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Monday, September 19, 2011

Should Polygamy or Bigamy Be Illegal?

This is a story abt. a man named "Tater" who is married in Florida, marries another gal in Nevada, and doesn't get prosecuted. Then they bring up the "Tater" twin, KODY BROWN and THE SISTER WIVES FAMILY, so we get to see our crew. I said I would always be fair, and these folks are pro-polygamy. Michael, Melissa, and Amy are the crazy folks. I agree on one point. Why doesn't Melissa just divorce the creep? BECAUSE SHE WANT REVENGE!!!!


  1. From what I understand they are saying Polygamy/Bigamy is legal in the state of Florida?

    Had the Browns moved to Florida then they could all be married legally there? But, there would be no show since all the drama would be over.

    Just wondering what the rest of you think?

  2. I think what they are saying is that in order for it to be considered bigamy in Florida....both marriages need to have taken place in Florida.

    So then the question becomes should bigamy be illegal? Why is it illegal?

  3. There are so many reasons it's wrong, it would be too long to list. So I'll pick my favorite. The children.
    Do we think about them?

  4. There's a great post by Female Attorney on the headaches it would bring on in the family law system, It's here, not sure where.
    It should be one partner with another.
    Mutiple partners esp. if not based on a religion, I bet there lasting is about 1%

  5. I hate it when commentators have an opinion, but have done no research to know what they are talking about. Here, we research, baby!

  6. Sissey, from one Sissy to another (hee hee), I think what they are saying is if he'd married 2 in Florida, then that would of been bigamy, but there law is written funky, so since he married in another state, it doesn't count. Probably an old law not written well.