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Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Court Dockets show Utah unlikely to press charges on 'Sister Wives' family

"Sister Wives" is now preparing to start airing the 3rd season on TLC. The premiere will air on Sunday September 25, 2011.New court documents are now saying that Utah will probably not press charges on Kody Brown and his four wives for living as polygamists.
One thing that the document said was:
"Were the Browns committing other crimes, such as spousal or child abuse, welfare fraud or the like, the chance of prosecution would be likely,"
The Brown family did not do anything illegal besides living as polygamists. There are no accusations against them for treating their children badly or anything else that the family could be charged with at this time. The court papers even say that since 1960 they have only filed charges 3 times in the state of Utah for polygamy and every single time they had other charges as well.
One other thing in the court dockets that is interesting is that it mentions over 30,000 polygamists live in Utah at this time. They are not trying to file charges on the other families in the area.

What do you think of Kody Brown and his wives not being charged? Are you excited to watch the new season of "Sister Wives"?

**I'm excited! I can't wait!!!!!

http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-oklahoma-city/new-court-dockets-show-utah-unlikely-to-press-charges-on-sister-wives-family/ Picture TLC


  1. You are wondering why they are not being charged ? They never charge polygamists for polygamy unless they coerce someone into marriage or they marry someone who is underage. The attorney general has said as much on video tape, and on interviews with the press.

  2. But, if you jaywalked....

  3. Yeah, the more they say it, the more it bothers me.

  4. Here's what I think

  5. Big surprise. they've been saying all along if it involves consenting adults they don't care.

    Remember the first ep of S2 of Big Love? When Bill's attorney told him that the DA said as long as he didn't marry underage girls or do anything illegal or whatever he would not get prosecuted or charged? If I recall Bill seemed almost annoyed by that - basically they don't care, legally. I think it's part of the allure - the fact that it is not legal or socially acceptable. Kody knew that even before they had that whole thing on S2 where they felt they were being chased by te cops and had to flee to LV. Please. manufactured DRAMA!

  6. It sure is! And we sure try to point it out here. Since they say every thing is so real