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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Sister Wives" - old Show Girl interview I hadn't seen.

The Show Girl, Maggie Furlong, talks to the cast of the new reality TV show Sister Wives.
Obviously made either season one or two- I can't remember when they wore those outfits, but it seems they wore them to every interview - I'd say they had 5 or 6 that day.
Funny, once again, they say the lets their kids choose what they want. Thought you might want to check it out!

The Show Girl Interview With Sister Wives

(Courtesy: http://www.5min.com/Video/The-Show-Girl-Interview-With-Sister-Wives-Participants-517151898)


  1. Boy, Christine was on speed that day.

  2. Robyn was really wanting attention with all that hair slinging and interrupting everyone - I mean really, she was so annoying!

  3. That was interesting. They had at least one talking point that they found difficult to stick to: that this is 1 family versus several families. I noticed several comments, including:

    * Robyn said: "within the families ... er ... within the family".
    * Kody says that the kids are "just like" brothers and sisters and then corrects himself to say that they "are brothers and sisters".
    * When responding to the question about Big Love, Christine says, "...and to coordinate our families"." Yes, families (plural) not family (singular). It is very clear if you listen. And this is a very telling statement coming from the Polygamy Cheerleader.

    I also did my usual turn the sound off and watch each person in turn. I noted:
    * Meri displays anxious hand gestures (no shocker there).
    * Christine and Janelle's open body position and language towards each other is consistent with that of close friends (no shocker there either).
    * Meri displays open body language towards Christine (as though she considers her a friend), as does Robyn. Christine appears to be the popular wife.
    * Meri mirrored some of Robyn's body language/gestures. This is usually seen as a subconscious sign that someone really likes another person. So, Meri may not be "keeping her enemy close", she may genuinely like Robyn. Go figure.
    * Janelle's body language towards Robyn, even at this early stage, is not open (and she avoids looking at Robyn as much as possible). Robyn looks over Janelle's head as much as possible. These 2 are not bosom buddies.
    * Although it appears as though Christine has had PR training, in addition to the extensive speaking experience she has had over the years, her hand gestures display some anxiety. I find this very interesting.
    * CJ has identified Robyn's attention-seeking gestures and comments.
    * Kody smiles and looks at Robyn more than any other wife.

    If this was an old interview, it is apparent that the seeds of discord were sown at a very early stage.

  4. "We wanted to open up our family, for a way to open up our society" - -

    1. Ok, honey, but you won't say what your society is, dumb B.

    2. You all "open up" way too much, hence, 1000 kids.

    3. How is not answering questions about your religion, like Robyn wouldn't, opening up?

    4. This is what is should say.... "Opening up our family is a way to not work and get paid, and Robyn a way to hint for freebies, and for us to get 4 houses to get the hell away from each other!!!

  5. Come on guys, help me out. What does Robyn say, "I'm # 4 if were_______"
    She was making it very evident she wasn't #4 in the Kody love line!!!!! WHAT DID SHE SAY? Funny, she didn't like that.

    I LOVED it when Kadouche said, talking about how they all play together, "it's just like they are all brother and sisters" ...."uh, I mean, they are brothers and sisters" DUDUDUDUDUUHHHHHHHH
    CYNICAL Jinx, I can't believe you didn't jump on that!

    1. Robyn said: "I'm #4 if we're doing it chronological" (I believe)

  6. I remember this- Cynical I wanted to PUNCH Robyn for interrupting about the kids wanting to brag about 3 moms, she was brand new to the situation.
    She was saying something like 3 moms, ohh, 3X the Christmas presents! I seriously doubt it works that way. More like only 3

  7. Christine- there's a lot more to that girl than meets the eye. I think even her buddy, Janelle, is realizing she's very adept at lying and playing the game.

  8. Terrasola, that was an absolutely fabulous review! I love it when you do those!