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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sister Wives - Hunter Having Problems

According to Radar Online:
When you have one dad, four moms and 17 children there is bound to be some tension, but it is currently hitting an all time high for the ever burgeoning Sister Wives family.
In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the reality show, obtained by RadarOnline.com, teenage son, Hunter, is at the center of the discord in the polygamist family.

“Hunter is a raging testosterone monster,” Kody says about his son. “He just has this attitude of my parents are stupid and I am God.”

On a family camping trip Hunter is mad that two of the mothers are putting on makeup when he wants to go fishing.

“Maybe they should get off their lazy butts,” he smarts off, only to be quickly reprimanded by his biological mother.

“You better never speak disrespectful like that again.  You need to respect adults, Hunter,” Janelle tells him.

Unfortunately for Hunter, many of his siblings seem to agree that he is disrespectful, causing a yelling fight between the kids.

Click the link to see the new clip:



  1. OK, so the headline is that a teenage boy is rebellious, moody, and disresepectful? Only on a reality show would this actually make headlines! Seriously, I haven't met very many teenage boys this wouldn't describe.

  2. Poor KID!!!
    Oh, Hunter is the one with raging testosterone!!!
    Hunter is the monster!!!!

    Kody Kody Kody
    You are a terrible dad.
    You are confusing the boy, and he is very unhappy.

  3. Think what you want to think and say what you want to say about polygamy but this young "adult" Hunter was being disrespectful and I would even go as far as saying he looked like a time bomb ready to go off, (throwing the axe instead of making himself useful like he was asked by his mother. So WHAT if two of his other mothers were putting on makeup! I put on makeup when I am on vacation. At least Kody has tried to bring Hunter up to be patient when discussing things. Now WHERE he gets this particular antagonism about women I don't know. Is it all just about his bad feeling about Robyn? I don't know. Could be if he has never been this ragingly disrespectful before the addition of the third mom. All I am saying is I agree with his siblings. He WAS way out of line.

    I think this time bomb is still ticking. It should be interesting. I just hope he doesn't take it out on Robyn's kids. They are just kids and they don't deserve that.

    Actually Hunter scares me. And that is of course, just my opinion.

    Maybe Hunter needs counseling. Or maybe he just IS an impatient insensitive child/man.

  4. I agree, Hunter is angry and was wrong.
    However, it is also wrong for LOGAN to always be doing everything to GET ready so they can go, while the moms and DAD sit there.

    Logan is over doing it and will pay for it later.
    Hunter at least is getting his anger about this life out now.

    I could see him become a hell bull polygamist with 5 wives.

  5. Here's what irks the SHIT out of me.
    So far:
    ???anyone else

    We have these "little" dramas, then they are all fine and dandy the next week.
    Like, how did all the others suddenly get fine?
    They never tell the end of the story. It irks me to NO END.

    tears..Meri might be leaving! tears Janelle might be leaving!!! etc.
    Next week, they are all happy again.
    Be real or quit.

  6. In my opinion Hunter is in defense mode, and it's causing him to act out. His already unstable world, regardless of how it's portrayed, has been turned upside down. His father lacks authority and Hunter needs a father with a backbone that maybe should start focusing on the children he has already procreated, instead of focusing on having more babies. Maybe he needed some father/son time during that 11-day honeymoon? Oh yeah, I forgot, Robyn REALLY NEEDED 11 days, as she told us.

    Hey, great idea Kody to have your child's hormonal years played out on t.v. in front of everyone. Great job.

  7. Right on Butt Sisters!

  8. Since this lifestyle inherently causes inequality for women and children, and leads directly to many young men being denied the opportunity of ever marrying, Huner has probably sealed his fate. The AUB won't allow him wives, and fortunately, Hunter acts like he can't stand the lifestyle anyway. He is at an age where he would normally be set on the street.

    I'm sure they won't mind getting rid of him one way or another (send him off to family in Wyoming?) which would be more to his liking that sending kids off to live with another mother.

    Real class act, Browns.

  9. Calling him that on national TV was bad!

  10. News flash ... fishing is better early in the morning. Who cares about makeup on a camping trip? Yes, Hunter needs to be respectful toward adults. Yes, Kody needs to stop shaking out his hair-doo (doo) and be a parent. Kody, stop calling your teenage son a monster on television, you dumbhead you.

    Can you even IMAGINE the frustration Hunter feels? Walk in that kid's shoes for a day. I guess I just feel bad for him because his father is lame, and he has 3, no wait, now 4 moms, 2 of whom are doing their makeup on a camping trip and acting like junior high girls and doing each other's makeup.

    I bet it takes forever to go anywhere with this bunch because there's so many of them. I grew up in a family with 9 children. We were never late anywhere. My dad was in control and strict, but at the same time we had leadership. Therefore, he had our respect because he commanded respect. Kody, not so much. He's too worried about America perceiving him as cool to do much parenting at this point. All his energy has been spent on courting Robyn and TLC. I just am gonna have to detach from this disaster because it's truly to difficult to watch anymore.

  11. Kody & wives need to stop this tv charade and take care of all those children instead...it's really sad. I think before they "detox the world" they need to detox their egos with a few gallons of whatever it is they're selling.

  12. Stink Eye, Butt Sisters, CeleryHater, JH RN are totally right. Like any of this is Hunter's fault.

    Hunter, want me to adopt you?

    Kody is so damn unresponsive. The most we've ever seen him do for Hunter was advise him to play football again. Obviously this kid needs serious help, and all Kody can think about are his newest wife and newest son.


    Okay, I'm officially in trouble. I just called my dog "Kody" by accident.

  13. This kid is being asked to respect the 'adults' in the family when he knows that they are hypocrites. He is angry that he had to leave his home, he is angry that his Dad now has a new 'honey' and doesn't have time for him. To make it worse, his Dad went ahead and made a new family with his 'honey' instead of spending time with him in this time of stress.

    He is angry that his Dad calls him a 'monster'. AND, he is a hormone-raging teen boy. HE IS A BOY. A boy that needs a DAD to be a leader. He needs a father that is there more than one night every four days.

    This kid is screaming for help and paternal discipline although the rest of us see a young boy that is acting out. Look between the lines here, people.

    This is what happens in situations of divorce when a kid is ripped from the fabric of what he knew as security only to no longer have parents focused on him or his family. This is what happens when your father is selfish and puts his needs in front of his children's needs. Any kid that went through a divorce and re-marriage can relate to this situation.

    Yes, Kody is still 'married' to Janelle; but, he gets the same amount of time with his Dad as any kid of divorce gets with a weekend parent. To make things worse, the 'adults' made him move from his home for their own obviously selfish needs.

    This family is now focused on money and fame. How many hours do you think they spend talking with producers, PR people, etc., instead of spending hours with their children?

    Of course he doesn't respect his parents or any adult member of his family. They don't respect him or put the kids first. AND HE KNOWS IT.

    This family could learn a thing or two from listening to Dr. Laura.

    HEARING THEM CALL HIM A MONSTER ON TELEVISION IS GROUNDS FOR ABUSE. They created this situation, they should suck it up and call the show off.

    I'm so mad at them I could scream. I'll just wait for the next 'special episode' where one of the daughters runs off with the local rock band and has an abortion. UGH.

  14. OMG! Goji! You are on FIRE!!!

  15. The example Kody is setting for the 17 children is one of the worst and leading by example is very important in their religion!!!! If the possibility of going to jail is real, why would Kody marry Robyn??? Why have another child???? The move to Las Vegas was the most immature and detrimental action Kody could have ever made. There is a poligamy community right there in Utah. Why move out in two days?? Why leave furniture and other possessions in Utah?? Why lease 4 houses and buy furniture?? Nobody has a job!!! Does this sound like a reasonable decision by a husband and father??? Why send the children to public school in Utah after them attending private schools all of their lives then move them to a place where they have no support system (friends)?? Kody had already put the family and children in danger with his immaturity and TOTAL LACK OF PLANNING??? Kody moved the family like he was being chased by gangsters having a contract out on his life. With 4 wives and 17 children, you would think planning is NECESSARY!!! Why didn't Kody move the family to his dad or brother's ranch? Why does the father of 17 children drive a LEXUS CONVERTIBLE?? I am not against poligamy. I am against poor judgement and lack of planning by irresponsible parent...a parent of 17 children. Kody might joke about Hunter's problems until there is a tragedy with Hunter or one of the other children.

  16. Hunter is following his father's example!!!!!

  17. Yes, I am on FIRE with this last news flash of Kody calling his own son a 'MONSTER' for all the world to see.

    This act shows a complete lack of parenting skills and respect for his children's fragile state of mind.

    Robyn's WAAAAH-ing with the struggles of her own children to adapt to their new home solidifies her consistent adolescent view of the world. Does this woman not see how her own actions created this chaos? And she has the nerve to complain about it?

    To make matters worse, she makes a statement that she has 1.5 years to "have my kids fit into this family". This means that she will manipulate anyone possible to make sure that her kids don't want to leave HER.

    I'm on fire, yes, but I see an absolute injustice being done to these children who are at the mercy of their parent's poor decision process.

    Most adults of my age that lived through divorce and blended families will tell you of similar struggles, and the parents are too focused on their new marriage at the expense of the kids. Not too many of my peers made it through their young adulthood without battling some major demons as a result.

    I just hope that these children find some solace in a sane religious community instead of their perhaps ethically-challenged Vegas peers. They need an adult secure structure that isn't happening at home.

    I'm probably going to stop watching this show. It upsets me too much and this show now took the path of similar disgusting reality shows like Jon & Kate plus Eight. I refused to watch that mess.

    Most people stop gawking at a train wreck when the smoke clears and body parts appear. It is ugly and has long lasting effects on the survivors.

  18. Meri must have gotten the boot from her job with "at risk" kids because she sucked at it. If she is the "professional", wouln't she have enough sense to diffuse the situation? Hunter has more sense than all of the adults put together. I would have gone off by myself to fish.

  19. Kody's favorite-----You most certainly are in BIG trouble for calling your dog Kody.

    Apologize. I make me mum eat dirt for offenses far less than this.

    I'm horrified. I have my paws over my eyes. This is too much to bare. Oh, for shame. I need to go to the doggy shrink for a session.

  20. Haven't watched the clip.... but obviously 'Kody and the Wives Band' got extremely lucky with Logan. Boys are extremely mercurial at Hunter's age.... and that is without the polyg, move, step-siblings, etc, etc, dramas.

    Hunter probably does need counseling,.... who wouldn't, in his situation. What he really needs is Janelle to step up to the plate, move back to Utah with her kids and any other of the teens that want to go (since the kids seemingly are allowed to change Moms). Kody can come there every other weekend and that can be her 'turn'. She can have her old job back, and life will settle for Hunter. Is it caving in? Maybe, or is it recognizing when your teenager has met his match in terms of changes and needs this?

  21. I agree with Goji Juice. In my experience, in families where disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated or encouraged (either consciously or subconsciously), kids who act out are angry about something at home or school and feel powerless to change the situation in any other way to the point of frustration. That frustration and despair just starts leaking out because it cannot be kept inside.

    In Hunter's situation this tells me several things.
    (1) Hunter is VERY upset about something he thinks is wrong or bad at home or school. From the behaviour and events I have seen I tend to think it is something at home.
    (2) Hunter thinks he cannot change that something in any other way than acting out. This means that talking has not worked; his emotional upsets have not been adequately addressed, etc. In other words, there has been a failure to parent appropriately.
    (3) Hunter has lost a great deal of respect for his parents and the other adults in the family.

    A couple of sentences in the clip lead us to believe that Hunter has a problem with Robyn. Other information we have learned tells us that favouritism has been shown to Robyn and her kids. What kid wouldn't be upset in such a situation?

    Which leads me to my last observation. Logan is so "with the program" that it appears he has partaken of some of the Kool-Aid. I have suspected this for some time since I heard him repeat, several times in almost exactly the same words with the same phrasing (almost as if rehearsed) that he wasn't even thinking about polygamy at this point in his life. I like many things about Logan but suspect that he may not be as "genuine" as many of us think. I won't be popular for holding this opinion, but it is based on observation.

  22. How can they have time for Hunter?
    Every week it's this mom's emotions or that mom's emotions, can you imagine?

    The kid is pissed off.

    Can you call child services for a man calling his kid a testosterone monster on TV? If so, let's do it. If it would do no good, don't waster the workers time.

    I'm telling ya, I would rather any ONE of us take him than him leave there, and ONE DAY, LOGAN will have 3 wives and be dominant after all these years of submission, you watch!

  23. Kody should never have said that ever. Way to support your family. Boys get frustrated at that age. I think it's a little bit immaturity about not knowing how to express themselves. Girls generally cry, but boys act out. Just because Logan is more like a Stepford son, which I think is more typical of the oldest child, don't expect Hunter to follow. (I also don't think Logan should be expected to be the man of the house either.)

    I don't understand the mob action that this family has to take. First because it takes them about 48 hours to do anything another family could do in 30 minutes. The fun part of vacation is letting everyone do what they enjoy. If the wives wanted to put on make-up, why can't the guys fish? Why do they have to wait for everyone to do something? I'm not saying you give into the bad behavior, but if he was promised fishing after he has lost so much, then you make him a priority this trip. I know if I lived in this family, I would be spitting nails frustrated and angry about every second for the way they waste so much time.

    PS:When Marcia acted up on the Brady Bunch, she had to stay home from the ski trip.

  24. Anonymous 2:50 am - I could not have said it any clearer than what you have posted. So, I re-posted your comments on the Sister Wives Facebook page (hope you don't mind, it comes up under my name so you are protected (though you are anonymous!). I am sure their admin will take it down, but I will re-post something else later. If only I could tweet the whole thing. Hmmm......I will think of something.

    I have worked with at risk kids my whole career as a social worker and therapist in the Childrens Services arena and therapeutic foster care. Hunter is showing extreme agression, mental health deterioration, depression, anger, BETRAYAL!

    Kody is a 14 year old hormonal adolescent in a man's body. He should truly be ashamed of himself. Maybe a call to the county Childrens Services in their neck of the woods would be beneficial. A Well Check Child call.

  25. I just tweeted Janelle several lines of concern. I am sure it will be deleted before anyone can get a screen grab. They already took down the Facebook posting. Bunch of poseurs!

  26. You're right Kody could have gone out fishing on a guys only trip, but Kody can not do ANYTHING without a woman fawning over him. He is very selfish. I wonder if he has EVER done anything just with the boys? Yes girls like to fish to but sometimes guys just need to be with the guys.

    It probably irked Hunter even more that here HIS mother was ready to go out early morning fishing without making herself up for a big "show, but these other wives vying for attention were making them selves up."

    Someone said Hunter may end up a mean husband with five wives, I'm hoping he gets OUT of this unhealthy "lifestyle," finds confidence in himself and decides to someday have the family HE never had, with ONE wife and ONE family of children. Maybe he will make a promise to himself to keep his family a priority devoting time with his children, one wife and not just be thinking about himself.

    The one daughter, I forget her name said that most of the older kids have one foot out the door. I hope that is true and I would LOVE to see the older children make a mass exodus, leaving the wives and Kody without free baby sitting services. How long is Mari going to put up with the other wives using her for childcare?

    Why doesn't Kody get himself HIS own home and the children have a rotation of spending time with HIM??? Oh that's right, because Kody's mating time with ALL his wives comes first.

  27. Kody was too busy playing beauty parlour with Meri and Robyn to do anything manly like go fishing.

    Make-up on a camping trip? Yeah right.

    Start fishing at 10 am? Usually you start fishing just after dawn and eat breakfast afterwards.

  28. What I saw there was the kids doing all the work, while the parents sat around. Plus, last time I checked, Janelle was not Hunter's only parent. If I were her, I'd be pissed that Kody just sits and watches while she does the parenting. It's the same thing with the other clip that's posted where Christine's daughter is moving in with Meri because she doesn't listen to her mother. How about a little back up from the father? I'd be pissed if my husband just sat and watched while I had to deal with the kids. And then, to call the poor kid a monster on tv.

  29. Well, Meri wants to continue working with at-risk youth. Now she's got her wish.

    Ya'lls screen names are hilarious. This blog is a hoot!

  30. Terrasola, I agree with your statement about Logan not being 100% genuine. Logan is what child psychology calls 'parentified', which means that the child's own needs are sacrificed in order to accommodate the needs of the parent and/or other siblings.

    Google "parentified" and you'll see Logan in these descriptions.

    Parentified children often have intense anger and problems with future relationships.

    I sense that there is a LOT more going on behind the scenes with Logan, and he'll be the one falling for the youngest and newest wife and/or having pre-marital sex (if not already). I've noticed that he remains silent with a rebellious look in his eye during the whole 'Teen Sex Talk' scene. There's something going on there.

    To Anonymous (2:50 a.m.), I would love it if someone would call this in to CPS. This kid needs some intervention and these parents need a wake-up call. I still cannot believe he called his own son a humiliating name on national television. Just awful.

  31. Is Robyn Meri's favorite? I think so Robyn plays kiss a$$ to Meri and Kody and the rest she back hands repeatedly with her barbs... Hunter was dealing with issues before this, and I agree guy time is needed, my husband had boys weekend with our boys, and yes I am a step-mom, we had full custody of our children. I thought it furthered his relationship with our children and I had one on one time with each child as well, maybe he never ever gets just one on one to talk out his feelings.

  32. I agree w/ everyone & I'm all for calling Las Vegas child services to do a well child check ...they will go in to all 4 homes to check living situation I.e. girls separate from boys & each have their own bed ....maybe that's why 2 girls moved in w/Meri to make sure everyone is covered :/ Also child services will check refrigerator which obviously they're all eating good ...lol. & then INTERVIEW EACH CHILD INDIVIDUALLY SEPARATE FROM PARENTS about home life,responsibilities, chores, etc ....
    If enough of us call to report possible neglect & abuse ,even verbal, & express our concern for the kids well being, then child services will have no choice but to go by all of the Browns residences & give them a surprise visit. It'll help if we have their addresses when reporting.

  33. I agree that Logan has been a little "parentified," but he still does want to catch the first train out of Vegas. Here's hoping he does.

    I've mentioned my niece and nephew and their Robyn-esque stepmother (Seriously, except for the polygamy thing, it's the exact same story--over-zealous control, moving houses and schools, new baby right away). When my brother and the stepmother first got married, my nephew acted a lot like Hunter. She grated on everybody's nerves and as a hormonal teenage boy, he acted out which only got him in worse trouble. Now that he's getting older, he's acting more like Logan; he keeps his head down, does what he's told and sometimes gets mad at his sister (who is now the age that he was when they got married) when she tells us the crappy things their stepmom does.

    I still spend a lot of time with because his parents never "have time" to take him to karate (which is an extremely positive outlet for him) or help him with his homework, so I encourage him to be brutally honest with how he feels. Sometimes he is and sometimes he isn't.

    That's what Kody needs to do for all of his children, but with jumping from wife to wife all the time, he has no time. That's what sucks about this lifestyle. The kids don't have a fourth of a father, they have 1/17 of a father. And their mothers spend so much time kissing their dad's behind that they can't help either (like my own brother in the stepmom scenario).

    But yeah, Kody's right about one thing--there are plenty of other people like him.

  34. To clear up: I don't encourage him to be disrespectful, just honest to let off steam without hurting himself or others.

  35. First and foremost I want to say that I love this blog. Now on to Hunter’s issue.
    Do I think that his comment was out of line? Yes I do. Do I think he was disrespectful? Yes I do. However, I also see the other side of the coin here. Since the move to LV I have been watching Hunter closely and I have been pretty disturbed by his demeanor. This kid is obviously depressed and under a lot of emotional distress. He is definitely not happy with the whole family dynamic and the move. To make matters worse these kids really lack a PARENT. Although I do like Janelle, I must say that she is an absentee parent for the most part. Before moving to Vegas her kids were being pretty much being raised by Christine, which let’s be honest had to divide herself into so many pieces that it is impossible to give each of the children enough quality time. Janelle was so focused on her career (remember that she said many times that she loved being employed). On the other hand douche Kody is not a parent, have never been. He is more concerned about himself and his needs than the need of his kids. I have never seen an episode in which I can really tell that he is spending quality time with these kids. I do not judge their lifestyle, because to me this is not a matter of a religion belief being that I do not see religion really being a big part of their daily lives. It is not for me, but I do not judge them. I see the show because it is first interesting and I love the dynamic among the kids.
    To me Robyn is a selfish twat that saw an easy exit to a struggling single mom life. She doesn’t care about her kinds, neither she cares about anyone else besides herself and douche Kody. Her fake tears make me cringe and she is always looking for an opportunity to be the center of attention or take a jab at the other wives. I can see why Hunter resents her. He is seeing right through her real intentions and feelings. I also think that we are being a little too hard on Hunter. He to me seems like a sweet kind who is just very emotionally troubled. I have always loved how he constantly goes to get baby Truely, sits with her, feeds her, and just plain and simple likes to spend time with her. I have NEVER seen a teenager boy care so much about a baby. He is really and truly sweet and is just screaming for help. I wonder if anyone else see this as I do.

  36. Hey Everyone!

    Lots of comments, but lets remember this is a reality show, and what we see in previews may not be the "reality" when the entire episode has been viewed. We see what the producers feel will make good TV. Is it true? Is it real? Who knows, but what they want is to elicit an emotional response from the viewing audience - which in turn will cause us to watch the show. And that's what counts to them, the number of people tuning in to TLC to watch the show!

    So let's take a step back, and wait for the episode to air.

  37. Okay I agree with so many sentiments expressed today. I am wondering about something off topic. Has anyone seen a pic of Robyn's ex? Just wondering what he looks like,

  38. funny how Kody comments that Hunter is acting like he is God, when that is what all of them are working towards ultimately...to be gods over their own universe.
    So shut up Kody. Maybe Hunter just got there before you.

    Logan is starting to annoy me. Is he Christine or Janelle's? He rides a mighty high horse.

  39. Hi Keenkie!

    You can see a rather small picture of him here:


  40. The Bargain Babe asked: Logan is starting to annoy me. Is he Christine or Janelle's?

    Logan and Hunter are Janelle's children. Off the top of my head, the only boy of Christine's is Paedon.

  41. Thank you Cynical Babe!

  42. Cynical Jinx, I'll only take 1/4 step back. Kody still called his son a monster on national television. That is not the action of a responsible parent.

  43. Kody you are clueless! These women are not the kid's "mothers" and they are not your "wives" Yes Hunter is disrespectful, but while Dad is playing around with all these women, producing yet more babies, and in the process failing to find individual time with his kids, what is to be expected? This rotten situation just worsens all the problems of the teen years.

  44. CJ--absolutely. We don't know what the whole episode showed nor how the editing was done. Too many calls to child protection agencies result in the callers being looked at as nut jobs. They see the show. We'd need to have a whole lot of ducks in a row to formally complain. Unfortunately to TLC, this blog and the comments show ratings and staying power of the show. Even negative comments are good. It means people watch and pay attention.

  45. You all know I am not in the KBF Fan Club.

    I agree whole-heartedly that these kids are not getting the attention that they need from their dad.

    But. I'm not ready to go call CPS because Kody (fool that he is) blurted out the phrase "testosterone monster" on tv about his kid.

    Parenting is hard work. Kids try your patience and then try it some more. I'm a big believer in not publicly shaming your children, especially since my oldest is very sensitive to that. So please don't think I am defending Kody. It was wrong. Just not "light a torch and go march to the gargoyle's mansion and set it ablaze" wrong.

  46. Although I am the first to admit that Kody is a first class jerk and ego- maniac, I am pretty sure he is right now regretting ever calling his kid a hormonal monster. I called my daughter some pretty bad things when she was a teen and testing me and I regreted later and I wasn't even on TV!Hunter has been pissed since the day they moved to Vegas, who can blame him? That family is ready to blow wide open.

  47. Calling CPS on the family will just make their claims about being persecuted for their beliefs legit. If viewers start calling CPS, the Brown family will pull some more crap on the kids, making them paranoid and fearful of outsiders. Remember how the kids were when they were leaving Utah, the parents making drama out of nothing?

  48. CJ--You're right that we only see what the producers want us to see, but the kids see everything. Hunter's not faking his distress :/

  49. Somebody on TWOP made a good point that Logan and Hunter might be reacting to the same thing; they both sense their mother's struggle, but Logan over-compensates in supporting her and Hunter blames her.

  50. I agree, name calling is hardly grounds for calling in CPS.

  51. Hi folks!
    Had a little break with all my kiddies!

    I agree with Cynical Jinx.

    It totally ticked me off he had the gall to do that name calling on a TV show; However, we need to watch the show and realize, folks, we will not condone calling anyone.

  52. But, I think Kody must of been thinking about himself ahahhahahahahha

  53. Me again!
    I agree with those that think Logan is getting annoying. And will be the first one wed and dominate there.

  54. If we're going to give Kody a chance until we see the whole episode, we should give Logan one too.

  55. Don't forget that Logan has been made into a surrogate father in that household - doing a lot of the things that Kody should be doing for the kids, so he's just acting in character.

  56. Last I checked, people were able (and actually encouraged) to express their own opinions on message boards.

    Last I checked, saying "I would love it if someone would call CPS" is an OPINION.

    There's a difference between expressing opinions and stating things that are incitement to violence or other actions such as "screaming 'fire' in a crowded theater". "I love xyz" or "I think" indicates an opinion, people.

    CJ, et al, if you all start to become the comment police you are going to piss off many people including me. You already got "Female Attorney" chased away, and talking down to posters with your 'tsk tsk' attitudes (with your fingers pointed and wagging at us) is one way to chase off more.

    I understand wanting to keep your blog a positive place where people can express opinions, but you need to realize the difference between people expressing opinions and inciting potentially bad actions.

    AND that's MY OPINION. You can not like it, but that's what opinions are all about.

  57. So I take a few hrs off, and this is my welcome home post? LOL

    Look, GOJI- no one here "talking down to posters with our 'tsk tsk' attitudes (with your fingers pointed and wagging at us""

    That's silly. Sometimes we have to re-direct some ways the thoughts are going-- and we may or may not feel the same way, but trust me, we do our best.

    I didn't see anything from you moderated so not sure what your upset about. Where do you feel you were wronged?

    If you feel strongly enough to feel we have these attitudes, we hate that- but are working hard for free to provide us with this little haven to speak.
    Female Attorney is here and well. You know absolutely nothing about WHAT that was about yet you decide we chased her off? That's really interesting.

    We put endless hours to provide the best information, and we do our best. That's all I can say.

    I would hope you can see what we provide for our readers. The time and effort put in it. I would appreciated an email instead of splashing our hard worked blog with negativity on the ones doing the work-but so be it.

    Maybe if you stop for a moment, I don't even know what your ticked about! we hope you change your mind about our little blog, But if you can't, we will understand this wasn't the right spot for you. Everyone has different tastes in things.

  58. My thoughts are that Meri and Robyn should have got a move on not for Hunter, but because as Janelle said it was the good and right thing to do, it was like the were baiting him. Who in the hell puts make up on when camping? What is all this bs about Robyn and her kids not being accepted when the other kids are in just as much pain, even Logan doesn't seem to be adjusting to her very well. Wish we could see all the tape as it is instead of edited.

  59. (Before I start I should say that I am German, sorry for any language mistake I make)
    I watched this show because one of my friends is American and from a Mormon Family.
    I watched the complete first season I think, and some of the new episodes.

    I totally understand Hunters angryness towards (as it seems) all the adults.
    Not so long ago I also was a teenager, and I think I would have reacted even worse.
    I can´t imagine how it has to feel to be one of 17 kids with a new (in my opinion) needy and selfish "mother" and her children who obviously get prefered.
    To me it is obvious that Hunter at least needs some "one on one" time, either with his father or with his mother. His father had time for a big honeymoon with his new lovepiece, so how come he can´t do the same for his child, which is struggeling and seems really unhappy? He is currently unemployed, isn´t he? So plenty of time.

  60. I agree with goji, you guys deny my posts ALL THE TIME just because it isn't what you want to hear.

  61. Right on Mom Janelle! One thing that should never be tollerated is disrespect for your elders, something this generation has problems with. And koodos to his siblings for pointing out his bad behavior as well. The eldest son seems to have a very level head on his shoulders. I can see him doing very well in his life.

  62. I, for one, disagree that Logan has a "very level head on his shoulders." Or maybe I just think it's *too* level.

    OK, I'll just go ahead and say it: I think Logan is annoying! He parrots his parents' views rather than standing with his siblings (i.e. Hunter.) Hunter was right on to call him a Johnny Appleseed.

    Since when do siblings attack other siblings for being disrespectful to their parents? It doesn't feel right to me. Looks like more of a brainwashing situation than anything.

    Last thing: has anyone else noticed how Logan and Meri have a little flirting thing going on? Way inappropriate, I know--but it's sooo innocent and surprisingly cute! .../nauseating, if you look at it from a slightly different angle. But there are the Browns for ya.

  63. KodysFavorite, that is sick. Stop trying to create something that isn't even there. Logan is doing no more "parroting" than any other kid. It's perfectly normal for kids to defend a parent, particularly if they sense there is a problem or extra stress. They're natural care givers. And your comment about "look at it from a different angle". Don't you mean "I-completely-made-this-up-just-to-gossip angle"?

  64. I agree anon4:00 talk about sick, I haven't seen that at all, now who needs cps called. Logan seems like a good kid who like all the others have a ton a stress to deal with. It's not all bad as some would like us to comment on and of course a lot of it seems odd and strange to us. If I had to get my car and drive it through the creek without my hubby thinking of it first I think I would have to go take his man card away!! Go Christine.

  65. I definitely think Logan will have issues, and be a polygamist - bossing his family.

  66. Logan, IMO, is a typical first child. They tend to see things in black and white, and go by the rules. It's normally (of course not always) the younger children who may tend to challenge and push the envelope. My oldest brother, and also my oldest child, a boy, are both disciplined and rule-abiding. There have been countless books written that study birth order. Of course, a family like the Browns, don't really fit any mold because the number is off the charts.

    Also, Logan has had to be the man of the house, so in essence he has taken the place of Kody, who is only in Janelle's house every fourth day.

    Bottom line, Kody bugs and is a poor example of a father the majority of the time, due simply to his focus being on the new wife and her children, as well as himself and the "sportscar," as he calls it. Logan has had to fill the shoes of a grownup, so he tends to think more like a grownup. I used to have to remind my oldest son that he is not my youngest son's father, but just a brother. I would have to tell him to relax and let me handle situations. I really don't think Logan, even though his talking down to Hunter was annoying, is all that bizarre given the circumstances. He feels the need to defend his mom, Janelle, because obviouslly Kody is nowhere to be found the majority of the time.

  67. Just a piece of info that some of you may find enlightening.
    Here in Vegas CPS is WAY understaffed. They can't handle the cases they have and a lot of times children get lost in the system. My stepdaughters biological mom has been involved with CPS because of 2 of her other children and although one is a boy and the other a girl they do share a room and CPS is ok with that because they HAVE a room. Also, their mattresses are on the floor and only recently did they get separate mattresses. CPS in Vegas does not do suprise checks, they call first and let you now when they plan on being there. My stepdaughter spent an evening with her mom (which doesn't happen often) and her mom told her that CPS only talked to her about her estranged husband who had kidnapped their daughter being around again, they didn't take the kids away or anything. CPS just does the bare minimum because they can't do much more and they are so understaffed and everyone thinks that kids should stay with their prents even when the parents suck. So CPS wouldn't even bat an eye at a kid being called a testosterone monster (not even a swear word was uttered so it wouldn't rate high for them). In Vegas if you smack (not hit or punch, or abuse) your child for swearing at you it's ok (per a cop), just not for the kid to hit you back, so CPS isn't what a lot of people think it is in Vegas. Maybe in small towns it would be considered a problem to say things about your kids, but CPS will look at the fact that there is a roof over their heads, it is sanitary, they have food, they're in school and they don't have bruises. If they found out they didn't have medical insurance or enough food they would help them get aid. If they don't take kids away from people like my stepdaughters mom then they definitely won't do anything with the Browns. Especially when they have decent homes and go to the best schools in the district and no one is on drugs.

    Also, the school the teenagers attend does have other plyg's in attendance so there are others in the same lifestyle (with the Jessup last name I think and ones who have to follow a stricter dress code).

    What it all comes down to is Kody made a statement that he should have kept to himself, he should have been more diplomatic and sensitive to Hunter's emotional distress and he wasn't. It seems Kody does't know what to make of Hunter because he seems to be the first one of the kids to not fall in line and Kody doesn't know what to do. I'm not supporting what Kody did, just saying that he said something that was't liked but nothing serious enough for concern from the authorities. I bet if someone had interviewed Hunter about how he thinks his dad was behaving it wouldn't have been nice either.
    The best we can hope for is that the kids don't watch the show on a regular basis because that could be embarassing for them. TLC should allow the kids to tell them they don't want to be filmed. When I'm pissed and someone's in my face I just get more and more mouthy, maybe that's what Hunter was doing too. He didn't like being scolded on tv and it made him more mad, it would be embarassing. He does seem like a good kid, he just doesn't like Vegas, it's a big adjustment.

  68. he just doesn't like Vegas, it's a big adjustment.amazing