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Monday, October 3, 2011

UPDATE! Sister Wives Season 3 Episode 2: Teen Sex Talk and Episode 3: 4 Houses 4 Relationships

So we are now into episode 2. The Browns are still settling into their homes. And finally coming to the realization that, hey, they are STILL unemployed. But we are about to find out just what the Browns have been up to, job wise.

The Family "Business" (as of Season 3 Episode 2)
Yes, we finally find out what the family business is, and it is REAL ESTATE! Kody, Christine and Janelle meet with their real estate agent Mona at her office. Janelle and Christine are happy they can be flexible in their work hours. Kody feels his friendship with Mona will "segue into a business relationship". All I can say is we shall see, we shall see.

At the real estate office, Mona seems a little disappointed that Meri and Robyn did not come. But, as brusquely explained by Christine - those two were not interested. Of course, Kody, having loads of love for his missing two wives said "yeah, one's got a little morning sickness...". Nice job throwing Meri under the bus, bozo! Sitting at the conference table, Christine expressed some reservations, being that the real estate market in Las Vegas was depressed, but Mona replied that the market is on the upturn and she's got lots of business and that she's happy they are coming on board. Mona could sell ice cubes to penguins in Antarctica! She tells them it would only take six weeks to get their real estate license and they can do it online at home! A normal person would have said thanks but no thanks and got the hell out of there, because the only person going to make money on this deal is Mona. But we're talking the Browns here.

Mona explains they will be doing grunt work until they get their licenses. Or as Kody put it, "You have to function as a page before you can be a knight". Kody, hate to tell ya big guy, but grunt is below a page. And you are definitely a grunt. There's Kody running down the street with a Open House directional sign, yay! He's working!. We also have to listen to Kody trying to psych himself into doing grunt work. "...I'm excited about it" he says. "...it's something to do, and we're in a down market and we're going to ride the wave all the way to the top!"

Yeah, right.

Outside we see why Mona wanted Meri on this merry escapade. Mona has given Janelle and Christine the task to take a streamer of the Open House pendants and "stream" them from a Open House sign in the yard to one of the eaves on the house. Simple huh? Just like putting up Christmas lights. And who knows best how to put up those lights? Not this crew. Kody decides to have Christine get on his shoulders to attach the streamer to the house. Major failure, and Mona must be thinking what the hell she's gotten herself into. Eventually, Christine's able to get off Kody's shoulders, and goes into the garage and comes back with two pails. Kody got on the pails and was able to attach the streamer to the house. TLC should have shown one of those disclaimers WARNING: Kody is a professional a$$hole. Do not attempt this yourself.

Group Date - Rules and Expectations According to Kody
Kody made a good point that he and the wives need to know who the teens are dating, who they associate with, and who are their friends. But was it really necessary for Robyn to butt in, yelling " We don't want you coming back saying why didn't you tell me that!". Cool as a cucumber Logan interjected a curt "Well you told us". Then we find out from Madison that Robyn told them (perhaps while she was "courting" Kody and wanting to bond with the teen girls) all about the many guys she had been with. BUSTED! "I did not single date until I was eighteen" she said in self defense. Apparently she must have told Kody that she only had one date with one guy because Kody yelled this in defense of his current baby mama. Ummm, let's see. One guy on one date, 1000 guys on one date each. You do the math. And then Christine chirps in "My mom got married when she was 17..." Holy moly Christine, you polygamy people really aren't that far from the child brides of Colorado City and Hildale are you? Eighteen years, lady, eighteen years is legal age. Not 16, or 17 or 12 - EIGHTEEN!! I would have kept that bit of info to myself. Sheesh, didn't they watch the last season of Big Love? And what the heck was wrong with Logan's lips?

The group date was typical high school fun. Food, ice skating...hey wait a minute, that's what WE did in high school. If I may digress for a moment: We would all go to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, and I would cringe because someone always told the waiter it was my birthday and they would do this truly embarrassing bell ringing drum banging routine and make the entire restaurant sing Happy Birthday...but I guess I should get back on topic...

Hold the phone HOLD THE PHONE! Did I just hear Logan call his friends pansies while at the restaurant? Let me hit that rewind button. He sure did. He said "Are all you pansies going to wimp out on the ice cream here?" Yikes! Let's move on quickly, because I am shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED!!

More Kody rules:

1. No sex until they are graduated from high school and he would prefer them to wait until marriage.

2. A kiss is a token of commitment. (yep, Kody certainly talks the talk and walks the walk on THAT one) Funny how the teens (with the exception of Mariah) interpret that to mean it's OK to kiss someone you are serious about BEFORE marriage.

Sadly, Kody acknowledges that Logan, Madison and Mariah want to return to Utah and go to college. And he's so afraid the teen's peers will have more influence on them than he will. Robyn's sad too, because she can picture Mariah babysitting her growing brood, and Logan being a cool example for Date Um and her future little Kodys. And she wants the all the teens to be polygamists. Poor poor Robyn! Aspyn doesn't care for the jealousy and drama of being a sisterwife, while Madison, well, let's just say the minute she turns eighteen she is gone - out of Nevada and out of polygamy. Logan is on the fence and will take a wait and see action. Mariah wants to be a sisterwife (may I suggest 3rd wife).

Episode 3: 4 Houses 4 Relationships

Kody and Robyn are a little spooked...

Robyn's been spotting for a couple of days and has finally decided to go to the midwife's office for an examination. Now, I'm not going to bore you all with the details, but suffice it to say - according to Robyn's tweet dated SEPTEMBER 16TH 2011, she is due on October 12th. Maybe someone should tell her to use a SPOILER ALERT next time.

But there is something I want to know - where is Robyn's magic underwear that protects her (and her bun in the oven) from harm? Look closely at the following picture. That's Robyn's actual flesh we are seeing. Notice the stretch marks (ewww!).

And help me to understand something. They preach modesty. In fact, that's why we never see their arms or cleavage and they layer their blouses. But it's OK to see Robyn's stretch marked fleshy midsection? HELLO?! What's wrong with these people? Oh yeah, we're talking about the Browns aren't we. 'Nuff said.

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!

Even though the Browns have been unemployed, living off their "finite resources" they have decided to go shopping for furniture at a consignment store. But first, we go on a mini tour of each wife's home.

Robyn needs a dresser, shelves, night stand, etc so she invites her sisterwives into her bedroom (that sacred chamber of all chambers). She suddenly sensed that Janelle and Christine were uncomfortable being in her room. Was it the fur covered handcuffs that turned them off, or that large economy size tube of KY Jelly on the makeshift nightstand table? Nope, it's just Janelle and Christine prefer not to venture into another woman's bedroom (particularly another woman that's shtupping her husband). Frankly, I can understand Janelle's viewpoint, as she says "...it's such a personal space. I don't like going into my mother's bedroom..." Yeah, it would be kind of skeevy going into my mother's bedroom, too, if she was married to my husband's father, making me a step-sister to my husband as well as daughter-in-law and step- daughter to my father-in-law who is also my step-father. Yeah, I can see that!

Finally, we see the Browns shopping in a consignment store, Christine and Kody find the used bedroom set of their dreams. Robyn finds just the right shelving and end tables and this big wall unit looking thingy that looked like it could have drawers - lots of little drawers. Even Janelle broke out of her frugal cage and picked out furniture for her family room.

Everyone got what they wanted, except for poor Meri. Now maybe I'm old fashioned, but I liked the couch Meri first chose. It was nice, looked sturdy. It was classic in design and would never go out of style. But Meri was not allowed to get it. Yeppers, her sisterwives and Kody "persuaded" her to choose a gosh awful really cheap looking contemporary sofa and accent chairs that looked sooooooo uncomfortable. I was amazed how whatever company that manufactured that furniture could actually make wood (if that's what it was) look like black plastic. PLASTIC! It was obviously meant to be seen, not used. Poor Meri...that crappy furniture will be breaking down before the lease is up on her rental.

Once the furniture was delivered, Kody went on a mini tour of each homes professionally redecorated room. Who would like to venture how much all that crap cost? And what was it with that neon night stand in Robyn's room?

Ahhhhh, during the couch interview, Kody sings about the sweetness that is Robyn. And Robyn reciprocates. Let's all join Janelle in gagging ourselves with a spoon, shall we?

The Ring

The "girls" decide its time for Kody to have a colada oops cloaca oops chimichanga oops I mean a claddagh ring of his own. It has three diamonds surrounding a heart embedded with a fourth diamond. And of course, Robyn adds her two cents that the diamond on the heart represents the wife sleeping with Kody that night. Nice. Real nice, Robyn.

The wives presented Kody with the ring at dinner. Kody seemed genuinely surprised. Fortunately for me, my DVR recording ended abruptly so I don't know what else Kody said to his wives or the cameras. Pity, I'm sure it was profound.

Your Thoughts?


  1. The pregnancy scare was just drama for the sake of drama. Give me the teenagers any day. I'm so darn impressed by them. Kody is still an idiot in my book. I still can't stand Robyn.

  2. If I were Janelle, I would take my kids and run (don't walk) back to Utah. Having gone through the teenage stage 3 times, really you are changing your children's lives for the worst staying in Las Vegas. As for real estate, you have got to be kidding. My husband has been doing real estate for 10 years part time. We laugh when we see these people get into it thinking they are going to make a lot of money. You can go months without any income. At your age to be thinking differently is so naive. Kody must be a load to move his family in the first place without jobs. Who does that. And what's really sad is that all 4 of you followed him.

  3. i see MAJOR DEPRESSION ahead for Meri if she gets stuck in Vegas and Mariah goes back to Utah for college at 18. I think that's when Meri will be forced to make a decision between living alone w/some sporadic contact with Kody and even less with Mariah and just finally saying F- this! i'm going back to utah myself, now.

  4. i loved how Robyn (sniff, sniff, whine, whine) just can't believe Logan doesn't have the same dream that she had of him hanging out there forever being a big brother to "my babies." omg - EVERYTHING comes back to "me, me, me." the neediest woman ever.

    Logan's lips - badly sunburned maybe? i just want to send him some healing salve for them. they looked like they weren't being treated at all. extremely crack and dried.

  5. This is what I don't get. According to all polys, sharing your husband makes you "overcome/address/work on/deal with" your emotions. Isn't that what therapy is for? To me that's a much cheaper ( in the long run) and healthier way to do so. Also, all these women still struggle with jealousy over and over. So, no. They haven't overcome or dealt with anything. Not to mention, jealousy isn't exclusive to romantic love. You can be jealous of someone over material things, attention, promotions, smarts, looks, talents,etc. Isn't that a weakness/ trait you can learn to overcome that way. Besides some monogamous women, may have husbands that are particularly good looking, charismatic, or wealthy. I'm sure they have to deal with jealousy due to women flirting with their husbands. Or perhaps they have a spouse that works in a female dominated field or has to work with a female coworker closely. So you can "work on" those kind of feelings too in a monogamous relationship. Polys aren't the only ones with those kinds of "growing opportunities." The thing is that in a monogamous relationship, your husband technically can't/ shouldn't engage romantically/ sexually with those other women. In a plural marriage, he can and does. I just don't see how the polys think they are the winners here.

  6. Amen, Anon! why is that only the women need to develop the anti-jealousy muscle? i know Kody made that lame comment about how he gets jealous sometimes of the good times the wives have without him. OH PLEASE! how insulting to compare it to the same thing. that was a stupid thing to say and Robyn probably bought it and cried with him that night!

  7. Another thing that just gets me a little is Meri's drama over a sofa. I am a working mom and would love the chance to have the spare time to worry about a sofa choice. But I am working supporting their lazy a$$es. And what's with Robyn letting the camera film all the way down to her pubic hair for the sonogram. She surely showed no modesty that they preach to their kids.

  8. They seem to talk the talk but no way do they walk the walk.

  9. I want to back up my comment about the pregnancy scare. I went through the same at thing at 6 weeks with my first pregnancy. Yes, I was scared, but there was so much incorrect information that caused the panic- not the spotting itself. Robyn is like Taylor on RHOBH, if you want me to believe you, then quit crying wolf and acting like I am stupid enough to believe the crap you spew that makes you a victim again. And quit changing your story every time you tell it. Both want sympathy and attention and will stop at nothing until they get it.

  10. GREAT REVIEW! I laughed my old ass all the way!!!

  11. Oh yeah, this was great!
    You know you don't have to do any GRUNT work to get a license, don't you? That's almost just TV fodder comedy. Robyn said she was working for them, too on twitter. I guess she's not a "grunter". I don't blame Meri for staying out of that crap.

    Logan, you go boy!!!! Tell that woman off!!!!

    Basically, these were boring in my book. YAWN. Best part - coming here and reading Cynical Jinx's fun.

  12. If he's waited this long to talk about things, it's a little late.

    Geez, what a bunch of baloney that talk was. I was doing my little go Logan dance at the time, though.

    Do you think that all of these kids have never kissed someone, come on...

    So much for Christine's don't kiss until marriage stuff.

  13. Real estate is the first thing I heard on this show that actually makes sense. This "lifestyle" requires special real estate! Might be hard to get a license as an admitted felon. Oh, and if you have a job, you actually have to work. Just sayin'.

    I was shocked in this episode by how much weight EVERYONE has put on. I thought TV did the opposite? Even the kids. And WHY do they keep putting those kids on camera??? Leave them alone!

    Anyone notice Robyn's kids are missing... Maybe Baby Daddy finally noticed.

  14. I agree with most of the comments here. I also am a bit shocked about everyone's weight gain. Janelle is getting scary big - I guess she's a stress eater, and with all her spare time she's probably really binging. I hate to see that. And the daughters are also getting big. The family needs some coaching in a healthy diet.

    - MaryMitch

  15. Hi Everybody!!!
    Great comments!

    CJ, as usual, my hats off to you! You insight and humor always gets me laughing out loud!!!

    Gosh, They really look like they are grabbing at straws, don't they? Was that to be a Laurel and Hardy type of thing, them putting the signs up?

    I so enjoy everyone here, and all the new folks, hello and welcome!
    I'm in between jobs and will be back in a bit!!
    Keep talking and posting! And be sure and spread the word of us by posting on your facebook, etc.

  16. It's a shame.
    Here they have all these kids, 5 capable adults, and they are not really working any.

    This is BS.

    They all could be working, don't tell me "no jobs in Vegas" because there are, it's if your willing to do them or not.

    They could be saving for all those kids.

    Why should the kids be working part time, if they don't want to? All the kids should get the TV money, too, they are the stars!

    Great Write up, Sister Wives Blog!

  17. This can now be found to download at the pirate bay!

  18. I used to think that Janelle would leave, too; but these a nitch in her that we don't see- she's not going anywhere.
    She gave this man 6 children, years of hard work - now she's older and tired, and she ain't going no where for no little twit like Robyn. And to that, I understand. Why should she?
    We all feel she would be better off, but all her kids would be in it still, so would she?

  19. Folks, I need to add this-
    I get and read every whisper of Kody Brown and Co. and after I read Cynical Review, the rest bore me to tears! We do have one of the best writers on board here. If I post any others, it's just to keep the ball rolling.
    I'm afraid they'll swipe her from us one of these days!

  20. There is so much more to be added to this discussion. Maybe to Kody, that's what it is all about. Now this has messed up on me 3 times, trying to post! Let's try it again!

    CJ, I think it is messing up if your following, and not signed in.
    Then if you go to comment, and just hit to sign in, your post disappears. Let's see if it's just me, or anyone else has a problem.

  21. I think they want people to find them, they keep putting those little maps up of where they live.

  22. My 81/2c here: To get a Real Estate Lic.: You simple have to take a test. A very HARD test, but a test. You can take classes online or at any college, they should have known that. I get the feeling that every word was planned at the Real Estate meeting-this show is getting to unreal- or planned. How nice for Mona and Co. to hire them to do “grunt” work – Put up a sign a go home? A “page” before a “knight” Kody – you better watch out – your gonna get your own stupid sayings page with Robyn! c c will demand it! Hahahah
    If you listen carefully, after Kody and Janelle and Christine put up the sign, when they are putting the garage door down, Kody’s going “let’s go home!” WOW 5 minutes work and they are done? What a rough life.
    Dating: How did they go from – Can we date and not think of marriage to being sexual? I think the kiss is a token of commitment – may be ok, we would probably not say that, but I see where he’s going with it. But we all did, all kids do- it’s also part of growing up.
    It doesn’t surprise me that Mariah hasn’t been kissed. She will be the last one to do it, and the first one married in a polygamist life. That’s what I think. The gal needs to lost weight!
    I hate it when the film stuff like the kids talking about how they date – you know the questions have been pre planned, I get to snoozing. How many times is Logan going to say he’s NOT thinking about it and have to think about it?
    I would think the reason Kody is so concerned is because he doesn’t know his kids’ friends, or what his kids really feel. I’ve never been in that situation. But, I was home every night, there when friends came over, drove them to their friends. Being a 1/4th dad, you’re not going to know anything they don’t want you to know.

    OMG, Robyn talks on the couch before the other sister moms? And it’s their kids? SHUT UP WOMAN. Maybe the other 3 put her up to saying it so they wouldn’t look like….HYPOCRITES. Now, I would think that your RELIGION, like one commenter said, would dictate your decision, not, oh, I think I like it, or no, I don’t. Seems very odd no one said… Our religion dictates it. For the kids to NOT go into it, I think the parents feel, is to say, Mom and dad, you did wrong. How much was religion a factor? These kids never mentioned it.
    “YOU OWN WHAT YOU CHOOSE” was that a warning? What happened to freedom? These kids do not have the freedom to choose like they said. Why were they not honest in the beginning? I’ll shut up- I feel a Terrasola post coming on…..
    Who got the Stainless fridge? Robyn? Did she have that to begin with? I don’t think she did.

    Spotting for 2 days? BUT YOU HAVE TIME TO CURL YOUR HAIR! THANKS, camera crew for being there!!! Why did they wait? For them? I believe Andrea is going to cover this… that was too wacky. She said, this must be it… Had she not been there before? Oh, no, NOT KODY TEARS!

  23. It's just me testing the comments again.

    Glad ya'll like the review! I'm working on episode 3 as I type!

    And yeah, Robyn WAITED 2 DAYS! Oh yeah, did you catch this was her first visit and she's ten weeks?

    This and more in Episode 3's review!

  24. Hi sister! LOL

    The hair curled bugged me - primped and ready for camera!

  25. Did anyone else sense Kody's discomfort at doing the same work as his wives, with his wives (and not-very-impressive, not-very-manly work at that)? I did.

    I hope the Episode 3 commentary includes Robyn's obnoxious "Do you want me to leave so you two can try out the bed?" comment. She just doesn't stop, does she??

  26. Now see - that's what I said. She has to butt in EVERYTHING. A real friend would just walk away.

    Anyone that doesn't get Sister Wives and wants to watch it - you can look online by putting in "Sister Wives S03E03 watch online"
    or whatever one your needing; or you may go to the Apple Store and download them for $2.99, I believe.

  27. I agree with whomever posted that this felt all planned out.

    Amazing the cameras are there when they need them-and the kids say just the right things when talking.

    Do you think they had to decide which kid got to ask the Brown kids a question on TV?

  28. When Robyn is trying to back Kody up during the teen talk and says "I don't want you coming back and saying, Why didn't you tell me this?"
    I LOVED IT when JANELLE said,

    She knew how stupid that sounded.
    How would say that to a teen anyway? I can hear the comments...
    Robyn needs to listen more, talk less. She can have a say, but at least should listen to the other mothers with teens, who so often don't even get to talk.

  29. Did Meri even get to speak in this episode?
    Seemed strange.
    Also, when the kids are eating yogurt at the end, it looked like they were at a Mall, but the other stores were closed.
    Open for filming?

    Great Review!

  30. Mr Sister and CJ (and Terrasola) -Thank you so much for this interesting and highly entertaining blog. I -really- appreciate it. CJ - if I had to choose between paying $2.99 on iTunes for the actual show or your commentary, I'd pick you!

    I think what is so interesting about this show is how people who seem so normal from a distance could live this way. But it all made sense to me after reading many of the articles on www.exmormon.org - which is a fascinating website. Kody and crew's beliefs are (I assume) not that far from LDS mainstream and, if anything are more correct if you use the benchmark of following Joseph Smith's made- up teachings. As Mr. S says, it is all about the religion; you just don't see that on the show. And I think RObyn is correct in pressuring the kids to stay in the faith bc otherwise they might not make it to the highest level of heaven. Should she stand idly by and watch them go to
    I am rooting for Maddie and Logan. What neat kids! The one positive thing I can say about the adults in that family is that they have managed to produce such terrific kids. Logan especially is so mature. I hope he goes to a four year college and makes something of himself.
    Anyway, thanks again for the delicious reading!

  31. I do think Janelle and Christine would make great realtors - Kody, naaahhh..
    I predict that in their new real estate venture, they will happen to come across a home that is in foreclosure, and that has a "bizarre" layout that isn't marketable to prospective buyers but is just right for them. Just perfect. then they can have a "The Browns found a house! show in about 6 shows.

  32. Anonymous - (the one I believe above pickled polly)
    Isn't it crazy to think these seemingly normal folks, think they are making a planet?
    The one thing I could never put together is this....
    How can the Brown "Kids" be on Kody's planet later, won't they be on a planet with their spouses?
    The whole thing is nonsensical and so against the bible to revere JS.

    And yes, I too think this a great blog! Without it, I would of never known HOW crazy the FM is.

  33. The best thing about this famly is they have a border collie but why the hell did they leave it in Utah, and for how long, before going back and getting it? Real Estate? LMAO. I wonder if Mona is using them for plenty of commissions with 4 houses, free labor, and tuition for teaching them to pass the test, or if they are using her for a possible 4th wife.

    Why Robyn can't shut her mouth instead of trying to make decisions for kids who are not hers after a relationship of a year is beyond me. The teens have more sense and maturity than the adults. How they have become more classy people than the parents is beyond my ken. I also don't see religion as the prime motivator of the lifestyle. One would think they would be stressed beyond belief with the move to Vegas, leaving their jobs and house for another lifestyle and no jobs, although jobs are available. They have the worst car troubles I've ever seen. They can't go 10 miles without major trouble. I'd have a nervous breakdown.

    Sorry if this is rambling, it's almost 3 am and I am tired. Hope I can see the word verification and this goes through. Bless you all. The Browns, may the kids have wonderful lives and the parents keep running around doing inane foolishness.

  34. LMAO Border Collie!

  35. Aw, Man! I'm the genealogy nut and I didn't even think about your hilarious comment about Janelle and the bedroom!hahahahah
    GREAT JOB!!!

    TLC, EWWWWWW please don't show me the stretchie marks again without a warning label.

    The thing that got me the most, as they are always talking about how "religious" the are, is when the heartbeat was found - they didn't thank God. Maybe that's just me, but I thank the good lord out loud at times like that. They NEVER did say it.

    I was wondering about the underwears, too- it was obvious Meri didn't have them on, you could see right through her too tight black shirt.

    Wasn't it OBVIOUS that Kody liked Robyn's room the LEAST? I think so.
    WTFudge was that light, Cynical? Did she steal it from a bar?

    I think from now on, we should holler BULLCRAP every time we catch them in a lie. I think I heard 3 or 4 even in this episode- about leaving stuff behind. They've been back to Utah several times.

    What was that nonsensical babbling Robyn was doing to dodge the fact Janelle just "gagged" her on TV????
    They are so much alike? Oh please, woman, you are no more like Janelle than I am the Queen of England. Shut up, I wanted to hear Janelle finish.

    Cynical - I had never even HEARD of a claddagh ring before this show. Call me a hick.

    What did all of you think???

  36. Oh, and nothing missed itself a 10 second spot on the couch where Kody says he got emotional over the ring.

  37. I have been reading this book and highly recommend it to everyone,if they have not read it already. It explains the Mormon church and the polygamy issue in great detail. It points out the sadness in their beliefs regarding polygamy and also has great detail regarding the Allred/Jessop/Jeffs clan.

    Answer Them Nothing: Bringing Down the Polygamous Empire of Warren Jeffs

  38. LOL at stretch mark fleshy midsection. I think I might have got a glimpse of hair, yuck.

    But that's the physical expression of a spiritual union or something, right? So it's OK just to make sure that all these other women know that he's been porking around, and that you are the fairest and fertilist of all. On national TV.

    Robyn is so sad. I think she would "marry" just about anything to be on TV with her perfect hair and her, uh, chin. There are plenty of other reality shows she will fit right into once she decides her spiritual union with an unemployed man-boy has lost its luster.

  39. Great recaps! So much better than the show. I was laughing as I read, and I berate myself when I watch. What was the stupid point of the 3rd episode? I know we had the pregnancy drama continuation except we all know that she is still pregnant, so not really drama. I felt like I was watching some design show with the furniture. I was waiting for Vern Yip to come on and eliminate one of the wives from the show. Now! that would be interesting because I think it would be Robyn.

  40. Great recaps! So much better than the show. I was laughing as I read, and I berate myself when I watch. What was the stupid point of the 3rd episode? I know we had the pregnancy drama continuation except we all know that she is still pregnant, so not really drama. I felt like I was watching some design show with the furniture. I was waiting for Vern Yip to come on and eliminate one of the wives from the show. Now! that would be interesting because I think it would be Robyn.

  41. The darn ring is a Celtic thing, and I wish they'd get their traditions straight. I HATE it when they bring the ring into it, sullying the Celts. Also are these women insane? Where are their diamonds? Did they somehow miss that diamonds are a woman's best friend (especially so in their cases) and aren't normally bestowed upon the man-child?

    This dog got sick listening to the comment about leaving so they could try out the bed in the consignment shop. Border Collie barf all over the dang place.

    No wonder the crooked couch was in the consignment shop. The original owner and the shop owner did a dance all the way to the bank on that one. Stand up for yourself, Meri. It's for hunchbacks to lay on and you know it.

    Hope the kids get paid for this show. They are the most interestlng and likable characters and they need the running away money.

  42. I used to love this show, I even considered myself a fan of Christine. I even ran into her and talked to her for 20 min or so. She is really cool. But....every time Robyn opens her mouth, it makes me despise this show. Robyn is an absolute idiot, and I am a true Robyn hater now. I think she was lonely, helpless and looking for "mothers" for herself and her children. She is a typical "mean girl" ha ha look at me I can steal your man! Oh yah, Kody did not like her room. I felt so bad for Meri getting pushed into buying that stupid couch by mean girl and bozo the Kody.

  43. Re planets: I'm trying to figure this out, too. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Adam used to be a regular guy on another planet. He lived a good Mormon life, had at least three wives, and then when he died, he became "Heavenly Father" of Earth, and along with his wives, populated this planet. Now comes along the Kodster, and if he and his wives behave themselves, they will go populate another planet after death, and Kody will become Heavenly Father of that planet. I don't think the kids go with them. The boys either earn their own planets or go to a lower plane. The girls either earn a spot as a celestial sister wife or do the same. So, I think that the concept of families being together forever means that even if everybody earns a spot in the celestial kingdom, they may occupy different planets, but I guess maybe they can visit each other? This should be the same as LDS w the exception that LDS believes that polygamous marriages wait until after you die.

  44. Planets? We're talking planets now here? Maybe that's why Kody loves the couch built like a boomerang.

  45. Actually, I am a practicing member of the LDS church. I'm sorry, but all of the above are incorrect. We believe Adam was the first man on earth and his wife was Eve. The most interesting thing we believe about Adam is that we are not held accountable for his mistakes. The Original Sin thing. The only doctrinal info we get on polygamy is when we study the bible and discuss Abraham, and others who had multiple wives. As far as heaven goes, yes we believe the highest level is the celestial kingdom, but there is nothing involved with plural marriage. I know it irks many people that the LDS church distances itself so much from polygamy when they were the ones doing it originally. But, if you want more up to date info, go to www.mormon.org. there is plenty of false info on the internet on every religion, no one gets a pass that way, so it's just part of belonging to a church. I will tell you that "Mormons" are absolutely Christians, and the whole church is built upon Jesus Christ as the Son of God and
    Savior of the world. The actual name of the Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
    Sorry if I just got preachy!!

  46. Oh Jinx, great summary as always, but I can't believe you forgot to mention when Robyn offered to leave so that one of the wives could test the bed with Kody! It was a true barf-a-licious moment. Is she going to do this every episode??

    As for modesty...we saw Robyn in a one-piece swimsuit during the honeymoon episode (Season 1). The modesty is a sham. In truth, they don't care how much of their bodies are seen by all of America, and Robyn probably even prefers that people get a glimpse of what a sexy mama she is. (Compare to Mariah, for example, who seems to have a really sincere and committed religious faith. Funny how the teens are more grown-up than the adults on this show.)

    Can you even get a real estate license if you've had several bankruptcies? I guess we'll find out...

    I think it's telling that, as someone mentioned, Robyn chose to get a new bedroom set rather than things for a nursery. Maybe she figures she will be entitled to get nursery stuff in addition to new furniture (and she probably will, because she's Robyn). But you just know she was thinking of putting her and Kody's "special relationship" first by making sure to purchase things they could privately enjoy. What a sweetheart, as always, Robyn...

  47. Robyn opens mouth and inserts foot at least 3 times an episode. "want me to leave so you can try out this bed?" Well gosh yes! Why are you following them around anyway when you know what they are looking for? "who's gonna be the diamond in heart." "who ever he is with that night". Gag... What I think she is thinking "it's me, It's Me, IT's ME!!! I just can't wait til Mari, Christine, or Janelle just shuts her down. That's a moment I hope we see. And Kody what was with him saying to Mona "well we are dealing with morning sickness". Like Robyn needs a nurse or something. Poor Mari is probably having to hold up her hair and rub her back while she vomits.... Tuning in next week!

  48. I'm cracking up at the idea of kody's planet. I hope there's some planet he can rip off and declare bankruptcy or the whole planet will starve.

    TLC will keep filming until somebody walks out, which shouldn't take long at this pace.

    And you gotta love "practicing LDS" who thinks they can just ignore the church's history like it never happened. Poor thing.

  49. The Anonymous above that is upset over us calling Kody Mormon.

    We are not talking about the LDS church. We are talking about Kody's Fundamentalist Mormon Church. I know you think that only the LDS should be called Mormons, but they call themselves that, so we do too.

    And Kody and Company believes they are going to make a planet in heaven, with children and wives.

    The LDS church has been fighting hard to make the other Mormons stop calling themselves Mormons. When, in fact, they (Kody) are following the preachings of Joseph Smith closer than the LDS.

  50. AUB and associated folks don't believe in 'holy underwear', it is only mainstream LDS and also FLDS who do, some AUB members who were formerly LDS may wear it as a memento but in many cases the mainstream LDS undergarments are seen as a symbol of the LDS's rejection of fundamentalist mormon doctrines

  51. I' m so not upset at anyone's comments! Someone had asked about the planet thing, so I just thought I'd add my 2 cents. Trust me, the whole polygamy thing is hard to wrap my mind around in church history. I am just as fascinated with the Browns religion as anyone else. I promise, I wasn't trying to be defensive at all, I get where you are coming from

  52. I watched this show for the first time on 10 3 2011. I read some of the online info about the family, for example their many bankruptcies and welfare scams, i.e. “Christine was on food stamps as late as last May 2010- 9 months after filming began” . Even with their own show? Unbelievable! This babies daddy drives an expensive sports car and sleeps in a different bed every night because that is his religion. But it is not about the sex, right? Did these stressed and depressed women just serve themselves up to this selfish, immature, and irresponsible creep? Gross. Shame on TLC.

  53. Anonymous, I am new to posting, but have read everything on here-the bankruptcies can bee seen on this blog. Yep, they did.

    Cynical, love your review. Love reading everyone's thoughts!

  54. Hi all! Great Comments, everyone enjoy!

  55. how are you gonna talk about stretch marks and then say eww? It happens to women, you should grow up, seriously.

  56. Honey we ALL have stretch marks! The only difference is we don't parade them on national TV. In fact, outside of a picture of a extremely pregnant Octomom, this is the 1st time I've seen stretch marks shown on national TV, seriously! Even Mama Duggar knows not to show her naked belly to millions!

  57. HAHAHA

    I was lucky, I didn't get any.
    Weird, I had double duty, too!

    I think it's totally GROSS she showed us that, and not necessary.
    In fact, if it was a real scare, I don't think i would want it taped.
    It's normal not to hear a hearbeat at 10 weeks.

  58. Cynical Jinks I was thinking the same thing. The Browns could take a lesson or two on living your faith from the Duggers. The Browns are all covered up all the time, well most of the time. For their faith in "the lifestyle". With their long sleeve spandex shirts. Even making the girls wear tank tops in the pool to cover themselves. Then Robyn goes and gives us a belly shot. Maybe she was having a "hot flash" out there in the desert. Giving Kody a little bit of flash, and Robyn thinking "I am soo hot!". I would like to see them actually seem religious and not always saying "we are doing this for our faith" all the time. And that church episode didn't do that for me.

  59. I just wanted to ask: If Cost is legally mArried to just one women, Merie, how is it considered polygamy? He is just living with the the other 3 women, technically. He said he is not married to the last 3 women --- they just had a ceremony.

  60. I haven't watched any further then season 2 because I watch them on Netflix only. The part I don't get about the whole thing is why move what does it solve? I can see if they moved and kept all details secret. All I see is adults running away from their problems but in reality they are just causing more problems for themselves and the children by moving.In Utah they had a community and friends that support their life style, at least Kody and Janelle had jobs, and the kids were mostly comfortable with their surrounding so then they move and accomplish what no jobs, no friends, and more bills because they have four houses to pay for now. I am not against the polygamy idea I can totally see the benefits of it and I can even see going public to try to raise understanding and try to create an environment that the kids don't have to be afraid and hide,but moving shows indeed they are afraid I say they should have stuck it out in Utah and fight.

  61. //The most interesting thing we believe about Adam is that we are not held accountable for his mistakes.//

    Even more interesting are the many teachings that blacks are black because of the curse of Cain -- apparently they are held accountable for Cain's mistakes. And then there are the teachings in the Book of Mormon that native American's have dark skin because they were sinful. Now you have it folks -- afraid of skin cancer but want a tan? Now you know what to do. ;)

    //I just wanted to ask: If Cost is legally mArried to just one women, Merie, how is it considered polygamy? He is just living with the the other 3 women, technically. He said he is not married to the last 3 women --- they just had a ceremony.//

    The same way robbing a bank with a realistic toy gun (or even an unloaded real gun) is still armed robbery. The intent is there. The law is still broken. Here's a new's flash for you, Browns, if you want to live in a country and benefit from the protections of our laws -- then it behooves you to follow those laws. Frankly, I wish the lot of you would move to lawless Somalia and see how long you last. (Leave the kids -- they're innocent.)

    1. they could get in trouble for bigamy. That's having too many people living in one space.

  62. Can we just ship Kody to Robyn and let the other women get on with life, please? If I were a gambling woman, I would wager as soon as the show is canceled, Meri will boot scoot on out of Vegas and leave that douche bag behind.
    (Somebody pass the tissues to Robyn if she reads this.)
    The kids, however, are wonderful. I love the teens and they have more sense in their pinky fingers than Kody has ever had in his head. He makes the Jersey Shore guys look desirable.

  63. I seriously doubt Somalia wants Kody -- but I'm sure Robyn could find a niche there.

    As for the other wives -- I sympathise with them, but they ARE adults and they've allowed this for almost two decades. I'm afraid it's really up to them to make intelligent choices for their own life. No one can "save" them from their own slavish adherence to a stupid precept of an implausible religion.

  64. I would think the reason Kody is so concerned is because he doesn’t know his kids’ friends, or what his kids really feel. I’ve never been in that situation. But, I was home every night, there when friends came over, drove them to their friends. Being a 1/4th dad, you’re not going to know anything they don’t want you to know.

  65. Catherine not always so greatNovember 7, 2011 at 10:30 PM

    I think about some of the silly things I have said and done in my life and some of the mis-steps as a parent finding my way. So I have compassion for these ladies who are trying to do what they feel is the right thing - and allowing others to see!

    We see only very edited clips of their week (one week summarized to about 15 minutes of real time!)

    I sit up here kind of hiding in my room reading blogs (!) rather than interacting with my two teenagers because I work with the public all day and am too tired to really "parent" -- who am I to judge the selfishness of Kody or the mothers? We know that poor judgement, lifestyle choices and decisions usually stem from deeper issues! - unrealistic expections, guilt, mis-information... People who are not certain of their convictions often need to go out of their way to convince others.. to convince themselves! The Browns are in denial that there are serious problems in their lives.But they are trying.

    I see that they love the children and I see that the children are fed and clothed and receiving education and interesting life experiences. Isn't that what we are all trying to do? Many fathers (and mothers!) work long hours leaving few hours with their kids - my own husband admitted that he was basically an only child for 11 years he let himself into the house after school because both parents worked and never saw his father during the week because he was in bed before his father got home. Latch-key kids have existed for a long time..yet you don't see that in polygamous families!

    I want to have discussions about the actual pros and cons of Polygamy and how this family live it... or fall short of living it. I don't believe it is impossible to be happy living their lifestyle.. I think it would surprise many people here to discover that many of the mistakes the Browns make in their relationships are the same ones monogamous couples/parents make.

    I would also like to relate the "benefits of polygamy" to other lifestyles like having a multi-generational family under one roof or extended family living in close community in neighboring houses (many of us had special aunts/uncles and close family friends who helped "parent" us and had us spend considerable time at their homes -- Who says you need multiple wives to share in child-rearing and house-work!

  66. Catherine not always so greatNovember 7, 2011 at 10:45 PM

    We talk about the wives having such low self-esteem - but most of us live co-dependent lives with inequality in work/home work load, parenting and decision making. I love having my heterosexual relationship with my husband but with his snoring and habit of depositing his clothes on the bedroom floor every night (along with other habits I could live without) I have to say, sending him to another room to sleep is rather appealing to me.

    And since I am challenging ideals, why not ask, wouldn't having another woman around up the ante a little to find creative and fun ways to have sex? ... of course I would insist on fairness - meaning another brother-husband in the mix :) (If having more than one mother around is good.. having another father for the kids and to provide income (or let one of the wives work while he stayed home) would be nice.

  67. Many readers have posted messages about how great the kids are but we must remember that kids are very forgiving and just crave love and acceptance from their parents. They obviously have mixed feelings.

    The parents say they are allowing their children choices about eventually have a polygamy type marriage... but if they truly believe and teach their children that they will be damned if they don't follow that lifestyle how can they say they are teaching their children to make their own choices? This is no different than my Catholic school upbringing teaching us that if we are not baptized, etc. that we will not go to heaven. I live in a part of Long Island NY where Jewish wives shave their heads and wear wigs because their religion teaches them they are dirty... and that they are here to help their husbands study the torah and provide them with children so they can succeed in the after life (so to speak) Guilt / scare tactics are rampant in every organized religion.

  68. This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen!!!!! Yes, it is making you all some money, but your messed up! So sad, considering the way the world is today. I almost pissed myself when BOZO was concerned @ the breast milk and the size of the babies head! He'll need a big head in order to figure this selfish crap out! SO SO SAD!!

  69. everyone is free to live is own life , if they are happy and if there are respect what`s the problem ?

  70. wow. could you be more hateful toward people who only show us some of their lives? they dont show us everything like other tv shows. you do know that no one is forcing you to watch it. since you mentioned dvr i highly suggest that you dont record shows you just want to watch and bitch about later to try to get some people to read your blog so you can think your popular. get a fucking life

    1. Wow. Could you be more hateful towards a blog? You do know that no one forced you to read it, to use your own words. Anyway, may I suggest you follow your own advice next time and just move on.

      Thank you! And Happy April Fool's Day!