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Monday, September 12, 2011

Off the path question-

Have any of you ever lived in a high rise? I am looking at apts./condo's till I'm blue. I thought it would be cool to live in a high rise  and look out over the river - till I started thinking about the kids in the elevators, etc. Then you get into paying ridiculous rent for a garage.
So now I am flipping back to your standard townhouse with a garage- you know your want one up there. but them I seem to lose the fun stuff for the kids-indoor pool, etc.
And, since I am a country girl, why do all the kitchen SUCK totally, even in a 1500 sq foot condo? AND, no washer/ dryer hookups? WTF?
Any suggestions happily taken. I am losing my mind.


  1. I had to leave my high rise when I got a dog. I can't even imagine one with kids, but I guess you do what you have to do.

    My nicest kitchen was in a townhouse. Newer builds have amazing kitchens.

  2. I lived in a studio apartment on the 15th floor of a high rise in Hawaii for about a year. There was no cross ventilation unless another unit on my floor and I, both, had our windows and doors open.

  3. It really sounds like Apt living isn't going to fill your needs. as a kid that grew up in one, it's hard on kids.

  4. Please do not live in a high rise! Not with kids. DH is a firefighter and he says that when one catches on fire they are lucky to save half the people. He has told me horror stories about people they haven't been able to get out.

    Now I know a fire isn't common but its still a safety factor with kids.

  5. You know, it sounded somewhat fun at first, and now, after thinking of the TRIPS, worrying about teens in elevators, nope. Maybe 4 high, that's it.
    I have a townhome I am in LOVE with, but then, you lose the thrills, the pool, etc. I can't seem to win. And, It wasn't like this when I was looking in another city, but here NO W/D Hookups! WTF! Paying 1500-2 grand, and no w/d? Paying out the wazoo at theirs? Sounds terrible!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the input, PLEASE give me more, I am going nuts trying to decide.

  6. I can't get all three in a row- good school, townhome I like in good school, or crimerate is high for that area, when it appears to be a nice area. UGH.