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Saturday, October 22, 2011

R-E-S-P-E-C-T "Sister Wives"

R – E – S – P – E – C – T

Character Counts Part 3

Continuing on with our character series, we come to the second pillar of character, Respect.  Perhaps the best way to talk about this pillar is to explain the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

When we respect others we do not exploit, humiliate, violate, or manipulate them.  We are civil, courteous, decent, tolerant, and accepting – basically, we are considerate.  We really listen to what others have to say.  We treat others with dignity and allow them the autonomy they need to conduct their lives.

A number of times in the Talking Heads (TH) segments, it appears to me as though Kody and the wives are not listening to each other.  Janelle appears to not listen to Robyn; Robyn appears to be thinking about what she can say next; and Kody appears shocked to hear things as though he hasn’t been listening in the past and has heard something for the first time.  During last year’s episodes related to the Nevada move, it appeared that Kody did not want to listen to Christine’s opinions and feelings, and from my vantage point it appeared that some interactions involved intimidation, which was not at all respectful.  

One item I have not discussed before in much detail is the Pastor Ray fiasco.  That interaction was disrespectful to Pastor Ray, Presbyterians, sharks, and also showed that Christine disrespected Kody and her sister wives by putting them in such an uncomfortable position, IMHO.

I won’t beat the dead horse about the teens and autonomy / participation in discussions as I like horses.

We don’t know much about the Browns’ opinions regarding tolerance and acceptance of those who are different.  Except that they (meaning Christine) don’t want their kids to associate socially with them because they might be sharks.  Poor Christine, she will never live this down.  To me this smacks of a double standard wherein the Browns want the world to be tolerant and accepting of them, but don’t necessarily want to be held to the same standard.

I started out watching Sister Wives because I respect and accept other people.  I thought I could learn something about patience, cooperation and love.  I wanted to listen to what they might have to teach me; maybe I could apply it to my own marriage.   Maybe you did, too.  Boy was I wrong.  How do you feel 3 seasons in?  

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB
Aretha Franklin

Next – responsibility.
Written By: TERRASOLA!


  1. Don't think this family knows the meaning of the word. In fact I wish TLC would at least respect our intelligence and change the name of the show to "Sister Grifters".

  2. I started out watching the show bc I was fascinated @the concept, although I couldn't do it, & I seriously wanted to know. & see what type of people are attracted to this lifestyle or religion & what makes them tick...lol
    Wasn't impressed w/ it esp after I noticed pretty much everything U mentioned here...& then some. Also after figuring that Robyn is his favorite, etc..
    I think it was totally disrespectful for K&R to take an 11 day honeymoon, ESP since his legal wife Meri didnt have the same luxury!! :/

  3. Anonymous said...
    Hi everyone, just wanted to say I have received several more baby gifts to my home and to the po box. I wanted to say thanks to Denise Snyder (gave Truely hers as well) Valerie Hansen, Kim Burgh, Jennifer Drew, Carol Schaefer, Jessica Francis, Ann Kiefer, Fawn Colombatto and Audra DeVaney. It is so sweet and touches my heart! Our boy isn't here yet but as soon as I can say I will let you know when he is. Thanks for keeping this site a friendly environment. ~Robyn

    From FB tonight. Also a post under it telling all the reg number at babies r us.

    How nice. What grifters. And robyn says the kid isn't here yet "but as soon as I can I will let you know when he is". Sure. Believe you not.

    October 23, 2011 2:55 AM

  4. Thank U Anony for the FB confirmation post, bc it's the FB post I was referring to earlier :)
    IMO, & yes I realize I have a lot of them, but please bear with me here...lol
    I really do think that she does appreciate the gifts, bc hey that's more $$ she has to go blow @Victoria's(hehe)...Anyhow, she's not respecting her fans but she's definitely using them...& then baiting them saying she'll let them know when the baby arrives as soon as she can :/
    Really Robyn?? [ & the song by Stevie Nicks is playing in my head ' Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies']... HONESTLY, celebrities(even tho it's @the bottom of reality star status) w/ any ounce of class wouldn't post a Registry for their fans to buy them gifts...now a TRUE HUMANITARIAN will ask people to donate to a good cause to help those truely in need i.e. homeless, child & domestic abuse, coats, Christmas connection, etc...

  5. Come now....let's just say it. You know the Brown's don't respect practically anyone! They believe we are all vile heathens who are not glorious enough to belong to their selective and exclusive faith and we are going to burn in hell for eternity and they are perfectly fine with that. They are willing to use their fans (a baby registry on FB...Classy!) and con them in to spending their money on bullshit vitamin drinks! They don't respect our country our they would knock off their rotating fraud/bankruptcy filings and nonsense court filings and such. Unfortunately in these respects they are probably the perfect "poster children" for many of these polygamous families because I know the Brown's aren't the only family pulling stunts like this. They are just the only ones on TV.

  6. RESPECT - do not continue to put your Babies R us crap up there. Respect the people that watch the show and pay for your meals by doing so.

  7. I guess this should probably go somewhere else, but what about HYPOCRISY -
    Presbyterians are sharks,
    Episcopals that offer trips and maybe a freebie college - cool

  8. That's Right, A Day Ahead.
    their religion states that all Christians are beneath them and wrong- and they shouldn't even have to deal with us much, they are so much HIGHER than them.

    I am sure there is a better way of wording that - anyone?

  9. What bugs me is how the kids seem happy, what are they griping about?
    They are getting above and beyond attention at their new school, some glory from being on TV., etc. Even their teachers seem starstruck. How often has your kid got a tweet from a teacher?
    I say, they are pretty happy kids.
    Unless, the script for the day tells them not to.

  10. Terrasola,
    I feel season 3 that sadly, someone on this blog was right from the get go.
    It was all a political ply, planned out to go with their lawsuit.
    And, see how they never discuss their religion?
    hmmmm of course not, it would make half of America sick.
    Such a bad religion for women!
    I wish all the ladies would wake up.

  11. Treat your fans with RESPECT.
    Don't call a MLS meeting a Humanitarian event!

    don't lie!

  12. I think it's disrespectful to not tell your fans WHY your into polygamy.

  13. They respect who fawns over them. There's one lady that seems to live to tweet them. Even the kids- she's all over it. Then, same lady, ATTACKS another star for no good reason, practically blaming her for her own homelessness~ In other words, they don't check out who they say ok to the kids with- this lady is HORRIBLE to others. It's unreal.

  14. I saw that and know who you are talking about- it's a shame they let their kids talk to this crazy woman, and all it would take is to look at her twitter to see how she treats others. Maybe one will read this, and wake up and see what's going on.

  15. The BC bows to the Day Ahead who tells it like it is, point blank and period.

  16. So true a Day Ahead :)
    Found this article , so this is how they could afford college:
    Harvard: Free Tuition for Families Earning Under $60K
    http://www. thecrimson.com/article/2006/3/30/harvard-free-tuition-for-families-earnings/
    Now since there's technically 3 single moms w/ no income(supposedly) guess they qualify (smh)
    Also, an interesting tidbit...Janelle tweeted the other day that they received their first college acceptance letter for Logan.... I didn't know he was a Sr this yr?? I thought Mariah was oldest? ...I'm a lil confused!! Kudos for the college acceptance tho ...

  17. Yep definitely a political agenda...Robyn states they wanted to make a political point!

  18. For them to be so politically driven, U would think the wives would have a voting track record!!
    Kody last voted in 2008 as a registered Republican. No records found for the wives!


  19. I agree with everyone on this thread. Does anyone else see that Robyn is baiting for more gifts by naming "out loud" on FB those suckered in participants in the registry? Why not be normal and take a few minutes out of your unemployed day and write a personal thank you note. I just took that as a way for some low self-esteemed groupies to want some of the same attention. Really, truly, pathetic.

  20. So true FrontalLobe...besides I'm sure the suckered fans would've appreciated a handwritten Thank you note...besides it's only proper PR etiquette. I used to be the PTO (Parent -Teacher Org.) President for my son's high school & I always sent handwritten thank you notes to our sponsors & parent volunteers.

  21. I seriously expect some pro-poly/FLDS/AUB/brown noser to completely rip me apart for this one. I'm a safe distance from Utah, but you never know what someone crazy might do! ;)

  22. I don't know how they would know you, I am sure your fine!