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Monday, October 24, 2011

REVIEW S03Ep06: The Wives Diet Woes

This has got to be the worse episode of Sister Wives, ever. Worse than the Pumpkin picking episode. Worse than the Christmas tree episode. When you consider all the DVR conflicts I had to work out in order to record this half hour, I AM MAD AS HELL! DAMMIT, I MISSED THE FIRST HALF HOUR OF DEXTER FOR THIS CRAP!

The preview promised so much. Oh well...

Kody told me he actually likes curvy girls

Meri is shown sitting on her stairs, saying she is taking "the sisterwives" to the gym. Not MY sisterwives, mind you. She said THE sisterwives. And even though she says she's been going to this gym for several months, she is getting really breathless while putting on her athletic shoes. What's up with that?

At the gym, [cue the sad music, please] Janelle goes up first to be weighed. Maybe it was that assertiveness training I had so many years ago. But if I did not want my weight to be "...blatantly broadcast..." TO THE WORLD, it would not have happened. Sorry, no sympathy from me, Janelle. You should have given that trainer Bill guy the patented Teresa Giudice shove out of the way as you flipped a bird to "the" sisterwives on your way out of that joint. And I would have made sure those bitches WALKED home - after all, everyone knows that walking IS better for you. And cheaper, too. Surely there are other gyms out there that would not only help people lose the weight, but do it in a way that is not condescending and won't embarrass the hell out of the person! SHEESH!!

Meri, of course,  knows Kody loves "me for me, and he loves Robyn for Robyn and it doesn't have anything to do with our body size". Nicely put, Meri, especially when you squeeze yourself into those size 14 clothes.

And when Robyn adds "Kody told me in a very nice way at one point that he actually likes curvy girls. And I'm not really a curvy girl" it makes you wonder 1) did Kody say that after Robyn said something like "Those other sisterwives of yours sure are packing on the poundage" and 2) who in their right mind would refer to Janelle, Meri and Christine - who have given birth to a total of THIRTEEN children over a span of about 18 years - as GIRLS? They are WOMEN! Last, I just want to say, Robyn you are neither curvy nor a GIRL and you make bitchy remarks and you dress funny and you didn't use the words salacious and connotation in a sentence tonight. So take THAT, you Sxinney wench!

When Trainer Bill said to Janelle, "If you continue on with this lifestyle, not only will you live unhealthy you're going to live unhappy..." I literally fell out of my chair. Cuz if you took his words out of context, he could be talking about polygamy. Right on, Trainer Bill! And thanks to Kody and Krew for referring to polygamy as a "lifestyle". Ha!

Are you serious? A Chinese buffet?

If I was going to impress someone, I'd take them to a real restaurant, not a buffet. Some place like that mexican food restaurant maybe. But I guess "all you can eat" trumps "kids eat free", especially if there are no kids eating. Thank goodness the menu was checked out online by Janelle and it passed the wives's diet requirements. Too bad someone didn't check with Robyn first about those nasty FOOD smells, though. And it looks like Robyn made some points with a line cook as she was "checking" out the food. Did you catch the look he gave her? Priceless.

Who cares about Rev. Danielle? Who IS this woman, anyway? Is this the best the producers could come up with? Really? Hard hitting questions my ample rear-end. We only saw her ask two questions, and those were hardly hard hitting. I've asked more hard hitting questions in a job interview! I wanted to see squirming sister wives and an inarticulate Kody trying to explain his religion. All I got was Janelle taking a sip of her drink and Robyn shoving noodles into her mouth and making these strange faces while an inarticulate Kody tried to explain his religion to a star-struck Rev. Danielle. Oh yeah, and she invited Kody and Krew to come to the east and be the guest speakers in one of her classes. I'm seeing another book on the horizon for Rev. Danielle...

I NEVER want to see Robyn eat noodles again. That includes spaghetti.

Happy Birthday, Mariah!

Oh great, Rev. Danielle shows up with her husband to Mariah's 16th birthday party. He looked really excited to be there. NOT.  And he takes a balloon right in the face - priceless.

Hey, Meri got the couch she wanted after all. Did you see it in her other living room?

And this time, when the DVR abruptly stopped while Mariah was blowing out the candles on her cake, I was glad. At least I was able to catch the last half hour of Dexter.

Was it as bad for you as it was for me? Your thoughts?


  1. Great write-up, Cynical J. This episode didn't flow very well and the placement of the 'minister' was strange in an episode about dieting.

    If I had to go out to eat with someone like Robyn, I'd turn around and leave. I know she's pregnant and gets a pass for food sensitivities, but if she were that picky I'd suggest that she sit and watch me eat if she didn't like the food.

    The episode was lame. I'm glad I don't like Dexter or I'd be pissed like you are. My favorite show is on an hour later (Boardwalk Empire).

  2. Did you notice the teenagers ignored Robyn on their return from Wyoming? She looked so rejected standing alone in the background.

  3. I did not notice Meri's couch. Glad she got the one she wanted.

    In other conspiracy theory news, Maddie tweeted to me that the baby has not been born yet. http://twitter.com/#!/maddierbrown/status/128593820559491072

    I really like Maddie. A lot. I hope she will question this "faith" and leave it as an adult.

    At any rate, the kids are still saying there is no baby.

  4. Humanitarian true datOctober 24, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    Bargain Babe, I like Maddie too! Great writeup also :) I didn't watch until today. I like to record and then fast forward thru Kody's opening line and just about anything Robyn says. But I did hear her line about curvy girls. I mean, I know it seems like every little thing about her is criticized, but good grief, the woman doesn't EVER miss a chance to throw a passive aggressive "compliment" toward the heavy wives about one thing or another. She's the type person we've all been around that even when she criticizing herself, she's really giving herself a back-handed compliment, and v/v when she's supposedly paying someone else a compliment. BUGS!!!! The fourth wife is just too transparent. I mean, to me she got off on the wrong foot demanding equal time during the courtship, especially on a day when Christine's baby was born. Then the 11-day honeymoon. And no, I'm not over it yet nor will I ever be. That was just plain wrong, and the other wives should not have stood for it. I get the impression that Meri is second in command, so if she gives anything the thumbs up, the other wives are expected to play along. Any resistance is seen as jealousy and being petty. This whole setup is just crazy. No wonder there is resentment and drama.

    It also appears that next week, Robyn will turn on the pouty face about her children. Robyn dear, could you not see this coming? You and the Kodster were just seeing hearts and rainbows and pretending life would be grand. Welcome to reality, sista.

  5. When someone's a lot overweight it should be relatively easy to lose a few pounds working out, but I'm sure that the wonder products of Liv International will be given credit for that.

  6. I should've stopped watching this show after Season 1 when only Robyn bugged me. Now, all the grownups bug me. Meri is worried about weighing 214 lbs as opposed to 213 lbs? Wow... I have to admit that even I was surprised at 214, because Meri keeps squeezing into those uncomfortable looking jeans, so I was guessing maybe 190 lbs. Robyn didn't mind hopping up on the scale. One other thing Robyn didn't mind ... when the trainer said group hug, Robyn was already landing on him first without hesitation. Like someone else said, I don't think Kody needs to worry about this trainer hitting on one of the wives. I'm sure he has a less "curvy" girl anyway.

    Cynical, thanks for the summary!

    You know, it must be a sad life to have to deny your God-given emotions and pretend everything is okay and that you must conform to this lifestyle and share your spouse with other women. Anyone can look happy for a t.v. show while filming. I get the feeling that Meri wanted Robyn in the fold more to get at the other wives than anything. I think she is enjoying the discontent of the other wives and joining forces with Robyn as a power play. Call me crazy, but something's terribly wrong with the whole dynamic of Meri initiating the courtship. IMHO

  7. Hey everyone!
    Kudos to CJ for such a great & humorous review esp for such a boring & lame 30 min...we'll actually only about 20 w/ commercials..lol
    Hopefully they'll have more to film bc right now it's looking like slim pickings...guess KBF better step up their game for TLC to renew their contract, but their lame asses will probably get signed anyways...God help us + we'll have CJ's reviews to help us through them ...lol
    Like I said before if all the latest tweets & FB. Posts are true then Baby Solomon will be a Scorpio, instead of a Libra... Also did they ever say what Saul's full name is?
    I know that Dayton's real name is David Jr, just not sure of his middle name. Is it Dayton?
    I just wonder if Kody wanted his name changed so it wouldn't be a constant reminder that he's another mans son, esp since Dayton shares his dads name.

  8. Mari got the couch she wanted? I missed that. Amazing Race started late and so was running over half of Sister Wives.

    I am looking forward to next weeks Sister Wives.... It looks like Robyn's children are acting out and then Mari steps in to discipline and now the kids want to move back to be with their biological Dad. Looks like Robyn is teary eyed about it but resolved to let them go if they want. WOW. What a mom. She chooses her plyg family over her children.

  9. Anon 8:46 you could be right. I took it to be a situation where Meri was taking up for Robyn's little girl, who was shown crying, and wanted another SW to back her up in scolding the original plyg children. It will be interesting to see, and I bet Robyn gets her way. Why? Cause that's how they roll in the KBF.

  10. In the episode about the furniture, there was a brief comment from Meri on the interview couch about getting the 'couch' for another room. So I had assumed that she ended up with the couch she wanted. Amazing how broke they are, but they keep buying stuff.

  11. The 'minister' seemed like she wanted to be wife number 5. Her husband seemed so much more mature than her (maybe because he didn't giggle like a schoolgirl). I would never be able to take her seriously as a pastor.

  12. Great recap to an awful, cringeworthy show! You always outdo yourself CJ!

    Cringing at Janelle's weight segment. My heart goes out to her. I hope she finds self-esteem. Rev. Danielle was just a cringeworthy WTH moment. Thank goodness Janelle made it at least relevent by suggesting the kids go east.

    I'm getting the menopause pounds. What has worked before is not working now to get them off. I don't need my BMI broadcast to know I have a weight problem. I just felt for Janelle. I wish her the best. I hope Maddie gets her out of there STAT!!

  13. Oh and I LOVE this Blog! I am addicted to it now! I should get my own account for posting here.

    LOL BTW I am Anon 8:46

    Thank you SOOOO much for this cool Blog!!!!

  14. Oh man once again no one has commented on my favorite KBF hypocrisy moment.

    In an interview the wives discuss what life will be like when the children leave. They questions, "will we like, take vacations together and stuff?" "Oh like totally, I can like, totally see that happening." WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION? Are they not all supposed to be one big united family? If you were truely one big happy family where each of the adults had an equal (if not sexual) loving relatioship with each other would you even question if you would still "hang out" when you got older? What the hell? If these people sincerely live this "lifestyle" then shouldn't the adults have the commitment that they will all be together for their entire lives? It's just monogamy with extra women right Kody? I think Kody was actually closer to the truth when he said he had a monogamous relationship with each wife. More like, "I have one wife, and then mistresses I get to spend lots of time with." They are just selling us the "one, big, happy family" BS because they are clearly not living it.

    I am not against this concept just as a concept, but I don't believe these women are happy and I dislike the emotional blackmailing that goes on when they are young women to convince them this is lifestyle is necessary and they have no right to happiness in this life. Ugh.

    Anways, still can't wait to see next weeks emotional manipulation concerning Robyn's spoiled, rotten, stripper-named (someone else pointed that out and I thought it was funny, sorry if I just insulted your name!) children.

  15. No one has mentioned yet that the Sister Wives have a personal trainer. Personal trainers cost a lot of money. Janelle keeps mentioning her worries about their finite resources and that they are tapping the retirement savings, yet the Browns are buying furniture, swimming pools, have 4 homes and now have a personal trainer. Up next on a very special Sister Wives..... The Browns struggle to find just the right butler and masseuse. Sheesh!

  16. Oh, and I have a question from the Home Town Reunion episode that I REALLY need an answer about and I am afraid if I post it in that Thread it won't get seen or answered. So I hope it is OK to post it here.

    In that one scene where Kody's talking with his mother, there is a woman sitting next to her that I am assuming is HER sister wife. But WHERE is Kody's father? Is he dead? And did his mother STAY with her sister wife after he died?

  17. Hi Anony 10:12
    Welcome & be not afraid to post here b/c all comments, pro & con KBF. Great minds w/ in-depth insight posts on this blog, which creates fantastic discussion & friendly debate. I think just "attacking" other posters isn't allowed, but debate is(agree to disagree basically)
    The admins here are excellent, fair & balanced,...which I'm sure one of them will explain the rules better than me :)

  18. Kody's dad is alive as far as I know. He was in one of the shows, but I'm not sure he's all together. Janelle's mom is Kody's mom's sister wife. Janelle and Kody's mothers are married/sealed to Kody's dad. Kody's dad is not Janelle's dad though. Just as Janelle was married to Meri's brother before she was married to Kody. Remember this family doesn't have a tree, it's a wreath. They didn't get along very well at first, but they seem to now.

  19. Ok I just read in another blog that Janelle's mom married Kody's dad. I still find it strange that Kody's dad was not on camera when Kody and ALL his wives and children went to his home town. Makes me wonder if he is shy of the publicity. Oh, and besides for taking Janelle's mom as his wife how many OTHER wives does Kody's dad have now? Since he started the plyg thing late in life.

    LOL And I also find it funny how both Kody and his Dad say it was their First wife that suggested they marry another wife. I think it was revealed in a couple of episodes that this was NOT the case where Meri was concerned. She did NOT suggest that Kody take another wife as he has stated on the Morning shows and on HIS show. Meri has DENIED encouraging Kody to take another wife. Yes. I think AFTER he made it known that he intended to take other wives she helped him pick out the wives, but that was only AFTER he said he felt "called" to do it.

  20. Oh yeah about the trainer (smh)& other luxury spending...
    They just need to stop whining & crying over 'finite ' resources, blah, blah, blah, bc were not buying it!! ....Also last night on KB fb chat Christine mentioned doing Weight Watchers too, which isn't cheap esp if all adults are doing it :/
    Basically tryna live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget :/
    Wouldn't it be a hoot if Janelle stuck w/ her trainer & diet & transformed into a lil vixen hottie & then rleft Kodys ass to be w/ Bill the trainer....lol That would be awesome since she used to be the major bread winner for the family. I would love to see the priceless look on Kodys face when she dumps him...lol Hey afterall they're only best friends right? Wheres the love (making) there? It's non existing!! She deserves some fun love in the bedroom too bc we all know Kody is getting his freak on.....hahahahaha ...
    Plz excuse me while I go poke out my minds eye & get rid of these horrible images...lol

  21. I would love for Janelle to ditch Kody for the trainer. Especially after Kody's stupid comments about trusting his wives. UGH! He better watch the less curvy one because she practically jumped in his arms when he asked for a hug.

    Kody's dad was on for a few seconds in one episode. He seemed confused, but it was quick scene. I may be totally off, but I got the feeling there may have been something wrong with him. I have nothing to back this up, but that is my assumption why he isn't on.

  22. This may be OT so let me know if I should be posting somewhere else, but with the little preview of next week's show (the child of Robyn acting up) I was again reminded of Robyn's ex. If he has any custodial rights, wouldn't he have to approve a move, especially an out of state move? Why, good Lord, would he approve such a thing? Does he not think this train wreck is a bad idea for his kids, especially since Robyn seems more interested in boinking Kody than anything? Also, did she live with her mother while they were "courting" while he was commuting to see her? If so or if not, did they sleep together (literally and figuratively)?

    Also, is it not obvious (by his behavior, his job choices, etc) that Kody has untreated adult ADHD? It seems like medication would benefit him.

    I'm so bummed episode 2 was a rerun! The diet epi with the "priestess" was not so great. I thought it was funny how K apologized to Robyn that he picked this restaurant with weird smells, which apparently made her sick. She does not need to be in a plural marriage - she is too HM. She needs someone to cater to her 24/7.

  23. Can someone clarify. Why can't Robin eat certain things without getting sick? Is it because she's prego or b/c shes got some other eating/health disorder like allergic to glutton or some nonsense? I couldn't figure that out.

    This episode was a waste of time. This show is starting to get lame. Everyone is sad and upset and pissy

  24. As someone mentioned on the ONTD boards, perhaps Kody really does like bigger girls and that attributed to the initial "ick" factor with Robyn.

  25. Robyn had that problem with food before the pregnancy but even more so when pregnant. At least that's the impression given. They didn't go into detail or say why.

  26. I totally agree Anony 11:45 about Robyn being high maintenance & not needing to be in a plural marriage. She's already been a negative driving force in that family :/
    I seriously think when she was scared of being asked to leave by the wives last season, that's when they probably started trying to get pregnant so that would officially "seal " her bond to K & family :/
    What is ONTD? :)

  27. Sorry! I meant TWOP boards!

  28. The show could have done without the Rev D. If they were going to put her in an episode, make it an episode about their religion and why they live it, how other religions view it, etc. But they won't ever do that, it would be too controversial. I was enjoying their gym spot more than the other, heck they could have made that an entire episode. I think everyone on this blog is smart enough to know that the women were most likely doing some stress snacking. Heck, moving somewhere differently and trying to get into the community groove can be stressful for anyone. It just seems that TLC is not diving deeper into the women's feelings about themselves as much as they could be. If the wives or Kody were sitting on the couch in front of me, it would be twenty questions and then some. If you are going to be on tv about your life, be freaking open about it. At least Christine opened up some about how she was feeling on the one episode, showing us a more human side than the stepford sister wife one.

    My dream episode: Having an entire episode devoted to Kody and Janelle's relationship. Those two should go on a week long vacation together. Hell, all the wives should be alone with him for a week, separately.....no kids, no other wife and longer than a freaking overnight camping trip. Would they be able to stand to be with each other for longer than a couple of days? Would they have something to talk about or would we be watching them stare at each other, wondering what to say next? Honestly, I think Janelle and Kody would have real conversations than the crap we are watching now. I want to see Janelle tell Kody "I'm not happy and you need to help me get back to being happy again." I want to see a relationship dialogue because this is what this show is supposedly about except instead of one wife, there are four. I don't want to watch how a family moved to another state to start a family business, there is already several shows with families' in businesses.

    Sorry for my ranting, but I think TLC is really dropping the ball on this show. The production team could be doing so much more with this concept, so much more. I would much rather be watching another polygamous family if TLC keeps this family yawn fest going. TLC = The Learning Channel and the only thing we are learning from this family is how one shuts their emotions off for the good of the family. And I am being nice with my opinion on that. To be honest, if Janelle wasn't in this family, I probably would have stopped watching it by now. At least the older kids aren't afraid to show their true emotions, tell how they feel and think.

  29. I imagine, and this is just my guess, that the family cannot afford gyms and personal trainers, but they get things for free because TLC agrees that it will make the shower interesting and therefore allows the business to be filmed. The businesses (like various restuarants and the gym) get national advertising, TLC gets drama over weight issues and the KBF gets....free junk. Win, win, win right? I'm pretty sure this is an old and well used TLC trick. I think the Gosselins took so many trips because the trip were "donated" in exchange for time on the show.

    I think Winn Brown (Kody's dad) was showing in both episodes taking place in "Yoming." Just glimpses, he didn't say anything. He looks old and tired, but my guess was he was just uncomfortable being on camera. I guess Winn is a private attention whore, whereas Kody is an "any attention is good attention" whore.

  30. Hey Everybody! Just dropping by to say Great Comments everyone!

    On a serious note, Rayne, I have to agree with you. I'm just getting some serious vibes that TLC doesn't care about this show any more. The segments seem extremely staged - which is fine - look at the success of Gene Simmons' show. But with Kody it just comes across as being fake. And frankly the only wife that looks happy is Robyn.

    Does anyone else feel this way too? Do you think, maybe, TLC is weaning viewers off of the Browns in order to bring in another family?

  31. Have been browsing various news sites, national and international, and saw the tunisia voters are going for sharia law, and those in Libya will be going the same way. Crack down on women, increase the number of plural marriages allowed, etc. Why oh why. Libyan women fought for freedom and they'll end up worse than they were before. Egyptian and even Iraqi women has fewer restrictions, more education, jobs, pre-revolution and are going backwards now. I know Bush really wanted to improve lives for Afghan women and that will not end up happening I guess, even tho our troops have built and rebuilt schools, insisted on education of girls, built womens clinics, etc. No, right back to to rights for women. These polygamous male-centered religious institutions are so unfair that they violate every human, every natural right, that exists. And natural rights are endowed and birth, but taken as "man" determines. The shame of it leaves me in despair.

  32. Rayne has some valid points that I agree w/ also+ they could've involved the teens too bc they are overweight as well. Besides I've always said that Robyn seems like she's tryna be the #1 wife & weaseling her way to spend more alone time w/ Kody ....& yeah CJ that's quite a possibility which I'm really hoping for. I'm thinking KBF maybe starting to be high risk for TLC & making more demands than what TLC is willing to pay & deal with...bc I know there's way more drama happening w/ that family, than the shawdy episode they showed last night, but they prolly asked for. it not to be shown or filmed that day.
    Maybe that's why they decided to go the MLM route ...

  33. I think the only 'ick' factor that Kody had with Robyn is her virginity (or lack of), because he stated its because she was married before and had kids to another man. Maybe those stretch marks? (which most women have but I can imagine Kodster likes his women a bit fresher then that, at least in the begining.) While talking about Robyns stretch marks, who changes their kids name? If 'Day-ons' name was really David and he has some developmental problems and Autism, why put more stress on the kid (three schools in a year) and change his name and make him call another man Daddy? My understanding of Autism is that those children are extremely resistant to change so changing school, homes, cities, families AND his name is selfish and cruel.
    Imagine, Robyn being selfish? Yep.

  34. Hi Everyone!!!!
    to the anonymous wanting to ask questions- ask away!! As far as Kody's dad Winn Brown, he runs the Double D ranch, and we have some film of him on here, I believe June or July-

    I want EVERYONE to give Cynical a round of applause, without her, there would be no review, she is fantastic, isn't she??
    She makes this worth watching, and worth coming and talking about!!

    Keep up the discussion-I have been out - Love ya'all!!

  35. I wish they would talk about divorce in their religion. All this twaddle about being sealed for ever and eternity, Janelle and her mom are both divorced, Robyn is divorced, who pulls them through the veil? Does Janelle feel uncomfortable around Meri's brother at family gatherings? Did anyone catch Lisa Ling's Our America segment? The Cenntenial Park group must be involved with that Voices group that's trying to put a modern face on poligamy. They just haven't found the right family to represent them yet.

  36. What kind of water is that they are carrying? They defiantly are promoting it.

  37. I haven't seen this episode. I want to though, to see if it's as bad as you say CJ! It can't be worse than pumpkin-picking. It just can't.

  38. Can you BELIEVE I am just now getting to watch this??????
    I'm throwing my 2 cents in as I see them.

    1. Meri is enjoying that trainer!!!
    God, I feel for Janelle. Nothing would make me happier than to see her down to a size 10.

    2. I am shocked Meri and Christine are the same size. abt. I guess Meri dresses tighter. I am a loose girl myself, I hate anything tight. Even when I am a 2.

    3. There's that water! And Robyn's SLAM. God Woman, STFU!

    4. I so wish the Trainer had told Janelle, or talked to Janelle in private. That hurt ME.

    5. Christine, you mean your not afraid of Danielle??/ Isn't she a SHARK? Oh, she's giving you a free trip, so she's cool, got it.


    7. Does anyone else think Robyn is a WHINER> She got 2 plates full.... So where is her big smell issue?

    8. A theology teacher can't come up with better questions? UGH UGH - THIS is what I HATE about sister wives. We know your not FLDS, we know you get to pick your wives (BUT MUST BE APPROVED) tell us what we DON'T know!!!!

    9. CULT, yes, ma'm. If you believe in planets, if you believe Kody gets you to heaven, your wacky.

    10. Honestly, did Micky Mouse give Danielle her voice?

    11. Can I send my boys there for 2 months? they would love it!!! i do see this as a cool thing to do.

    12. I hate tot talk about kids- but I agree with someone above. How WELL does Robyn's kids even know these guys? Or was it, the camera was turned that way. THEY ARE SUCH ATTENTION seekers!!!! I wonder where they learned that.

    13. OMG!!! I missed the Robyn part at the end.

    Sad. just sad.


  39. Did anyone watch the Polygamy special on OWN? Sister Wives is nothing like the actual Polygamy lifestyle and surprise there is a whole community with multiple separate polygamy families living in where - you guessed UTAH. So why did Kody & Company leave UTAH? Also, in the lifestyle, the women are the ones who pick the husband - not the man - not the other sister wife and they ALL LIVE UNDER THE SAME ROOF. Most of the families only have 2 sister wives. It really showed how screwed up Kody & Company actually are. So sad.

  40. Once again I have a question from a previous episode that I just HAVE to have answered.

    On the older kids group date. One of Kody's girls said that ALL of them had kissed someone before except ONE of them. She said something like "What my parents don't know about we can get away with." OK...., Like DUH!!!!! You ARE being FILMED!!!! I wonder what Mr Kody the Devout WHATEVER... "Progressive Jack Mormon" thinks of THAT???!!! ALL of his older kids minus ONE have KISSED someone ALREADY???!!! LOL Well then shouldn't the be married?

  41. GREAT JOB, Cynical Jinx!
    You take swine and turn it into pearls!

    I tired to say i wouldn't put my prejudices on Robyn tonight - but she just has to spout off when she should keep her SNOUT shut.
    UGH! I would want to kill her.

    Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall when Janelle and Christine are talking about her?????

  42. Who was Robyn's first husband? Was he a polygamist? She said that she came from a polygamist family but that they kept it a secret when she was in a public school. I wonder if her 1st marriage was an arranged one. Or if not, and she married a nonplyg, WHAT went wrong with her marriage for her to get a divorce. She just doesn't seem to fit the plyg mold. It's like she is acting plyg but really wants Kody all to herself. Were her kids even RAISED Mormon? They don't really seem to have a clue what their mother got them into. I feel the most sorry for her son with Autism. How could she disrupt his world so by marrying into a plyg family and then whisking him off to Las Vegas?

  43. Robyn's first husband was David Preston Jessop. Her son is actually named THAT.

    Supposedly, accor. to her divorce papers, he liked kinky sex, and she wasn't to drink around the kids.
    She had 32,000 worth of credit card dept- 1000 to Victoria's Secret, that's why we make fun of that-

    I don't believe she was abused in her first marriage. Why?
    You don't go from abuse, to dating a guy who wants to be on TV>
    no way. you would protect your kids.

    Her mom and step dad (so there's another divorce) are in a polig marriage.

    She is so freakin immature to me, I am sad she's a mother.

  44. WHAT???!!!! LOL Did Robyn wear VS 24 hours a day??? :O And WHAT was the other $31,000 in credit debt for?

    And WHO puts "Kinky Sex" as a reason for divorce on their divorce papers? Wouldn't it just be cruel treatment or whatever?

    I am curious to find out more about her first husband now. It looks like in the next episode her children want to go back and live with their dad.

  45. BROWN NOSERS bwahahahhahahahha

  46. I was reading some old posts and thought of another LIE Robyn said - she said she didn't know what waterboarding was, remember?

  47. Hey drita69 I love ur blog name, makes me think of Mob Wives on VH1...LOL :)

    If her son's name is exactly as his dad's, then where in the hell did Dayton(Day-on) come from?? I posted earlier that I suspect that Kody suggested the name change bc he didn't want to be constantly reminded of her ex everytime his name was called..lol
    Can someone plz tell me the scoop about how they came about calling her son Dayton? This Enquiring mind really really really wants to know ...lol.

  48. You know, it makes me SICK that Robyn cries SICK, but shovels more food on her plate than anyone.

    *cough* bullshit.
    How many thinks she's not *sick* when Kody's in the bed with her?

    One of those conveniently sick people.

  49. Hi poolqueen, I think addressing Divorce stigma would be a good episode(s) too...but if I remember correctly, someone posted that "those " groups prey on down trodden, vulnerable women who don't have a lot of options & can be easily brainwashed & obedient....sad, sad, sad...

    I wonder how the wives are selected for the more "modern day " plural marriages. Maybe some Pro Plygs & current Plygs can share some insight into this modern day dogma.

  50. God now that you all filled me in on Robyn's divorce fillings she makes me even more sick, but even more so Kody makes me sick. So Kody "kissed" Robyn before they were married. I'm willing to bet with Robyn's history he did a LOT more than that.

    Does Janelle know about Robyn's credit debt and just WHERE that debt came from?

  51. CeleryHater....If you can go back to the older posts to the one titled Sister Wives, I don't know what I want anymore featuring Christine, my post (Here is the reason) talks about exactly what you are saying. Thank you!

  52. Anony - I am sure she does by now! then, Robyn had the nerve to say, once she got to Lehi, she paid bills at the big house! But, she'd already said she was on welfare. I am sure, she can get welfare, and Kody can take the money from TLC for all the women. They know what they are doing, grifter wise.

    Finally watched this mess. If the whole show had been on the weight it would have been much better. Hated the part with the ass kisser lady.

    I agree with many- Robyn's kids are brats, well the girls are, and why did they need to be so damn excited and have the first hug from the boys?
    Show offs.

    I would say the upcoming episode has something to do with Robyn's kids being pissy about either how a mom treated them, or a kid, and Robyn is whining that they can decide to go live with their dad ---IF EVERYONE DOESN'T CATER TO THEM AND MAKE THEM HAPPY. that's the just I got.

    To marry in the AUB (correct me if I am wrong) you HAVE TO BE in the AUB. Then, you have to get APPROVED by the high priest or whatever.
    For example, Kody wanted to marry another woman, and got turned down b/c he didn't make enough money, and had those bankruptcies. funny, huh?

    In Season 1 - Robyn said some dumb reason they called him Day-on but I can't remember.

    How rude to get 2 plates of food when the others are dieting, oh the SMELL!
    Reminds me of an old Lynyrd Skynrd song!

    GREAT Job CJ!
    And Caramel Brownie, BC, you guys are a hoot!

  53. Couldn't the state of Utah go after Kody now that he had ADMITTED he is the father of Christine's children? I mean I heard it was SHE who filed for welfare and claimed she "didn't know who the father was" so she could get welfare assistance and they wouldn't garner Kody's wages. It seems to me that the state could go after Christine for fraud and Kody to repay the state. Anyway I would think the state could get him for fraud somehow.

    Talk about USING the system.

  54. Notice they went to Anytime Fitness (sign was shown very clearly)? ATFitness is a chain gym that manages to get shown on every reality show they can. Then they give away their services, i.e. trainers. Funny tho cause they pay their employees cr@p to begin with. I'm a personal trainer and worked at one while MTV filmed (for free). I am sure this is how the SW got their sessions/memberships. Their trainer isn't that good, IMO. Think it's his 'day job'? Maybe he works on the strip at night. He seems to be a wanna be actor/dancer/something...Stick with him and they won't be losing much. Sorry but he was totally unprofessional in many ways and then wayyyy too easy on the workouts. Seriously no way you can lose wt doing what he had them doing. And then they go to a BUFFET?? WTH? Feel bad for the teenager girls. Why not send them too or off to the ranch to work it off? Not being mean, just concerned about their wt/health.

  55. Welfare fruad is SO bad in Utah there just isn't anyone to look into Christine. I posted in another thread that when I called the fruadline they admitted they had about 10 people in the department and 30-50% of the population at any given time applying. They go after cases with that have solid evidence on paper presented to them or the highest dollar offenders. Remember last year 52% of babies in Utah were born on medicaid. I was sick when I saw a mom who was on her 8th kid, the last 3 born premmies on medicaid, saying how her last three were 1 million dollar babies and she lives in a 450k house on the golf course! and her husband owns a business that employs over 50 people(thus the loophole, he claims a salary right below the cutoff while she is pregnant).

    Christine's food stamps aren't likely the worst offender so unless the fruad hotline gets mutliple calls and solid evidence emailed they won't watse thier time. I makes me sick as a taxpayer, I even offered to be an investgator for free!
    I think Christine would be in the most trouble if she took mediciad for Truely's birth. This is what I have always wondered about, since it was a hospital birth and the previous were free home births. When you take the baby your baby program in Utah and claim being a single mom you have to have a notarized letter, either from the mom stating the dad is unknown or from the father saying his intentions for supporting the child after it is born. If Christine just took food stamps, then she could say that she left the father name off by accident, or filled out the form wrong.

    I just don't think weflare fruad is going to get Kody or the wives in any trouble. I would be glad if they did commit fruad to get exposed and since "they decided to go on tv" get made very public because it might scare away some of the other abusers of the system. I still find it shocking and I have lived here for years that there is no stigma in using food stamps or medicaid even in the middle/upper middle class,reguardless of religion. It is actually the opposite if you are not on welfare and you pay for healthcare, school lunch or food you are seen as weird.

  56. Wow, these editors need to lay off the Red Bull. This is the most poorly produced piece of garbage on TV.

    The content is there, but the editing is killing me.


    Kody's parents AND Meri's parents have filed bankruptcy, I guess it runs in the family

  58. Tru dat GOJI :) ...hell they're(camera crew & producers ) are probably bored & sick of Robyns whining, crying & demanding ass + KBF nonsense hype altogether...lol

  59. Thank U SisseySickening, ur quite a jaw dropper urself :)
    Hey Tammy did U have a chance to make it out to Sin City for Kodys debut? Since were all dying( borrowed this context from the ol' sXinney bird, when she stated they were killing themselves to live this faith, lifestyle, or religion, I forget..lol ) to know if his products really work ....NOT!! Hehe

    That blows that KBF may never get prosecuted forwelfare fraud!! This doesn't sit well w/ me...
    That also probably explains why Kodouche wasn't by Christines side during the birth of Truely :/ He was off in KodyLand playing DingBat & Robyn...haha

  60. So .... the new baby, Solomon (whether born or not) makes Kodethebaddude's 16th illegitimate child?

    Caramel Brownie, you're stinkin' hilarious. And your name gives me such a craving!

  61. No I didn't get to go because the last 2 weekends depending on the school district are "hunting holidays" in Utah so I had vistors. I wish we all had found out sooner because I would have re-arranged my schedule. I emailed them about future apperances and so far there are 2 in AZ, but they are like 4-6 hours from me. If they pop up in Vegas with at least few days I notice I will be there.

    I would love to see how they explain how the products work? This excerise episode was filmed when august? so it has been 2 months and none of the wives look like they are thinner. Didn't Janelle say she was about the same weight better felt better. I would think since they are all starting out of 200lbs in 2 months they could have lost 10-15lbs just by walking, drinking water, and eating better. You can tell how lazy they are, they don't work, all the kids are at school except Truely (who Robyn could watch), so why can't they work out like mad, like the biggest loser?

    Robyn's food problem reminded me of my child. My daughter used to run out of the room when I was cooking alot of foods. She hated the smell and stopped eating alot of foods. It turned out to be a sinus issue, not like a regular infection but a defect. When I saw Robyn it reminded me of my daughter when we would go to a buffet. Robyn said this was a lifelong issue. I guess the difference is I took my child to the doctor and go it fixed. For some reason I think Robyn likes being different and picky and getting special treatment so even if her smell problem was fixable she would not fix it.

  62. I read somewhere that the state of Utah doesn't have "time or resources" to go after Welfare fraud.
    Nice, real nice, for us that work there.

    ALL filed Bankruptcy, then FLAUNTING all their money on TV is not sitting well with me. Now, parents too? Geez!

  63. "I would say the upcoming episode has something to do with Robyn's kids being pissy about either how a mom treated them, or a kid, and Robyn is whining that they can decide to go live with their dad ---IF EVERYONE DOESN'T CATER TO THEM AND MAKE THEM HAPPY. that's the just I got."

    Exactly! My oldest niece and nephew (12 and 15 respectively) have a stepmom like this. They (my niece and nephew) can't go live with their mother because she leads an extrememly unhealthy lifestyle and is frequently incarcerated, but their stepsister can go live with her dad if she so chooses. Their stepmother knows this and makes sure everyone else caters to her daughter.

    I still haven't seen this episode--I'll just wait til it's re-played--but I'd never have my weight put on TV for all to see. I'd just periodically announce how much weight I'd lost. And I weigh somewhere between Robyn and Meri :p

  64. Oh yep, stinking hilarious..lol I'm glad U caught that FrontalLobe :)
    Thanks & Tou'che!! Ur humorous finesse is fully developed & it keeps me grinning ear to ear!! =)
    This caramel brownie gives U 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream to help satisfy ur craving....& mine too!!..lol

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Where can I find a list of their public appearances - I would love to go and report back to you all about what it was like - as for the Day of the Cowboy thing here in AZ I will be doing a vendor booth there this weekend - I wonder if I will see them - shall I report back if I do?

  67. I would love to read a tell all book by one of the kids. Sorry but I don't think they are all so happy in this family and I am hoping for a tell all book of what goes on behind the scenes. maybe one of Christine's or Janelle's kids will write it. I got the feeling that Christine's kids have been witnessing Mom quite sad behind the scenes. Isn't her daughter the one who said she definitely did NOT want to be a sister wife because of the jealousy? In fact only one daughter said she wanted to be a sister wife and that was Christine's to right? Meri's daughter didn't and I don't think Janelle's did either. Correct me if I am wrong. I have a hard time keeping track of whose kids are whose.

  68. Lisa,
    Of course report back! We'd love it!

  69. Mister Sister - do you know if they are going to the AZ event this weekend? Which detective on here can get me a listing of public appearances? I will go to any within AZ and maybe a few outside of AZ - if possible!

  70. JanelleBrown117
    tweeted Sunday 10/23/2011
    'Sunday Night Blues'

    Poor Janelle all alone who is apparently craving some fun loving companionship & adult conversation ...prolly thinkN about Trainer Bill....lol
    I'm extremely curious, bc on the KB fb chat. Sunday night she seemed like she was in a good place emotionally, but I forget their emotions are like light switches!!

    Now my thoughts are totally running rampant from this tweet! Makes me wonder if she's reconsidering her 'spiritual commitment' Hmmmmm??? Go Janelle Go & take ur kids w/ U :)

  71. Actually thought it was Meri's daughter Mariah who wants to be a sister wife someday..hopefully no one will buy whatever products they hawk or pay to see these freeloaders anywhere.
    Watching them unravel I get Gosslein family deja vu

  72. I would assume the Name Dayton is an abbreviation of DAvid PresTON.

  73. Hilarious mini recap Mister Sister ...I'm sure poor whittle Robyn purged up both plates...her facial expression(s) has HURL written all over it!! ..lol

    Interesting Tidbit <------ Also last night on KB fb chat, a fan recommended the family to try KONA GRILL ...
    Then another fan posted we should all chip in & donate $5 each so KBF can enjoy Kona Grill all together!!
    Are U effing kidding me?? :/

  74. I'm not sure- is there a AZ LIV Event that you all are talking about?
    I liked them on facebook but didn't see it.

    It seems to me if they were going to be at an event, they would be hollering it on the Facebook fan page of the Browns--I'll look though!

    Don't these people realize they got the world by the tail right now? Free trips, all that food they are eating out is free, the trainer free, etc.????
    Hey, I just saw where the trailer Robyn lived in with David was a 1971 14X69, so don't you think she's moved up in the world?

    And, a bird told us she was living with her mom until filming started before she "married" Kody. THEN she got that rental house.

  75. So Madison said yesterday NO BABY YET.

    Is that baby ever coming?

    I didn't see anything for LIV, but that doesn't mean they aren't, just means I can't find it!LOL

  76. If I were one of Kody Brown's 1st three wives I would take EVERY opportunity on camera to make Kody look like a hypocritical jerk. All the while Kody was with the other wives, I would spend my free time writing a tell all book. And when I had the audience REALLY stoked I would leave Kody and take my kids. This all would coincide with a million dollar book deal and my own show. i.e. Janelle Breaks Free or Christine Cuts Loose. Then I would go on Dancing With the Stars and lose a LOT of weight. I would encourage the other two wives to leave Kody and be on my second show called, "The Real Ex Sister Wives".

    And Kody wouldn't get a darn cent. Since he wasn't ever legally married to me. Meanwhile Mari would get 1/2 of everything Kody owns and Robyn would be left with Kody.

  77. Oh snaps!! Another song just popped into My head. Remember the Jefferson's? :) well. Were moving on up, moving on up...lol Sorry peepz couldn't resist :)

    I guess plural marriage was better than staying @mom's place..lol
    Ok so where did they stay during this 'courtship '? Hotel or mom's place? Bc I know Kody didn't drive 4 hrs to just talk & hold hands!!
    Shame Shame I know ya'lls Name...hehe

    It's totally possible bc if U think about all the other secrets K & R shared w/ each other & kept the other wives out of the love loop ...lol

  78. Are Robyn's parents really divorced? Didn't she say something on one of the shows about how they had a honeymoon life together that she was trying to recreate with Kody? Is this another lie??

    And I also think Dayton is a combo of DAton PresTON. How cheesy...

  79. I meant to write DAvid PressTON in my previous post.

  80. Why was my comment deleted? There was nothing offensive about it I just wrote what I felt would be the greatest escape scenario for the wives from Kody's Harem. And here I thought this was a free speech blog.

  81. Thank U all Anony's(unless ur all the same) for the Da-Ton analogy :)
    That makes sense, but WHY? has he always been called this or David?
    I'm just curious if Kody suggested it..

  82. scarcasm.net just posted thier recap of the show and also posted about the LIV scheme and the craigslist ad. I'm glad to see another site picking it up.

  83. Thank you Mister Sister for the trailer info. Yep, Robyn is movin' on up like George and Weezy.

    What is up w/ Robyn's accent or speech impediment or whatever she has going on (Day-on) and "fer" and the way she says her long o's - sort of Fargo-sounding. I'm not from that area so I don't know much about accents in those areas. She talks about "the America she learned about in school." it seems like in school she missed out on grammar and vowels, e.g. saying "a" arm instead of an arm. I've noticed this error a lot and it is mind-boggling. I think she and the Ko-douche are somehow perfect for one another, if they don't see the glaring faults that the rest of us so plainly see.

    Also, doesn't one of the wives cut Ko-douche's hair?

  84. OMG - I think someone at scarcasm.net lets MS, CJ and Terrasola do all their work, it was all from here. I have never seen all pieces put together like it is here, until now.

    Guys, they are copying your work, and probably getting paid.

    I guess that means you are the BEST!!!
    And we love you!
    (but we're not ass kissers, and tell you when we disagree hahahahaha)

  85. scarcasm never, EVER puts it all together like that! A piece of fluff, that's about it!!!!

    I SWEAR, I think they came over here and read the blog. TOO many pieces, even the SAME religion piece picked?
    COME ON!!!!
    I CALL BS!!!!
    Border Collie, what do you smell??

  86. To the poster who asked what kind of water that is - the brand is VOSS I believe. Cool-looking bottle and $$. They have it at some trendy bars when you order "bottled water."

    Also, did anyone go to the LIV thing in Vegas or do we have any info on Ko-douche's speech?

    Kody's dad's ranch is called "Double D Ranch" is this bra size for large breasts or does it mean Double Douche, as in Kody and Daddy Winn Brown? LOL.

  87. Gulp!
    LIV, and to know it's a MLM,
    The SAME religion piece,

    Everything we saw on here first, and NO WHERE ELSE has all been put together.

    hmmm... I guess I would take that as a compliment to all that wrote this up and did the research here!

    I think the craiglist and religion is what really got me! I haven't seen that ANYWHERE ELSE.

    I guess you all are doing a great job!


  88. Anony 1:43-
    I don't know about the LIV event, but if you haven't read these, you might like them.

    One Winn's sil is lying!




    Double Douches is right!

  89. Great scenario Anony 5:38pm..now if only the original 3 wives would read ur "win/win escape plan "hehe & run!!
    But my $$ is on Maddie to come out w/ the 1st teent tell all book bc she seems like a rebel w/ definitely a cause & agenda to separate herself from the Krew & set the record straight!!
    Besides if the Brown teens don't cash in, the next best thing would be Robyns kids. AUB Steps of Faith...lol. Getting the inside scoop from step children would also be priceless :)

  90. Heather, this BC knows what BS is, she has seen it, smelled it, and seldom stepped in it. BC has superior senses and great agility. She can almost always jump over it.

    I see BS in the starcasm site for sure, that I was not aware of until tonight. Seems to practise plagarism for pligs.

    The brats belonging to the byrd would be SO far out of character to actually threaten to go live with daddy. Really now, they know how to manipulate the new "family", get special treatment. They have plenty of "sibs" to play with, swimmings pools, no unreasonable restrictions on play time, a nice house to live in with 3 other nice places they can consider partly theirs, get to be on tv, get to go to ranches, and you want somebody to believe they'd actually leave that for daddy even if daddy still lives in the old trailer out in the boonies. Oh hell no. BS. BS. BS.

  91. Agreed. Let's see....
    Dad in a 14X70,
    Mom in 4 homes and lots of attention!
    No brainer!

    I feel like screaming at the TV shut up Robyn!

    This show, and probably the women's lives would be better off without her. Sadly, I don't think Christine or Janelle will EVER look at Meri the same for going along and promoting this Robyn crap.

    Weirdly, Meri seems much happier.

  92. Great write-up as always, Cynical!

    I haven't had time to watch the episode yet, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of your review. And it did not disappoint :)

    If Kody likes curvy girls so much, then why did he marry 4 relatively normal-looking girls? Yes, all the wives, including Janelle, were pretty average/slim when they married Kody.

  93. KodysFavorite, Christine claims she was heavier when she married K than now, and now she is over 200 pounds. So she wasn't skinny then. And Janelle wasn't particularly athletic either.

    But I, too, wonder what K found so attractive in R.

  94. uhhhh

    To get a show???
    Thats what we think

  95. I would of quit watching this show a long time ago if it weren't for this blog- I love to read these!
    So much fun.
    Long time reader-first time poster.
    Thanks All!

  96. CeleryHater....

    I absolutely agree about Meri enjoying rubbing Robyn in J and C's noses! Her expressions sometimes looks like she's thinking...now you know how it feels bitches. lol. Meri was the first wife and Janelle had the first child!! Come on. That had to hurt. And Christine was the last wife before Robyn so she didn't have a right to be jealous of M and C. Now the shoe's on the other foot.

    I get a kick out of your blog. Was just lurking and had to post.

    One thing I thought hit the nail on the head was Koder's classmate saying, "I always thought he was gay." My radar went off when I saw the first show. JMO.

    Nana L

  97. Welcome Nana and Paroxetine!
    We love to have new commenters here.
    Browse around, there's LOTS to read!

  98. Good luck Janelle. You are my favorite wife. I commend you with trying to lose weight!

  99. Just saw this episode. Robyn was drinking *another* Voss water during the training session. *Sigh*...