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Sunday, October 30, 2011

DISCUSSION PLACE for S03E07 Sister Wives

Tonight is going to be a barn burner for sure!
We are already all a twit about it!

Don't forget to ask Troy Bowles a question on his post if you want to know more about the AUB!


  1. I for one, can't wait for CJ's review!!!
    And, to see if Logan is as parental as I think he is, and see how mad I get when he says Hunter is a monster-should be interesting!

  2. Hunter is just mad because his parents are all idiots. He's outgrown them.
    Alas, maybe his frontal lobes have developed!!!!
    Remember than diamond of intelligence Robyn gave us!

  3. It's sad that none of these parents wnet to college, stayed in a dorm,etc.
    They seem to treat these teens as their slaves.
    Then, I guess they are suddenly supposed to be mature enough to take a spouse at 18.
    No wonder there are so many immature parents in that group. They have never been out and explored the world before having 3 kids!
    they are messing Logan up- you watch
    I FORGOT, this is the show Robyn whines about her kids, isn't it?

  4. ^^I don't know anon. I got married young and had never lived in a dorm or anything. I don't regret it at all. We had kids, my dh finished a bachelors and masters degree and now I'm finishing several degrees of my own. We were plenty mature and have been good parents (if I do say so myself. lol)
    The difference is that I wasn't raised in an oppressive, misogynist religion or culture. I had loving parents (only 2, not 5) that had time with me and took the time to invest in my growing up years.

  5. Since We aren't hearing any responses to our questions in the "Questions to Former AUB..." I thought I'd open up my questions to the board, because I am SOOOOOO impatient and NEED answers!!!!!

    Here goes:

    OK Here are my questions. When a Plyg family like The Browns, children are all adults and move away and ALL of the wives are either past child bearing age, or just have decided not to have more children due to age or health...What then??? Do the wives keep their separate homes? And does the husband continue to visit each wife on a "rotation" basis? Or do they ALL move in together into ONE big home or even downsize but have room for ALL the grandchildren to visit? I mean how does that ALL work out when the wives are older, children are gone, maybe even the husband has passed? Do the wives stick together and live together? And WHO pays for all of the wives' (who aren't legally married, only "spiritually" married) health insurance? Like say if Janelle were to get Type 2 Diabetes or any other wife were to sustain an injury or need long term health care and medicine, HOW is their medical insurance or bills paid? What about the children of the "spiritually" married wives? WHO pays for THEIR medical insurance or care?

    Sorry these are a LOT of questions but I am really curious and I am glad to have the opportunity to ask these questions. I hope someone can provide some answers.
    Thank you for taking the time to consider my questions.

  6. I don't know all your answers, and I am sorry if I made you think he would come immediately and answer them! However, when Troy has time, he will come by and do just that!

    Maybe someone else might know, too??

  7. Between Kody not knowing how to parent teens, and Robyn whining, it might kill us all!!!

    BTW, he better get used to it, he has plenty more!!!

  8. Where is everyone tonight?

  9. Mister Sister,

    It's OK I didn't mean to sound rude to our guest speaker.... no not at ALL. If anything I was just admitting my impatience for answers to these questions that BOGGLE my mind and opening them up to fellow Boggled and impatient questioners in hopes that maybe SOMEONE LOL (Impatience showing sorry)... SOMEONE might have ANSWERS.

    Again... please forgive my impatience.

    Anon: 5:55

    Oh and BTW, I WOULD have a sign on name if I could ONLY remember my Google account. I have a Twitter account but NO Face book( And NO plans on a Facebook account), I have a You Tube account, but I don't know if I still have the password. If ONLY my Twitter account could log on here then you all could get to know CRAZY but LOVABLE ANON: 5:55.

    PS Did I say I LOVE this BLOG??????

    I LOVE it. Thank you SOOOOO much for opening up this discussion. I am trying to learn and remain open minded. It is hard.

    Thank you.

    Anon 5:55

  10. You didn't sound rude at all- i was afraid I had worded where ppl might think he was right there! I was apologizing to you. So were all good!!!LOL

  11. ops!
    And thanks for the praise!

    You can use a name, you don't have to have gmail.
    When you go to post, there is a place that says name/url.

    Pick a name if you like, and you can post from there. You don't need an url.


  12. What's up everyone!!
    I for one have been in 'church' all day..hello it's NFL Sunday & my Cowboys are playing right now & I had to sho some love to the Rams & NE Patriots earlier ...lol.

    Although I'm looking forward to CJ'S review & everyone's insights :)

  13. I so can't wait to see this, but I know I am going to be pissed.
    And, I understand many wanted to call CPS-and may do it, but why, it's splashed all over every place, "Kody calls son a monster!" are headlines everywhere.

    We FEEL like it should be called because we have watched it so much, and see how when KOdy gets caught in a corner, his only avenue of conflict resolution is to get angry and blow.

    Why didn't the boys get to go fishing without everyone????

    Did no one but me think it was silly, Meri and Robyn putting on each others makeup? Meri is getting as dumb as Robyn.

  14. Caramel hi!
    I wondered why it was so quiet! NFL!
    You can tell my man is out of town, no football!

  15. Im wondering if things are done differently in the States,or is it just the Browns?In New Zealand when you go camping theres no makeup,and if there is enough adults you get going early in the morning for activities!!But then I guess 17 kids would slow you down a tad (I only have 2 kids and it can take awhile to get ready!).
    I think Hunter was disresepctful BUT he is a teenager and has so much going on in his life,a bit of attitude is to expected isnt it?

    By the way,I love this blog!Sister Wives doesnt air in NZ so if I cant watch it online I just hop over here and get caught up :)

  16. Hi Natalie!

    I camped every weekend for years-no one wore makeup-it was a time of swimming and fun!
    We got up at the crack of dawn and went to bed fairly early.

    When you've got 4 parents ALWAYS sitting around, while the kids clean up, they are going to get angry!

  17. If I were a kid, I'd upset if I was doing all the work while my parents sat around. I loved how Janelle told Hunter to do the right thing and do some work and he asked why they (the adults) didn't have to do the right thing. He was right.

  18. As usual, the pre-views and the show gave diffing viewpoints.

    1. Again, my children live with me, not some companion of my husbands. And, Briana inviting herself too? Robin just giddy over the thought of Meri raising her even after Mariah moves on? Where is Brianna's 'biological father. His lawyer should bring this episode into family court in a custody fight.

    2. Hunter was nowhere near the 'testosterone monster' level. He was a typical teenager, and he was not throwing the ax in anger, but just in some kind of throwing contest. He wanted to go fishing (who waits until afternoon to go fishing?). Why did Janelle wait so long to gather her party up since they weren't all going fishing? Then Hunter wouldn't have had to be annoyed by the girly girl Moms putting on each others makeup(when was the last time you saw your Mom putting on her friends's makeup for her?). And why were only the teenagers expected to clean up ....are they channeling the Duggars now?

    3. Why did Peyton hit her in the eye? Was it on purpose, and what happened prior to that? If it was on purpose, and if there have been prior incidents... then Meri was good with calling them all out... Don't have a problem with that event.

    4. Why does Logan think he needs to discipline the other teenagers in an interview?

    5. Kody is going to hold Robin over all these kids' heads, and some of them are going to do whatever they need to escape... and their young adult years will be the worse for it.

  19. Robyn's "evil plan" who would have guessed it?! I cannot like Robyn. I just can't. Why can't she say her kids' names? Dayun and Breanne. If they left Utah in such a hurry, why did Meri have all of that crap in her spare room. And seriously, a sleepover at Meri's is all they have to offer? That is show worthy? Why is the shaggin wagon going on a camping trip? Why do I watch?

  20. So for those who have seen it, tell us!

    What was Robyn whining about her kids?

    Does Kody go overboard on Hunter?

    Why did Robyn say her kids were treated unfairly if Meri called Phaedon out for it?

    If you've seen it, give us your mini review!

  21. If Robyn isn't happy with the way her children are treated, then she should get your butt out of Kody's car and supervise her own damn kids. Meri didn't have a dog in that fight. I have a niece and a nephew that used to pull stunts where they accused other kids of things or blow it way out of control for attention. Thank goodness they have grown out of it. I don't know what happened with Breanna in the past, but by looking at everyone's reactions I feel like it might be the same. Those kids have issues with Robyn, and until the Browns get it under control, her kids will pay for it.

  22. geeky girl, please explain what happened, for those of us that can't get it yet.
    Do you think Breanna blew it up?
    Is Robyn one of those moms that think her kid is always right?

  23. Peyton hit one of Robyn's girl's (Brianna?)and Meri went off on all the kids saying they have been ganging up on Robyn's kids all along. Gee, ya think? Let's see, 13 neglected kids plus 3 needy kids equals chaos. Plus, Robin admitted the older kids don't like her. She just doesn't understand it. Boo hoo. It was too great for all of us Robyn haters!

  24. Anon 9:54- It was much ado about nothing. The whole show. The teens are angry. They are really going to be messed up when they learn they left Utah for no reason. There was some really weird camera actions during the Breanna/Paeden episode. I didn't see a mark or any redness. They just got out of their cars. I don't know who P and B were with? It appeared Robyn was with Kody in the shaggin wagon, and not with her kids. Meri said 2 of C's kids had been bullying R's kids. I don't know if it was blown up. Maybe I have issues, but it appeared that everyone was just really tired. Hunter did call out his disdain for Robyn.

  25. You know, Meri should of stayed out of it. She's TOO much a Robyn ite

  26. You know, Meri should of stayed out of it. She's TOO much a Robyn ite

  27. Just to add- I don't condone hitting. ever! I just think those kids are hurting. They are seeing themselves and their mothers being pushed aside for Robyn and her kids. Boys, I think, have a hard time communicating their feelings. Why has Robyn waited for 1 year to see what would happen with the bullying? She sent her daughter to stay with Meri, and all 3 kids to go with Janelle fishing. She rode with Kody in the convertible. It just seems to me if this was really the problem they say, maybe Robyn needs to be with and protect HER kids.

  28. Exactly.
    Or how about this- KODY drives some kids, and lets the women take his car! Do you realize KODY never has to have his kids in the car with him.

  29. 1. I don't get why those girls are moving in with Meri. What the heck? Why is Robyn so eager to push her kids off on Meri? Maybe Hunter needs to go live with Meri too. It's like they want her to be the Pied Piper or something!

    2. Maybe if Robyn backed off a little on trying to "cement this family together" the situation would naturally improve itself? The kids can't appreciate being shoved together liked that. Not everybody in a family has to be the best of friends.

    3. I loved how Kody made it a point to tell us his "fifth wife" is old and warn out. *eyeroll*

  30. Now that the baby hype has died down a bit, I wonder what everyone is doing this evening?..lol
    On Friday, Christine tweeted that she was having fun @Wranglers hockey game. Well good for her! Not stickN around to do Robyns newborn duties ...& I hope to God she doesn't send it over to Meri's bc she's too exhausted or doesn't feel well or just want to have Kody time :/
    I wonder if Kody has been doing his share? Actually I want to know,his real feelings toward his newborn & if he's gonna be casted out when he gets older? I seriously wonder if Kody prefers having son's or daughters?...lol

  31. I think when the Brown's no longer have a contract with TLC, there world or 'empire ' will unravel & all hell with break loose & papparazi will be ready & waiting ....lol
    Maybe,We'll finally get the real story & answers to a lot of our burning questions!!..lol

  32. I was so disappointed in Kristine tonight, she just dumped her 8 yo daughter on Meri, because she was not getting along with her. So, of course Robyn decided to dump one of her girls on Meri too. Meri did not act all that excited about the whole deal. I found the whole scenario rather bizarre. These people seem to be trying their darndest to demonstrate bad parenting. I also do not understand Meri's role as First Wife. She has such low self esteem because she only has one child that she has allowed Robyn to take over, and she has become a door mat. It is sad to watch.

  33. But Meri has to be the one to straighten this train wreck out for Robyn. I don't have a problem with the kids being called out especially if this is ongoing, but why did Meri have to do it. Who saw what happened? In my family with my siblings we have problems with boys and girls. We just try to put the boys in one group are and the girls in another because the minute they get together one group is antagonizing the other. Add that to the stress of a long day in the car and all of the activities, you have a bunch of grouchy kids. I just have a problem of Robyn having everyone else fight her battles.

  34. Interesting lil tweet by Mariah on Oct 29th...
    .....back in Nevada...bored ...lame night #atleastIdonthavetogotothelamehalloweenparty

    Wow!!! Now I'm super curious??...lol
    I thought she was the main teen "excited" about Robyns baby? Another publicity stunt? :/

  35. Here is my recap:
    -Teens don't want to live in vegas.
    -Vegas is hotter than snot at the 4th of July (yet all wives are in long sleeves)
    -Robyn and Meri acted like middle school girls doing each other's makeup and Hunter got pissed.
    -Logan knows everything.
    -Robyn plays the victim again about how her poor kids could choose to go live with their dad and Dayton (Day-en) has only a year and a half left.

    -One of Christine's little girls hit Robyn's Breanna. Breanna runs to mommy and overreacts.

    -Meri yells at all the kids, publicly, at a minigolf place or something.

    -Christine does not think Meri should have had that talk with the kids then.
    -Meri disagrees.
    -You KNOW there have been some words said off-camera about that!

    -Robyn is annoying as heck.

  36. FYI...
    There's no LIVE CHAT WITH THE WIVES tonight on KB fb page ....admins said they should be back on next Sunday night .

  37. Just when I think I've seen it all, Kody & wives manage to horrify me all over again. Christine sends her 8 year old to live with Meri because they "don't get along" & Koday admits there's bullying among the children...(ya think?!) These unbalanced adults need parenting classes and a hefty dose of family therapy. Tonight's show made by brain hurt.

  38. Those poor kids! How bizarre must it be to have some strange woman and her 3 children come in and viola you now have 3 brand new siblings?

    All I could think of when Meri gave her little speech was NO Meri Robyn's kids are NOT their brothers and sisters. They are not their half siblings, they are not even their step-siblings.

    It just gave me chills as I watched, every once in a while I just suddenly pull back and the nauseating absurdity of the whole situation comes crashing in on me...

  39. If I was Meri, I think I'd take a step back and realize she's pissing #2 and #3 off, and one day, she'll need them.

    I know~ Mariah left the day the baby was born, and one day back, bored!

    No chat??? Are they pissy with each other?

  40. Do you guys see Meri turning into a Robyn lover, too?

  41. Christine didn't think Meri should be scolding her son - but yet she let her daughter move in with Meri, because she thought she'd listen better?

    And they wonder why the kids are confused?

    bullying is wrong, no matter what - but, did anyone find out WHAT Breanna might of done to start it?

  42. I haven't seen it yet- is this little move just for a short time?

  43. polkadot- It was just over night. Christine said they were leaving the next day to camp. She explained that sometimes another sister wife could smooth things over with the kids. Then Robyn said in the most grating baby voice EVER! That Breanna insisted on going too. Then she unveiled her shocking "evil" plan to keep Meri from being alone. She was going to count on Meri to help with her kids. (I guess the teens were onto Robyn, and aren't helping with raising Dayun and the girls anymore.)

  44. I think Meri was right to call the kids out when she did. With that many kids out together the parents need to be on top of the situation. What I find unacceptable is when she asked the other mothers to back her up no one said anything and Kody as usual is just standing there on the sidelines doing nothing... Why is he not standing up and being the Father here?? He is more about bragging about having 4 wives and how great it is for him. If your going to have this life style and 17 kids you better step up and be a MAN!
    Hunter had every right to be upset about it taking so long to go fishing.... Why didn't Janelle just take them. The whold thing could have been avoided.
    The whole makeup thing was ridiculouse! Seriously they were going jet skiing!! And who worries about makeup when your camping...
    Robin being the new toy seems to get all the attention and the rest just seem to be the ones working and taking care of the kids. How can that not be a recipe for disaster for all.
    They really need to take a seriouse look at what they are doing to their children and listen to them because they are screaming out to them...

  45. Seriously... Kody standing there! UGH

    I think it's a bit different.
    Robyn realizes that Meri will be alone soon. And have alot of private time with Kody. She's not gonna let that happen!!

  46. Hi all!
    I haven't got to enjoy our newest episode of dysfunction junction, but I have a feeling it's gonna tick me off already!

    Why is Kody always driving that little car instead of riding with the others? That irks me. I can't wait to see his parenting on this one.

    I also wonder if Robyn is playing Meri- I guess time will tell.

  47. Kody saying, "My sports car is my fifth wife"

    That sums up the episode for me!

  48. Maybe Meri is keeping her enemy(Robyn) closer...lol To actually find out what makes her tick, etc ...tryna get the "inside scoop " , the dirty lil secrets of Robyn & her past & will one day surprise us all w/ a tell all!! ...haha I know,wishful thinking :) ....

  49. It was sad that the kids had to fish with Janelle instead of their dad. He went skipping off with Robin on a "hike."

  50. I am not buying that it is "not about the sex." Kody only wants to make the babies; he has no interest in actually parenting. Nor does Robyn.

    A real dad would take his sons fishing, not sit on his butt watching his silly "wives" put on makeup for a camping trip. A real dad would have disciplined Payton for the hitting incident. Yelling at kids and demanding that they get along is not discipline or effective parenting. Kody is right; he has no clue how to parent these kids. The reason he cannot parent is because he does not know his kids. Hunter is not a terrible "monsters." But if Kody continues to neglect Hunter and the others, he might become one.

    I think my kids are easier as teenagers than any other stage. That is because I know my children. I spend time, lots of time, with my children. As teenagers, I love that they can now think for themselves, express their own ideas and creativity. It is a joy and a blessing. But if you don't know your kids, the teenage years could be hell.

  51. What awful parenting, yelling at the kids in a parking lot. What parenting book suggested that technique? Meri's rant was very disrepectful and uncalled for, especially for the teenagers, who were not involved in the incident. If the parents want to have their "fivesome", fine, but they are ruining those poor children with neglect.

  52. Hunter is no "monster." He appears to be a very normal teen. Kody should be proud to call him his son. Hunter needs a loving father and consistent male guidance. I feel so bad for Hunder. I want to reach into the TV and give him a big hug. The boy needs to know he is loved and he is not getting that from Kody. No, Kody is bonking Robyn and it pisses the kids off.

  53. The teens sure don't think Robyn is a "bonus."

  54. Ya'll are making me laugh. I so look forward to this blog!!
    1. **Mole** which KN FB page does the live chat please? ( i hope it isnt the one robyns friends own) they are so if you dont talk nice all about robyn we will kick you off.. LOL
    2. I stated on a FB page.. i too thought robyn should start being accountable for her childre, instead of worrying about the kodster. she is NOT an example of a good mother..
    thanks for this blog

  55. I think Meri was right to tell the kids that Robyn's kids are now their siblings and that they should treat them as such. They may not like it and Robyn's kids may not like it either, but they have to get along because I don't see Robyn and Kody splitting up any time soon. When there's bullying the parents have to step in. Kody should have backed Meri up. Inf fact, he should have been the one to say that, not Meri. It's his family so he better step it up instead of sitting around on the couch lamenting about "testosterone monsters"...

  56. I'm on my second viewing (which is ridiculous but the trick-or-treaters didn't wait til the commercial break to ring the door) and this episode is dumb. Hunter and Logan are both angry teenage boys. The moms are completely hypocritical. "Here, please take my child, allow her to move in with you, but yet I dislike your disciplinary methods." Kody is the worst, most passive parent ever. Blech.

  57. This episode confused me. Actually, the so-called adults confuse me and I have questions. If anyone has answers or can enlighten me, please help.

    Meri is trained in psychology and has experience working with at risk kids. Why would she let internal dynamics over-ride her professional training and knowledge of how to deal with kidlet problems? Were the other moms’ reactions a surprise; why / why not? Did she know the background of why Paedon hit Breanna and address that, too? And ... what 40 year old has someone else do their make-up for anything other than a special occasion (e.g. wedding)?

    Janelle has always seemed to me to be the sensible one, although not so into the parenting thing. Why didn’t she suggest the sensible thing of having the teens who were ready go and fish or engage in some other fun activity so that they could blow off steam? Janelle also seems to speak her mind. Why didn’t she?????????

    Christine has been portrayed as the “earth mother” who is raising a dozen kids, and as a rabid proponent of sister wives since the beginning of the series (not to denigrate rabies). Why would she not make a move to support her sister wife Meri? Is she raising smart mouth bullies? Did she run out of motivation?

    Robyn wanted her kids to assimilate into the Borg. Is this why she allowed ANY bullying of her kids and why she didn’t call out her sister wives – because resistance was futile? Robyn also has a plan to have Meri help raise her kids and keep Meri from having an empty nest / having private time with Kody. Does Robyn think that Meri cannot see through this? Can Meri? Does Robyn actually have a plan this devious or am I ascribing too much strategic ability to Robyn?

    Kody has been around several moms and lots of kids for more than 16 years. I would think he could parrot back to the kids some things he has heard the moms say over the years – at least on camera. Has he never taken anything in? Do the moms rule everything in and tell him not to stick his nose in? Is he that clueless ... never mind.

    The kids. Who will bolt first? Who, if any, will be asked to leave (as in the Lost Boys)? Who will follow their parents into polygamy? Who will write a tell-all book? Who will develop mental illness? They say that 1 in 5 develop mental illness in a “normal” environment (≈ 3 of 17, and 4 of 22); I wonder if this stressful family environment will cause even more problems.

  58. Hi Steve_Lauraleigh
    Yes, unfortunately it is the same KB fb page ra by Robyns friends...lol

    It's basically an ass kissing page & gets quite nauseating & boring bc everyone sounds like stepford fans...lol

  59. Terrasola- I have the same questions. I really think Janelle has been stripped of all self-esteem. She has been steam-rolled on her decisions. She was the cash cow, and now she is put out to pasture. She has no use;therefore, she has lost her voice. (This is just my opinion, YMMV.)

  60. ah... another sweet selling point for plyghood. Meri only has one child and is now for the most part done raising her. and newest Wench #4 decides, "oh no you don't! you don't get to do what you want to do now. i've still got babies for you to take off my hands and raise!" Sweet!

    especially the fact that Meri had agreed to take Christine's problem child off her hands and then robyn's daughter "found out" and told Robyn - " i wanna go live with Meri, too!" Robyn, "well, ok sweetie! you go girl!" hehehe....

    and Meri's words were, "i really don't know if i'm up for this." yeah, well you're not and you shouldn't have to be. they're not your kids nor YOUR PROBLEM kids now to raise. I'm sure Mariah doesn't care at this point cause she's just counting the days til she's gone back to Utah. without Momma Meri and new brats in tow.

  61. Cry Me a Robyn RiverOctober 31, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    these kids are ALL screaming for private time and attention and they're never gonna get it. especially with the neediest of all screaming and demanding it the loudest at all times - ROBYN!!!!

  62. i LOVE how it's a ply perk to be able to pawn your kid off on to another wife to go live with when you decide you don't want to parent them.

    and what happens when the wife you pawned them off on no longer wants them either? Do they get pawned off on a different one? sounds alot like foster children. and the lack of self-worth that comes with that.

  63. They should have never let Robyn into that family in the first place.
    A "family situation" like this, requires persons that are not constantly focused on themselves. They allready had a person like this (Kody) in the family and now with two people like that (and maybe even 3 or 4 people, because the children of Robyn also seem to be very needy) its very difficult for all.

    From the beginning I had the feeling that Meri was very unhappy, although she never said anything like that.
    Janelle seemed to be happy by escaping into her work and Christine was happy to be the "special wife", because she was the only one who could still get pregnant, maybe?

    I think there was something really fishy about Meri "inviting" Robyn into the family. Either she hasnt done that and Kody kind of forced that onto her, or she really wanted her in the family to have the other wives unhappy as well.

    With the other wives unhappy Meri seems a lot happier to me than she was at the beginning. But that is just my feeling and maybe I am wrong.

  64. Cry Me a Robyn RiverOctober 31, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    KIERA - i so agree with you. i think that's why Meri is still so accommodating to Robyn tho. since she is the one who picked her for Kody (and the show, of course) she must feel like she's responsible for her being there so, she makes sure she gets along with her.

    Plus, now it's Team 1 (Meri and Robyn) evenly against Team 2 (Janelle and Christine.) and Kody definitely is biased towards Team 1.

  65. Well Kody and his band of Meri-wives sure know how to put the FUN back in disfunctional!

    That had to be the most disturbing episode EVER!

    What bothers me the most is that so much has been made about Hunter (and the other teens) having such a rough time fitting in, in Vegas... YET ... these asinine parents allow such ROT to be aired FOUR MONTHS after it happened?

    In a teen's world it can seem the end of the world one day and be better the next. Four months later what happened back in July could be a moot point now.

    Now that this episode has aired prepare for the hardcore bullying to begin.

    Other rants:

    Robyn better stop focusing on having a neverending honeymoon and pay attention to her kids and whoa Christine sure came off as a Kodyclone, immature, petulant and self righteous.

    How did Meri afford to fix the kids room up so special?

    Anyone notice the shape of Janelle's car? No hubcaps and the front driver's side wheel looked like a spare.

    Kody's rant against Hunter sounded like he was stating his own attributes. Like father, like son.

  66. The more I watch, the more apparent it is that Robyn is self-interested and manipulative.

    If she really wants to assimilate her children into the family, she needs to be on them like white on rice . . . mediating their interaction with the other kids and facilitating their relationships.

    Besides, isn't Dayton on the autism spectrum. Shouldn't she be driving him to therapy or participating in is IEP or something?

    She is so busy fawning over the Kodster that she ignores her own children. Maybe because her kids are a "virtual manifestation of the intimacy between her and her former husband"

  67. I think kids should be OFF LIMITS. Their psyche is sooooo dramatic during teenage years, you can really hurt them and I'm sure no one here wants to feel responsible for anything that might happen. With that said, Kody & Company should have all their children taken away from them for abuse because they should NOT be featured on the show.

  68. Don't get me started on Kody and that car and (bearing in mind I don't get to see the latest eps) we all have to remember that although Meri is wife #1, on the AUB spectrum she is waaaaay down the list. She only had one baby. This means she is almost worthless as a woman so for her to bring in new fertile meat (Robyn) and get along and support (enable) her to be with Kody and keep breeding might be her only hope left. Its amazing that Kody hasn't cast her out before now because it is believed that if a woman is unable to get pregnant, its because she isn't pure enough.
    With that sort of indoctrination for ALL of Meri's life, are we at all surprised that she is a doormat? Yes, she will bring up lazy Robyns children because its her only worth. I can't wait for 10 years time when Robyns childbearing years are coming to an end and she is all used up.

  69. Hasn´t Kody offered Meri to have IVF as a "marriage-birthday-present" of some sort? And she doesn´t want it?

    Aren´t there any restrictions from the side of the AUB regarding IVF?

    I can´t believe their church considers IVF as a good option to get pregnant.

    Btw. I would bet that as soon as Robyn can´t get pregnant anymore someone will "introduce" a fifth wive to Kody.

    To me it seems the only thing that holds these adults together are weird believes and their child army.

  70. First off if Meri wants to help Christine with her child great, shouldn't there be at least on perk for this crazy life? But Robyn and the way she does that BabY VOICE oh my hell!!! she drives me nuts, and comes across as coocoocachoo crazy and dumb, wow! she is the token chick where sex is all Kody wants because nothing is in the brain of hers.

  71. I am going by my father's grave and take extra fall flowers and then I'm going to do something extra special for my mom as a thank you for not being raving lunatic parents even though we had a family of eleven. I never was reprimanded by an older sibling because my parents were both loving and hard working and didnt leave their parenting job to anyone else.

    I think Christine's point was valid because it would've been far better to pull the culprit child to the side and deal with the situation. Meri took the opportunity to give a speech to
    the crowd about a larger issue at hand and it was NOT the
    appropriate time to vent about protecting her homegirl
    Robyn's kids in a public parking lot. Sorry Meri, but epic fail. That should've taken place in a private family
    discussion so that MAYBE the children could've also
    expressed their feelings and the family could move toward

    Again, thanks mom and dad for not being nutbag parents. Although a large family has completely different dynamics, it doesn't have to be management by crisis. Kody is plain
    and simple a "nice enough" guy to the TLC cameras but lacks parenting skills and the chickens are coming home to roost.

  72. True, Robyns voice when she is wallowing in self-pitty is annoying as hell.
    It´s also amusing how she always manages to shed a tear or two, even if it´s not about herself.
    She really knows how to play the vulnerable-little-girl-card perfectly.
    I also like it how she puts her Hand over her chin..mouth i mean, even before she starts crying.
    So fake.

  73. I wonder who used to ride in The Kodster's car on family vacations before Robyn came into the picture.

    And about Meri not being valuable because she cannot bear any more children, I think that doesn't hold true these days, when a wife can divorce her husband and get 50% of the marital assets. If Mari, the only legal wife were to divorce Kody, she could basically leave Kody up a creek without a paddle with all those other wives and children to support. I think Kody and the other "wives" know this and tread lightly around Mari. In fact, I bet Mari gets a LOT that she wants. Didn't she say that she "knew how to work the system" to get that couch of hers?

    Just saying. I don't think Mari has ANYTHING to worry about.

  74. anon 1:49--pretty sure Meri road in the sports car until Robyn cam along.

    Yeah robyn's imitation of her daughter was annoying.

    I really like Hunter. He didn't put up with Logan's bossiness..Johnny Appleseed. haha

  75. KodysLexus JanellesJalopyOctober 31, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    So many great points made on here! Did anyone else yell "Duh!" at Christine when she went outside to fry the egg? Instead of frying it on the hot pavement, she tried to fry it on tinfoil that had been sitting in her dark pantry all day. The first of many "Duh!"s I yelled at the tv set last night. The vision of Robyn, Meri and Kody beautifying themselves with mirrors in front of their tents on the camping trip while Logan is wearing an apron and tidying the campsite even got a "Double Duh!" from me.

  76. Polygamy is such a breeding ground of oppurtunity for child abuse of any kind. Its's soo sad.

    There are soo many stories out there about abuse towards/among the children in polygamous families. Carolyn Jessop talks about finding out years later that one of her daughters was molested by a half-sibling and some of her other kids faced physical abuse as well. Even in the Brown family, Robyns kids are getting "picked on." Those kids aren't related to them by blood at all. Robyn needs to step-up her parenting skills and pay more attention to them. quit trying to hand them off to a family that resents them.

  77. Was anyone else rooting for the "fifth wife" to get stuck in that puddle??... And yes I too noticed how shabby poor Janelle 's car was..but it's amazing how these poor unemployed folks keep coughing up the gas money for all these vehicles..oh those TLC perks

    The only thing looking more defeated than her car these days is Janelle herself...just saw the previous weeks diet woes episode and swore it looked like Robyn was clapping in the background when the trainer announced her weight..how heartless was that!

    I vote Janelle first to jump ship and write about it!

  78. Hi y'all!
    Lots of thought provoking comments here.
    Sistah Sistah above said:
    "The only thing looking more defeated than her car these days is Janelle herself."
    I agree-but when I posted WHY? this month, I got shot down bad. i think it is ridiculous that these women are driving bad cars- and their baby making and hard work is what made this show come to be!

    I have to say now, Kody DID push the stroller in the end, the only work I saw him do.

    I think this was "much ado about nuthin"
    Hunter was being a typical teen, I didn't see Breanna have a mark.
    Get over it kids! the more the parents fuss, the worse it gets.
    These kids have learned to get attention through bad behavior - so ignore it.

    Is Maddie still believing that crap about Utah? surely not. I hope they pay her well for her "special announcements" she give each time about their plight from Utah. Will she get a cut?

    Logan, take the apron off and be a boy!!!

  79. "KodysLexus JanellesJalopy"

    Love you name!!!
    I think that this was a set up for something else.

    If Meri was SMART, she would NEVER take any of those kids on.
    AND, a whole room makeover for ONE NIGHT?

    They want to dextox the world the better start at home. Those teen girls are chunky and shouldn't have a belly at 14.

    Excuse me while I go throw up, I hear Robyn talking baby voice in my head....

  80. The part that bothered me the most was when Christine said something like, "The way I see it, maybe Ysabel was really supposed to be Meris. Maybe she was born out of me by accident but she's really part of Meri's pile." How tragic. How sad for Ysabel to know her mother feels less than loyal to her.

    I always admired Christine for her (perceived) attachment parenting style, until I saw this episode. She walks around holding her baby constantly, but wait till they get to be 8, then it's be sweet and obedient, or she must not be mine.

    Somehow, even though Janelle never hides the fact that she'd rather be at work than be a "full time" parent, I doubt we'd ever see her sending any of her kids away for any reason.

  81. What a shame that one of the wives, Christine, had to "man up" and drive through the puddle before Kody and his fifth wife tested the water. He is absolutely exasperating to watch. Are you kidding me Kody, shaking your hair out and looking in your camping mirror, while Logan is cooking breakfast for you all and Hunter is waiting to fish? Poor Logan had to repeat, "Breakfast is getting cold."

    Kody is one of the girls, seriously. Why don't Robyn and Meri take him and have pedicures done. He should paint his toenails yellow to match his belly.

    And yet again, watching Meri chew out everyone else's kids while Kody just stands, wait! not stands, but LEANS propped against the car, and watches what's going on. And then he has the nerve to say, boy, if Meri hadn't handled that, I was so mad blah, blah, blah.

    Quarrels should be dealt with, but I agree with Johnny Appleseed (love the name!), the public parking lot wasn't the time or the place to lecture. Breanna might have antagonized, but either way, the children involved should've been pulled to the side and dealt with. If she had really been punched or poked in the eye, I think she would've looked like she had been poked in the eye.

    I tell you what, I've been bugged by this show ever since one of the young boys, upon the announcement of Kody and Robyn's courtship, stated, "go get 'em tiger," and everyone giggled. That really made me nauseous. Did that bother anyone else?

    The grownups are idiots. The end. #Kodyneedsavasectomy

  82. I was just about to post about that. I have 2 kids that drive me absolutely batty about 98% of the time. (LOL). The other 2% is the most precious time of my life. I cannot imagine EVER saying my kids were sent to me by accident. I also have to say, as much as I love my husband, if he was an absentee father he would quickly become a single father.

    I think the egg thing was pretty close to the most rediculous thing I've ever seen.

  83. One thing to remember is that Robyn's kids from her first marriage are sealed to their father unless they have been unsealed and resealed to Kody ... they are not part of the Brown "eternal family" and the Brown children know this.

    I don't think we can underestimate the importance of this. Perhaps someone of the Mormon persuasion can explain how this could influence behaviour and thinking.

  84. Folks, I have worked with kids for years.
    Logan has taken the eldest, parental role as father to his siblings, and this over achiever, uptight type of child is great for the parent- but ultimely, he will not be a happy camper grown up.
    he will either be just like his father; or a wild child.

  85. What does Kody actually do? I never see him parent at all.

    Typical sad show of the moms doing all the work.

    At least Kody backed up Meri and said if she hadn't said something, he would have.

    timing is not always perfect to discipline, sometimes it's when you've had enough.

  86. 4 in my Pile...i could believe what i was hearing when christine started spewing that crap about her daughter! it was really disturbing! not to mention, don't these idiot adults REALIZE their children will eventually see all of these programs one day (if not already)?! how tragic across the board

  87. What a shock, kids who don't get along with their step-siblings. Let's put 'em all in one big house and see how that turns out.

  88. Just to clear up a couple things...
    1. Vegas this 4th of July was bautiful. The area where they live didn't even hit 100 degrees it rained so hard the day before there were flood warnings so that helped cool off the part of the valley they(and I)live in.
    2. The teenage Brown's go to a highschool with almost 4,000 (yes, 4,000) students and most don't know who they are, or the other kids who attend that might have famous parents, etc... Some of the Brown kids play sports and are well accepted now, but yes, they probably were miserable in June/July, Vegas was still new to them and most of them were probably dealing with still being "new" to the area and didn't have a lot of people to hang out with on a daily basis. And it wasn't until almost the end of July that tryouts started for th sports they do pla. The weather did get to about 110 at the end of June/beginning of July which made a lot of people miserable because there isn't much for teens to do during the day (except swim).
    3. Frying an egg on the sidewalk only works if the pan it's in didn't come out of a cool kitchen. It would have needed to "pre-heat" first,then it would have worked. They must have filmed that a few days before 4th of July though because it was overcast the entire holiday weekend.

    Now my own thoughts...
    I think scolding the kids should have been done off camera.

    I thought it weird that they would allow one of the cars to be driven through the middle of a large amount of water. Did you see it come back out of the hood? Not good. That should have flooded the car. My first thought was:"I'm gonna have to try that when I want a new car, it would so work".

    Big Bear is a lovely, serene place and I doubt that any of the cars would have been vandalized if parked on the other side of the water.

    If Christine really wanted her daughter to see that the grass wasn't greener at Meri's she should have let Meri have at her and punish her however she chose, then she would see that her mom isn't the only one who can be mean or that she doesn't get along with.

    Lastly, hubby watched the show with me last night for the first time ever and his commnts were as follows:
    "Those boys will grow up to hate their dad"
    "How can the kids be expected to respect and function in an adult relationship when they see so many differences and don't really have anything specific to look up to?"
    "Whats with his hair?"
    "Why does he get the nice car?"
    "That so isn't a sportscar" (about the Lexus)
    "Why didn't he take some of the kids fishing and let the women figure out what they were doing on their own?"
    "See she went camping while pregnant, you could have too" (thanks robyn being pregnant was my excuse to NOT go anywhere near a tent this summer.
    "How does he afford 4 houses and all those cars and insurance?".
    "Is our daughter friends with any of these kids?" Nope, she doesn't know who they are, even though they both tried out for the same sports team at the same time. See, the school is big, it's easy to be unknown and our social butterfly thinks she knows everyone. She doesn't have a clue, but it could be that she isn't allowed to watch tv when school is the next day.
    So there's my 2 cents.

  89. Terrasola said...
    One thing to remember is that Robyn's kids from her first marriage are sealed to their father unless they have been unsealed and resealed to Kody ... they are not part of the Brown "eternal family" and the Brown children know this.
    If a woman in AUB has been "released" from her husband (Legal/or fake husband) and allowed to marry/shack up with another guy, then that means the authorities are unhappy with her first partner and they allow the kids to be "sealed" to her new husband/fake husband. You cab be almost 100% sure that this happened with Robyn's kids, although that does not mean that the they are all going to be one happy family - as you can see. There is a lot of resentment and tension around children (and new concubines)

  90. For anyone wanting to know the "Mormon"p perspective on if Robyn's kids are sealed to her first husband the answer is no. They can't go to the Temple Mormon's do. If they do obtain the articles to wear after a non Mormon Temple sealing, it is because they lied to get them, I wouldn't do it!! Mormon's don't treat others not sealed to them any different. I have step children and my oldest son and youngest son from my husbands first marriage get along great people think they are brothers, the middle two get along better and people think they are brothers, and guess what? They are we love them all the same, so the kids are just trying to find their place in the family. Is it right that hitting goes on or bullying? No, but all the children should be considered, not just Robyn's and Robyn should've considered the fact that Daton or whatever his name is wouldn't like a big family and might want to go with his dad, BOYS DO!!! want to be with their dad regardless of they are losers or not. It's not the other kids faults.

  91. I am lovin all these comments.

    myvegas life- honey, castor oil???LOL

    Is Mary going to be a teen for she comes out! You poor thing. Hope it's soon!
    Hubby's are funny to watch this with.
    They think Kody is an idiot for the most part.

    I do not understand why you think David Jessop's kids wouldn't be sealed to him exactly????

    Now I believe he is out of the church. Which would be a reason.
    However, he supports and sees his kids.

  92. myvegas life

    We are wishing you a healthy and happy baby, praying for your safety in delivery, and all good things!

  93. @myvegaslife - thank you for the insight. It's great to hear that the kids are doing okay at school. I was hoping they'd settle in.

    In terms of this ep, we all have to remember that each episode is created around a story line with bits and pieces edited in for dramatic effect. We'd do well not to take any of it too seriously as most of the drama will have been long forgotten by the time it makes it to air.

    I do wonder how Mary's new residents will go. It might just end up being a bit of a vacation for them before they head back to their respective Moms.

  94. I think the point our LDS anon guest was making is that none of the Brown's would have been sealed in a mormon temple. Mormons disown the AUB and won't let them in.

    However within the AUB they do their own sealings so in *their minds* they sealed the kids with Robyn and David. Which means now who are the kids sealed to? I would assume since David left the faith, the "prophet" or whatever allowed Robyn's kids to be sealed to Kody. At the wedding maybe.

  95. Anonymous 8:39 pm. If David Jessop has been a bad boy and AUB gave Robyn a "release" from the marriage, the kids are no longer his for eternity (in AUB doctrine) Kody would have had them "sealed" to him and Robyn. Whatever Jessop is like, he should step up to the mark and stop his children being handed off to some other woman who is absolutely no relation. If Robyn has custody, that entails the responsibility to be a mother to her kids.

  96. Free and Clear they maybe sealed to Kody you don't know because TLC said they are not doing the religious aspect of the Browns,and the children are way to young to even think that way. That would be heartless no matter who are you are to be treated badly do to the fact the family may not all be sealed.

  97. Anonymous, 9:24 pm, the information I have doesn't come from TLC. I am ex AUB and know how these things work. The children don't have to agree to being sealed, it just takes the mother and her new partner to decide that's what they want and it is done, and if she thinks she is married to Kody, I almost guarantee this has happened. And quite honestly, I don't think that whether the kids are sealed to Kody or not, has anything to do with the problems. Messing up the family dynamics causes all kinds of tensions.

  98. Seems to me all this "sealing" is hogwash anyway if it can change so easily...

  99. I should of worded that better-
    That GOD would not allow man to change what he wanted-who are these people that play these god roles? Oh, your with him, no him?

    HERE'S what I have never understood-help me freeandclear -
    How can a child be sealed to his parent, when he himself will grown up and have a family of his own, and start his own planet?
    Doesn't make sense.

  100. Mister Sister Blogger - it's all about power. The man with the most women and kids has a bigger "kingdom" to rule and reign over. Yes, sealing is hogwash, and yes it can all change at the drop of a hat.

  101. Hey FreeandClear ...someone mentioned in a different post that AUB don't believe in getting their children immunized...if. this is true, then how did Brown kids bypass this & get enrolled in school, since shot records are required ?

  102. I can answer that.
    In any school, a parent can write up a slip that says they do not give shots based on religious beliefs.
    And, they get through.

  103. Caramel, what I actually said is that the Browns don't believe in immunization. There is nothing in AUB doctrine that mandates that belief. Lots of AUB members do have their children immunized, but then again a lot don't because there is quite an amount of distrust for the medical profession. Many believe it is lacking in faith to go to a doctor and refer to their scriptures that recommend faith and mild herbs.

  104. SO glad to have found this blog! So many of the FB postings are by some really, really clueless people. Or does Robyn have sisters?

  105. Has anyone checked out the other group THREE TIMES THE LOVE OR LOVE TIMES THREE, This is who big love is based loosely about. They have a huge compound,, I mean house.

  106. Do you mean the Dargers?
    As I see it, they support themselves (2 of the parents are working).
    And they seem a lot happier to me than the Kody family ever did.
    Their children and the wives look healthy. I don´t want to pick on big people as I am overweight myself, but its not normal for 14 year olds to be 160 Pounds or something like that.

    I don´t know. They just don´t give me the "unhappy" vibe as much as the Browns do.