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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sister Wives: Kody Needs to Give Equal Time

Christine expresses her concern with how Kody spends his time. She thinks he caters to Robyn, her family and their relationship.


  1. This is starting to be a theme.
    I don't want to blame Robyn, BUT.....

  2. LOL, this is like telling a three year old to play with the old toy car and not the new toy car.

    And what's with that weird part about "the option is always there to leave"? Gee, thanks, Kody. You're just a natural born leader and problem solver dude. Great job. I'm sure that made everyone just feel great.

  3. I didn't here...
    him say he'd do better.
    SHE has to work it out.
    How NICE.

  4. And where are these women to go with 6 kids?

  5. I still don't get it...why do these beautiful, strong, amazing women stay? They seem to all give lip service to how great it is to have sister wives...but in reality it doesnt seem to be true. 'Sharing' Kody doesnt look like it's working.

  6. Because their religion taught them that's the only way to heaven

  7. they should have spent more time to begin with in dealing with Robyn and finding out how truly needy she is and will always be. it's too late now. they let her into their lives and she'll never leave.

    obviously, her constant neediness is working for her. Kody is spending an out of balance time and energy on her and even the "everything's rosy!" Christina has noticed. too late tho, Christina.

    everyone, but Janelle, was quickly "infatuated" with her and now, they're all out of love with her. including the teens.

    Meri can't admit to it cause it will either be she's jealous cause she can't have any more babies and also she piicked her out for Kody, Janelle is just outnumbered and doesn't want sex with Kody anymore since she's done with making babies anyway,
    and Christine will finally convince herself that it's her problem and not Kody's or Robyn's and will soon be back to her delusional Pollyanna self to save her sanity.

    since Robyn was brought into the family, it went from the whole crowd was happy and getting along to now it's just Kody and Robyn - which cements their soulmate delusion even more.

    Ain't Polygamy Grand?!!

  8. But, it will finish by Christine chirping how she needed to change, of course they needed that time, blah blah blah.

    Christine will NEVER leave. this is her crusade. Is she happy now?

  9. That's the problem. Everyone was so pscyhed to get on TV, they needed another wife. Now, it's not so hot, and she's the WROST one they could of picked out. Geez!
    WHY pick one your going to be jealous of?

    ((Janelle Gagging))
    My Favorite!

  10. Planet Kody, this dog agrees with you 100% and loves your posts. LMAO

    As I may have mentioned, I'd have already run away to other fields, and I'd suggest they follow dear pretend husband-babies' daddy advise and do the same.

    Come on, ladies we can do better than this. EZ

  11. She sounds like a nice lady who is genuinely sad. The kicker is: she is a baby mama, not a wife, with no legal protection. I am OK with that when it is just her in the fire, but what about the children?

    Bottom line: she got what she wanted and her rose-colored glasses broke. She volunteered to be a victim. That is polygamy. What a shame.

  12. How many times I heard that sentiment in polygamy "I need to choose to be happy?" When you hear that you know something is badly wrong!

  13. Oh, but it will make her a better person!LMAO
    Do they really think this is what god wanted?

  14. the FLDS saying that indoctrinates the little girls early on to stuff their feelings, is "Keep Sweet." sounds like Christine got some of that indoctrination spillover into her childhood brand of polygamy.

  15. Actually, if Christine left and took her six "babies" with her, Kody would be in a world of hurt. Of course she would need to officially file for child support, and the first out would be the first filed, so she'd get quite a bit! Married or not, he be da baby daddy, admitted on air and proven by a DNA test.

    Yep, she wouldn't be out in the cold, being the baby mama of a reality "star"...

  16. Kody makes it very CLEAR they are free to leave. But are they? Wouldn't they have to show the church a reason why? Or otherwise, be ex-communicated?
    Being in the AUB, there are many more hoops to jump through than they are showing.

  17. In order for Christine to be "unsealed" from Kody, she would have to go before a board of elders of the AUB to get permission.

  18. Yes, Pretty in Pink, that's what I meant. She can't just "walk away" without one party or the other getting in some sort of trouble (or blame) so it's not going to happen.

  19. Bex called the sister 'wives' Beautiful, strong and amazing. I call them average, weak and bamboozeled. End this charade ladies at least for the sake of your children. If you do, I will then call you superior, valiant and wise!

  20. Christine doesn't have to go before any board. They have left and started their own group with the Kodmiester as the head.

  21. I am soooooo glad I was not raised (brain washed) in this polygamy culture. I wonder if the wives feel the tradeoffs are worth it I.e. mono vs poly.

  22. Bex,
    Brainwashed may be a harsh statement. Is it possible that editing may play a apart in what you see (or don't?)
    as a side note remember polygamy is not polyamorous...

  23. Anonymous said...

    Christine doesn't have to go before any board. They have left and started their own group with the Kodmiester as the head.

    Why would you think that? Do you have specific knowledge of this?

  24. I am SHOCKED they are even admitting this. Surely they will be all rainbows and butterflies by the end.
    ROBYN will be a big problem.
    I just read somewhere (shoot)
    that Kody wanted to add a 5th wife, and TLC said no.
    I would love that.
    Christine is just experiencing what Meri and Janelle have gone through before. Think about it, janelle was 7 months pregnant when Kody married Christine. What goes around comes around.