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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sister Wives: Out of the House at 18

Janelle's daughter makes a bet that she'll be out of the house the day she turns 18.


  1. Maddie hair reminds me of some cute cartoon, was it Betty Boop?
    She's determined to get out, isn't she?
    Do you think she'll be the first one back in? You know that's how it goes so many times...

  2. Poor Janelle depressed and a sassy dtr.LOL! Luckily I had the sassy one 1st and the laid back last. I don't think I could reverse it and live!HAAHA
    What's Logan, the dad?

  3. Janelle should lose some weight. That will help her depression. I'm dead serious.

  4. My sassy one was my son who wanted to always know "WHY" for anything I said. I was a single mom and he always challenged me for whatever my decision was. It was always why....I am your Mom and that's why but he always wanted to know more of the reason.

    He moved out at the age of 18 and today at 44 is the best of the best. He has never asked me for a penny and is married and has been for 14 years with three beautiful children and is the manager for an airline. He totally challenged me for years when he was a teen but now, I think, he realizes what life is all about and
    he knows his kids will be his own challenge. When I raised him and his sister, I had no help. Now that he is married he does most of the childcare when he is not working. He and his wife are totally involved in their kids and their events. As it should be. They live for their kids. It would be nice if Kody had time for his but that is the difference between three children and 16.

    Kody,unfortunately, does not have enough time to spend with his children because he has so many and because he is SO involved with Robyn and their soon to be that he can think of nothing else.

    Just my opinion, but I think that he will shit can all the others including wives and children and it will end up being just Robyn, her kids and the new baby. Kody is just not dedicated now to anyone else but Robyn. That is sad but evident. Just my opinion.

  5. I think Madison does have it in here to get on out of the Polyg house the day she turns 18 :-)

  6. Run, Maddie, Run!! lol

    (and then write your book!)

  7. She is wearing short sleeves I this clip too. I think they already know there is no point trying to force her into the polyg lifestyle.

  8. Funny how the Brown's put their children in the spotlight, then want to whine when something goes awry- like they are just babies. KODY BROWN you are the one shoving your children in the worlds eyes, so you need to step back, stop whining, oh police, the blogs, the paps, and realizing this is hurting your children. Look at that sass! WHERE ARE YOU? NOT HERE! Are you at Robyn's? Janelle needs you, can't you see that? Maddie is a sweetheart, but a brat, too.

  9. Look how tired Janelle is, how worn. Why is Kody never around? Why is Maddie been pushing so hard, for YEARS?
    Strong willed kids. Sometimes they are great and self caring, sometimes they fall apart in the real world. If they want them to choose want they want, now would be a good time to let her have some space. Imposing
    Clothing wear from the 50's isn't helping. I believe in modesty, but some of it is stupid. She's clearly showing her boobies in a tight shirt, so what's the big deal?
    Janelle, I hope Kody luvs you up some soon.

  10. Maddie used to be my favorite. I don't know anymore. She needs to be more aware of Mom's needs.
    When she's 18 it would be so funny for Janelle to have her bags packed. I had a friend do this - buddy, taught her son respect!
    Great Comments folks!

  11. Mister Sister, I agree with what you are saying as a whole but I feel this attitude may be justified. While the camera's are on they claim the kids can choose what they want to be. Turn the camera's off and certain things are being chosen for them. I think the group talk was ridiculous. None of the adults TRUELY listened to the those kids. I probably like Janelle more than any of the other wives but if she doesn't start standing up to Kody and the other wives all of her kids will start to lose respect. Group discussion is great and all but the final say for each child should be between that mother and Kody, even if it ends in different rules for each child. I'm not letting my neighbor tell me how to raise my children and I sure wouldn't let my "husband's" other bed mates.

  12. It isn't a teenager's job to look out for a parent's needs. Or at least, they can't be expected to.

    These kids in particular are under a lot of pressure in the midst of the chaos. Their lives have been shorter than their parents' and they haven't had to deal with upsets like this before, or at least not as many. Developmentally, that's tough. It would be dysfunctional to expect Maddie to both empathize with and shoulder Janelle's burdens. Parents are supposed to take care of their kids, not the other way around.
    To add all the upheaval of the "new mom," the move and the reality show, they are now expected to live with different expectations than what they've had their entire lives. Adults can barely handle that and teenagers aren't quite adults.

    I think Maddie's desperation to leave as soon as she's 18 is her only way out. If she were disrespectful or rebellious, she'd run away right now. As it is, she's trying to follow the rules but only so closely that she's looking for the quickest way out. And frankly, who wouldn't be?

  13. i'm going to give Madison a pass on her so-called disrespect. she's acting like a typical hormonal 15 year old teen to me, first of all. Secondly, she did not want to move and has had to deal with it. Thirdly, Janelle has largely been absent as the Mom for the largest part of Madison's life up til now. And Madison is able to hear even from national TV how Janelle is not happy at all being home with kids all the time. Fourth, Madison is finding out "life ain't always fair" right now and is struggling with that lightbulb moment and just is reaching out for hope that at 18, she will be in control of her own destiny and not Kody and Robyn. If she's angry with both of them, what adult does she really have that she can talk to and vent to in safety? i'm thinking there isn't one for her.

    When you think about it, these kids were largely raised by Christine and how much parenting was she really able to do with her own large brood to be Mom to?

    I can't blame Madison at all for not wanting anything to do with polygamy when she's been told her whole life that she has the right to choose it or not. She's smart enough to see that most of her mom's unhappiness as well as her own stems from polygamy not really working out so well after all.

    I'm sure she's seen Janelle outnumbered unfairly many times as she probably was in this case of Meri and Kody deciding on Robyn and the show, etc.
    Madison, herself, has expressed adamantly that she doesn't like their church and wants to attend a youth group at another church and she is not allowed to do that. so, that's another frustration for her. she's seeing that the adults say one thing to her but really mean another.

    I'm willing to give Madison a vote for "a pretty good head on her shoulders for only 15 and in spite of her circumstances."

  14. Maddie has been saying that since the show began, bascically. She's ready to roll.
    Here's what I don't get. From the beginning, the parents have said the kids were free to choose their religion, in fact, made a BIG deal about it.
    Now, you've got almost adults wanting to go to a simple youth group and they are totally freaking out? Why not let them expreiment under the umbrella of your home, esp. something like this?
    They can say what they want, they want those kids in the AUB. They are lying when they say otherwise. Esp. when they use terms like SHARKS for anyone that's not in their church? WHOA, that's some strong thinking..... that they are different than the rest of us.

    They say, don't judge us.... yet what were they doing?

    I do think they would give a kid a hard time if they didn't choose their way. Totally off subject but I had to get it out!LOL

  15. i also felt sadness and compassion for Madison when she was telling about a new friend she'd made at school. She had to tell the friend first tho that she needed to know that her family's polygamous before she came over.

    Now think about how that must make Madison feel to know that someone she wants to be friends with can reject and judge her for that and that the girl's parents will. And Madison has to go through that each time in making a friend while all along, she personally hates it herself.

    It doesn't mean she doesn't love all her moms and siblings but good lordy! Think back to being a hormonal teen girl and remember how hard it was on a good day and under the best of circumstances? Madison never has it that good.

    i just have nothing but empathy and compassion for these kids in their teens now. they didn't pick this. their parents did. and it wasn't so bad when they had a bunch of peers in their world they left. now, they're just supposed to deal with being thrown into a whole new arena and they're struggling with it the best they can.

    don't even get me started about Hunter! lol

    1. A year+ later you still have it right Heather and cc!

      Poor Madison...Poor Hunter Hope they both find lots of happiness outside the plyg lifestyle...

      And best of life to Logan at college now. Hope he's learning a lot, and enjoying being away from the daily influence of Cody!

  16. Hunter, bless his heart. I think he's feeling a lot of the same things Maddie is. He's just younger and has a quieter disposition. He pushes it all in and Maddie pushes it all out.

  17. Even I posted on the wrong one!LOL

    Let's face it, the girl is conflicted and ready to roll.

  18. Kody is going to lose what, 6 kids in the next 2-3 years? that's quite a load off.
    Instead of easing back and spending more time with the ones he has, that dummy will have 2-3 more with Robyn.
    I bet money the minute she can't have any more, he will get a new bride, although, I can see her as oneof those that pushes the babymaking until she's 45-and something goes wrong.
    I so wish if anyone was going to have another one, it would be Janelle or Christine.
    I wonder how much Meri loves Robyn by now?

  19. i think Janelle for sure and possibly Christine would be pushing it now for something to go wrong.

    i don't think Meri has it in her own lack of self-esteem to admit she made a mistake by pursuing Robyn. i think she will keep blaming herself that it's her own insecurities and jealousy that is the problem to get over.