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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Inside Story Polygamy - part 4 of 5

All I have to say is... watch. sex, incest, little kids saying they have to live plural to see god, it's all right here in this horrible dog and pony show.


  1. This part I think got to me worse than any of the others. to little little boys, 9, 10, say the MUST live plural marriage to see god. And you say, leave them alone, let them lives their lives? Look at what they are doing to these kids!

    And, Rena talking about incest and how her brother and mother new, and did absolutely nothing. How she survived, I'll never know. there's no safety for the kids.

    John Harper's 2 wives work, plus him and that's the home the church gives them? hmmm....

    I feel I have learned quite a bit from these, i hope you have too. After Part 5, we are starting another series, which is more fascinating than these!

  2. I just finished watching all 5 videos. I am shocked. Working in the emergency room as well as being a sexual assault nurse examiner, I have seen abuse. These videos are filled with abuse not only physical but emotional and spiritual. My heart breaks for these women and children, and I cringe to hear that this is all in the "name of God."

  3. I have watched it, too, and you are so right, Andrea, don't the children break your hearts? do you REALLY think that the AUB lets the kids go if they don't want to be in it?
    It's easy for the Browns to say they can have a choice, but yet, bring them up in a home schooled, Church based school. So, if you think your going to hell otherwise, what choice to do you?

  4. This is just sickening. PLEASE don't legitimize polygamy!

  5. The just are making my heart break. Surely they don't all live that way.

  6. I grew up in a Protestant Christian home and underwent the same abuse the one sister wife related. It could have been my own story. It was very hard to watch this series, but it reinforces the need to have some kind of safety net for these women and children....some way to get out when these things happen...however, until we acknowledge that this happens in our own society and stop blaming the victims we won't have any success in the polygamous societies either. I was treated like a liar, accused of fabricating my abuse, and ostracized because of what I went through. I suffer from the effects of my abuse even today.

    I pray to God that our legislators have the presence of mind not to condone the kind of lifestyle that allows molesters and abusers to go fully unpunished because of the atmosphere of fear and secrecy surrounding the society at large. Polygamy is against the law for a reason. There is too much intimidation, too much suppression, too much psychological brainwashing within these secretive societies for them to be a healthy way to live. I will acknowledge that there are some families that live clean, decent lifestyles, but I will also tell you flat out that from the videos I just watched this kind of living is the perfect breeding ground for abuse, molestation, incest and terror.

    God help the children who are born into these families and grow up thinking that this is the way He wants things to be.......and I can take at least a small amount of consolation in knowing that come the Judgement Day, these men, these....animals, will answer for what they have done to the precious children of God they have mistreated. They won't be living in mansions in heaven, that's for sure....the fires of hell will be their final destination.