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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Janelle Brown - excerpts from the Court Filing. 11/18/2011

The Brown's filed with the court again. Let's face it, all of this was a political ploy to get Polygamy Legalized since the get go, IMO. But will they never cease to amaze me? I don't think so.
Janelle Brown filed in court yesterday an affidavit which said, "We decided to move to Nevada to insulate our children from the pressures and threats of prosecution."
Yeah, that's what we bought into with all those tears, until we saw this......
Let's take a trip down memory lane...


I remember how STUNNED I was to see you all LAUGH it off!!!
(You can refer to the posts, too, if you like) 

Here are the highlights of her affidavit:

• I have been repeatedly confronted by statements that we are in a criminal association for following our faith and my children have been subjected to such comments at school.

• I handle much of the finances for the family and I can attest to the considerable costs associated with being both under investigation and the target of public comments by prosecutors.

• After the announcement of the investigation of the family under the bigamy statute and the statements of prosecutors, family members lost their jobs and found it difficult to secure new jobs since no one wants to hire someone publicly identified as a target for prosecution.

• We decided to move to Nevada to insulate our children from the pressures and threats of prosecution.

• The rental that we secured in Nevada to house the whole family while we looked for homes cost $6000 for that first month alone.

• These costs include the rental of new homes for the family and moving costs that largely exhausted our savings.

• This included a loss of thousands of dollars on pre - paid rent due to termination of leases before the end of the specified period; loss of deposits; thousands of dollars for moving truck rentals and costs; and monthly rental payments that are roughly $2500 more than the monthly cost of our home in Utah.

• We have had to take steps to prepare for any possible arrest to be sure that our children are protected and taken care of if the state decides to move forward with charges.

• We literally live day to day without knowing whether our family will be destroyed by a decision of some prosecutor in Utah to charge us.

• The stress has had a pronounced impact on our children and myself in loss of sleep, stress, and uncertainty.

• If this law were found unconstitutional and this threat lifted from our family, we would feel free to finally return to Utah and would certainly resume our open participation in our religious community.

**(posting Kody's and others a bit later to talk about)What do you all think? Did you see any of this fear? About jobs, don't they have a BIG ONE with TLC? They know they are not going to get prosecuted. They want the law changed. Open it for them, you open it for all the Warren Jeffs in the world. I want to hear what you think of her statements.
I will end with this comment from GP:  
"Only in America can you sue the government for enforcing laws."



  1. Listen, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
    Kody has taken a vacation with each of the wives separately since the investigation for a total of what, 20 or more days; No one forced them to move, nor live in separate homes. (kids can double and triple up, probably were before!!)
    No one forced Kody to take a new lover and get her pregnant.

    I'm sorry, but if I were the prosecution, I would take this tape in and play it.

    The mistake was running. It was stupid, and showed the just wanted the excuse to leave for awhile.

    She tends to ignore the fact TLC is paying them big bucks.

    She laughed on national TV and said no, they didn't move because of the investigation. What more do they need?

    I seriously want to know what others think on this.

    THIS puts the Hyp in Hypocrisy!

  2. Janelle, you were my last hope. Every single one of you have now become do annoying I just wanna scream. You are clearly brainwashed. Just because you guys look more normal, people are deceived. However, folks are beginning to catch on to your Kody and Krew circus act. Truth is you should be prosecuted for breaking the law.

  3. The UAB or AUB however you say it, picked the wrong people to promote polygamy. They come off as a bunch of liars. This saddens me also.
    Are we the only ones who see this, or is everyone?

    Grifters to the max! Living a good life and complaining!

  4. O.M.G. Such a bunch of liars. They put their kids through this move for the WEATHER in Las Vegas? No wonder the kids are so sullen and unhappy!

  5. Rough with those 3 pools, eh? Rough lazing around for 6 months, eh?

  6. I can see why they would feel threatened, even if I think they way they reacted to it is ridiculous. I also think the bigamy law is stupid and should be struck down. But aren't they afraid of being prosecuted for welfare fraud? It seems their money shuffling is super fishy (who do they think they are, banks? superindustries? heh) Perhaps they are REALLY good at it and doing it all legally (Kody definitely wouldn't be the brains behind THAT one). That's a job skill, at least!

  7. OMFG!!!!!!!
    Please give this caramel brownie a huge glass of milk & Xanax to help swallow all the never ending bullshit that keeps spewing from the Brown's mouths...lol
    Someone needs to do a public service & send all the damaging eidence to the Utah D.A's office to end this sham!!
    They seriously need to get over themselves!!
    I guess Janelle is left alone to take the fall for false accusations & possible perjury if it ever goes inside a court room. Way to be there Kody for better or for worse...nevermind that's only valid w/ Meri....

  8. Question:
    "This included a loss of thousands of dollars on pre - paid rent due to termination of leases before the end of the specified period"

    What the is she talking about here?

    "thousands of dollars for moving truck rentals and costs"

    Question 2 - didn't they have just one truck that went 8 hrs?

  9. Question:
    "This included a loss of thousands of dollars on pre - paid rent due to termination of leases before the end of the specified period"

    What the is she talking about here?

    "thousands of dollars for moving truck rentals and costs"

    Question 2 - didn't they have just one truck that went 8 hrs?

    I am new here and usually use Yoyo59, but since I see you have a couple of other 59's - and a Yoyo!(LOL)
    I will use the new name of "Stink Eye"

    Wait a minute-they got paid for moving, TLC was filming the whole thing. They made enough money to move!!!!!

  11. ****LIGHTBULB

    Was that Hunter's dispair? Don't tell me that was played?
    •"" The stress has had a pronounced impact on our children and myself in loss of sleep, stress, and uncertainty.""

  12. They are so vile to me now. The two faced lies they present are as low as it gets. They smile while fibbing through their teeth. They really do have people duped and I think it is terrible. Many fans love and adore this family and buy into their persecution bs without realizing it was self made and all part of a bigger plan - they don;t want to hear that the browns even baited the law. How can we forget the Christine video - begging Utah to 'bring it on!'?!

    There is an attempt on FB to effort a fundraiser via donations to help pay for the Brown family to get their dream home. Go figure! The Brown's probably have more assets and make more money then the majority of their viewers and fan base. With the difference being, they are pros at hiding and shuffling their "finite" resources.
    Shame on them for beating this false and dead drum! I think it is sick that the Brown's are aware of their caring fans and just keep on keeping on with their crapolla! They will use their new found fame to take advantage of anyone, too. How many will go sign up for that MLM event? Does Kody or any of them for that matter , care that they are duping people into an MLM? Nope. Yet, their fans care so much about them. Sad.

    From FB A gal has been posting on the SW fan pages there to raise funds for the Browns dream home:

    "I do not know how to get in touch with this family... but I would like to start a building fund for all the fans to have thme opportunity to donate to the Brown family so they can build their dream home. All of those brothers and sisters deserve to live together. So if anyone who reads this page knows any of the Brown family, please have them contact me on facebook. Thank you!"


    THEY JUST WANT THE LAW CHANGED. Well shoot, lots of people want illegal activities to become legal. Folks, you decided to go this route.

    Changing laws and snake oil is just too much.
    I pray for those that get duped.
    They want it all. Reminds me of what my dad used to say when I was nagging for something and he'd already had his limit.

    "What else do you want me to do for you? Wipe your ass, too?"

    What else do they want?

  14. Anon 12:07,
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone Offered to do that for them on Facebook too! Perhaps start a fund to pay someone to do that for them?! LOL!

  15. Well, they are bringing their dream to fruition. You gotta admit-amazing.

  16. One thing I feel perfectly confident of, the prosecution has all of these interviews and shows at the ready. They intend to use them too.

    It's always good for the prosecution when the perp(s) can't shut up.

    The proposed fund for the 'dream house'? Pathetic, the homes they have now look pretty dreamy to me.

    Oh well, a fool and his money you know?

  17. Yup, changing their stories to meet the conversation at hand. Quintessential hypocrites.

    I never saw this interview before. These people suck.

  18. 6k to rent that first rental house they had??? The 4 bedroom one where the kids slept on couches? Anyone could go on craigslist and find plenty of rentals that size or larger in Vegas for $2000-2500. If Janelle is suppose to be the money manager she sure isn't doing a good job based on her "facts".
    Also if none of them "work" why Vegas, why not Logandale or another more rural suburb of Vegas where the rent would be lower? If Janelle is saying rent costs $2500 more in Nevada, then house payment in Utah which was around $2k for the Lehi house (not sure if they include Robyn's house?), they are paying $4500 for rent in Vegas. That is way too much! Maybe Janelle should say if we had jobs and or good credit we would not have to pay as much and we would not be ripped apart.

  19. I think the pre-paid rent might have been the house Robyn was living in right? Which is such BS since they had been planning to move to months after all. I'm shocked that Janelle can't see herself getting caught up in lies. I truely did think she was the brains of this operation, but here she is getting in the middle of this absolute mess. They are repeatedly lying throught their teeth and it's shameful! Oh dear....where will it end?

  20. According AUB practices it is "lame" yes it says "lame" for a man to hand over his checkbook or let a wife handle finances. It's official, Kody is lame. lol -

  21. Whine Whine Whine
    Laugh at us while they are swimming in their pools.
    They are smart cookies

  22. Janelle has several businesses she makes money with including a food storage business kody is a business man and is very smart at the business he has janelle really keeps the family together I like her

  23. Just found this blog. So much of my thoughts are shared but I had no idea about the public assistance, lawsuit, bankruptcies and complete lack of responsibility they all share. ie - buying homes they can't afford, having kids they can't afford and letting us all pay the bill. Not to mention the "sham" they have tried to pull over on all of us. They are not a "family" in any sence of the word.
    They should be ashamed. Really, the McMansions? Materialistic morons. Janelle - you have the common sense to get out and get on your own. Don't continue to punish yourself. Leave this sorry bunch and find a life of your own.
    Meri - you are a selfish bully, uneducated and not even close to cute. How anyone can live with/by you is beyond me. Just plain gross.
    To all of you who have posted comments - thank you. I think everyone has this crew figured out!
    My best to all of the children. You had no choice in any of this. I wish you all healthy and happy lives.

  24. I am officially addicted to this blog. Been going through all the posts all day. This one by far, has me the most shocked. They weren't moving out of fear? He was a SUCCESSFUL businessman before the show? Why haven't more folks been outraged at this video? This would be a great piece to re-run so that new folks like me could see their hypocrisy. Seems like they could use this in court against them. If no charges were ever filed, what is the big rucus?