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Monday, October 17, 2011

A bit of Gossip ---- Sister Wives

A little Bird told me that the Browns are "involved in a wonderful Multi Level Marketing scheme though, selling a health drink. They keep hoping that TLC wil let them promote it on screen and TLC has to keep blanking out the name when it appears in shots"
May or may not be true- time will tell!



  1. Hmmmm, next episode? Sheesh, even a pyramid scheme will not be a career. Most people do it as a side job to make ends meet. Is this why we have seen them interact more with the community?

  2. The Masches (from Raising Sextuplets) were also involved in a similar thing only with vitamins. What is it with reality show people and not wanting to work?!

  3. Don't get me started on raising sextuplets!!! If I see her bath her kids another time with product placement and then clean the bath (won't be long honey, this product really cuts through the grime), I mean, they think viewers are so STUPID!!!
    Anon 69.

  4. HA! Am I the only one who noticed this is straight out of Big Love? I guess they missed the hardware part, which would require actually working.

    Next episode: get on QVC selling crap!

  5. Hello, Has anyone seen the home shopping network and stuff like that. They are the ones who are going to have to work towards Their family business. I give props to them to start any type of business. No one should knock Their determination for success and to taking care of Their family. I hope it works, can't wait for next episode.

    PS: my hubby says it's hard enough to keep me happy and I'm just one. Don't know how kody does it. Great job!

  6. Utah is the #1 state for start-ups for MLM companies. It would not surprise me if they are involved in an MLM that the company is located in Utah.

    The other less than stellar claim to fame is that for about 10 years now, Utah is #1 in the nation for scrips written and filled for anti-depressants. Mary's sudden noticeable weight gain over a few short months leads me to believe she is on them now as that is the #1 side effect.

  7. oops almost forgot their 3rd claim to fame. that's pornography subcriptions - internet and print. these 3 things get printed in the newspaper on a regular basis still - Salt Lake Tribune and not the Deseret News. which is owned by mormons and therefore church friendly.

  8. "PS: my hubby says it's hard enough to keep me happy and I'm just one. Don't know how kody does it. Great job!"

    It's actually easier because when you only see your spouse every three or four nights you get tired of them less frequently. Plus, the women relay on him less than you would on a monogamous relationship. Their expecations are lower. Not to mention the competive nature of the arrangement among the women.

  9. LOL. Leave it to the Browns to join a pyramid scheme, earnestly believing it's the greatest financial idea ever (and will make them rich).

    Maybe Kody had a pyramid scheme (this or another one) in mind when he suggested the "food franchise that is health-oriented" a couple episodes ago.

    Now, if they marketed their own Sister Wives line of energy drinks--a different flavor for each wife, each with a different blend of feminine-hormone-helping herbs and sweet flavors, and her picture on the bottle (and then a Kody drink in a bigger bottle with masculinity-enhancing herbs)--now THAT, I think, would sell well (as a novelty/joke item, mind you) and actually make them some money. Sign me up for automatic shipment of a case of Janelles every month!

  10. Ha! Why is it that Kody doesn't want to work a job and is only interested in schemes? I would love to see him spend some quality time with his children since he has so much free time now. And if they promote a health drink they had better get healthy first and lay off the peanut butter fritos or that will be a flop...

  11. I thought they were gonna be real estate agents? What happened to that.
    That was in June..... so they should all be licensed by now. Robyn said they working on it a month ago. Was that a sham?

  12. Multi-level pyramid scheme? LOL, figures. They are such bottom feeders it doesn't surprise me at all they would opt for something like that.

  13. Anonymous says "PS: my hubby says it's hard enough to keep me happy and I'm just one. Don't know how kody does it. Great job!"
    News Flash -Kody doesn't keep them happy. Isn't that obvious?

  14. Don't get it.........This week Kody said his lifestyle is not for everyone? Is he God's favorite and only these blessings are for Him? Does not want to convert anyone But they hope all their kids choose this Faith? If his faith is so important to him and so right in God's sight why is he not trying to convert people? Keeping a good thing for himself...no they want to convert people then they will be more accepted.

  15. P.S. Ok watch it coming..... the wives will loose a bunch of weight with their health drink and the money will pour in !

  16. I would think the way he said that about Ken (if he wanted to convert and came to Kody)
    was kinda like... F$%^ you!
    You are not good enough for us!

    They look for women in troubled relationships, downtrodden, they certainly don't look for men!

  17. Anonymous said "P.S. Ok watch it coming..... the wives will loose a bunch of weight with their health drink and the money will pour in !"

    OMG, I hadn't thought of that. This weight loss show is going to be the platform for their health drink. Of course, it makes total sense. I wondered why they would want to make losing weight a public thing on the show, but there you have it...this is their financial opportunity.

    Wait for it, the next several episodes will spotlight illnesses in the family with vague symptoms that point to Chronic Fatique Syndrome, depression or Fibromyalgia, Postpartum Depression, etc and this drink will be the answer to all of their problems.

  18. "P.S. Ok watch it coming..... the wives will loose a bunch of weight with their health drink and the money will pour in !"

    Great idea, but the Browns can't execute it. This was shot a few months ago, and nobody has lost any kind of noticeable weight on the giant media blitz.

    Weight loss involves work. Or discipline. So, yea, better hope that really is a miracle weight loss drink...

  19. I don't see the weight loss happening, but as Christine would say, I "gosh darn" wish they would do it for themselves! I would start focusing on myself if I were them. They talk about having so much freedom and independence. This show has just become too sad. To me, if wives 1 thru 3 started taking care of themselves, instead of pretending not to be jealous of Robyn, the show would be more realistic and interesting. Robyn is not "all that" anyway, just the smallest of the four wives.

  20. Okay, this comment probably belongs in one of the other topics here, but after reading back about their financial troubles, and now seeing that Kody is unwilling to work a normal job like most fathers do, I'm just plain irked. Why? I grew up in a family with nine children. No, we were not Mormon or Catholic. And get this, my father worked in his small business, and my mother stayed home. We did without many unnecessary things, but never received food stamps or government assistance, although I'm sure we qualified. We ALL went to college. I'm not knocking assistance during a rough time, but my parents didn't believe they should have a large family and then ask the government to pick up the tab!! This group of Browns are annoying because they are chronic defaulters on debt, and yet they are unwilling to go out and get jobs because they can't seem to find a job to their "liking." Kody wants some sort of scheme now that he's gotten his mug on television instead of a normal job. If the majority of them worked outside the home, especially with the kids in public school, there is NO REASON they shouldn't be able to pay their bills. Heck, I had ONE FATHER and ONE MOTHER and my parents always paid our bills. My dad worked and then came home and worked in the garden ... we all did, and then we put up food for the winter. These Browns are beyond lame. They sit around and whine and try to come up with solutions. They should put the energy in making a living that they do in whining about being persecuted for their "faith." The only one that seems to have intelligence in Janelle, and I think she's close to throwing in the IQ towel. Sorry to be mean, but my goodness there is no reason they can't do better than this, especially receiving income from the show. I think the Duggars have good leadership and teamwork with the parents. The Browns, I mean, I don't know, they're just pitiful. Who takes an 11 day honeymoon if you can't pay your bills???? Kody is like a child. The end.

    1. I agree and I am just plain sickened by Kody he is arrogant, selfish and those women are just plain subserviant whatever Kody wants Kody gets what kind of father with 18 plus kids drive a two seater a selfish one.I coukd not believe the beginning of this religion it is a calling from GOD to have all the women you want and love should be multiplied this is just mans way of taking what you want and not caring about anything else.

  21. BRAVO!
    That's what kills me with the ubber Brown lovers- don't they know they probably worked all day so they could get food stamps?

  22. I agree with you wholeheartedly Kodygrowup. It's inexcusable that fve able bodied adults (with 16 kids) are sitting on their asses instead of working.

    The only thing I would add is that I think they are ALL acting like children, not just Kody.

  23. They ARE doing some diet 'supplement'. I saw a post on it on another site-the poster's brother lives in Vegas, and someone came to his Hockey team practice/game-forgot-and gave out these little 'packets' that looked like Crystal Lite, the no cal drink? and it was like before break, lunch, dinner. Told them it was 'free samples' for a Health Co. by the 'Brown Family' from TV. Oh, and yes, these 'samples' came from UTAH! Got to hand it to Kody Brown, who would have come up with-health food, no, uhm, supplements/vitamins before meals? Kody Brown and family-SUPER GENIUSES....

  24. And I wanted to add, I think it's also inexcusable to purposely add another pregnancy to the mix.

    Create a stable environment for the ones you already have before adding, kwim?

  25. Mufin Top, brilliant! Of course Kody is not looking to convert any men. Great comment.

  26. Aren't we as the audience being played? I checked the Nevada website and they still don't have real estate licenses, which they could still use selling houses to polygamists while they do this pyramid supplement thing. T think that getting real estates licenses and trying to sell real estate would be a good learning experience for these people who think that they are entitled to use churches and restaurants and government aid. Janelle said as recently as September 23 that they were working on getting their licenses. Guess that wasn't true, huh? And this weight loss episode coming up was filmed in May or June? Didn't they appear on Good Morning America and Anderson Cooper looking just as big as they look on these episodes? So there was no weight loss between the fiming and their appearances on the talk shows, as far as I can tell. I know that TLC is coming up with these ideas, but how dumb do they think we are???

    And while I am here I want to ask, who is talking about suing us for slander?? I'd like to know more about these threats. I don't take kindly to people trying to stifle our rights. These people who recommend slander suits have no legitimate cause of action and are just trying to further an unpopular and controversial political agenda.

  27. female attorney-
    I don't know it all, but from what I gathered...from what people are saying on this site, is that another blog that is 100%positive about the Browns, (you post anything negative and you get deleted)
    they are mad about this site, and were talking on their blog about this one, which is unfair. I have seen several POSITIVE posts on here as well.
    They probably don't like the truth that comes out.
    I guess they popped off something about getting this one shut down??
    I don't know for sure, just telling you what I saw.
    I haven't seen any of the bloggers here talk about it. I'd say they are taking the high road....I am proud of them!

  28. I think work is now an obsolete subject with the show to support them. I find it hilarious watching these four women try to dance around the subject of resentment. The first 3 were close together, but this new marriage popping in much later has caused quite a quell. I think the only thing keeping the glue sticky in these relationships are all those kids they keep producing. If I were Mary I would run like hell...

  29. The Duggars are freaking rocket scientists next to this crew. But the Duggars ALWAYS work -- certainly can't argue about that.

    There's no reason Kody & Co. couldn't start some kind of business/buy some kind of business. They even have a bunch of teens to help.

  30. Hi everyone!
    Lots and lots of comments!
    Be sure and read back through them all!
    Cynical will have her Review up prob. tonight or tomorrow am.
    I am sure it will be great!!!!!
    Have a wonderful nite, and keep the comments up, very interesting.

  31. I don't think the Duggars should be compared to this group. They are not polygamists and fully support themselves. While I agree their kids probably have to help raise themselves, they seem to be growing up well adjusted with two very loving parents who are NOT breaking any laws..

  32. Well Meri has a whole cauldron of kids to help, so her desire to work with at risk youth is no problem. Try Hunter. Then work through the girls. Too bad no one will pay her for this fantastic opportunity.

    Rule 1, darlin', try not to create at risk youth and then treat them. You were fired because of your lifestyle, but your lifestyle is part of the problem here.

  33. The suing part is soo silly. They are not private citizens and people are free to express their opinions. As long as we aren't a real danger to them such as making threats against them, harassing them,or whatnot. They were also the ones that suggested that upon finding the "mole" that the name be given out so they could protest/confront( now THAT is grounds for a lawsuit) them outside their house or gather in front of the Brown's home to "protect" them. Do we go on their page in an attempt to sabotage them? No!

  34. And don't forget Robyn said she had a housekeeper!!!!
    From Bankruptcy to that!

  35. From a follower who posted on Robyn's FB page:

    "I have written to TLC but would also like to know from your family if there is a way you could set up a "house fund" so people could dontate to you all to keep your family together in one home. I commend you for all the strength you have going through this, and I know there are others out there who would do what they could to get you all into one big home. God bless your family and the upcoming addition."

    You can't make this kind of crazy up.

  36. The Duggars were simply brought up because yes, while not breaking any laws, and having 19 children, and only 2 parents, they have good leadership and not the constant drama and such like the Browns. My point was that the Browns should be making more money than the Duggars with so many adults present. They obviously have poor discipline in their budget, but look at the head of the household and it comes as no surprise. I guess I became rather angry today because I watched season 1 and am just now reading about the multiple bankruptcies etc. and feel a bit suckered by this crew because I felt sorry for them and their plight although I disagree with their "faith.". Now I'm just disgusted. Even though they might not want traditional jobs, as others have stated, they could start a business and even employ the older teens. A family business is still very hard work and Kody & crew aren't gonna have it.

  37. Wendy,
    You are joking right? There's no one that stupid. these folks are making big money. If they choose to be a dufuses and not work, they won't have anything later, but they certainly could have a home in LV where they all lived if they wanted. Proved by a lady from LV, in a post a month or so ago.
    Seriously? Your not joking?

  38. Might I add they have a home they can sell in Utah?

  39. Kiska said: "Wendy,
    You are joking right? There's no one that stupid. these folks are making big money. If they choose to be a dufuses and not work, they won't have anything later, but they certainly could have a home in LV where they all lived if they wanted. Proved by a lady from LV, in a post a month or so ago.
    Seriously? Your not joking?"

    Nope, sadly not joking. That was exactly what someone posted on Robyns page. I don't know if they are serious or just wanting to add to the ass kissing or what. Either way, it's nuts!

  40. Wendy,
    That is seriously the saddest thing I have ever heard. Well no wonder they don't want people to come here. They might learn how these folks are grifters, IMO.

  41. I thought it was pathetic when I heard they put up a PO box and had a registry- instead of saying, no thanks, we're fine. Taking strangers money. How sad.

  42. Wendy that makes me want to pray for that pathetic soul that is so lost, she wants to give her money to strangers?

    Maybe Kody should become a TV Evangelist. Or maybe she should see how they dumped, what, 100,000 in debt?

  43. Somebody show that poor lady these!!


    (comments take you to their actual papers)

  44. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they put themselves on national tv and then turned and ran like chickens to Vegas when there was an investigation. I thought the point was to take a stand? How can this man (boy) sleep at night knowing how unhappy he has made the older kids? This was all so absolutely unnecessary. I feel bad for the kids, and especially Hunter. Can you imagine having to move away from your friends and then have a new mom who is a dingbat who likes to hear herself talk and is now carrying your new half brother who will be or has been named Solomon? Sorry but I think it's terrible. That child is visibly and obviously depressed. He quit sports which was probably very good for him. Grrrrrr

  45. They already said they didn't want ONE home, they want 4 NEW ones.

    They couldn't get financed by a builder hard up to sell, but now, they are going to build 4 new ones?

    So much for the kids.

  46. Wendy I used to think that there are a lot of beautiful people out there with good souls. Now I think there are a lot of suckers out there and a lot of grifters to bleed them dry. I'm having hard times, and I suppose I ought to start a scam but my BC heart can't do it.

    Leaving Utah like thieves in the night was so unnecessary, done for drama, making Kody look like the total dipsheep he is.

    These people have no redeeming qualities.

  47. As the saying goes - a fool and his money are soon parted.

    GOGO GOJI Juice!!! This show was one I started watching only when Big Love went off the air and funny enough it turned into Big Love Lite.

    And whoever said that Kody is like a monkey with ADHD is correct.

  48. Isn't it interesting to see how many different stories they tell?
    At first, I gave them a real chance.
    But this is not about religion for Kody.
    This is about being the center of attention.
    He spends no more time with those kids than a divorced dad.
    And you know those older kids are weird-ed out by it all.

  49. The thing I like about this site is you can say want you want.
    In fact, many many many posts have no judgement- they leave that up to the reader.
    Lots of nice stuff on here, too.
    The best!

  50. There's a mole?? Really, you've got to be kidding. What are we now, corporate spies? I love it.
    (And it is not me because, well, I hate facebook. Maybe that is why I can't find any references to a suit.)

    I think that the fans who buy this whole charade are a little ....well, off.

    Sue me for saying that. I dare you. HA..................

  51. I know, isn't it a scream?
    They just don't want some of the TRUTHS to come out, that are on here.

  52. I am SO GLAD the facebook page pointed out this blog, I am loving it!!!!
    I'm obsessed with this show, and while this sentiment is 100% true (he's in charge and at the head of everything, they worship at his altar, world is Kody-centric, etc.), it's also weirdly true that he appears to be completely incompetent and a total manchild. I just don't see how he got FOUR women to fall in love with him and bear him 17 kids. I just don't get the appeal there - and not in the physical sense, I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - his personality is SO 13 year old boy. I do NOT get what they see in him at all. It is a fascinatingly bizarre dichotomy.

  53. Looks to me that their group has a pretty shallow gene pool.

  54. I am NOT kidding. To add to Wendy's facebook sighting...
    On Robyn's facebook, there are people congratulating her on the baby.

    ALSO, I have seen women post that they want to join the family!!!!!
    I am not kidding.

    Glad they showed this site on the facebook of Kody Brown-family!! I had not been here before

  55. Well, I've been trying to figure out which of the scam Amway-type health food juice powder, and there are a few. I think MonaVie may be the best bet and there are one or two 'Brown' members that sell the stuff.

    Granted, Brown is a common last name but it seems to fit the bill:

    The wikipedia page is interesting and highlights some interesting lawsuits. I'm hoping some Internet super sleuths can take it from here.

  56. Hey everyone! Lot's of great minds on here tonight :) & some great insight from Wendy as well...& honestly I'm just not shocked by anything DUH BROWNS do anymore...lol. Maybe it was Robyn's crazy stage right clinger friend who wrote to TLC & requested a house fund to be set up :/ (smh)
    Border Collie u have a valid point that if Meri wants to go back to work w/ @risk kids, what better place than to begin in her own household(s) & hubby too!!!!...lol
    As far as health food....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Maybe that's why Kody started jogging & that's why Robyn got a jogging stroller. Regardless Robyn will lose this baby fat super quick anyways bc sex burns tons of calories & she'll prolly end up prego again so that TLC will renew their contract + to reinforce her & Kody's bond +to rub it in the other wives face that she's still getting some & they're Not ..blah, blah, blah ...Ha
    Actually I think Christine will purposely try to get preggers too!! Now that would be a hoot to watch while both wives are pregnant @same time. Irresponsible on their part, but could be some good entertainment!
    Looking forward to CJ 's review :)

  57. Oh yeah just wanted to share this too!! So a few of their FBfans have been sharing some of their AUB or LDS upbringing stories childhood memories on their page & this is the response they got from one of the Admins: " We appreciate the stories about the pioneers, but we can't have descriptive stories that are child friendly about hardships .I'm sure you understand "
    Wow now they're really nitpicking @their FB flock...lol Also directing all personal questions to be asked via FB message. Seriously!??
    What are they being so sneaky & hush hush for? So that, what we pretty much know & have been discussing, won't be confirmed??? Not like it would matter anyways ......lol

  58. So what's the use of the page? Nothing, really.
    You get deleted if you say the slightest thing wrong.

    What the heck does this mean anony?
    "We appreciate the stories about the pioneers, but we can't have descriptive stories that are child friendly about hardships .I'm sure you understand"

    What, they can't speak the truth? Is that what they mean?

  59. The non-child friendly stories might have been how the early mormons posed as Indians and murdered unarmed settlers (including any child over the age of 8) while they were trekking to salt lake to set up camp. I mean, no-one likes bad parts of their history brought up and the mormon church is full of it!
    Anon 69.

  60. Oops, I forgot to add NOT child friendly ...my bad peepz!!
    Anon, ur guess is as good as mine :) . Maybe to the Brown's, it's a SUCKERZ' R'US page for "fans" to buy gifts for Robyn @Baby's R'US ...Lol or a forum for them to solely regulate ass kissing comments so they can "truely " say they got 100% of X amount of fan support..yeah right..
    Prolly would get deleted if I dare ask ...hehe
    still can't get over Robyn having a housekeeper!! Geez, can't Kody or better
    yet, all her loving & caring wives help a sister out? ?lol What's next? Hiring a nanny? Must be tough living on "finite " resources. Whatever!!!!

  61. yeah, it 's OBVIOUS to any educated ex-mormon that Ken does not have a clue about real church history. he's going by the warning he's been indoctrinated since his birth that you don't need to know and you don't want to know.

    and he comes across as a self-righteous, judgmental arrogan, self-righteous partriarchal prick. the women were nice enough to the plyg ladies but that's just their passive/aggressive ploy to pump for information just to laugh and gossip about together later.

    the only ones i gave any credit for being Christian and real were the women classmates who called Ken on his hypocrisy towards Kody re: proselyting and pointing out that Kody was always wanting to be the center of attention (ii.e. flamboyant gay rumor) and Kody's ex-gf defending the fact that it's Kody's and his wife's free choice to Ken. Ken was visibly annoyed to be dissed and called out on camera by 2 (mere) women. He's more sexist than Kody is even.

    At least Kody accepted the fact that Ken thinks he's right. and Kody already knows Ken's beliefs cause he was raised the same. However, Ken stated loud and proud to Kody - no, i don't WANT to hear why you believe what you do now. LALALA fingers stuck in ears. Nice. So, having been told that, WHY WOULD Kody then proceed to state it all in their group setting? At least he's respectful to Ken even tho Ken doesn't reciprocate respect for Kody.

    Can't believe i defended Kody. But he is the bigger person over Ken. Ken might be a repressed closet gay, too.

  62. Anonymous said...
    Don't get it.........This week Kody said his lifestyle is not for everyone? Is he God's favorite and only these blessings are for Him? Does not want to convert anyone But they hope all their kids choose this Faith? If his faith is so important to him and so right in God's sight why is he not trying to convert people? Keeping a good thing for himself...no they want to convert people then they will be more accepted.

    Yes anonymous, Fundamentalist Mormon polygamists DO believe that they are the only ones who should be living polygamy. In their beliefs it one of the "higher" laws of God, and only for the super "righteous" (that excludes anyone outside of their particular group). I know Owen Allred, previous leader of AUB was concerned about people trying to get polygamy decriminalized or legalized, because he was afraid that would open it to the "gentiles" - non members of AUB. That is why people like the Browns and the Dargers keep waffling on about "it's not for everyone" or "it works for us" It only "works" for them because they can't get to heaven without putting themselves through hell!

  63. one man's heaven is another man's hell. no thanks to polygamy for me!

  64. A bunch of you should really learn the true facts before you run off at the keys, you come across just as self righteous as Ken, and one dimensional, just because you don't believe in something doesn't give you the right to bash it or lie about it.

  65. Anony 7:00
    Then why don't you tell us all about it?
    since you know the "Truth"?
    Geez, what a bunch of bull.
    We won't hear the "truth" from them.

  66. Yes, Anony 7:00
    Fill us in. If we are soooo wrong.
    TELL US! CHANGE MY MIND! Persuade me! I have an open mind!

  67. I wonder if Christine put that out there today in response to this post? Wouldn't that be funny?

  68. Sorry for two posts, but I just thought of something.

    The facebook obsessed with this one said they would have the scoop. But they didn't, you did!!!!!

  69. Wow I thought our 1st amendment right, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, gave us the right to express our opinions, agree to disagree if U will, or some may refer to it as bashing!!...lol
    Just bc we're expressing a difference of opinions. & don't necessarily agree w/ Anon 7pm, doesnt make us liars either!!
    That's what makes this site so great!! Evryone has s different insights to offer which creates great conversations & friendly debate, other than constant ass kissing & coddling.
    If U can't stand the heat & great truthful insights, then go back to the Kody Brown Family FB page :)

  70. Heather I'm thinking Christine posted on FB bc today is 10/18 & Kody's Liv International Speaking debut is scheduled for 10/21-22 (only days away) & their goal is to recruit people to join their team & buy products then DUH BROWN'S will receive COMMISSION & possibly bonuses.
    So it was definitely a PR move ...

  71. Anonymous said...
    A bunch of you should really learn the true facts before you run off at the keys, you come across just as self righteous as Ken, and one dimensional, just because you don't believe in something doesn't give you the right to bash it or lie about it.
    Please anonymous, tell us what the lies are? I would love to hear because I happen to know a great deal about this from personal experience (the LDS church, AUB and polygamy that is)

  72. Uh really? The only women I can imagine wanting to join this family are lonely divorcees who have no friends. And now they're holding their hands out to anyone dumb enough to donate to their "cause". The only things they really need now are three more husbands and jobs for everyone!

  73. I watched all the all the shows and I've come to draw the following conclusions:

    1. Kody is immature, self centered and self absorbed. He wanted to "come out" and express his lifestyle. But when it was time to defend his lifestyle, he runs and bails from the Utah court system,

    2. They act yet have never been financially responsible. Two Bankruptcies, leaving jobs to support the families' behind, not to mention the mess they left their home in Utah, discarded furniture and personal items for the bank (after it goes into foreclosure) to clean up after what a disgrace. Yet they buy new furniture for all the wives all while claiming they are living on "finite" resources to make ends meet. Yes he's a true provider.

    3. Giving his teenage children weeks to get used to the fact that they must leave the home they grew up in behind, and their friends behind, and Kody can't understand why they are acting out? Children come first,,,,,,,He should have thought of what the repercussions of his decision would have been on his children

    4. HIs step children having difficulty in being accepted into his family? These teenagers just realize as little attention they get from him now just made worse. You can't expect kids to adjust and treat these kids like one of their other brothers and sisters overnight. Give them a break. Robin should have thought this through as well how difficult it would be on her kids, not to mention introducing them into a new family. She does risk losing her children to their father, and maybe that would be best for them as well.

    5. Meri coming unglued on a couple of teenagers for mistreating Robins kids? First off she asks for help from other sister wives.......no response yet Kody is standing right there to defend Meri and doesn't. Way to set an example. What a coward.

  74. Did anyone notice that on this weeks episode during the question and answer session with th Brown's and their teenagers, the oldest boy and his new "mom" Robyn seemed pretty close together on the couch if u know what I mean!!!