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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anderson and "Sister Wives" with FLDS children.

Did you watch today? Thoughts? If you did, tell us, 'cause I didn't see it!

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  1. I didn't either, and I'd love to hear about it. I hope the little gal that came on the blog comes and talks to us too. Was Robyn really mad, or did they just fake that?

  2. They don't want government interference until welfare check time. Then they are thrilled to accept "government licensing and control" . Just like my kids, "we want to be independent, but we have no money".

  3. I saw it today. The promo was definitely done for drama and ratings because it wasn't nearly as dramatic. Robyn was not mad. The exchange was relatively benign.

    The piece started with the kids froms the FLDS. This segment was a follow up to last week's show with these kids since it got such a large response. The Browns seemed to be an add-on for a different perspective. There was no newe information. Although, I have a couple of thoughts.

    First, I thought there was a surprising difference in the way the Browns presented today than in the recent episode and promos. Everybody was happy and getting along and there were no tears and all was well in the land King Kody and his concubines. Everybody is excited about the baby - although it should be noted that Kody's facial expressions and body language is quite telling when they zoom in on him while Robyn is talking.

    And then a couple of questions:

    1. Why when asked about the lawsuit does only Janelle answer? The answer is always the same..on the advice of our attorney, blah, blah. but, it is always Janelle.

    2. Why does Kody say he won't consider another wife? He clearly was quoted in a previous article that he pitched that idea to TLC already. And more importantly doesn't his "religion" have the tenet of continuing to take wives.

    3. Why do they never actually discuss their religion?

    AC did not ask a lot of hard hitting questions - probably because the focus was really on the kids from the FLDS, who by the way were excellent and very moving.

  4. Did anyone catch Wendy Williams today?

  5. Does anyone know if there's a way to see this online? Or if there are any scheduled reruns of it on TV? I'd love to see the whole show--thanks!

  6. I've looked for both online too- not there

  7. Anne said "Everybody is excited about the baby - although it should be noted that Kody's facial expressions and body language is quite telling when they zoom in on him while Robyn is talking."

    What vibe was there in your opinion?

    How did he answer about the wives, and yes, his religion to get to the "top" you must have 7.

  8. KodysFavorite- Hi! I can't find Anderson, but if you do, let me know!

  9. Here is a link to the whole show: http://www.novamov.com/video/e539sqme0vlvt

    It was interesting!

  10. Thank you iamse7en, getting ready to watch!

  11. Well, finally got through that. Can't wait to get up in about 31/2 hrs!
    My thoughts on Anderson:

    WHY did Christine have to butt in when Kody was talking about wives? I WANTED TO SEE KODY TALK. HOW many friggin times is she going to tell that SAME story? I wanted to be the third wife. (I am shaking my head wildly and doing my little parody) I could recite it perfectly by now. NO ONE ASKED YOU, CHRISTINE, your annoying the fudge out of me.

    And UGH! She did it again when he asked Kody about Robyn! I was sitting here thinking SHUT UP WOMAN, LET YOUR MAN TALK. Yes, I’m shouting, it irritated me.

    Ohh, don’t even get me started on the Christine clip of “That right there is why we’re moving, I believe they said another thing on Access Hollywood (see 3 posts in Aug Section)

    Oh Cynical, your favorite clip is on this!

    WAKE ME UP! Christine and the SAME OLE STORY of how her grandparents got arrested. Did Anderson ask about that? NOOOOOOO

    Boy, they didn’t want to answer the religion question – that they were doing this for religious beliefs – I don’t know why, that’s what it is all about. I am happy Kody did say it was a tenet of their belief.

    Anderson did ask twice if Kody was thinking about another wife.
    "The term is multiplying wives and it’s dogmatic and I’m not interested." WOW Kody used the term dogmatic in other sentence he got to say before being interrupted, too.

    Boy, those kids had some good questions from watching the Sister Wives show! Hogan sure didn't believe them. You can tell that. Christine was going to talk a lot to shut their time out.

    The BEST part of the show were the wonderful children of the FLDS. Didn't it make you want to rush up there and hug Hogan?

    Kody looked extremely strained, drained, and tired.

    I think it's time for some new questions from the TV show host.

    Somebody write down it was on Anderson 9/2011 --that Mariah said she was going into polygamy on, and Logan unsure, Maddie saying no again- I'm sure that will come up! Oops, I just did for us!LOL

  12. Sorry. Meant to finish my post. I apologize I wasn't clear in my comments: "everybody was super excited about the baby." When I referred to Kody's facial expressions, I was referring to the zoom ins when Robyn was speaking - Kody has this "enamoured, your my "only" love kinda look with that cheesy weesy frat boy grin". Just noting the subtle differences in how he responds to his wives.

    MS - I agree with your comments. Christine seemed much more talkative today, maybe cause Robyn wasn't there to interject, wouldn't it have been funny to have her on a time delay? I also noted in my comment that Janelle is the only one who talks or non-talks about the lawsuit.

    I don't have any sympathy for the story about Christine's grandparents. Frankly, and please don't be offended by this, but it is not like they are victims of the Holocaust. They were people who were breaking the laws (albeit under the guise of religious freedom) and you know, it is two generations ago. Times were different. Even the state has said that they haven't prosecuted for plural marriage in how many years? It is only the other abuses that they prosecute.

    You know what I would like to see: Kody interviewed alone. With Bill O'Reilly. or Nancy Grace. Somebody that would bare their canines and tear him to shreads.

  13. Can someone PLEASE ask this family to thier face about BANKRUPTCIES and tell Christine about her grandfather getting SHOT??!!

  14. Anne and MS - gold stars to both of you for knowing the word is "tenets." i get so tired of constantly seeing religious people explaining their faith's "tenants."

    Janelle - is the professional mind of the bunch and has been deemed (probably by their attorney) to be the only one capable and therefore allowed to repeat that line and then shut up.

    MS - wasn't his name Holden? and yes, i could hug him to death!

    Camera Man - obviously noticed how Kody's face would light up whenever Robyn spoke and made sure we all saw it as well. also made sure we saw if and when he looked at the other wives talking, he had that signature puzzled and furrowed brow look.

    i loved how mariah got the leg rub from Robyn (since she wants to be plyg and robyn approves) but the other teen's body language spoke volumes how stonefaced staring straight ahead whenever robyn spoke. they must really dislike her. alot.

  15. c c I like your observations. Actually, I like them all! It was a decent show, I bet Anderson was good to those kids - though I would of liked to of heard more from Jessica. Kody couldn't contain himself when he saw Robyn, could he? I mean the man was giddy.

  16. Oh yeah, he was in love looking at her, and certainly not the others. Janelle is spokewoman, and Christine IS annoying, I agree MS! Same oh same oh it seems.
    Can't wait till Sunday!

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  18. With Robyn it is still honeymoon time and I'm sure the other wives are aware of it and it probably was an issue at first. I mean if it wasn't for Robyn they could have kept their other big house. Janelle would still have her great job, etc. BUT they made a choice and a commitment to follow through in their faith and to support their husband in his decisions. All those girls could probably whip his butt.

    The "new" will wear off of Robyn (sorry Robyn). I'm sure afer all this time that the other ladies know how to occupy themselves.

    Love you all by the way! If your ever Tampa we would love to show y'all the sites!!