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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sister Wives: Is it a Boy or a Girl?

The family gathers at Robyn's house for an exciting announcement! Thoughts?


  1. Are they trying to trick us?
    1. two kids mad.
    2. looked like a thingy.

    Looks like boy- are they going to say girl?

  2. Even I'm getting excited to see what it is!

  3. I'm sorry, but whatever it is, it's a bastard. So Kody putting his name on this one?

    Why does he not get arrested? Now everyone will say, well, he did it and got away with it!

  4. i thought we were at least past labeling innocent children 'bastards" in this day and age. label the consenting adults all you want, but please leave the babies the innocent victims out of the name calling and judgment. ;'(

    look at the teens that were supposedly born "bastards" into that family and they want no part of repeating it.

    i think that's so unfair and so archaically judgmental to say, "whatever IT is, IT'S a Bastard!" really???

  5. The boy/girl issue will be a rating galore frenzy for our show!!

  6. Yes, this is a innocent baby.
    I agree, let's not call he/she names.
    We're all a child of God at birth, are we not?
    No name calling of the baby, please.

  7. Right on anonymous and MS.

    There is no such thing as an illegitimate child. Only illegitimate parents. The baby is the legitimate child of its parents.

  8. But, this poor kid, will be held up as the bridge welder of the family, and yada yada, I feel sorry for it already!

  9. I thought when we first found out she was expecting it was a boy. After the episode when they had a room makeover I wondered why Robyn would not do a nursey. Maybe because it was a girl and it would be obvious(I'm sure she would do some frilly/pink theme) and ruin the big surprise episode. Just wondering have Robyn's kids taken Kody's name? or will her kids have different last names?

  10. Robyn: "we're going to find out WHETHER OR NOT its a boy OR a girl". She actually said that several times! Well what ELSE could it be besides a boy OR a girl. Duhhhhh