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Friday, September 23, 2011

'Sister Wives' Husband Kody Brown Invites Brad Pitt To Join Family OH GOOD GRIEF!!!

Controversial "Sister Wives" patriarch Kody Brown, who is no stranger to media criticism, is feeling Brad Pitt’s pain after his strange remarks regarding ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. In fact, Brown likes Pitt so much he's welcoming him to join his family of four wives and 16 children.

“If there was going to be a brother husband, I would ask Brad to join the family,” Brown tells me backstage at "New York Live," his wives standing close by. “I’m an Angie guy. She is weird but she's genuine. She was married to Billy Bob, come on. It’s not a matter of Jen being dull, but I think Angelina Jolie is a real humanitarian. I see her as a mother. Jen could do it well, but Brad and Angie are good parents.”   HE'S Judging Jennifer Anniston's child rearing skills?

And although Brown would be happy to welcome the actor into his crew, he is sure that he will not be welcoming any more ladies to join the modern family anytime soon. “No more wives because I feel maxed out,” Brown tells me. “I want to give them all that I’ve got. I think that I can manage it. I do want to ... No, maybe I don’t think I can manage it.”

And with another child on the way, Brown encourages his bromance brother to have more children too.  “Angie and Brad should have more children ... They are good parents,” Brown says. “I like them. They are involved. I think Angelina Jolie has got a heart of gold.” 

(Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/23/sister-wives-husband-kody-brown-brad-pitt-family_n_978148.html)


  1. Well, now Angie and Brad can sleep at night, since they have the stamp of approval from KODY BROWN!

    What a idiot! Does he think he's a star in their league now? What is he doing talking about who's a better mother, Jen or Angie, when Jen hasn't had any, and oh, HE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW HER.

    Guys here at the blog, you couldn't of had a better day, your right. AND, I am waiting for Cynical Jinx's review!!!

  2. Oh, wow, the wives should snap up that brother-husband idea! We heard the offer, jump on it! He's not okay with Meri mentioning it, but hey, if Brad's open, that's okay...LOL... Way to grab a snowball's chance in hell, Kodster!

    And seriously, who DOESN'T think Brad and Angelina have an army of nannies for their tribe? Really!

  3. OH my, PLEASE let Kody out to speak on his own more often!
    Now, remember how they like to say we don't know them? Well, how does he know brad and Angelina?
    This is the best stupid stuff! HE encourages brangelina to have more kids? I mean, hysterical!!
    And what about this part....

    “No more wives because I feel maxed out,” Brown tells me. “I want to give them all that I’ve got. I think that I can manage it. I do want to ... No, maybe I don’t think I can manage it.”

    WHAT WAS THAT SLIP.... I DO WANT TO... NO, maybe?

    I bet he does get married again. I sure do.
    But right now, he and Robyn are in the running for dumbest sayings to the press.

  4. I find this extremely hysterical. Between him and Robyn today, they have truly proven how stupid they are. Ego-maniacs, and you can't have 2 in the room, so I see him with a new wife in 10 9 8 ....

  5. OMG that is so funny. They don't want to be judged, but what's he doing? Is he thiking he's on the same level?

  6. Snowflake's right, Army of nannies, I believe they even speak different languages. AND, Angie and Brad have never been on welfare. (snark)
    What on earth is is coming out with stuff like this? I think it's a scream he would even be bodacious enough to TALK about a star.
    OH, is it cool (as snowflake pointed out) when a reporter asks you about bromance, but revolting when Meri brings it up? ....... I bet Meri would take Brad on!
    Kody is a SOCIAL RETARD on live TV shows and now in print interviews. I don't know why he does better in the TLC shows, editing?

  7. Kody made may day! (laughing out loud) Any other good one's lately, one more and I might bust my muffins!

  8. Too funny! Made you spit up. Did it, "revolt" you as it did him when Meri said it?
    What other words did he use?

  9. Wouldn't it be a SCREAM if the Jolie-Pitts came for a visit on the show?