thus does not have his last name. This is wrong. Under NRS 126.053 and NRS 440.283, Kody can sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity which has the same effect as a judgment or order of a court determining the existence of the relationship of a parent and child. This is the easiest way in Nevada to establish paternity with both parties being named on the birth certificate and the child carrying the father’s last name.

    Of course, if Robyn and Kody decided to go the more difficult way of establishing paternity, one of them could file a paternity claim in the family court to establish custody.

    Generally, in court if the father requests the child’s last name be his, the courts will order such, unless the mother has an extremely valid reason for the child not to (I.E. child was the result of a rape).

    Furthermore, Robyn may legally have Kody’s last name. I do not know this for fact, but do know how M, C and I chose to handle it. The easiest way to carry a husband’s last name if you are not the first wife in a polygamous marriage is to do a legal name change.

    I deal with family law daily. Rather scary I can cite the applicable laws without looking them up. I think I need a vacation (laughs)

    As for what you believe my husband to be, that is your opinion and I could debate the actual legal definitions of the terms used if you would like. While I disagree I do respect everyone’s opinion, including yours.

    I have heard every argument including this one numerous times, so we do accept your right to have your opinion on what we may or may not be. We simply disagree and hold a different opinion

  105. Planet Kody,
    I will have to disagree in part to you Kody being promiscuity and the wives being subjugated.
    There are some scenes in which I agree it appears one or all of the wives may be subjugated. For example, it does appear in the Brown family the majority rules, which tends to be alright until Kody disagrees, makes a decision and then doesn’t falter from that decision even if one or all of the wives disagree.

    I, however, believe in giving the benefit of the doubt, and we have to remember its television and thus editing occurs and we do not necessarily get the full story. But it does make for good television.

    As for Kody being promiscuous, I disagree. He is not having CASUAL, INDISCRIMINATE sexual relations with different partners. As he is married to them (not going to debate the term marriage, as I admit he is only legally married to Meri), any sexual relationship Kody is having is not casual. And indiscriminate as he is not out having sexual relationships just for the sake of having sex, thus the best way to describe it would be the parties are faithful to each other within their marriages.

    As a side note, I believe the Brown’s religious beliefs prevent the woman from having other sexual partners. Due to M, C and I not sharing their faith, we have different “rules” so to speak. M has always told C and I if we wanted to be involved with another man, he cannot tell us not to, since he does have a relationship with both of us. Therefore, he does not refuse to allow such; it was C’s choice and mine to not seek out other sexual partners. We just don’t have a desire to.

    Now back to Geigo commericals. Seriously, I have stopped to watch them each time one has come on. *laughs*

  106. Non-Traditional Polygamist Wife

    We respect that you are a polygamist.
    However, I don't think you should take it to be your job to argue EVERY point someone makes.

    I also am somewhat disappointed that you seem to agree with every aspect of the Brown's lives. I guess, you've decided that being a polygamist, whatever they do is A ok. - even down to cars? In other words, no matter what they do, you are going to defend them.

    That's fine, but please-- like you said, you have your own website. Don't make it here where people are afraid to post for fear of getting a lashing from you.
    Consider this a friendly warning.

  107. Non-Traditional Polygamist Wife

    We respect that you are a polygamist.
    However, I don't think you should take it to be your job to argue EVERY point someone makes.

    I also am somewhat disappointed that you seem to agree with every aspect of the Brown's lives. I guess, you've decided that being a polygamist, whatever they do is A ok. - even down to cars? In other words, no matter what they do, you are going to defend them.

    That's fine, but please-- like you said, you have your own website. Don't make it here where people are afraid to post for fear of getting a lashing from you.
    Consider this a friendly warning.

  108. Whew, took me a while to get to the bottom of this one! Boy is it deep in here! Cynical Jinx thanks for the great review! I totally spaced during this episode. I never watch comercials usually but I actually hit rewind to watch the geico sushi commercial. Lol glad I wasn't the only one. Enjoyed the coversation everyone. I think they should definitly get these kids into some sports or actvities. They need an outlet to get them out of their depressed moods. I thought it was funny when Robyn said the teenagers come over and eat her food and leave. They probably do this to annoy her, lol. Anyone notice her kicking Christine's younger two out the door so she could have Kody for dinner. I think it's odd that these kids don't hang out a whole lot more at each others houses and have dinner. Maybe they do and they just don't show it. I am super glad they didn't show Robyn's dessert! They should invest in Pfizer. Wonder why they haven't thought of this as a buisness investment.

  109. I haven't been on here for a few hrs and was really disappointed at how some are taking this too seriously.

    I swear, if you want to believe in polygamy - fine - but don't hog this website by answering EVERY post like they are personally writing to you.
    Believe me, they are not.

    Maybe you need to stop all this deep, heavy talk.

  110. Mom of 3, I think the reason that the teens come and raid Robyn's fridge is that it looked like she had alot of take out boxes in there. Now that they have seperate houses I can't see Janelle (or Christine) getting take out for thier families. I'm sure Robyn is "too sick to cook" so Kody gets her take out. Whate else does he have to do all day?
    My husband had to take 3 weeks off unpaid while his work moved locations. He went crazy just staying at home all day. Kody has been doing this for 9 months now. There are only so many tvs for him to hang!

  111. It bugged me how Robin was baiting the Ultra-Sound person by giving hints about her and her families life-style. At first she made it seem like she had given birth to all 17 children.

  112. Kody looks like Jeff Daniels from Dumb and dumber

  113. Awesome review, Cynical Jinx.

    I threw up a little in my mouth when Kody was saying goodnight to the wives in the restaurant parking lot...when it came time to say goodnight to Robyn, he rubbed and caressed and practically made love to her pregnant belly for God knows how long in front of the cameras. Nasty, nasty Kody. Wonder who he was thinking about in bed that night with Christine?

    This is a little off-topic, but does anyone remember the tweets a few weeks ago when Mariah went to Boston? She said she was visiting Harvard, Tufts, and MIT. I think Mariah is a sweet and sincere girl, and, being Meri's daughter, she seems pretty smart. But what are the freaking odds that a son or daughter of Kody Idiot Brown is going to Harvard? Kody himself does not seem to know how to spell fluorescent (ok, it's a hard word--but, come on, a fourth-grader was supposed to know it.) These are the type of people who don't wear seatbelts in cars, who use adjectives as adverbs, who let their tires get bald and then go on interstate road trips, and who buy Lexus sports cars and furnish their houses with swimming pools while they quit work, cash out their "retirements" and file for multiple bankruptcies. Are any of these parents even college-educated? It seems like Meri and Janelle might be, but Kody? His abilities seem limited to shooting sperm and hoisting wives on his shoulders to hang real-estate banners.

    So, in short, I cannot imagine any spawn of Kody's matriculating at Harvard University, not even Mariah. (Same with Tufts and MIT.) Maybe Kody thinks the show will help her get in. But I'm pretty sure the Massachusetts Institute of Technology isn't as impressed with Kody's virility and religious conviction as he himself is.

  114. Hey and TY KodysFavorite!
    You have a point: I normally prefer not to discuss Kody's teens but they really seem more junior college/state university material rather than Ivy League. I'm sure this trip to the Ivy League schools was for the show. On the bright side, these schools often bring in students from diverse backgrounds. So, who knows? Wouldn't it be a hoot?

  115. Cynical,
    It sure would be a hoot! I wish it could happen, too, for Mariah's sake. That girl really impresses me, as do many of the older kids. I wish they had the opportunity to get good secular educations and forge their own paths, without always being in the shadow of five doofy parents and their (i.e. the parents') thoroughly adolescent antics.

    1. It was mentioned in a show that Mariah is in the National Honor Society. Seems like she may be smarter than her parents! Hope she has gotten into many good colleges!

  116. Now, it seems to me, from watching the video of robyn that's posted above, that Robyn is a big part of the reason why they family lives in separate houses. She's just so needy, that she could never live in the same house with the sister wives and have her time divided. I noticed today when watching some clips of older shows, that when they were in the old home, the kids were always together in the different mom's homes and they were much more one big happy family. Now, they're like 4 single moms for most of the time and it seems that the sister wives have all lost their support systems - each other. Now, to me, Meri seems happier, probably since she only had one child who's older. I wonder what will happen to her if and when Mariah goes off to college.

  117. So glad last few posts are about the show. I come here to poke fun at this crazy man and his crazy brood, not to listen to arguments for or against polygamy. For pete's sake, we can tune on some news channel for that stuff. C'mon folks it's reality TV land; it's fun. Let's take back the site that is being hijacked by the few.

  118. Now about the show, it was mentioned way up above about how Kody is indeed neglecting Christine. I had pointed out the time frames of his sleepovers on another site and someone here also saw Christine's with Cody nights were also "family nights". So he could have stayed late into the morning but no he just jets over to Robyn's as fast as his pretentious Lexus can carry him. Where he stays until afternoon the next day. As for the jogging scene, oh my. All I could think is how funny would it have been if Christine had come out when they passed and joined them, then Janelle, then Meri. Not what Robeast had in mind! Baby is definitely gonna be a throw back Kody name as others predict!!

  119. WOW posts agreeing with people go poof...intresting

  120. i'm thinking the reason they keep the garage clear for Kody to park in is for neighbors to not always know which house he's staying at. just my logic at play.

  121. Cynical Jinx, Mister Sister,

    Thank you for not calling me out about my rude comments.

    Non-Traditional, I apologize.

    To all the rest, I love this blog.

    Just wanted to say that. Carry on.

  122. Let's just have fun!

    Ignore the post hogger, and they will go away!

  123. Thanks, Mister Sister! You too!

    Did anyone catch the bedtime prayer said at Christine's house? (Right in front of the cameras, of course...Love all this sincere and discreet religious observance.) Literally all they prayed for and about was money. God, give us money for a house. "Heavenly Father, provide us with the means necessary to get a property. Amen."

    I know the point of the house is so that the family can be all together. So why not just pray that the family will be all together? Nope, not Kody's style. He wants God to give him "the means." Put some cold, hard means in his pocket. And forget about any prayer requests for health, happiness, or God's forgiveness, and/or some thanks for what they already have.

    Far be it from me to try to tell other people how they should pray...but it just seemed *so* distasteful. (If you rewatch this part of the episode (it's at 8:25 or so) you'll see what I mean.)

  124. Lady Attorney,

    Not sure what the apology is for but thank you. And if I did upset you I apologize as well.

    Was a long day at work just getting home, but wanted to respond to your post.

    Have a good night

  125. It makes perfect sense to me that kody would pray for material things in front of the tlc cameras - I would, too! That is probably the only way his prayers for pipe dream #1 will be answered!

  126. I once had a boss who when holding monthly managers meetings would end them with a prayer. He would pray for 'tenants to fill the apartment buildings' that he owned of which there were many. I was pretty young then, maybe about 26 but still it seemed all wrong to me. Even then I felt he was attempting to use God to fill what he really wanted filled...his pockets. All about him. Gee, don't know why Kody and prayers brought all that to mind...wait...oh yeah I do.

  127. Hey Everyone, am new to the blog and enjoy the lively comments. Have watched the show out of a morbid curiosity that has grudgingly morphed into somewhat horrified fascination with the Browns. I've come to like Meri and Janelle quite well. Christine is ok, she just isn't happy right now and feels bad that she feels bad. Robyn and Kody come from another planet. The stability of the long-term first three marriages has been rocked and rolled bigtime with the recent fourth marriage. Seems pretty predictable but still not fun to go through. They'll all stay in the marriages. Their beliefs are deeply-rooted and they all feel their covenants are worth far more than than the sum of their individual needs. I would love to know what these women are really, deeply, honestly feeling. No BS, no putting on a united front for.polygamy's sake. How are sexual relations impacted by the stresses of recent changes? I'm intrigued more than I ever would have thought. Every time I see the Kodster kissing Robyn I always think how that was a moment and a kiss taken away from Meri. Every time he sleeps with the other 3 wives he gave away his tenderness, caresses, kisses and feelings to someone who wasn't Meri. How can this be right? How can anyone hurt someone they love this way?why would women do this to each other? It hurts. How can people who say they love one another hurt each other so badly? How can a man look his wife in the eye and then go kiss/etc. another and another and now a new another?I obviously don't get it. I'll have to keep watching and checking out this blog for all you insights.

  128. Anonymous,
    Its only hurting someone if that is your viewpoint.. just saying

  129. I really don't think Christine's issue was having the 'most fertile/youngest' wife title taken away from her, I think it was more like a,"I thought I was the last one, I thought I completed the family, what am I missing/what did I do that made him need to introduce another woman?" moment.

    I can't even imagine how hurt I'd feel to have my partner tell me that I'm just not enough after over a decade together, he needs to bring in another woman, then he'll feel complete.

  130. I like all the girls. I think that its perfectly NORMAL to feel JELOUS over your HUSBAND after all you both made a commitment of not looking other directions but to each other in times of bad or good. In the women's case, he looked away several times. When he looks to someone else he leaves his family. I think the CURE is to have brother husbands enter the picture. Make up for some of the weight put on Kody. Let the other women have several other men apiece... Kody has commented before he don't like that idea... HOW HYPOCRITICAL are you KODY? AND teaching your kids to be also. If you say PLURAL marriage is fine then PLURAL husbands should be fine too... but NO he would get JELOUS just like they are! THROW ANOTHER MAN INTO THE PICTURE... let's see some FREAKIN real men saying HEY! I got Christine on the nights you don't man, or I can handle Meri while you got your other 3... LOL!!! THat would be a SHOW for Mr. "PLURAL" man... hahahah.

  131. The one I feel sorry for is Janelle. She seems like a smart, well-spoken women who is under-appreciated. She is far heavier than the others making her self-steem obviously lower knowing your standing next to/comparing with other women half your size. Its obvious she needs someone to show her that LOVE & ATTENTION she is NOT getting & she needs more than Just a night or 2 here or there. She is raising 6 children, its not her fault yet she must feel bad standing next to your spouse hugged up tighter to a smaller women! HELLO! Emotionally, I wouldn't wish that on any daughter of mine. Find you another man Janelle who loves your size women, obviously Kody doesn't or else his last pic wouldn't of been Robyn. Get someone to pay all attention to you. You deserve it. You work hard, so play hard! Only got 1 life for those kids!

  132. these ladies are actually better of with a boyfriend!! FACT is Kody is just a man - a simple one too ........ there is no way he can love all of them equally, no way he can love all the kids equally!

    There is always a favourates thrown in there, a person he loves spending time with ........... the rest are just duty/work! and we all know how tiresome work can get - but we do it b'cos we have to! I still cannot believe that Meri wanted to share her husband with any women - that is a a snowball in Sahara illusion(non-existant)!!

  133. When I searched for their facebook pages it clearly stated they were "fan" pages, not the real deal. Unless I'm not searching right..I would love to leave a message telling Robyn to grow the F up seriously. Ugh, I knew she was going to annoy the heck out of me and she does.

    Kody I think, does the best he can giving equal attention to all 4..dang, it can't be easy, especially with baby Robyn being all "honeymooned" and all.

    If there are REAL facebook pages for the Browns can someone point me in the direction please?

  134. news#3-
    I so agree with you.
    I wish Kody would get wise to Robyn's shenanigans that derail him from being fair.

  135. Did anyone get annoyed at the fact that Meri sat there in bed telling Christine that SHE had to change HER behavior if she wanted things to work out between she and Kody. When I'm upset with my husband he goes out of his way to soften the blow. Flowers, cards, etc. The last thing he wants in the world is for me to be annoyed with him. With Kody, there's no sweat because he has three other wives to skip to. The woman have to be on their best behavior if they want any of Kody's attention? I feel sorry for these woman in one regard but this is a religion. As crazy as it seems for anyone living outside the UTAH area, this comes as naturally to them as monogomist marriages do for us. There is logevity in his marriages. He has been with Meri and Janelle for over 20 years. Not one wife, even Robin is exceptionally beautiful (none of them are terribly unattractive either, heavy or not) and he does seem to care for each one. Each one is in this willingly. I don't discriminate. They are NOT living off our government. All their children are fed, clothed, and loved. I wish them well.