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Thursday, September 22, 2011

VIDEO ONLINE NOW Sister Wives: Robyn's Pregnancy Causes a Stir on Season Premiere

Kody Brown and his four wives already have 16 children. But it's news about the 17th that shakes up the household on the new season of Sister Wives, which premieres Sunday (9 p.m. ET) on TLC. A new preview of season 3 shows Brown revealing to the family that his fourth wife, Robyn Sullivan, is pregnant. But not everyone seems thrilled at the announcement.  Later, Sullivan – the first new wife to enter the family in 16 years – breaks down as she recalls the somewhat chilly reception to her news by some of the family's older children. "I was looking for a reaction from everybody," she says. "And it stung a little bit, because I wasn't really sure at the time, you know, what to think."

That's not the only drama the family will face this season. The Browns, including other wives Meri, Janelle and Christine, also have to adjust to their new life in Las Vegas, where they moved this past January, saying they were forced to leave Utah in order to avoid  prosecution for felony bigamy.
Source: People Magazine-Thanks to Anonymous for finding this!

Oh good grief, are we going to start this season off with her BAWLING! Isn't it bad enough the whole season will be about her anyway? HOW did she think those kids would react? Does she really think Christine is happy, or just a good faker for the cause? What do you think?
The Girl knows how to suck the air out of the room. And Janelle was smiling at first, then they made her look unhappy.  Nope. Those kids don't have any pressure on them. Not at all. Thoughts?


  1. I swear, she's got some real insecurity issues. You can't have "expectations" for a bunch of teens like that. Let them get used to the idea. Why does she always make it about her, instead of I'm happy, hope everyone get's used to it!

  2. Love your pics! They are the best!

  3. and remember Robyn's the only one who has stated that she hopes and wants all their children to choose their lifestyle while the other 3 have consistently said, "it will be their choice." also, remember the family "dating" discussion and she went against what the other wives were saying and she wanted it to be completely strict like hers was. she's a product of her upbringing and thinks the heavy-handed/dictatorial rule is best.

    the teens have quickly gotten over her fake "cool and hip young mom" facade she first presented to them while dating Daddy to the reality of the little militant dictator she really is in their lives now.

    and i bet they ALL eyeball roll at each other now every time she queues up the drama tears.

  4. You know, I am getting sick and tired of them complaining when someone says they are not a happy family, yet, that's all they show when you stop and think about it. Remember when DAD had the teen girls make up a birthday party for Robyn? Now, is that something you really want to do as a kid- it would NATURALLY bring up jealousy, worried about their moms, etc. If he wanted it, he should of done it.

  5. I KNOW! IF RO BUN were a grown up, she would realize that the teens are in a tough spot, and it will take time and be fine once the babies here. My mom used to put you on the spot, and if she didn't get the response she was looking for, you usually got a pep talk from dad to go play like you love it, or whatever, to make her happy, why? Why do grown up expect kids to be emotionally ready to be pleased as punch daddy is fucking another woman. They were are all used to the other moms, that's all they know. This comes with the ick factor.
    As Mattie said, at least she's not 19.
    I swear, is the attention never enough for her?

  6. And c c you are so right. Robyn wants everything her way, with NOT her children. Go fuck you own up, Robyn, like moving Dayton 20 times. Or give a kid a name and say it right.
    She is NOT respectful of the other wives. Sit down, shut up, and wait your turn. Meri barely gets to speak anymore.

  7. My grandma was.... a sparker. She would say weird stuff that stuck in my head forever. Kinda like Tony Soprano's mom.
    She would say to this.... Boo fuckin hoo. Quit acting like they all shit in your ice cream!
    A bit.... raw, one might say, but wouldn't it be funny if someone turned around and said that to her??

  8. REally, Boo Fuckin ooh

  9. Now wait a minute - up at the very top post, Robyn is grossing everyone out with her "intimate manifestation" comment.

    Now she's upset because the teens didn't jump up and down? They could be cool with it. Hello? Has she ever lived with a teenager? They aren't exactly full of emotions about stuff that's not pertaining to them. I'm shocked they weren't all playing with their phones! XD

    She is ruining this family, and the original recipe gals waistlines.

    DO YOU THINK KODY WILL GET TIRED OF HER? I do. Wait 3 years, if that. She just doesn't fit in.

  10. Do any of you think it was odd that they did not get pregnant before they moved to LV? I am sure that they were F****** their brains out after they got married and surely before too. I think they were using B/C and waiting until the move. Possibly so they would not be charged with anything else in Utah.

    Just my thoughts but also kind of odd since they waited so "long".

    None of the kids nor Meri, Janelle nor Christine deserved this "slap" in the face so soon, if at all.

  11. Oops, do AUB, Allred group or FLDS even use B/C. Probably not....just like all of us Catholics=)).

  12. Sissey, she would of been pregnant in Utah, her due date is the 12th, she would have conceived in Lehi- I had it written down- between the 11th and the 15th I think.

  13. DISCLAIMER: I am not a mental health professional, but I do have family members with diagnosed mental illnesses.

    To me, this situation illustrates Robyn's narcissistic tendencies. Her reactions indicate to me her (possibly subconscious) belief that her need for attention, acceptance and validation outweighs any feelings and needs that the kids may have. It also indicates that she did not even realize that other family members might have feelings and needs different from hers. This shows that she may have difficulty empathizing with others, a hallmark narcissistic trait.

    A person with strong narcissistic traits cannot put the needs of others ahead of their own, which is necessary in a family like the Browns with multiple wives and teenagers where there are lots of needs and where sometimes there can be jealousy and hurt feelings.

    Hmmm, the more I think about this, the more I see things that confirm it (the narcissistic traits). Robyn likes to put her 2 cents into every interview, conversation and discussion. This is typical of narcissists, who have a need to be considered "experts" in whatever subject is under discussion, and also a need to be the center of attention and excessively admired.

    Please note that many people display such tendencies. Just because this is part of a person's personality / character does not mean that the person is mentally ill; that is a whole different ball of wax.

  14. i wonder if some of it could be that Robyn was a needy child and didn't get the time and attention she required due to growing up in a polygamous family. and that has escalated instead of dissipated over time and into adulthood.

    Kody may be the first guy that has ever fawned over her and given her such attention as well as she's in the limelight by being on national TV. she's suddenly validated and noticed for the first time in her life.

    just wondering...

    i'm sure a psychiatrist or someone like Steve Hassan could have a field day with her. the whole group really.

  15. You know Terrasola and CC, I think you are both right.

    I think it was on Anderson's show (my memory is getting really fuzzy right now) that had the former FLDS kids on, and they said they barely knew their father. With Robyn's background, I wonder if she used certain behaviors like crying or even being the "perfect" polyg girl (virginal, pure, no dating, no mixed parties)to garner as much attention as possible from her father (Look at me Look at me! I'm perfect!). And even now, she is playing the "perfect" polyg wife (Kody and I are soulmates, we like the same foods, I want our kids to stay in the faith, etc.)I doubt that Kody was the first guy to fawn over her, but I bet Kody's bottom dollar she's going to get as much mileage from this union as humanly possible. I really believe her end goal is to be the only wife and that she is willing to have sisterwives until she doesn't need babysitters anymore and then she will throw all the other wives under the proverbial bus, one by one.

  16. T - "This shows that she may have difficulty empathizing with others, a hallmark narcissistic trait."

    THAT's what I was thinking I couldn't put my finger on. I know someone JUST Like that. And cc - it may be the opposite. The person I know, is very pretty, and had everything she could ever imagine, and family fawning over her, etc. She married a great guy. but to this day, she comes out with some "Robyn's" that amaze me. IT'S ALL ABOUT HER. It may be Robyn's spoiled trait, or as T said, a personality disorder.

  17. well, 2 opposing extremes could produce the same symptomatic behavior tho. raised as a spoiled brat and the center of the universe = an "all about me" adult. given no attention and validation as a child = an "all about me adult.""

    therefore, the "Inner child" syndrome at play in adulthood even tho coming from opposite ends of the spectrum in childhood. make sense?

    and yeah, to expound on "first fawning attention from a man." i was just reflecting on Kody saying that it was the first time he'd really felt all giddy inside about someone. in other words, it was the first time he was actually felt in love/lust with someone and he knew it felt different from his feelings he had marrying the other 3. i'm sure he told this in private to Robyn, too thus the "soulmate" comment from her. who knows that maybe she didn't get that from anyone else before and she just swallowed it up and ignored all the circumstances of how hard it was all going to be coming in to this family. Her and Kody have probably given her the private title of "soulmate wife" instead of a # like the others have. i honestly think this is where Robyn's confidence and smugness about her and Kody comes from. I agree with CJ about Robyn's ultimate plan. but Meri ain't goin' nowhere... :')