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Monday, September 5, 2011

Question - what happens to the older polygamists?


Here's a new question for the blog:

What happens to the elderly plygs when they can no longer live on their own?  Do they move in with a son or daughter?  Or go to retirement homes?  How does that work with all the different relationships?

One of the recently posted videos mentioned a group called Tapestry Against Polygamy, which used to have a website that is no longer there.   What happened to this group? 

Thanks for the blog!


  1. The elderly usually get a government check so they are an asset. Down & Autistic kids another blessing because of government assistance.

    Regarding Tapestry, Rowenna Erickson is still active, but not under the old name. RE was a former Kinston member. Vicky Prutny another co-founder is in California now, we emailed a few days ago. Other volunteers are still active like Laura Chapman/Mackert, Carmen Thompson & Andrea Emmett Moore, who authored "God's Brothel" if memory serves me correctly. I am not sure what date they they discontinued under that name, all are still reachable.

    Jay Beswick

  2. It works really badly with all the relationships! When, for example, a man gets old and ill, he wants to stay put in one home (usually with his favorite wife with whom he feels most comfortable.) That causes ill feeling, and then children of other mothers often complain that they are not comfortable visiting their father in that home. (Seen it happen.)

  3. The FLDS has in the past placed older widows in retirement home out of state. Don't know what they do now.

  4. I would say, too often, they are pushed aside and neglected, and someone cashes their check. Just like what happens in regular society far too often.

  5. Ooooh, I can relate to that since I am "older".
    I can only assume that they are thrown aside since they can no longer reproduce. How sad..but, that leaves room for new wives... Too bad that the old geezers can have whatever they want for as long as they want. Double Standard?

    The women are pushed aside as are the disabled and mentally challenged?

    This is so sad as women have gained so many rights and now they are moved right back into the dark ages by this group.

    Do these old geezers get Viagra or something else to keep them able to be up and reproduce?

  6. Sissey you are so funny! I do wish we had someone to tell us more about this...

  7. I don't know from a Fundamentalist standing, but if they already take all their earnings, why wouldn't they take an elder's check?
    It does seem if your going to be in a FM- Allred group SEEMS to treat their people the best- when they aren't stealing from them, that is.LOL

  8. Let's just say a prayer that ALL elderly are treated with love and respect. Far too many are ignored, and were good to their snotty spoiled children who now ignore them.

  9. FreeAndClear, can you explain more?

  10. If I remember correctly, and I tried to google it and didn't find what I was looking for, the FLDS compound in South Dakota was specifically designed to be a home for elderly FLDS women. They retire women in/after menopause, since sex for any reason but procreation is verboten, to the compound, to live out their lives cloistered like nuns, and toiling away on FLDS business enterprises, such as cheese making plants.

    I am torn on this one. On one hand, it is probably a well deserved rest after birthing 10-16 children. On the other, it seems remarkably cruel to send women away after you consider them useless for sex, and further deprive them in their elder years of any affection or attention we would consider normal for a woman to expect from her "husband."

    The founder of TAP is a cancer survivor, and never received enough help or funds when she was healthy to keep the organization running, much less so while she battled her disease.

    I hear she is doing well now and has relocated outside of Utah. Good for her!

  11. Well Boots, your right, torn, yet at least they are nice to them. But, I thought marriage was forever????? Even without sex.