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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

But they seem like such honest people, Part 1


  • the practice of professing standards, beliefs, feelings, virtues, etc, contrary to one's real character or actual behavior, esp. the pretence of virtue and piety; falseness
(Definition from Dictionary.com and the Free On-line Dictionary)

A number of blog commenters and several professional journalists have accused Brown family members of being hypocrites.  Are they?  What is a hypocrite? 

To answer these questions I turned to the experts.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that the religion of Islam is very concerned about the subject of hypocrisy and Muslim scholars have well-defined definitions of hypocrites.  Isn’t it ironic that religious figures would have something relevant to say about a family that is on TV because of its religion and won’t say that it’s because of their religion or says confusing things about their religion.

My Arabic reading skills are a bit rusty, which is why this post has taken so long to complete (and if you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you).  As I understand it, Islam says that God classifies hypocrisy into 2 categories:  hypocrisy of belief and hypocrisy of action. 

Hypocrites who engage in hypocrisy of belief:
1.  are “unenergetic” in performing the commandments and duties of their religion;
2.  often don’t carry out commandments and duties that they don’t want to do;
3.  carry out certain commandments and duties to show off and to be seen; and
4.  rarely mention or remember God.

Do we even know what their religious beliefs, commandments and duties are other than plural marriage?  I don’t, not for sure.  It seems odd that we don’t see them pray much, or say grace before a meal, etc.  Yes, these things can be edited out, but many times it looks on TV like those things just aren’t frequently done except in Christine’s home.  I have always thought that the wives’ unique dress sense accommodated their “Garments”, although I wonder about Robyn.  Haven’t we seen her wear sleeves that are too short to accommodate the Garments?  Perhaps I am misinformed about the sleeve length of the Garments.  It is a personal choice, I know, but still I wonder.  After all, she is the wife who said they were “killing themselves to live this faith.”  Regarding Victoria’s Secret, I won’t go there.  Oh Lord, I just thought about it and now I need brain bleach.

Do the Browns carry out commandments and duties that they don’t want to do?  We have seen what Kody and the wives told the teens about premarital sex, and it certainly wasn’t that premarital sex is wrong.  Way to out Robyn for “living this faith” on that issue Madison [to be fair – are we proud of everything we did as teenagers?  I personally refuse to answer this question].  And everyone has an opinion about Kissing-gate.  Again, Christine refused to cross the line that she thought existed on this issue. 

The teens are certainly forced to follow a dress code that they may not want to adopt (modest tops and NO BIKINIS as per Janelle).  I infer from Janelle’s and Meri’s actions that the teens will burst into flames if not dressed appropriately; I observed that this applies only to the girls.  The boys can dress in shorts with severely baggy rear-ends and no shirts without fear of spontaneous combustion.  What a relief considering the Vegas heat.  What a double standard – but more about that when we discuss hypocrisy of action in part 2.    

It seems odd that the Browns might carry out certain commandments or duties primarily to show off and to be seen when they appear reluctant to do other religious things.  However, they are pretty proud of their shiny celestial marriages and show them off every chance they get, and have been doing so for years and years.  Yes, Christine, I am talking about you.  They even sought out a TV show and a high profile court case to publicize their New and Everlasting Covenant of Celestial Marriage.  As we saw on a recent episode, they are also not shy about televising a home church service, except for Mykelti, who felt it was inappropriate.  Smart thinking girl!  As so many others have said, how can such I-have-no-adjective-for-them adults raise such smart kids?

Finally, do the Browns frequently mention or remember God in their daily lives?  I stated above that things can be edited out by TLC, but that many times it looks like it just isn’t happening, unless it is to point out that Presbyterians are sharks, presumably of the independent fundamentalist Mormon-eating variety.  The kids went to church school for several years; religion would have been a part of their daily lives for a number of years.  If you look at their bankruptcy filings you will also know that they “tithe”.  Contrarily, while the TLC producers may control what religious material is seen on Sister Wives, Brown family members could, if they wanted to, say something about their faith in the numerous interviews they have given, or in their gazillion Tweets, or on their multiple Facebook accounts. 

So I am very confused.  It looks like the Browns are religious and also that they are not religious.  Could they be trying to hide how religious they are? 

This brings me to the second type of hypocrisy ...hypocrisy of action, which I will discuss in Part 2.

I’d like to know what examples of hypocrisy of belief you have seen with the Brown family ... or if you disagree with me.  Am I just a suspicious old biddy who wants to polygraph everyone before I’ll believe them?  Well, yes, but that’s because I like the comfy chair.

Written By Terrasola!


  1. And their latest fiasco of a affidavit shows what hypocrites they are!!!

    The thing is, HOW can you buy into the polygamy, if you don't know WHY they are polygamists, which is a requirement of their religion????

  3. Intriguing Terrasola...looking forward to part 2 :)
    Where to begin??..lol. Although Getting Pissed is off to a great start!! & Mister Sister, Exactly!! :)
    Obey & Honor the laws of the land: Welfare fraud, Cohabitation, now their scheme to bilk $$ from innocent people, etc....
    *Spread the word & share the Gospel: They are hush hush about their religion & has passed up golden opportunities to share & educate the public.
    *I'm guessing Thou Shalt Not Co
    vet doesn't apply to them or their lifestyle, since he's allowed to lust after multiple women ...lol
    *Dress code which they're not consistent & double standards...
    .I'm sure I'll think of more after this weekends episode...lol

  4. Terrasasola, I find it odd this is posted, and then Janelle's lies and the humanitarian thing, which is off the chain.
    Do you think God wanted you to say this: I am being serious. It's like DA DAH!!!! You couldn't of had better timing.
    Hypocrite Grifters

  5. It honestly comes across to me more as tradition than religion.

  6. Was it not Hypocritical of Robyn to cry in the TH and say she hated hurting her to-be sister wives, yet continue kissing Kody when Christine didn't like it? EVEN when she was in labor and the cameras were rolling?

    What about saying they are monogmous? When he spends no more time in one home than a divorced dad?

    What about saying he provides for his kids?

  7. It's hypocritical not hide your relgion because you know everyone would oppose the Joesph Smith blasphemy (against God)
    yet, want everyone to feel sorry for their "lifestyle",

  8. This issue has bothered me the most. Especially how they all talk about their children choosing whatever life they want. Obviously that's what we all want, but if it was such a deep seeded religious belief, wouldn't you think they would absolutely want their children to stay in the religion? Also, the "sex" talk. Every religion believes in no sex before marriage, why not theirs. That was a cop- out, Kody just trying to be cool for people who think he is a freak.

  9. I don't think they have to wear the underwears...
    However, showing off at the beach in the honeymoon episode was very unnecessary for a "religious" couple.

    PLaying to the kids like their life is normal....

  10. I think it is hard to evaluate their hypocrisy without knowing more of the tenets of their religion-- which they conveniently never discuss.

    Maybe their religion doesn't emphasize grace before meals, or public group prayer, or fasting, or wearing yarmulkes, or any of the other behaviors we associate with faith based families.

    As far as I know, (and the Mormon code experts can correct me), the religion IS polygamy, because THAT is what gets you to the highest level of heaven. Who cares if wife Four is mean to wife One... as long as Kody "calls her name" she gets pulled through the veil and onto the Planet. So there's no real incentive to be on good terms with the sisters, as long as Kody stays all starry eyed. (Bad pun.)

    When we think of "Christian" behavior, we conceive of it in cultural, mainline terms. THEY think of it as accepting Jesus as a prophet. So in their mind, they are Christian.

    No experience of "normal" Christian prayer groups, bible studies, youth meetings, etc., leaves them with no definition of it other than whatever doctinal tidbit they accede to. We're all using the same word, "Christian", but their heads are filled with wacky teachings about the Brethren, obedience, etc. How many sermons have they heard on being light to the world? Probably not many? The whole thing is steeped in secrecy and self protection, so their deviousness probably doesn't seem wrong to THEM.

    I was driving through Utah once and saw a billboard on a carwash that said, "Happy moms drive clean cars."

    And all the abuse of the government system doesn't count (to them) as hypocrisy because we're all gentiles anyway. I don't think they hold themselves to a standard of decency and honesty when in regard to dealing with the heathens. So TECHNICALLY, in their mind, welfare fraud is A-ok. (And, uh, they're not alone in thinking the guvment owes them a living.)

    Creepy, greedy, oppressive, sure. Hypocritical? I don't know. I think their devotion to their nutty ideas of salvation is what is so fascinating. BECAUSE they see no disconnect.

    They keep talking about "the lifestyle" but their religion really does teach that they need to fill up their planet with a certain number of wives and children. More mainline Christians think the way to heaven is to emulate Jesus... becaue their "lifestyle" is the path to divine favor, the lifestyle is inherently religious.


  11. Great point Kelp girl! I think you are right. Polygamy is their religion. Fascinating. Mormons believe you get into heaven through Jesus Christ, and keeping the 10 commandments. Not because your husband called your name. I do wish they would fess up to their religion, otherwise stop saying they are deeply religious without explaining any of it. In my opinion, it's a lifestyle.

  12. The RELIGION is the AUB. THEY don't want Kody to talk about them.

  13. Kelp Girl, Kody is not a Mormon anymore, he doesn't come close to practicing the faith. Mormons fast, and bless the food before every meal, we have never been taught to practice polygamy is secret, and I speak with knowledge of that as to my great great grandfather was sent out to help settle the west. He was never around or new people that secret sister wives. My grandmother was a great business owner and flat out hated polygamy. Most of us our hard working family loving people who say what we mean and mean what we say. I was brought up to respect everyone and know they have the right to believe just as I do as long is it is obeying the law. We take care of our own and believe that a mother and father should rely on themselves to take care of the family, not on bankruptcy, food stamps, and state aid are not looked upon as the right way to live. It's sad to see how people really think of my faith, we are the first to help someone in need regardless, I love my neighbors:)

  14. Anony above me,

    If you are a Mormon, were you not proud of Ken last week in the show?
    I was, and I 'm not Mormon!

  15. It's hypocritical to talk to the kids like kissing is death- when they SEE their dad sleeping with different women.

  16. Honestly folks, the issue of character has bothered me for a great long while. I believe you should let sleeping dogs lie, but I also believe in calling a spade a shovel. I could finally stay silent no longer. And there is more to come, if Mister Sister will let me say more.

  17. Downplaying the religious aspect of what they are doing is all about marketing. For instance, "religion" = uncool, while "lifestyle choice" = cool. Then they spout about how they are totally fine with anyone else's "lifestyle choice" - even more cool. By now they are hoping that everyone will think they are super tolerant and so should be supportive of their "choices." Of course, the whole dog and pony show would disintegrate into total chaos if religion were to be reintroduced into the discussion. People might ask questions such as why are African Americans barred from holding the Priesthood in your religion? Why is it a mortal sin for a white person to marry an African American (so bad in fact that Brigham Young said it was worthy of 'death on the spot')? Why do the women in your religion have to promise to "obey the law of {their} husband"? Why do your scriptures say that if a woman refuses to live polygamy, God will "destroy" her? What is your religion's view of homosexuals? (I'll give you a clue here - it's not, 'We're happy with their lifestyle choice"!) And it goes on and on. Like I said, it's all down to marketing and since the Browns are selling themselves and their children on national television, you don't actually expect them to tell you the truth, do you?

  18. So agreed Stink Eye & sadly, but true Sick of the Brown's. I think by then, America, including their flock will be extremely disgusted with them! PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL : )
    I think all of Robyns water works scenes are pathetic..seems like only time she's happy & not shedding tears is when she's got Kody all to herself....selfish lil SCAB(skanky cunt ass bitch)..lol all their(K & R) paparrazi pics & esp honeymoon pics displays it all. Seems to me she always color coordinates her outfits w/Kody when it's just them 2 :/
    It's very hypocritical when Ur boo hooing over finances but still living like the "rich & famous " lifestyle(ur not Hugh Hefner) , going on shopping sprees (long gone are days of the 2nd hand store) ,have @least 10 cell phone lines bc teens Twitter & no telling how many laptops, eating out weekly (Robyn prolly everyday) , Robyns housekeeper(eyes rolling) & popping out kids every year. Time for these folks to get spayed & neutered ....haha

  19. Anon-- I wasn't referring to Mormonism. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I was talking about what I've read about the polygamous lifestyle, not LDS in general. Browns in particular. Who fall WELL short of the example your family sets.

    My question was that since the Browns say they aren't Mormon, does the word hypocrisy apply if they don't behave like Mormons?

    Again, my apologies for sounding like I was criticizing the LDS church.

  20. Way to break it down Kelp Girl in ur earlier post, it definitely gave me a better perspective :) & my husband was actually raised Mormon w/ his
    9 siblings. There are 5 boys & 5 girl's & he's the 2nd oldest. Now he no longer is a Mormon but his parents(married 40+ yrs) & a couple of siblings are still active in the temple. His parents never received govt assistance & always worked to support their family. I have love & respect for them on so many levels bc they have always been kind, loving & supportive to us & my family regardless of my race(Native American/blk) & religion, raised Baptist but now ( Non-Denomination)..I believe in God :)
    ME? Nope, not Mormon. nor do I agree w/ their teachings-The Book of Mormons..
    Even after graduating from an Arizona HS where Mormonism is huge part of the community & even a Mormon seminary on campus for students to attend to help prepare them for their Missionary after they graduate. Hey I was just an air force brat temperary stuck in their "world" & it just didn't appeal to me. I'm definitely open -minded, but not to stupidity & cults(AUB, FLDS) ...lol
    Cool analogy Free and Clear...basically to sum it up in a nutshell: KBF =Fame Whore ....they are getting paid pulling & doing nasty tricks......Hahaha ;)

  21. They all live in nice houses and even though no one is working right now, they are redecorating. We know there has been a bankruptcy, but what were the reason behind the bankruptcy? Have they collected welfare? In the FLDS, they call collecting welfare "bleeding the beast". We know they are members of the Apostolic United Brethren Church and not the FLDS. But is tolerance of polygamy, which is what this family is promoting a good thing? No, it is not the same as tolerance for same sex marriages, which I’m sure the Apostolic United Brethren Church has no tolerance for them. Polygamy leaves the door wide open for abuse of women and children. No, I’m not saying that is going in the Brown family. They seem like very nice people and they have nice kids. Polygamy is illegal in this country because overall it is not a good deal for families. What happens to the young men in this church when there are not enough women to go around? Are they kicked out like in the FLDS?

    On last nights episode Cody was listing the differences between polygamy sects that lived on compounds, and themselves. They had a shot of Cody listing that they didn’t have arranged marriages. They may have listed more but it was not shown. They agreed to possibly doing a question and answer session at a university. That would be so interesting.

  22. Anony said..."Have they collected welfare" and, what was the reason behind Bankruptcy....

    We know that Christine and Robyn were on Welfare even when they were filming. robyn screwed up and admitted it on Twitter, Christine's is in her Bankruptcy papers. Now, they have filed 4 times, 3 which are on here, and MOST of the problem is credit card debt, run up on stereos, clothing, etc.... Check out the Sept post where it says ADDED, then Jane Valez Mitchell.....
    Hope this helps.