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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Update!! S03Ep05: Defending Polygamy

I'm so excited! Tonight, the Browns travel back to Kody's hometown of Lovell, Wyoming. Yoming if you're Robyn. Alright, so the episode is a bit choppy, and the time frame is a bit skewed. But I will act as your guide and lead you out of the darkness and back into the light, as my high school American Government teacher would say. He also talked about some girl with a classy chassis, but I digress.

First up, we get to watch Kody and his fam coming up with names for Robyn's little bun in the oven. Oh, did you know some of Kody's kids were named after cities? Logan, Madison, Savanah, Aspyn, and Dayton. ..DAYTON? Robyn's Dayton, from her first marriage? But I thought his real name was David? So, Robyn must have known while married to 'Dayton's father, that she would eventually divorce, meet her soul mate, and rename her firstborn Dayton, right? I mean, it is kind of neat to name your child after a city - Paris Hilton, Mariel Hemingway, Cuba Gooding Jr (oops - that's a country). So Robyn's gonna name her fourth little bundle of joy after a city, right? Yay! Lehi? San Diego? (got to keep that honeymoon experience alive, ya know), Pinesdale? Yoming?(oops - that's a state) Who knows? What the heck? I looked down for a second and now Kody and Robyn are in a birthing class? Robyn miraculously goes from ' I swallowed a large water balloon' tummy to 'I swallowed a beach ball'. Time travelling is fun! But a little dizzying...

<><><><> <><> <><> <><>
Honey, did you drink 2 gallons of water today?

Birthing Class

Ugh! The introduce yourself ice-breaker. I just hate those. " Hi, I'm Robyn. This is Kody. This is our first child - together...(hint hint) This is my 4th, and this will be Kody's 17th (hint hint nudge nudge). WE'RE POLYGAMIST! (silence and blank stares) You know, I have three other SISTERWIVES!" Oh, Sisterwives! Now they get it!

And then that oh so uncomfortable segment when Robyn talks about her not so happy relationship with her first husband. But that's all behind her now. She's got Kody as her birthing partner. And he's her strong male figure she can rely on. So Robyn, the Honeymoon Experience was not so successful on your first runaround, eh? Got to keep it real, folks.

After class, the instructors give a totally believable (NOT) interview on pregnant polygs (it's a lot easier than spelling out the word all the time). Says Sherry: "As a midwife, I've definitely cared for polygamist families but I've never had someone sit in a class or be that vocal about their lifestyle because I think they've been living in quiet for so long." To which midwife educator Naomi adds her two cents "If you love each other, and you love your kids and take care them and live your truth, then who gives a crap what everybody else thinks!" Nicely put, Naomi. Do you have anything else to add? "I'd love a sister wife!". Okay, now Naomi, can you awkwardly hug Sherry? Nice job. Any other words to say Sherry before they turn the cameras off? "Me too!"

Who said you can't go home again?

Not another road trip. Please no more blowouts - tires or engine. Please no starving children. Now, I'm going to try to put this segment into some resemblance of a time frame because, people, it is all over the place.

<><><><> <><> <><> <><>

In his talking head, Kody explained his parents were already into fundamentalism and had fully converted while he was on his LDS mission. Yep, Kody used the 'F' word. Then he mentioned that after he returned from his mission, he also converted to fundamentalism. Yep, he used that 'F' word again. And added the word 'sect'. Fundamentalist Sect. Yep, that's what he said.

But his friends apparently did not share his enthusiasm for his new found beliefs. In fact, they shunned him, gave him stink eyes. His friends didn't know who he was, they could no longer define him. He was a different person who had now joined a CULT! Yep, he use the 'C' word, he sure did.

Now here is where I had a major What the He double hockey sticks moment. The teaser to the next segment has this gal in red saying "...there's some classmates of mine that thought Kody Brown was gay. Flamboyantly gay. " What? Did Kody majorly piss off the show's producers or what? But we got a loooonnnnng ass wait before we get to that story!

Kody's friend Ken

<><><><> <><> <><> <><>
Kody's friend Ken

Kody introduces his huge family to his friend Ken. Hey, Kody and Ken! I bet they were real characters when they were younger. Look! Kody showing off his Lexus sports car. Look! Ken showing off his boats! And Ken's voice sounds so familiar...I'm trying to place who it is?

Who in their right mind goes pleasure boating in a thunderstorm? You got it! The Browns do! Frankly, if I was about to do something, and a thunderstorm suddenly appeared, I would think, hmmmm...maybe a higher power is trying to tell me something. Like Janelle said, "I thought it was extremely stupid to go boating when the lightening was in the sky cuz we're gonna be like CRISPY! It will strike the boat and we're all dead!" I'm with ya, Janelle. Don't want to get to that planet any faster than you have to, right?

Hmmm... I think Ken's a little perturbed - seems he feels like he's doing all the work and Kody, well Kody is off doing what Kody does best - being in the limelight. Oh my gosh I know it now! Ken sounds like a slightly less morose GARY SINISE!! Wait a minute, he kinda looks like Gary Sinise too, if you squint real hard.

Oh my gosh, please, no more talking about polygamous marriage and how you have a relationship with each person - blah blah blah and that Kody has a monogamist relationship with each of his wives blah blah blah - can't we just get to the boat and the water? I want to see Kody's hair go up on end when the lightening strikes!

Hooray, we see scenes of the Brown kids riding an inner tube and Kody driving the boat shouting "Hold on tight!" and Logan yelling back "Nice knowing ya, Dad!". And scenes of the Brown family jumping off a cliff into the water - now that looks like a really safe activity, too. Oh no, Ken walks over to Kody and says " Let's just cruise out on the lake..." "Just you and I?" asks Kody. "Yeah" replies the clone of Gary Sinise. Run Kody Run! Ken's gonna make you pay for going all fundamentalist and leaving the faith. Run like the wind and don't look back!

But does Kody listen? Hell no. He goes out on the water, alone, with Ken. In his talking head, Kody recounts how twenty years earlier, Ken's reaction to Kody's change in faith had offended him. But now Kody can see how Ken may have felt betrayed by Kody's sudden turn towards fundamentalism. (I think Kody is thinking with the feminine side of his brain). Ken, however is firmly placed within his LDS faith, and his super macho monogamist manliness. Says Ken "We grew up in the LDS church together, and I was completely clueless that you were merging into this fundamental thing...I remember when you guys first became polygamists, it was a big shock to the town." Oh really? That's interesting, so the entire town of Lovell knew twenty years ago that the Browns had gone polyg. Please continue, Ken. "And I think one of the things that made them nervous is...there was some active proselytizing...your family and the other family involved, were sharing their ideas with some of the people in town. It fact your mom was best friends with my mom and shared a lot of her thoughts with my mom and my mom tried to talk your mom out of it and they went their separate ways." Listen to me Kody. Run. Away.Now. Otherwise the deprogrammers will get you cause this guy thinks you're in a CULT!!! But does Kody run? Hell, no. In fact, Ken has organized a get together with Kody's former classmates. And Kody can't wait to meet with, what Ken calls, his toughest audience.

Kody meets up with old friends

Suffice it to say Lovell Wyoming does love parades, but does not love polygamists.

And Meri, bless her heart, says something that says a lot about herself. Extremely attracted to Kody when they first met and internally conflicted regarding her faith, she tells us that if she had to have sisterwives in order to get Kody, she'll do it. So does this explain why she suggested Robyn to Kody? Because she felt in order to keep the man, she would have to accept Robyn as a sisterwife? Holy cow!

You would think this is a segment where Robyn will keep her mouth shut. And actually, she does. I think it was because she was furiously showing food into her mouth, but that's okay. She eating for two.

His friends seem like typical friends we all would have. And they seem to have Kody's number as they all remember Kody needing to be the center of attention. In fact, his friend Janae spelled it all out. When she found out Kody had gone polygamist, she wasn't surprised at all because she saw it as a "...built in way for [Kody] to be the center of attention all the time...with four wives and 16 kids" . Of course, Ken brings up the "sex" angle and Robyn defends her man. If she talks about how paying for sex is cheaper than a wife one more time, I will puke.

Kody has decided he will not defend his faith, especially not to Ken. And Ken makes no bones how he feels about polygamy. And frankly, I can understand where Ken is coming from. But I felt it was totally inappropriate for Kody, during the couch interview with the wives, to reach over and put his hand on Christine's knee, while audibly saying SHHHHH!!! when she was adamantly defending her faith. For those of you who are interested, it was the scene where Christine mentions taking out her Bible and her Book of Mormon asking "How do you explain this!" in response to Ken's rather abrupt dismissal of fundamentalism earlier. To me, Kody could have used this moment to explain his faith is more than believing in plural wives. Instead, as usual, he did not, and missed a golden opportunity. The show cuts back to the get together, and Ken says he feels that all the friends have been through the shock of Kody becoming a polygamist. Now they are working through finding tolerance for his lifestyle. Awwww....I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now. Can someone pour me another glass of bubbly, please?

Just a few observations:

I spit my bubbly out all over my brand new jeans when Kody mentioned his Scarlet P. Like, is that something you want to share with outsiders? Can't doctors give you an antibiotic or something to cure it? Oh. He was talking P as in polygamy. Never mind.

Here we go, the gay remark. Finally!! But the lady in red just says she never believed Kody was gay, although he did wear really tight pants and his hair was always perfect. And Kody explains he's just a metrosexual with a keen fashion sense. Ok, whatever...Hope all those metrosexuals out there aren't too offended.

Kody's father was quite the man about town, wasn't he? Two women came up to Kody to say they had dated his father! I could say something totally snarky, but I will refrain.

Oh my gosh. They decided not to name the baby after a city and instead, will name him Solomon. Whenever I hear that name, I think of Poor Old Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, etc...Well, it could have been worse. Imagine if they had decided on Albuquerque, or Tallahassee. See what I mean?

And, somewhere in the show, Robyn used the words salacious and connotation in the same sentence! Brava Robyn! Now tell us, do you know how to spell them?

Enough snark for now. What are your thoughts?


  1. OMG. Cynical, that was absolutely brilliant! How do you come up with all that in such a short time period??
    I LOVE "I think of Poor Old Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, christened on Tuesday, etc.."

    Seriously, I have read all the reviews, and this is the BEST. Congratulations on being marvelous!!!

  2. Seriously, you've outdone yourself on a pretty boring episode!!!! BRILLIANT! I have to go back and read it again!!!! Solomon Brown....LOL!

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head.
    The town TOLERATED them coming there to film. They weren't happy to see them, and they KNEW he was a polyg--as were his parents.

    It really makes you see that we aren't the only ones that this he is a self centered twerp.

    I didn't catch or think about it, but you are right-it was stupid to say he was coming out to his friends, when he and Ken already had this discussion.

  4. Hi everyone (starting to really love this site), thanks for the review, very funny.
    Thought you might be interested to know another reason why Jess and Zeb over at sister wives central (they wish) are so 'protective' and 'understanding', they just posted that they have a hard time responding to all requests because 'we both go to school full time and have a toddler.' Ummm, isn't school something that you do BEFORE you have a child to feed? No mention of how they are housing said toddler but they may be 'beast bleeders' as well.
    Anon 69. (I will come up with a better alias, I promise) lol

  5. I', glad you saw Robyn just DYING to tell everyone they are polygamists. Why is that? So everyone will Fawn?
    I mean, why do they ALWAYS have to being that up?

    Oh, poor thing, Robyn, I doubt your ex hubby was too thrilled. Better watch out, he'll get sick of you slamming him and saying those are Kody's kids.....

    Thanks for a wonderful read!

  6. Ken is my new hero!
    I LOVED this show.I was waiting for a bunch of ass kissing, they SURE didn't get it!

  7. What did you think Cynical, of Janelle saying she didn't like the baby name?
    Seems she's been odd man out quite a bit lately, and her disdain for Robyn is VERY CLEAR.

  8. Didn't God tell us to spead the good news?
    Yet their church doesn't want them to?
    What's up with that?

  9. wwooohooooooo wooohoooooo woooooooooooo

    Howlingly funny review!

  10. Excellent! It's what I watch the show for now, Cynical's Reviews!

    When I was reading, and saw "run like the wind" it made me start hearing that Christopher Cross song in my head!!!LOL

  11. My thought is, I wish I was sitting around with you watching the show, Cynical Jinx, 'cause you are too darn funny!!

    This has defiantly become the Kody show. And I am loving it!! He is even robbing time from ROBYN'S pregnancy! HA!

    I mean, a two second blurb on the baby name? Maybe TLC has figured out that if they continue with Robyn talking so much, we will stop watching. She is not liked.

    Christine even irks me now. The only two I can stand to listen to is Meri and Janelle. Sadly, Janelle traitored the viewer on the move, remember?

    So I guess that really leaves Meri.

    I thought the ONLY reason they were polygamists was their religion. But they don't act very religious to me! Women trying to shift power-Kody loving all the attention. And he won't give testimony? Why was that?

    This... let's not talk about our religion, but want everyone to accept us, is wearing thin.

    So he was a limelight seeker even when he was young. Imagine that!
    That's what is so strange about Janelle being there. Seems she would want more of a man. But, after 6 kids and 100 lbs, sorry, but she ain't going no where. Christine isn't either.

    I will never forget how shocked I was over Robyn's comment about pregnancy being a reminder that their husband basically screws another. Nice, real nice talk miss religious!!!LOL

    Sometimes I wonder if I would watch it anymore if Cynical wasn't writing such great stuff!!!

  12. LMAO ..Awesome review Cynical!! Esp ...awww, I'm feeling warm & fuzzy now. Can someone please pour me another glass of bubbly?" ...gotta love it :)
    Wow, Kody's stink face pic & Robyn's eating for 2 pic are hilariously scary looking!! Poor baby Solomon has those faces & personalities to look forward to :/ Oh & possible name teasing when he gets a lil older....triple yikes!!
    It really seems the family is seriously @odds & @a crossroads w/ Robyn & her crew. Even though they re desperately trying to present a united front & convince us (& themselves) otherwise! But I think we all know better..lol
    So if this discord continues amongst the wives, can they ask Robyn to leave & will Kody allow it? I thi when TLC is no longer there w/ cameras & cash flow stops, it may just be a hot topic w/ The Original 3 & oh yeah, Kody :/ Now I'm going off topic here for just a sec...I've always wondered what the wives will do once Kody has passed on to wait for them in the afterlife? I'm not sure they would actually stay sister wives,but that's just me.
    I bet it was TLC's idea to film former friends & exes tbc they knew it would be pure gold & pure pleasure watching Kody & his wives squirm & scowl (Robyn)...lol
    Does anyone know if TLC is offering them a 4th season?? Just curious bc they(TLC) are doing casting calls for all their shows! Hopefully Kody isn't squandering all TLC'S earnings bc he's got lots of kiddos & 4 unhappy wives to care for ...lol Heck, I think they would @least learn something from Jon Gosselin since it didn't end too well financially for him...

  13. Isn't this Kody & Robyns anniversary month?

  14. Funny! And better than the show!

    Next time they go to Yoming - in Januray? - they need to buy sno tires, vroom vroom, can they all fit into that sportscar!?

    I would love to see the TLC van in a ditch.


  15. I'm passing the bubbly for Cynical! Well done!

    Don't forget the "pros-lites." It took me a minute to figure out what they were even saying.

    The gay section was the only entertaining part of the whole show. Those old photos were actually pretty cute.

  16. You forgot about Robyn's mini fit about how hard their church is to find. Tell me, would you be hard pressed to find a Catholic church or Baptist church for example , in any town/city in this country?! You know you might be in a cult if....

  17. love the recap! It's great to start the day laughing!

  18. Thanks for the hilarious review. The pics are classic haha ... Robyn especially ... too funny!

    Christine obviously was not gonna point out Jesus's answer to the question asked him about marriage in Heaven. There was a woman who had been married numerous times and the crowd asked Him who would be her husband in Heaven? Jesus answered that there is no marriage in Heaven and no giving if marriage in Heaven. In other words, none if them. We will know our lived ones in Heaven but our purpose there will be different than here
    on earth. I wonder if Christine's mormon version of the Bible has omitted that passage? I admire Christine's
    dedication, but she is sadly misguided.

    Kody and "krew" just seem in this episode to live a sort of management by crisis lifestyle void of sturdy leadership
    and realistic budget goals.

    Can someone answer a question for me? I don't believe the sudden move was necessary either. Does anyone
    know the real motive for sneaking off like a circus train of bandits? I cannot imagine, if it wasn't necessary, putting those poor children thru that charade. Any info is appreciated guys :))

  19. *loved ones (sorry)

  20. CJ, I have a lot of reports to write at work these days. How much would I have to pay you to write them for me?

    I LOVE your writing style.

  21. Obviously, the move was good TV. I even hear they've been back to Utah since. Moving is a common reality show trick, and it also lets the TV station pay your rent. Neat trick.

    That said, I can see how it was scary, and law enforcement did make some threats. As principled as Priesthood Holder Kody is, obviously not enough to wait it out in jail after his felony conviction.

    Nobody would have been stupid enough to arrest this idiot. But by threatening it, they left the terrible law wide open for an attention seeking polygamist and professor...

    In short, TLC got everything they wanted with the most drama by pretending like they are on the run, and Kody gets to move his political agenda forward. Win-win, assuming you love polygamy!

  22. CJ love your writing style! Wish it could be published other places so everyone could appreciate it! I think I will scream if I hear more polygamists trying to tell us they are really monogamists, in an attempt to convince us that each "wife" has "real marriage." ( I think the Browns have been taking tips from the Dargers who spout the same nonsense). I also think that claiming to be monogamists is a tacit admission that monogamy is better for women. Just makes these polygamist look really stupid!

  23. Okay, first of all I have to admit I didn't watch this episode and haven't been able to watch any episodes for quite some time due to it inflamming my GERD big time. Plus, CJ's reviews are the best.You go GF!!!

    After reading the review I have finally decided upon my Halloween costume. I am going as a shark with a big, red letter "S" on my chest. I wouldn't have gone for the letters "NP" as in, non-pol but I think that would be too confusing, plus with the "S" I can be Super Shark. It's too bad that I'm in NW Indiana or I'd stop by the Brown's for trick or treating. Perhaps Christine would allow me to refresh my gills in her over-sized wading pool? Perhaps not...

    I have a question. Shouldn't this be Robro's 4th pregnancy? Doesn't she already have three or did I miss a set of twins? I could be confused because this show tends to do that to me, trying to figure out lies, half truths & whatnot.

    Fantastic, funny review CJ. Keep up the excellent work!

  24. yes, CJ must have had too much bubbyl! Robyn brought 3 into the marriage not two.

    also, CJ - a trick the real plygs use. they actually spell it as well as pronounce it "plyg." one syllable. so now it's even shorter for you to keep typing. ;')

  25. Here's my biggest question about this whole mess of an episode. Don't the townspeople of Lovell, WY already know they are all plygs? Not just because of what was said, but they only moved to the Lehi house when Mariah was 10, and Meri said they moved from Wyoming.

    So Meri, Janelle, Christine, Kody and all the kids except Truely lived there (in one house, i assume) what is this crap about no one knows my family?

  26. speaking of spelling - how about correcting my own typo i just saw! lol *bubbly hehe....

  27. yes, it's obvious the whole town knows they were plygs already. Kody's parents still live there before and after they joined their new lifestyle and the town has ostacized them for it ever since.

    I'm sure after Kody and Kompany left town, nothing changed for his parents. it was just a script being played out for supposed drama.

  28. Oh snaps people, I guess this is their "political " agenda. This just in from Christine Brown about 2hrs ago on Kody Brown Family FB wall. It's a super long post, but I'm only gonna put the semi -short jist of it ..Here it is folks:
    " We as the Brown family chose to open up our family by going public on a documentary series. We hoped to educate & change people's opinion about plural marriages. Each of us fell in love & chose to be a part of the Brown family. We hope our viewers see that we have high family values.
    We made a commitment as a family to extend ourselves whenever possible to lift & inspire others to have more happiness, peace & joy.
    We have been searching for avenues that will empower us to make differences in the world beyond just sharing our plural family. We have chosen Liv International as one of our partners to accomplished our goals. Liv is a company that is gathering a community of people to help the world be a better place. Their mission is based around Global Operation Detox ". In this movement Liv's objective is to assist those who suffer from addiction, abuse, poor health & from financial challenges, ultimately help each individual to have more courage, confidence & hope to know "who they really are "!
    We are looking for a team of heartfelt people who would like to join us as we travel the globe & help to "inspire " others to "inspire " to do the same.
    Kody will be speaking @our first event with Liv International in Las Vegas October 21 &22, 2011. If you are interested in attending as our personal guest or if you would like more information. Please send email request to livbrownteam@gmail. Com & we will make sure you have a "free " ticket for the event.
    This is Kody Browns debut as a featured speaker
    End quote
    Wow I have a feeling the "free " ticket will cost a personal donation ...lol & so much for Kody being #@home more. Which wife gets to travel w/ him often? Meri could since she only has 1 older daughter . Guess Robyn will be missing out in the beginning w/ a new baby & all ...lol I can already see so many "wrongs " w/ this new family agenda...lol Let the circus begin, I meant continue ...globally ....lol

  29. LOL, they are looking for ways to help people who have financial difficulties?

    Physician, heal thyself.

    This family is nothing more than a propaganda machine, imho.

  30. oh yeah, Vegas or bust for me! gotta go sign up under Team Kody Plyg LIv for my road to riches!! not.

  31. let's see if more of their FB fans sign up for their MLM downline than they've supported Robyn's baby registry. my money's on YES!! they will!!

    and one of the bonuses is that you too can join the Brown Family as a sister wife if you reach a certain level of income. Janelle will have to be in charge of that accounting job.

  32. Did any of you catch it when Kody said, "We can go home and tell mom that she can come back in town". what have they done for the last 20 years, ordered all supplies by mail?

  33. what a bunch of b.s. poolqueen. Kody came and turned the town around to where now they're all fully accepting instead of shunning. crap.

    forgot to say - Janelle will have to keep track of who legitimately qualifies for the new Sister Wifehood since Kody or Robyn couldn't be trusted to not fudge the #'s. Kody would make sure it was someone who was hotter and younger than Robyn and Robyn would make they weren't.

  34. I'm guessing TLC didnt offer a 4th season...lol It's definitely a pyramid scheme. Where U try to get people to sign up & make sizable donations. I'm pretty sure he's not just "motivational" speaking & "inspiring " others for free!! @theend of the seminars, there's ALWAYS a price to buy something or just to make a donation. UUuugghhhhh ..sadly enough they will get a few SUCKER'z to sign up for this scam, even taking people's life savings, etc... :/

  35. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/eve/2649982104.html

  36. I am seriously confused by this company.


    But looks like they have cruises and power calls and Club Liv parties!

    GO GO Goji Blast!!! Now I'm expecting a diet pill miracle next week.

    That is a half-working website. Looks like it is registered to this guy in Provo, who used to do the IT at Nature's Miracle. You'd think the IT guy would at least get the website going.


    Well, when I think of happy, healthy, stress-free lifestyle, I think of the Browns. So, good luck LIV! I guess we'll see what your diet pills can do!

  37. Oh for the LOVE of God. (the craigslist postimg)

    "Join the SISTERWIVES reality stars (I like how they call themselves stars LOL) to make a difference in peoples lives."

    "Get trained to assist in local Las Vegas humanitarian events."

    Selling people a bunch of bullshit about how your drink can cure them and pushing a pyramid scheme are now considered humanitarian efforts?

    Preying on the desperate and naive for financial gain. Way to GO KODY and concubine!!!

  38. What do these people know about addiction? I HATE it when people that don't know a thing about it claim to be able to help you!

  39. No way TLC will drop them. They have the higest ratings on the network, and next year I bet the lawsuit will heat up.

    Besides, they can't stop filming until someone leaves, which shouldn't take long.

  40. Bet you they are selling a colon cleanze!!!!!

  41. Hahaha, I know right??
    Wow, parties & cruises worldwide? Gonna be tough for big Kody to keep lil Kody in check & from coming out to play!..lol Lots of temptation & there's always The sugar mama dangling a sizable investment & or donation all for an all access pass to KodyLand .....hahahahaha
    The green monster will definitely be making more appearances now, esp w/ Kody out & about w/ crowd of women, bc I'm sure that's what will be his majority following ...God help their poor soul's & hopefully their blinders will be removed ...lol

  42. Hi everyone!
    I have been reading down the posts. You guys are pretty good writers yourselves! I have been laughing!!

    I bet you that the ladies go to one of the "Wellness Retreats" that they are trying to sell you, what do you bet?

  43. oooh, i want to spend a ton of money so I can have my body "cleanzed" that I could do at home (no thank you, by the way)

    I BET your right, this is a set up for next week, they are selling us something!

  44. Wendy, I couldn't of said it better myself.
    "Preying on the desperate and naive for financial gain."

    preying on the lonely women who love the TV show.... I HATE THAT.

    THEY ARE COUNTING ON YOU, the viewer.

  45. Great recap CJ!! Seriously!! I missed bits and pieces of the episode.

    They are still so random. It's like the producers just takes bits of film together to make a show.

    Why were they in birthing classes? Robyn was the polygamy birthing expert in the episode where Christine was about to give birth to Truely. (And Robyn herself had never had a baby in a polyg relationship at the time.) Who goes around broadcasting their lifestyle every.where.they.go?

    Do you think Robyn will call the baby Brown #17 So'mon like she says Dayun?

  46. LOL, I'm reminded of the movie Pete's Dragon when the flim-flam gypsy guy (Dr Terminus) comes to town selling his cure-all elixir. Anyone else remember that movie?

    And I agree with you, geeky girl, about broadcasting their lifestyle in every way possible. But at this point, they are just selling it like an elixir, so it's not surprising.

  47. i said it would be out of UTAH!! MLM capital scam of the world!!

    a few years ago, some mormon ex-MLM'ers made a move called BELIEVE! it's great! it was showing all the behind the scenes of the workings of the scam of it all. MLM'ers protested and tried to get it banned from being shown in UTah cause they knew it would hurt their business.

    you can still get it online. i actually bought it last year. it's really funny and so true! anyone who keeps bugging me about joining their MLM, i give them the movie to watch and then to get back to me afterwards! lol they know after seeing it, there's no way in hell i'll join their MLM.

  48. Hi Everyone, Just scooting by to say Thanks and glad ya'll enjoyed the review!

    I tell ya, reading about this "family business" I keep getting flashbacks of Margene Heffron and GogiBlast! And how Nikki called it Margene's sour juice (or something like that). Looks like Kody really did like Big Love!

  49. Pool Queen
    I saw where Kody said that...
    I bet his mom hasn't hidden, heck, Janelle's mom was a nurse, and Kody and crew lived there!

  50. Oh, come on now!
    Kody could motivate me to stop drinking, stop smoking, stop HAVING SEX, you name it!

    I'd let him clean my colon if he did it personally. hahahahahh


  51. OOPS - My Bad!! Correction made and no more bubbly for me - cuz the bottle's EMPTY!!!!

    Thanks Anony 2:18!

  52. "Do you think Robyn will call the baby Brown #17 So'mon like she says Dayun? "

    It will be SO'MAN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. Guys, I am lovin' this discussion!!!

    I haven't seen many MLM- I guess it's prevalent in Utah?

    I wonder how many poor victims will go and end up spending money-
    Hey, someone needs to go from here!!

  54. Everyone is so funny! I love it!

  55. Don't the MLM programs require a large deposit to get started?

  56. Well now we know where some of the $200,000 received from TLC was "invested" ...lol. ..but I'm sure they will filenother bankruptcy in a few yrs. They prolly haven't sold the house in Utah just as a "when all else fails " backup, right??...lol I mean bc Utah wasn't prosecuting for plural wives, but more for food stamp fraud. Actually they would just have to repay + a fine & wouldn't be eligible for services. Which they shouldn't need since they're big reality stars now & all the $$ will be rolling in w/ the new family scheme, I meant business ...lol

  57. What is MLM?
    What exactly are they selling?
    I thought it was a free seminar to get healthy?

  58. Good Question.
    I'd like it spelled out better for me, too.
    Is it a scam?


    Great Report, Cynical. Haven't been here in a while, and this is just some great stuff. Wendy, you are so on the money!

  59. Where is the religious aspect & how does their "religion tie into all this? Maybe they're also recruiting for their clutch, I meant church ..hehe

  60. Cynical, your review is BRILL! Just brilliant, as always. Keep up the great work!

    Points if you caught it:

    --5 points each if you heard Kody mention he was an all-state football player AND a champion wrestler (So strong! So manly! So self-promoting!)
    I'll bet Robyn was swooning; too bad she was off-camera

    --10 points if you noticed Robyn was drinking a bottle of Voss water in birthing class. Voss water is imported from Norway and costs about $3.87 per bottle. (You just *know* Robyn has some excuse related to her pregnancy for why she needs it, like little Messiah Solomon should have only the purest water money can buy, and Kody buys it. Something tells me no one else in that family is drinking Voss, including Christine when she was pregnant with Truely...)

    --5 points if you noticed that Robyn was totally dominating birthing class--shouting out and being a complete center-of-attention spotlight hog, as though the whole class were about her and Kody. 3 extra points if you noticed that the other students were annoyed with her.

    --5 points if you heard Ken mention that Kody wasn't doing any work for the boats (gotta love Ken!).

    --5 points if you heard Ken say that Kody has always loved being in the limelight.

    --10 points if you caught Kody's comment that he "always felt that he would someday be a polygamist," "even while he was on his [LDS] mission." He just had "stirrings" of it.

    --3 points if you heard BOTH Kody and Robyn say that Solomon was a "strong, masculine" kind of name.

    --5 points if you caught Kody describing himself as "a fashionable guy who might be in touch with his feminine side." *SNORT*

    So...what was YOUR score?

  61. In the words of Kody "That was just awesome". I too wondered why you would go out on a lake in lightening storm... maybe Kody can walk on water people!! I really don't care for the name at all it is so weird, due to the fact that Solomon had so many wives, but I guess that is the point. Good job Jinx:)

  62. MLM - Multi-Level Marketing

  63. Kody's Favorite!!!!
    Awesome!! That could of been a post!!!
    I love it!
    I got all but the Voss Water- sorry.
    I refuse to buy water-I drink from the tap!LOL
    Does that make her hot stuff?
    I wonder if all the underlings buying her jogging strollers drink $4 Waters?

  64. When he went around kissing everyone one the previous show, all I could think of was--- the women share more juices than they realize!!!

  65. Maybe that's the juice they are selling, the sweat off their magical brows.

  66. Personally, i love the fact the Ken had the gumption to stand up for what he believes in.
    Kody and the Browns want you to Allow them to be (which they are) (just get outta my face!) But, don't WANT to tell you what they believe in!!!
    I think Kody suffers from:

    Persecution Syndrome, while not an actually medical term, is a phrase coined to describe those who feign persecution in order to draw attention to themselves or their cause, and dissuade any attacks or criticism on said cause or person.

    Feigning persecution is also a symptom of Munchausen Syndrome, but not exclusive to illness.

    which is also close to
    Narcissist syndrome!

  67. oh, and
    brilliant, looking forward to more of your posts!

  68. lilygreen said....

    ""Persecution Syndrome, i...s a phrase coined to describe those who feign persecution in order to draw attention to themselves or their cause, and dissuade any attacks or criticism on said cause or person.

    Those out there that know much on the AUB and polygamy, isn't this what they all do? Or am I wrong?

    And why is he not IN JAIL?
    Seriously folks, learn about it. They are out to take over!

  69. MLM - Multi-level marketing = pyramid scheme BECAUSE they're always about recruiting instead of product and the product is always overpriced to pay commissions out to the recruiters and recruitees.

    check it out thoroughly before you EVER get involved as it has a 98% failure rate. the only ones who make $$ are the ones who quickly build up downlines or bring their current huge downlines over to the latest and greatest MLM ie Professional MLMers.

    Kody&Kompany probably CAN do well if a lot of their butt kisser fans jump on board and all sign up under them. and YES, it's usually quite expensive to get started w/your kits, products, tapes, print, etc. and TIME that they make you think you don't need to commit to.

    i've watched some family and friends get burned and taken to the cleaners with these things. it was sad to watch. some of them worked their hearts out, too!

  70. I agree about the MLM. I just have one question is it true that all of the wives have claimed bankruptcy at least once? Has Kody or just the wives claimed bankruptcy. Have they been on food stamps wick or state insurance? just want to know thanks.

  71. Why can't they say the name of their fundamentalist sect? Meri and Kody were dating but he had not yet converted (to what- being a vegan?). Robyn- we're working so hard to live this faith (called what?). Just say it, make ole Rulon proud.

    Aren't fundamentalist women supposed to have long hair and wear long skirts? Got to cover up those sexy tempting ankles.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Was it just me, or did anyone notice that Robyn went from being visibly flat-chested early in her appearances, to quite busty last season while appearing on the Ellen show? That was pre-pregnancy, right? j/w

  74. ""Anonymous said...
    I agree about the MLM. I just have one question is it true that all of the wives have claimed bankruptcy at least once? Has Kody or just the wives claimed bankruptcy. Have they been on food stamps wick or state insurance? just want to know thanks.""

    Yes, up until recently, they ALL lived, in various degrees, off of welfare, food stamps, and bankruptcy. just a few to show you, check this out: (and read comments, they lead you to the bankruptcy)
    They basically lie about their home staus and support:



    Robyn admitted on twitter she was on welfare when they were filming, up until she got married, which since she didn't really get married, who knows?

  75. Robynschinnn said..
    (about Robyn's chest)

    I saw it BEFORE pregnancy - she wnet from flat flat to busty. Maybe VS.

  76. Hi! I just found your blog and love it!

    A little off topic, but do Robyn's children from her first marriage ever see their father?

    Also, is there a place for me to watch these episodes online?

    Thank you!

  77. @Busty -- When I saw her on Ellen, I thought she had surgery. I mean she was bouncing around with a fitted shirt. Just sayin ...But yeah, maybe VS

  78. I think a MLM is just what is to be expected from folks that for the most part try and circumvent the traditional way of making money. Hopefully if they score they will allow Janelle to handle the funds so as not to deplete them quickly on 11-day "I really need this time" anniversary trips.

  79. you can get them from itunes, or download from pirate bay, i'm sure there are other places

  80. Now, I am from Lehi, and the Browns lived here until, abt. 2005.
    Everyone knows. It wasn't some big secrect in at town of 2,500! Janelle, Christine, and Meri all lived here. I believe they had seperate trailors.

  81. Robyn probably got a boob job. I've never been through a state with so many billboards advertising breast augmentation. seriously. not even California.

    what is it with mormon women and their boobs and anti-depressants??

  82. SHOW + Cynical Jinx = Marvelous!!!!
    GREAT REVIEW!!!!!!

    Do you think that so many of these fans that are desperate just to get the wives to say hello on facebook will buy this stuff? I feel so sorry for these women!!!! They are being taken!!!

    Did you notice Kody's word of the day, it was DEFINE. they can't DEFINE him. Blech!

    Kody's Favorite, I loved it!!!!!! More!!!!!

    I can DEFINE Kody, can you?

    Addiction should not be played with. these folks should not be selling something they know nothing of! Please, if you have an addiction, get the proper help!
    Sounds like an old timey remedy, doesn't it?

  83. Hi Female Attorney!

    Unfortunately, because it is impossible to control the use of what can be considered as private information, the Sister Wives Blog prefers that certain information not appear on the blog.

    I've forwarded your comment to Mister Sister for you.

    Cynical Jinx

  84. Their affidavits are filed in federal court and are extremely public information. I can't imagine any info that is more public than addresses that can be obtained simply by signing on to an electronic court system.

    Just letting you know.

  85. Female Attorney-
    I would love for you to forward these documents for me to put up.

    You were totally correct on "what you were asking."
    We decided it best not to addresses up-for we wanted no blame if someone used them for something untoward. I'm sure you understand. I know, it's the parents that are putting the addresses out there. We choose to keep ourselves out of it.

    Please, tell us more about what you read!

  86. Female Attorney:

    You are correct. If someone wants to know that information, they can go to that database and request it. But just like I would not want my address to be shown openly worldwide, I'm sure others would feel the same.

  87. Did it bother anyone that is was about them coming out, but the ladies said very little?

    Religion, slapping Christine's knee?

  88. Cynical Jinx, You are in a completely different position than the Browns who are Plaintiffs in a federal law suit, and participants in a nationally televised reality TV show. Their addresses are a matter of public information, but not yours. Why in the world would you want to protect them when they listed their addresses in the court records and I can tell you, legally, they did not have to?

    On a personal note, I don't appreciate having one of my comments deleted. I will not be mosting any more comments, since I don't want to have to worry about being censored. I really thought this blog was about expressing our opinion, but evidently mine is no longer acceptable. I know when I am crossing a line, and I was not crossing one there. I feel you are patronizing me and I don't appreciate it. Sorry to be so dogmatic, but I thought for once I could reveal that I was lawyer without having someone use it against me or try to tell me what the law is. Everybody nowadays thinks they know what the law is since there is so much available on the internet, but when you are in trouble, you always call on one. Very few people represent themselves, except Warren Jeffs, who was a total idiot.

    P.S. I really should find something better to do with my time and not waste it on the Browns anyway.

  89. Female Attorney, I am sure the mods of this board are just being extra cautious--these crazy people (i.e. the Browns) aren't ones anyone wants to mess with--but I think we all recognize that your detective work is quite impressive indeed. I hope you don't leave!

    Thanks everyone for all your kind remarks about my post. I will never stop finding these people--and in particular one person whose name rhymes with Dody--insufferably stupid, and yet endlessly watchable.

    Lilygreen, I totally agree with you on Persecution Syndrome. I also think Kody shows signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Robyn could probably get a diagnosis of Dependent Personality Disorder. (Yes! There is such a thing, and it wasn't just created for Robyn!)

    Heather-I completely agree that they should not have mentioned addiction in conjunction with their health drink. Someone (many people!) could get the wrong idea and think that the drink could cure their addiction. Sad, sad, sad. Just more off-color and out-of-control behavior from the Browns.

    And as for Robyn's boobies...they might have gotten bigger because of the baby, but I wouldn't put it past Kody and Robyn for her to have talked him into getting her a boob job as a wedding present. (As if newlyweds need to get each other wedding presents...but something tells me these ones did! Any excuse to spend more.)

    Check out the honeymoon episode from Season 1...I have mentioned that we get to see Kody and Robyn in bathing suits (how very Fundamentalist and modest of them. Do you think it's a coincidence that the spouses who choose to appear in bathing suits on the show, despite their religion, happen to be the ones with hot bodies? Typical Browns.) Robyn appears to be pretty full-busted in this episode. I'm guessing she would have had the boob job before the wedding, you know, so she could "surprise" Kody with her new rack on their wedding night/look real hot in her modest dress on their wedding.

  90. female attorney,

    Please email me! The comment got held back for me to read-and there is a reason for it, not anything to do with you.
    As I say, I would love to talk to you, personally. And, I'd love to have those papers, I would post them!

  91. Great eye for details KodysFavorite :)

    Well my curiousity got ylthe best of me, So I've been doing a lil research on the the Liv International & yep it's definitely a PYRAMID scheme & some products are Liv SXinney & I'm not joking ...lol
    Here's how the scheme, excuse me, business works
    http://www. livinternational.net /Opportunity. aspx

    Sharing the product #1- Retail Earnings
    *Earn up to 43% profit on Retail Customer Services
    *Earn an additional 5% through the commission center when customer purchases through virtual store.
    Sharing the Business #2- Weekly Fast Start Bonus
    *Must have $45 Auto ship to qualify ; minimum of $135 to receive full 30%
    *Earn bonus based on personally sponsored product & kit.
    (DINGDING DING, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) ..lol He could be sponsoring his 3 wives that are not legally married & they're just using their maiden names, just like they did when they committed welfare fraud...now continuing on w/ the pyramid..
    #3 Binary Team Commissions
    #4 Unigen Commissions(unilevel & generalion commission)
    #5 The Bonus Pods
    *Master. Recruiter Bonus
    Sponsor 10 or more in a month to qualify for this bonus pool of 1% global volume
    (JACKPOT!!! FB FANS BEWARE.,bc the Browns are. on a $$ mission & it's U all, the faithful flock ..LOL

    *Business Builder Club Bonus
    *Liv Free Car Bonus
    *Directors Bonus
    *Dream Bonus
    *Leadership Bonus
    *Strong Liv Bonus

    Blah, blah ,blah ..well ya'll get my drift!! No wonder Janelle was weary & not quite on board w/the new family business...lol

  92. Excellent, Caramel Brownie!!
    Excellent Kody's Favorite and lily green!!!

    Female Attorney, we LOVE you, don't you dare go anywhere. I've been around since day 1, and I am SURE the mods have their reasons, they are very fair!!!!! They have to take the flack for all we put hee hee I am sure!

    I love you guys, this is so much fun, realizing I'm not the only ones that see these people can be scary and should be watched carefully.

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE the lilygreen said they had PERSECUTION SYNDROME
    then BAM! They are crying in the news again!

    I am ashamed of Janelle. I liked her so much, but she's as bad as the rest of them. Mind twerp.

  93. Female attorney -
    I enjoy reading ur posts bc u have great details & insight to offer :)
    Hope U will reconsider & rejoin the forum bc it's great having legal aide on board :D

  94. I want to know if anybody else noticed how absent Meri was from the episode in Wyoming? Until about two thirds of the way in I wasn't actually sure she made the trip. Also, Meri usually rides in the sports car with Kody -- but it seems that Robyn is getting that honor now.

  95. I looked and I could never tell who was in the sports car.

  96. Repeat after me: TIME SINK.

    Thanks for your work on this blog, which I've been reading non stop for two days. Well, when I haven't been WORKING. At my actual, paying job. That doesn't involve touting miracle products.

    This show is like a car wreck, and I'm a looky loo who can't turn away.

    Me? Married fourteen years (to the same man), three mid-sized children, lots and lots of time in Christian organizations of one kind or another.

    Some of those were (and remain) pretty dogmatic and culty, so I'm FASCINATED by the way their religion informs their lifestyle. Or vice versa. Or neither.

    All the best to all of you.

  97. Welcome Kelp Girl!

    The thing that got me hooked is the aspect of the AUB VS being a Christian. I had no idea how cultist and WRONG the religion was, until I read and learned. To say, just let them live, could be harmful, to a degree, IMO.
    I was shocked at how they put Joseph Smith above God, and all the other crazy stuff. that and to count the lies!LOL

  98. Female Atty - don't you dare leave!!!

    That said, agree this show is a waste of time, but cj's posts and the lively discussion here is not. I'm over my fascination w the browns now and think the show is dumb and boring, but this board is so much fun! It's kind of like being back in the 7th grade at a sleepover and playing truth or dare and then sitting up late gossiping about nothing but having fun anyway.

  99. Caramel Brownie--Wow! Thanks for the extra info on this pyramid scheme! Looks more like a train wreck than a pyramid to me, but I can easily see how the dumber half of the Browns (i.e. Kody, Robyn, and 50% of Christine) would fall for it. Leadership Bonus? Dream Bonus? Car Bonus? Directors Bonus? ...Did somebody say Car Bonus?

    Also, what's this about a special pool where you earn 1% of the global assets? I'll bet Kody has his eye on that...

    And great work pointing out that he probably "sponsored" his wives, which is why Robyn is using her maiden name for this. Heck, why not go ahead and "sponsor" Aspyn, Madison, and Logan, too? And forget Harvard, Tufts, MIT, the Naval Academy, and medical school for Mariah. Wouldn't an energy drink business be a better idea? After all, how else is she going to find out "who she really is"???

    Anonymous--great observation that Robyn now rides in the car with Kody. I'm sure there's some excuse for why she gets to do it, like she can't drive because she's pregnant. (uh. huh.) It seems terribly unfair to me, especially if Robyn's pregnancy privileges were the reason Meri was kicked out of her positon.

    Mister Sister, I totally agree with you on Mormonism. Mormonism itself seems creepy and deluded to me, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is inherently dangerous or destructive. Polygamist Mormonism, on the other hand.... I honestly wish I could invite Mariah--sincere, sweet Mariah--to my home and ask her to tell me what she sees in this religion, if only to open my mind. Until then, I guess I'll keep thinking it's bad news.

    Cynical Jinx, I forgot to applaud the *amazing* Kody stinkeye pic in your review! It's absolutely priceless!

  100. Lol cp... sleepovers are awesome! :)

  101. I got my jammies on!!LOL

    I should rephrase that a bit. The fact the IMO The Browns are using the show, etc., for political reasoning of getting Polygamy legal is what is unsettling for me. It's like shoving women back in the dark ages, and so much more. And, not being truthful about it. They still haven't even said what group they belong to, or what their beliefs are and why they have to have so many wives. Yet, we are to feel sorry for them now? Unreal.

  102. I hope someone comes back and reads this!
    What gripes me is they have a dilemma, then it disappears. Meri's unhappy, Janelle's unhappy, Hunter's unhappy, POOF! Off to the next episode.
    And this one is called DEFENDING POLYGAMY?
    Tell me, where exactly did he do that?
    Or did he wimp out and NOT do it.
    By Golly, Ken stood up for his religion.
    Do you think they got the jest no one likes Robyn?
    That baby name was no biggie.
    Poor kid.
    What a name?
    Remember the old Batman series? (Really showing my age)
    they always asked questions in the end.....
    Will Robyn say her kids name right?
    Will Kody make it to the 5K?
    Will Meri become a humanitarian?
    Will Janelle lose the muffins?
    Will Christine leave Kody and find a real man of faith?

  103. My gosh!
    Everyone's fired up!

    I am surprised that no one mentioned that Robyn was so dang coy about the name in the first segment.
    Kody says "Robyn, what do you want to name the baby?"
    and she gives that coy smile and says "we'll see" instead of answering.

    Great job, Cj, and everyone!

  104. Now the thing that shocked me was when Ken and Kody were on the boat.
    Ken said something to the effect Kody was no longer a mormon, and Kody said, "right."

    But Kody does call himself Mormon.

  105. GodismySavior--I love it!

    Will Robyn say her kids name right?--Um, does "Saw-man" count as "right"?

    Will Kody make it to the 5K?--Are we talking about running a 5K or making it to the big 5K as an energy drink seller? I don't think he'll run a 5K, at least not without Robyn and her fancy jogging stroller (and So'mon) hanging on. But is he going to sell 5,000 energy drinks, or even 5,000 energy drink businesses? Betcha he will!

    Will Meri become a humanitarian?--By helping at-risk youth? No. By selling energy drinks, thereby "ultimately helping each individual to have more courage, confidence and hope and to know 'who they really are'!"? You bet your life.

    Will Janelle lose the muffins?--Only if it will help her sell energy drinks.

    Will Christine leave Kody and find a real man of faith?--Maybe if she meets a guy who can sell more energy drinks/energy drink businesses than Kody and therefore is more of a humanitarian. Otherwise, no.

    So there you have it. Energy drinks are the answer to everything.

    They are the new Fundamentalist religion. The only thing they won't do--nothing will ever do--is teach Robyn to say her kids' names right.

  106. Hahahahahaha...5K! They are prolly scheming on how NOT TO PAY TAXES on the TLC & Liv earnings :/
    Back in Lehi, records show a family business Kody Brown Entertainment & he was CEO ....of course earnings & services available was "Unknown" :/
    Heck it would've been cheaper investing in Redbook Bull, + it gives U wings !! ....lol

  107. **Red Bull ** :)

  108. Oh my grits! Kody is yet to master basic grammer. All those kids and spelling words, you'd think he'd be a freakin english teacher by now.

    I suggest Kody market some fertility supplement. He's the most fertile person I've ever seen. Send him to the reproductive endocrinologist and see what gives. He might hold the cure for all infertility.

  109. Some one asked if Kody was still a Mormon. Kody USED TO belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a.k.a. Mormons. He served a 2 year mission for this church and upon his return he joined a Fundamentalist Mormon Group. They are a break off of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and they have broken off into many different groups and I am not sure which one they belong to. Someone mention the AUB and that could very well be it because they are headquartered very close to where the Browns lived in Utah.

    A few talked about Ken defending his religion which is LDS or Mormon. I found it interesting he didn't want the Browns trying to teach anyone about their religion yet as the one gal pointed out it was ok for Ken to serve a mission and try to convert people to his church. I was glad she pointed that out! I belong to the LDS church and that was annoying to me, he was coming across quite haughty I thought!

    I also happen to live in Lehi, Utah and I have been past the Browns former home. It appears that someone lives there as there were quite a few cars parked in the driveway. They lived on a street that several other polygamus families lived on as well. The rumor mill around here is that they are moving back - it will be intersting to see if this is true.

    A few of you have also expressed your opinion of the Mormon Church which you are entitled to do. However I would like to clarify one point. Mormons do not put Joseph Smith above God. We believe in a Heavenly Father (God) his Son Jesus Christ and we believe that Jesus Christ is the head of our Church.

    Mormonism is quite misunderstood, you can see that in the news right now with Mitt Romney. AND one important point - we DO NOT practice polygamy.

    I know many of you will still think that Mormons are creepy, weird etc. (and honestly some of them really are!) and you really are entitled to your opinion however I felt I needed to clarify that Jesus Christ being the head of the Churh is the basis for our religion.

    I watch the show for the interest factor - how do they do it?? and for the pure entertainment. Which wife will be full of drama this week? Ha

  110. Presybeterian Shark (f/k/a Female Attorney)October 21, 2011 at 5:52 PM

    Ok, you guys are great. I can't seem to stay away. Thanks for being so supportive. The reason I am back is because I have gotten steamed at "Turdley." He gives lawyers a bad name and I am thinking about posting a whole article on him, not just a comment. Terrasola has been posting some articles about integrity directed at the Browns. However, believe it or not, the only one required by a set of rules to have some ethics is Turdley (sorry, I can't resist the pun), and he has violated them, IMO. I am working on it and will let you know.

    Again, I do love this blog.

  111. OMG! Robyn looks possessed. Man can she really make an ugly face when she wants to.

    LOL Watch out Kody she's gonna castrate you if you pay more attention to the other wives.