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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anderson - FLDS - Daytime show and Tonight on CNN "Sister Wives"

DID ANYONE WATCH THIS TODAY? THOUGHTS? If you catch it tonight, write it up for us!

Also, Anderson is going to have more on CNN tonight- this piece is from the UK Daily Mail.

I cried so much during my wedding my dress was soaked: Horrifying ordeal of Warren Jeffs' child bride 'forced to marry her cousin'
-Elissa's mother held her hand during underage marriage ceremony
-Parents so brainwashed they were 'unable to protect' their children
A woman who was forced into marriage at the age of 14 while under the control of paedophile Mormon polygamist Warren Jeffs's cult has recounted her harrowing ordeal.
The woman, Elissa Wall, revealed how her own mother resorted to holding her daughter's hand at the altar in a bid to calm her down as she was forced to marry her 19-year-old cousin, whom she despised.
In a CNN interview, which is to be aired tonight, Elissa describes how she cried so much during the ceremony that her wedding dress was soaked with her own tears.
Traumatic: Elissa recalls the harrowing experience of being forced to marry a 19-year-old Warren Jeffs when she was only 14 on the Anderson Cooper CNN TV show
She told broadcaster Anderson Cooper: 'It was so devastating that even in the ceremony itself I'm crying to such a level that my wedding dress is soaked.
'They had my mother stand next to me and hold my hand just to get me to take my vows.'
Elissa is a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), a sect led by polygamist paedophile Warren Jeffs.
She left the church and divorced her cousin husband, with whom she had no children but endured repeated miscarriages.
Jeffs was jailed last month for life after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting two FLDS girls - aged 12 and 15 - who he married in FLDS religious ceremonies.
As Jeffs begins his life sentence in a Texas, former members of the church have come forward to speak about the appalling abuse carried out within the sect, an extreme splinter group of the Mormon faith which believes in polygamy.
In tonight's interview, Elissa lifts the lid on the appalling abuse suffered by young members of the church - and the seemingly powerless position of their parents and other adults.
'They had my mother stand next to me and hold my hand just to get me to take my vows'
She explained that women - like her mother - were so brainwashed by the church's indoctrination they were unable to protect their own children.
When asked by Cooper whether anyone tried to stop the arranged marriage or help her, Elissa said: 'Before my marriage had been commanded, we had been taken away from [my father] and he didn't fight for us.
'We were given to another man's children. My mother was resold to another man, and my mother didn't have the ability to say no.
'The women, especially my mother in the position she was in, they don't have the ability to protect their children.
'I was a representation of that. She couldn't step up and say, "no, my daughter is 14". She had been trained and indoctrinated her entire life.'
She has written a memoir called Stolen Innocence, which chronicles her ordeal at the hands of the extremist group.

Wallace Jeffs - the half-brother of Warren - will also appear in tonight's show. Wallace left the church and has three of his daughters living with him - but he is worried about those left behind.
He told Cooper: 'I'm very concerned. Very concerned about them getting married underage, being abused. I believe in the faith, but I don't believe in Warren Jeffs as the prophet. He's a fraud.'
Earlier this month it was revealed that sect leader Jeffs filed a handwritten motion seeking a new trial in Texas following his conviction.

Jeffs, who headed the Utah-based FLDS, has claimed his religious freedoms were violated by the courts – a defence put forward during his trial.
In his motion, the 55-year-old said: 'The Constitutional protection for religious faith and freedom of practice not being of full protection in previous trial ... is legal grounds sufficient to rule in favor of defendant allowed a new trial.'
Scrawled on one page in a lined notebook, Jeffs's self-penned motion was dated August 23 - two weeks after his conviction.
Jeffs' filing also seeks a new hearing on the suppression of evidence from a 2008 raid on the FLDS's Yearning for Zion ranch in Eldorado. Church and family records gathered in the raid were the basis for the case against Jeffs and other male members of the sect.
An appeal filed by Michael Emack, the first of the sect men to be prosecuted by Texas authorities, was upheld by the state's 3rd District Court of Appeals last month.
Emack, who is serving a seven-year sentence for assaulting a 16-year-old girl, argued the raid was unconstitutional.
A three-judge panel in Austin, Texas, said authorities had sufficient grounds for probable cause.
Jeffs had been held in a prison in Huntsville, Texas, immediately after his trial, but became ill after days of fasting.
He was taken to a hospital and was said to be in a medically-induced coma prior to being moved to Galveston.
Jason Clark, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman, said Jeffs remained at a prison hospital in Galveston and was listed in stable condition.
Jeffs won't be eligible for parole until he is 100.


  1. I've got to download that and watch it. You know (evil grin) you can do that, don't you?

  2. just got home and gonna go watch it tvo'd now.

  3. yes, it was very good but the Browns weren't on it. if you can, for sure watch it.

    there was a commercial that said later that night on Anderson's CNN show, the Kody and Sister Wives would be on and they weren't on that one either. don't know where they went cause i went looking online today and can't find them either on any Cooper show.

  4. They'll be there next week: http://www.andersoncooper.com/episodes/kody-brown-sister-wives-flds-former-teens/

  5. I bet they taped it all together, and spit when showing, from Janelles Tweets and the confusing info from Anderson. I bet it went on too long, cause I saw where it said they would be on tonight, too.
    "'We were given to another man's children. My mother was resold to another man, and my mother didn't have the ability to say no."

    What does she mean, We were given to another man's children?
    or her mother was SOLD?
    Please help me understand.

  6. i can hopefully explain it to ya Sick. it's a common practice if the husband dies or the prophet deems him "unworthy" for any reason (most of the time, they're not even told why) then the prophet reassigns that man's whole family to another man. that's what happened to Elissa's dad. sick, huh?

    and money may or may not be involved behind the scenes. usually tho it's just office politics (favoritism) with the prophet. most of their money they earn that's not needed to support the family goes to the church coffers (prophet's pocket) anyway. they don't let anyone get rich off the sweat of their own brow in the compound.

  7. Doesn't that show show all the more it is a CULT. CULT CULT CULT

  8. omg - my heart went out to all of them. those kids, the women who escaped... and that Jeffs man doesn't realize he's in a cult. he still believes in spite of what was done to him by warren. hopefully, he's just saying he still believes so he can get back in and get his family out. but i kinda think he really still believes...

    and Lyle Jeffs in charge now doesn't sound any better from what that cute little red-haired teen told. and apparently Lyle Jeffs hasn't let his half-brother that Warren kicked out come back to his family. so, the cycle of abuse and control continues....

  9. Just to clarify, the Mormon church is different from the FLDS church. Therefore, Warren Jeffs is not a Mormon. There is a big difference.

  10. It depends on who's talking. Jeff's says he's a Mormon, Sister Wives say they are Mormons, and the LDS Church say they are Mormon and the others are not. I think there's a post on this very subject somewhere-
    I understand what you are saying if you are LDS- the polygamy standpoint it totally different.

  11. Hey this is Jessica from the show there will be another show on Thursday featuring us and the Browns

    I'm writing my FLDS memories out in a blog follow if you want!

    Jessica Rohbock

  12. Hey Jessica, glad you stopped by! I can't wait to see Thursday's show. Feel free to drop us a few comments sometime. We'd all love to hear about your experiences.