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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister Wives: New Season Sneak Peek


  1. Looks like Janelle and Christine aren't very happy.

  2. Funny, seems like their uber supporters get mad when people talk on blogs about them having problems, yet, that's all they've shown this season.

  3. Here is my take on the first episode of the season:

  4. Man! She' had some stretch marks there!

  5. I said this in another post - I don't trust the promos, too much editing for drama. However, much of this promo is probably out of context, so we will have to see how the season plays out. I am not surprised if Christine is struggling - she had said she was when Kody said he was going to marry again - she believed she would be the last.

    I believe whole-heartedly that Robyn is showed much favortism. I remember reading somewhere that Kody had petitioned to take a 4th wife previously and was denied because he was poverty stricken. So, I think the only reason he has Robyn is because of the show. Now, couple that with (and I am not a psychologist), Kody was hitting that proverbial - mid-life mark. So, what's a surfer dude to do - he has been married for what 18/19 years - there is a new-ish skinny girl and he has a sports car to boot. Yep, favorite all the way.

    If I were the other wives, I'd have issues too.

  6. Well said, Anne. I agree with you. I don't know who's having problems, but interestingly enough, the other night when I couldn't sleep, I watched parts of S1 and S2 and it just seems to me for a happy family, this family has cried and had issues every episode. The only time they seemed happy was the wedding a a brief period right after.

  7. Now, I don't understand this. They wear all these layers of clothes - no arms showing no bosoms for modesty. But Robyn allows her bare belly to be shown during an ultrasound.

  8. We could start a drinking game for everytime someone cries in an episode.

    I was taking a closer look at the picture above. Just look at it closely. Robyn is front and center, proudly displaying what will certainly be touted by Kody as the second coming of the Christ child. Kody is beaming and his head almost resting on Robyn's shoulder. He is standing very close to Robyn. Meri's smile looks almost forced. Christine's smile looks weak and almost beaten down. Janelle looks like she is contemplating and definitely doesn't look happy.

    Why is this their promo picture? What has made Robyn's baby with Kody so much more special that this is what is being displayed for the public? Again, there is definitely different treatment.

  9. Woah, the last post here was Sept 29, 2011? Does this mean people have lost interest? I enjoy the show. I don't know if I agree that Robyn is getting preferable treatment, as we weren't "there" when the other wives delivered their babies, with the exception of Christine's, Truly. Hmm but now that I think of it.. Christine was alone at the hospital while Kody was kissing Robyn good bye before they were even married, so yeah, I can kinda see it, now that y'all have pointed it out. I do believe it has hit Christine the hardest because not only does her hubby have another wife, she loses her "spot" as the last wife. It was pointed out that she had to go on anti-depressants and anxiety medicine. I totally get that. Another thing that kind of bothers me is that Meri said that she had always wanted a sister wife that she could be close to and now she has that with Robyn. I'm thinking that prob made Christine and Janelle feel like chopped liver. Still like the show, still want to see more!

    1. No, it just means you've commented on a post talking about the third season of Sisterwives which began Sept 25 2011!

      Please join us in 2012 for season 4 sometime this year!