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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sister Wives: Kody's Special DNA

Kody proves how his patience and respect for his wives during a day-long shopping spree.


  1. Does Robyn always have to ASK that kind of stuff? Do you want me to leave to kiss? Do you want me to leave..... HOW ANNOYING IS THAT! I would have to say shut it up!
    Leave us alone if you think that's what we want.
    Kody was actually kinda funny in this one.
    WATCH Robyn when he calls Janelle sweetheart at the end....
    If we would see more of this type of stuff, instead of tears and trumped up drama, it would be more believable. Christine said it was a REAL, then when they didn't like how Janelle came out on the last show, they hollered editing. Can't have it both ways!LOL

    Come on Janelle, jump in and have fun with that house! She must be seriously depressed. Seriously.

  2. I think Janelle is seriously worried about the finances. On one hand she's talking about finite resources and on the other, Kody is dragging her into a furniture store to spend money. Although it did look like a used furniture store, but those can still be expensive.

    Robyn needs to go to charm school.

  3. 1. Why do they need all new stuff?

    2. Do you all name these videos before you post them because this one called "Kody's Special DNA" CRACKED ME UP :-)

    3. Poor Janelle-- why did Kody have to say they are like two guys in their relationship? It's more like she is the Mom and he is the high spirited little boy who has to be told No.

  4. Janelle looks miserable. She really should take the time away from a job to take care of herself. She seems to carry all of the financial burden on her shoulders while Kody acts like a little boy.

  5. Watch very carefully right at the end. From the point that Kody says "Sweetheart" to the comment about it being "very romantic". In that last second Robyn loses it (Or is trying not to laugh?). But her hand goes to her face in that tiresome "I'm going to cry." gesture which is becoming annoying.

  6. I saw that, and MS said that, too= SHE IS so annoying. Can she not believe he'd say that to another wife now?
    Do she always have to butt in?
    i'd say this was a freebie promo run.
    BTW - I HATE THESE POP OUT things.

  7. Hi Kiska,

    I just tried using the previous comment form and, unfortunately, it is still not working. So we will have to make do with the pop up.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Blogger needs to get this fixed!

  8. I have listened to this thing 4 times, someone help me out, what is Janelle saying to Kody???
    It just comes out warbled to me!!

    I'm sorry, but when Janelle is looking at the rugs - her ass is HUGE. She needs to lose the weight. I'm not being mean, but esp when your husband is sleeping with other women, you'd need to be more careful about what you looked like, don't you think?

    What can't Robyn not make faces and laugh at the end? I HATE HER.

    Can someone show me where Kody said in an interview he was up for wife #5, and TLC said no?

    Grrr What is Janelle saying? I can't wait for the show and CJ's review! Best part of the week!

  9. I've said my piece on this one. I don't know what Janelle said, either.
    This one ANNOYS me. Robyn annoys me.

  10. Robyn annoys me. She reminds me of my sister-in-law who just grates on my nerves.

    And maybe I'm slow, but what does this have to do with Kody's DNA? I feel stupid.

  11. I saw this at the TLC site, TLC is the one that names them, who knows?
    I guess he has special shopping DNA!!!
    Robyn reminds me of this girl at work that would say shit like that, or "Don't mind me" is one of her favorites.
    You just want to scream, they remind you of fingernails on a chalkboard.

  12. No, I don't name them, TLC does that!
    I probably would of named this....Robyn is freaking annoying.

  13. MS - you would have to name them all that then. ;')

  14. LOL!
    When I read "Kody's Special DNA"
    I thought, "Now, they are taking this pregnancy too far!"
    I thought it was going to be about that!

  15. While waiting for the show to start (I still have 90 mins to go AND Dexter premieres at the same time!!!!) I thought I'd try to translate that little conversation between Janelle and Kody in the store.

    BTW - Does anyone else notice that Kody pronounces Janelle like Genelle, his mother's name?

    Kody: Genelle(?) you 're not even goin to look at a bedroom set with me...

    Janelle: Well..I feel like...I don't feel like there's quite(?) the budget for it to be honest with you...

  16. I thought I heard budget! Good Job!
    But it was really warbled. I bet that was freebie stuff anyway, don't you? Maybe a discount.

  17. On the conversation with Kody and Janelle at the furniture store it goes like this:
    Kody: So your not even going to look at a bedroom set with me.
    Janelle: Well I feel like, (refrases) I don't feel like there's quite the budget for it.
    Makes you wonder did the other wives do more than one room and Janelle just does one for the practical reason that she manages the money and see's her hard earned dollars being used for her fellow wives asses to lay on. Sorry if the language offends anyone.