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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Christine Cooks for the Family (season 1)

As you can see from the Pool Party post (and comments), eating a lot of starches cannot be good for your figure. Meri appears to agree, preferring to eat healthy brown and green food groups. Let's just say the color scheme for this meal was autumn, and consisted of tan tater tots, tan breaded fish sticks, orange processed cheese, starchy corn tortillas and kernel corn for a "vegetable". I can't imagine what the goopy stuff in the bowls were, but I believe it was more starch. Enjoy!

Your Thoughts?

Courtesy TLC Channel/YouTube


  1. I cooked some like that, I'd like to think not quite as bad, but there was plenty of Hamburger Helper nights. BUT, not every night! I would of at least faked Miss healthy on TV hee hee
    To to eat starch every night for years is going to add up. Lack of exercise adds up.
    I should know!LOL

    Why is it that Robyn can talk sexy, want to be all sexy,(Intimate manifestation) but these young, beautiful girls are to suppress their natural feelings of wanting to look and feel like every other teenager in America does? A Black shirt over the swim suit, COME ON! They say they trust their kids- but here's the kicker. they must not. I had girls. Beautiful ones. That wore bikini's. Not only did I trust them, I trusted their good judgement to buzz off anyone they didn't want around. Let those kids be teenagers and wear what teenagers wear, and let them be. If you've raised them with good morals, they will be fine.

    If you don't give them a chance to enjoy life before the dreaded marriage to a bunch of women, shame on you.

    It must be very conflicting in their world about sex, sexual desires, etc. I HATE that they are to date someone for a "Short courtship" and BAM, marry them.

    I think the Browns make a big deal of it because they are in less control in Las Vegas of who these kids might actually meet and fall in love with.

    I so wish the teens could be teens, and Robyn would grow up.

    And Meri was the smart on- I remember that.

  2. Let's face it. Those teens need to shed the lbs. Even my husband said that. Sorry, that also comes from laziness.

  3. Color Scheme was Autumn... hilarious!
    I saw the pool party video on TLC- shame, seemed so fake, and sad that it was a big deal, most kids play with other kids daily, esp if you have a pool.

  4. Maybe the girls realize they have "problem areas" and like us OLDER chunky girls, are self-conscious enough to cover it up! If a scoop neck was too low for one of the girls to wear, why would anyone think that appropriate pool attire IN THE POOL would be deemed "appropriate" in the family? It's hard to find swimsuits with full coverage without looking like one of the Duggar clan in a wet suit over a floral tunic.

    From experience, a white shirt over a swimming suit allows the wearer to sunburn, fiercely. Those kids aren't used to the desert sun, that was some pretty white skin that WAS visible.

    My son hardly ever goes out in anything less than jeans and a t-shirt, so when he's going swimming with friends, he gets the option of sunscreen or a shirt - and it's NOT to cover his 19 y/o "manly" physique from the girls' eyes. Have to save his skin, since Mom is the one to hear the whining when it hurts.

    Just sayin', the black shirts may not have been a "modesty" move but a sun-safety and/or cover my chub move.

  5. Well, I'm gone for awhile, and ya'll are talking about me (hee hee)

    No, seriously, there are some really cute one piece bathing suits.

    Looked like the party was in the late evening to me- not extreme heat.

    Wearing the black shirts causes MORE attention, not less. I'm sure it was about the attire.

    I've seen some skimpy shirts on the girls, they, like all kids, do try to push it.

    My question is, I'm of age to have a muffintop I wear proudly, they are not. Are they?

  6. What is in that Bowl?

  7. I think you thinking of an Autumn color bit- cracks me up. Much more interesting to come here and read your little tidbits Cynical, than to actually watch it!

  8. You know, I THINK she forgot to say, and WHEN THE FOOD CARD GETS MONEY ON IT....we go buy.....
    You look at that, and it's hard to fathom they were on food stamps when that was filmed, maybe?

    That Pink summer shirt over the black looks horrible.

    I have looked, I see guac., looks like cheese, and spicy stuff, but what is in the bowl nearest to the front of the screen? Looks like pancakes.

  9. And let's do remember than when Christine was pregnant, all talk was not of the baby. She wore older clothes, and worked taking care of the kids. Let's see how Ro-Bun rolls.
    Wouldn't all that canned food get old - there was enough in there to feed a cafeteria full of 6th graders. I don't see how you could eat that much within a preservative time frame.

  10. So the Question is, what to the rest of the seasons look like?
    Winter: mashed potatoes and blueberries (I always think of blue sky)
    Spring? Summer?

  11. Christine CRAVES fish tacos. She wants fish sticks and tater tots shoved in tortillas... Anyone else think she may be pregnant? My big craving, before I even knew I was pregnant, was breakfast burritos at McDonald's. Greasy, carboholics heavenly manna, and just a pregnancy thing (thank goodness!).

    Just a thought...and if the kids don't really care for them, why didn't they all go to Meri's for dinner and Christine could just fatten up Kody - and skip the pepper so he stayed longer than just the meal.

  12. HAHAHA Snowflake!
    I have a confession. We ate super early tonight- so the kids could go to practice. At 8 they came in and, as boys do, started going thru the fridge. Evening snack (which was unusual for us)

  13. Wonder how many asparagus tips Meri would be sautéing if she had a dozen at her dinner table.