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Friday, September 9, 2011

Colorado City and the Underground Railroad pt.2

A woman challenges losing her daughter to an older man at 16. No police seem interested in helping her. Off the subject, I am surprised, she does wear slacks. Can you imagine going to your local police saying, the church has taken my daughter, and I'm worried she's married to a 39 yr old man with 10 kids, will you help me? And they say no. It's just a whole 'nother world in the west, isn't it. Lenore was a BRAVE woman. Warren retaliated by taking their home. The father seems pretty B l a h  about it. It infuriates me to hear him say, the trouble is because his wife would not sign over their daughter!  You can so tell, he didn't care. My question is, why didn't they leave after that??

Reported by Mike Watkiss. Sadly, Part one could not be transferred, but you can go to you tube and watch it. It's great - showing Flora taking some girls out to safety.


  1. How do these men who are sworn to protect people and enforce the law get away with this? They themselves are breaking the law. And, the young girls and women who go to the police for help are just turned away by the very law enforcement officers who are paid to protect them.

    Flora is doing a great job and I admire her courage but when is the government going to grow the balls needed to protect the women and girls who need and want protection? Maybe Arizona should stop worrying about border issues and start thinking about protecting and enforcing the laws of their state and stop polygamy. This goes for the state of Utah too.

  2. Powerful point. It INFURIATES me they can be law enforcement and get away with it. Seems to be that The Poligs are runing the country out there, and no one dares to cross them

  3. It's scary, too. I fear for Flora's safety.