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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sons and Daughters--Ross Lebaron and the Pure Seed Doctrine

Cynical Jinx sent me this, saying, it was "pure evil" and I don't think that those words can even fully grasp what you are about to watch, but she's as close as you can get with words. This is the story of Ross Lebaron, a 65 yr old retired businessmen. Keep in mind, that the Brown's say they don't believe in so much of what is put out there, and they may not, but it is INTERESTING that every time a name pops up with a disturbing story, they are related to them. Ross Lebaron is the 1st cousin of Christine Brown's mom, making them second cousins, and of course, all the others, David jessops and children, etc. In fact, that makes him a direct cousin also of Christine and Kody's children.

Ross believes in the fundamentalist theory of the Pure Seed Doctrine – that the families’ blood line is special in the eyes of god, and inbreeding is employed to maintain its purity. That incest is to bring back the line of Jesus Christ. 3 sons are fiercely against it, one seems prepared to take the youngest sister. This was made in 2009, and Mojave and Iron County were “looking into it”, yet no charges have been filed that I have found. I hope I am wrong and there has been! This really is a MUST WATCH. Thank God for Elland Lebaron, trying to save his young sister.

Another Excellent film by Mike Watkiss


  1. Why this is still happening is amazing. This is why there are so many children born with disabilities, chromosomal defects and genetical issues. And some (many) of these children are "destroyed" at birth because of the choices of their fathers and at the hand of their fathers.

    This is where the government should get involved....this is incest and some times this is murder. But, evidentially this is overlooked is most Utah and Arizona FLDS/AUB communities. With pre signed death certificates this just keeps on happening and happening. Somewhere it has to stop and it has to do with getting rid of all FLDS law officers, mayors, local governments , etc. Maybe then these women,
    adolescents, and children will be able to come forward, tell their stories and be believed. As long as all law enforcement officers in certain areas are FLDS, AUB, etc., no one has a chance of getting help. They are not believed.

    Please, get help for these families that want to get away from this abuse. This is not what God wanted to happen.

    Every time I see pictures of the women and their children they are smiling, happy and act like they are as satisfied as can be....I do not think this is true.

  2. Eloquently put Sissey. I see those faces and now think, waterboarding, brainwashed since birth, which I would never thought before. I do pray for all of them, for not only the abuse, but if they follow this path, it doesn't lead to heaven.
    Isn't this guy horrid? WHY WERE NO CHARGES FILED?

  3. Why, this is sickening. I googled him, and I didn't see where he got anything but investigated. Anyone out there know about this story?

  4. You know, MS, I cannot be eloquent any more. This man needs to be hung upside down by his huevos and left hanging. There is no reason for this kind of abuse to women and children. You and I think alike.

  5. Sissey - this man and his family are not members of the FLDS and don't live in the Twin Towns where the FLDS have gained control of the police force, The Iron County police force is likely to consist of mainly mainstream LDS officers.

    As far as the OPs comment that whenever a name pops up in connection with a disturbing polygamy related story one of the Browns tends to be related to them, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is any contemporary connection or that the Browns have ever met them.

    The fundamentalist movement started with quite a small group of families in the early 20th century, and although there have been numerous splits these same families have kept intermarrying, and they have BIG families.

    The AUB is the only Fundamentalist Mormon group that I know to currently accept converts, so most of the people born into the AUB and within the other groups share common ancestry.

    Even though it may be instinctive to assume that someone would know, or at least know of their first or second cousin, in polygamous families it is possible, even usual, to have literally hundreds of first cousins and even more second cousins, and if they or their parents became associated with a different group to the one you followed you would likely never know of them.

    So I don't think much should be read into the Browns being related to some of these notorious characters. The LeBarons branched off from the AUB over fifty years ago, and Ervil LeBaron even ordered some of his wives to kill the AUBs profit, so I doubt these cousins are coming over for Sunday dinner.

  6. Hey Sissy Sickening
    I originally researched this topic for a "Big Love" forum. If you watched Big Love, the season 4 finale had JJ Walker attempting to implant an egg from his own daughter - that had been fertilized with his sperm. Called an incestor by one of his wives, he replied "How can there be incest when there's no intercourse?"

    Back to reality, this is exactly what Ross LeBaron claims - that he did not have intercourse with his daughters and blamed his deceased wife (if memory serves me, it was called the turkey baster defense). The awful truth is, that the way the incest laws are written, actual intercourse must take place. Since law enforcement could not determine intercourse had taken place, they had no choice but to stopped the investigation. This was back in 2008-2009.

    The evil of this man is that he has no concept of what he has done. He is dealing with human beings HUMAN BEINGS! Not cattle. Not goats or horses. PEOPLE! And he just doesn't get it. In another interview I saw, I believe it was Eland who said that one of the defects he has noticed in the offspring was a form of deafness. It's sickening, really.

  7. I think it's sad on one hand, Melissa to say you have so much family you don't even know them, yet, downplay that their are many interconnections. Doesn't mean they know them, you are correct- to me, I agree with ms, it just seems odd it's such a large community, yet so connected. It's kind of a 6 degrees of separation. It is sad that they have so many children, if they couldn't know their 1st cousins, I doubt grandma remembers them all either! LOL