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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Colorado City and the Underground Railroad pt. 4

Even the Mayor of Colorado city is an open polygamist!


  1. Warren Jeffs seems to be talking in a almost hypnotic voice as he drones into these children what bad things will happen to them if they are not "sweet" and obedient to him and their fathers. They are taught this from almost birth....they know no different kind of life....this is not living.

    No wonder these women find it almost impossible to get away...with almost all of the town being related some way or another and most of them in high power jobs i.e. police chief, Mayor, school superintendent, doctors, teachers. How depressive it must be especially to those who might challenge authority.

    What saddens me is the women who would not leave even if they had a chance because they never knew anything about self esteem.

    No, I would certainly not have made a good polygamous wife. Thank you Texas for finally putting this man where he belongs. If he decides to starve himself to death, so be it. No telling how many women and children's "spirits" he killed without them even having to die.

  2. it's very complicated for the women to leave. most of the time they're not able to take their children with them and they're not educated or skilled enough to support themselves on the outside.

    a very good book about it all is Flora Jessop's Church of Lies. she's been trying to get her little sister out for years but has not been able to cause of all her kids. she couldn't get her mother out either. it gets very complicated when you understand all the background and the indoctrination since birth.

    and yes, the whole town is fundy - including the cops and judges, mayor, etc. That's why the town was founded along with its sister city hilldale. just try driving through them and see how much you're watched and followed. they do not like strangers in their towns,

  3. Thank you Anonymous, I have no clue as to how bad it must be. I could never leave my children and I can just imagine how hard it must be with no more than a 6th grade education and no more skills than childcare and housekeeping.

    I have read about Flora but have not read that book but, I will soon. Currently I am reading "Under the Banner of Heaven". That is certainly beginning to open my eyes.

    Hopefully, I have not offended you as you seem to know what you are talking about. As you can tell, I am an outsider but I am horrified at what I see that is happening to the women and children. Thank you for replying.

  4. no worries as you did not offend me at all. it's very easy for all to judge on the outside looking in. i appreciate your comments as you sound like you're very open to learning the complexities of leaving that lifestyle when you're engulfed in it.

    my heart goes out to all (including the male victims) from the misfortune of being born into these circumstances and then having to deal with it all the best they can. it's pure hell for most for sure. and yet they believe in the law of sacrifice and that it will somehow all be worth it in the next life.

    Under the Banner of Heaven is a hard read like Flora's book but the Lafferty brothers were actually raised in mainstream Mormon and wanted to go back to polygamy so, they started their own church - School of the Prophets. Krakauer wasn't 100% accurate in his "facts" but nothing that really changed the overall dynamic of the tragedy. Ron Howard is currently getting a movie underway. can't wait!

    there is a very good insightful documentary re: the lifestyle complexity in which Flora Jessop appears in. you can watch it here for free:


    another excellent current documentary is called Sons of Perdition but the only place i know of that you can see it is occasionally as a re-run on the oprah channel OWN.

    thanks again for your comments, Sissey, as well as your open and inquisitive mind.

  5. *mainstream Mormonism

  6. I just watched Damned to Heaven (Thanks Anonymous for the link). I have always had a fiercely independent streak and need to be free; I cannot imagine what life would be like for me if the society I live in did not allow me to express those aspects of my character and personality ... and worse still said that those same traits were evil.

    How can we say that allowing anything less for any other person or child in this same society is acceptable or should be acceptable, when every man, woman and child legally has the same basic human rights?

    Wake up people. This is not a harmless choice for adults. At its best, this is the psychological abuse of children. At its average, so much worse. At its worse, hell on earth.