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Friday, September 23, 2011

One Man, Four Wives, Sixteen Kids

HLN's Dr Drew talks to polygamist Kody Brown and his wives about their faith and how they handle such a large family.

I particularly liked when Kody was answering a question and Janelle shot him a WTH Kody, that's the same damn answer you gave to that George guy this morning! look. I don't think I'd want to get on her bad side.

Your thoughts?


  1. What else was said?

  2. 1. Even the first question, Kody acts like he has no personality.
    3. He adopted the belief at 14- found a venue later? SINCE WHEN? This is a new story.
    4. For some reason I actually liked the fact that Robyn joined the family- not sure why, but from what she says, it's always a personal he and I; Kody put it more in balance.
    for being an egotistical maniac, Kody is like a scared rabbit in these interviews. And Meri got to speak!

  3. Honestly,
    I wish Drew had hit a hard question, like, how are you even a father to them all- daily.

  4. I could even find something to make fun of.

  5. Did anyone see the whole piece? Were there any other questions to them?

  6. Yes I watched the entire segment. One thing I have to say is that the entire interview was about 27 minutes long (including commercials). So, I have jotted down a few of Dr Drew's questions and the jist of how the Browns answered them, hopefully within the hour I will post a comment with the info.

  7. OK, I jotted down some of the questions Dr Drew posed. Actually, the show was quite pleasant, and did a lot to whet my appetite for the new season.

    Dr Drew asked if the Browns were finding any support with the mainstream LDS community - Kody answered by saying the audience will see a little taste of this when he returns home to Wyoming this season.

    Dr Drew : Can you share with me what a lot of the negativity is based upon? What's the main complaints you're hearing? Kody talks briefly about most other faiths believing they are the right one, then nervous giggling from the wives and Dr drew moves on!

    Dr Drew: What would you say to people who believe that because you were raised in a polygamous environment it somehow poisoned your sense of what a real relationship was? Meri fielded this question, saying that the argument was inaccurate - because anybody in any sort of lifestyle or relationship, was raised a certain way. If you were brought up in a monogamous family, that lifestyle is familiar to you. She feels the same way in terms of polygamous families.

    Dr Drew: Not to sound indelicate but Where does your stamina come from. Kody must have misunderstood the question (I believe Dr Drew was aiming for the viagra angle here) and started talking about when you have one child and then the second child blah blah blah. His answer was very similar to the rambling answer I transcribed from the GMA interview - and Janelle did shoot him that wth look.

    My feelings? I think Dr Drew understood Kody has a problem, and therefore didn't push for an answer to questions. However, there were several instances when Dr Drew spoke over the wives (particularly Meri) when she attempted to answer for Kody or to clarify what Kody just tried to answer. I doubt very seriously we will ever see Kody interviewed by a seasoned news personality, like a Jane Velez-Mitchell.

    On the question of jealousy, all the wives agreed they do become jealous at times, but they work through it. (I wonder if they have a punching bag)

    Dr Drew was talking about Robyn and that she couldn't be on the show. Christine interrupted him and said "She's very sadly missed though, we miss her" Dr Drew said in a curt manner "That's nice" and continued his introduction to the clip of Kody announcing her pregnancy to the family. Meri said she took the news about Robyn's pregnancy very well and she is happy about it.

    Dr Drew asked Kody when he revealed himself as a polygamist on national tv, did he think it would lead to this (being investigated by Utah). Kody responded that he "didn't know what to think...I honestly...we were very naive. There were so many polygamist out there, and there were so many that were living in secrecy and obscurity we just felt like...by going public we would actually be doing a service to bring them more open...to be an example of being open about who we were. We didn't know what to expect."

    Christine added that their new community in Las Vegas has accepted them and the kids are happy.

    And when Dr Drew brought up the lawsuit and asked why it was filed, Janelle answered by saying at the advice of their attorney, etc etc etc...

    Dr Drew did bring up the stamina question again (because he was sure that's what his viewers want to know) Kody answered that a gentlemen doesn't speak of such things. Dr Drew said, "Fair enough, so I'll go to the wives" to which Christine answered that ladies don't speak of those things either.

    The interview continued with Christine explaining the differences between a Warren Jeffs FLDS versus how a majority of the polygamous family lives. And that Christine is disgusted with Warren Jeffs molesting young girls.

    Dr Drew brought up Big Love again (which in my opinion is a mistake to compare the Browns to the Hendricksons) and I agree with Christine when she said you have to realize Big Love was fiction: their show is reality.

    Your Thoughts?

  8. Very interesting, Cynical. I love how you look at things. like noticing Dr. Drew cutting off them women (GOOD for him) and pushing through.
    I didn't see it, but i feel like I have now!
    So what to you Cynical think Dr. Drew thinks Kody's problem is?
    I love the fact that Dr. Drew keeps things rolling the way HE wants them to roll.
    See how fake Christine is? To me, she is getting FAKER by the moment. She really seems to want to PUSH certain ideas or presentations through, and probably has been taught very well.
    It annoys me when the women jump in on Kody talking. Thanks for the review!!

  9. HOLD THE PHONE - I clicked off and had to come back.
    "They don't speak of such things." (ie sex)
    That is so hypocritical after Robyn just coming out with that weird manifestation. Why didn't she just say, I'm #1!

  10. i watched it CJ and that was an EXCELLENT report! You ROCK!! (i really wish we had "like" buttons here, don't y'all? )

  11. yea, b/c it did rock!

  12. Great Review!
    No one seem to catch this -
    "Christine added that their new community in Las Vegas has accepted them and the kids are happy."

    Well, are they? They look like there all a blast, since your doing a episode on how unhappy they are. rolling eyes.

  13. Hey Mimi. I just think Kody gets extremely nervous in front of live cameras - sort of like a form of stage fright. Remember last year, in one of his first interviews Kody was asked a question and he just sat there? If I remember correctly (I think it was the Today show maybe?) this took the interviewer by surprise and was a very jarring moment for everyone involved.

    Dr Drew, on the other hand, set up his questions carefully, allowing Kody to formulate an answer. Now, Kody did goof up the stamina question initially, but Dr Drew did not press for an answer right away. He just waited a while and posed the question again, in a very friendly manner. This time Kody got it right and gave an appropriate answer.

  14. I don't agree with there way of living, but thats the way they want to live I think every woman deserves the attention of her husband 24/7. I wouldn't be able to share my husband with anyone else, but God Bless them all.

  15. I appreciate their honesty. If Sister Wives quit trying provoke empathy and use the show for profit, they might have a great show.