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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I must ask- does anyone watch it? What did you think of the premiere? 
Can you BELIEVE Russell committed suicide and then his partner?
He had some shady business dealing before, and I think Taylor knew all about it and bailed on him.
Anyone else have any thoughts?


  1. I watch it- I'm not sure what I think.
    I do wonder if Russel was at the dinner, and edited out.

  2. Say WHUT??? Holy Guacamole how did I miss reading about Russell's business partner committing suicide?

    I think Taylor is shady too, in way over her head. I just don't understand all that conspicuous comsumption and not having a proverbial pot to piss in. She should take a permanent break from the show. Oh yeah, it is her main source of income now. Darn...

    The premiere was kind of a downer, for obvious reasons. Adrienne and Paul should tone DOWN that continuous sniping at each other. Last year it was kinda cute. This year its starting to look mean spirited.

    Never liked Lisa - nor her hubby. I do like Jiggy, though.

    Can't wait to see the new castmember in action.

    And don't get me started on Slimey Slade Smiley or Juicy Joe Giudice. Although that's one thing you can say about RH - the focus of the show has always been the WIVES, unlike Sister Wives.

  3. WHAT New Castmember?
    See! We both missed something!
    I think Taylor pushed Russel back to his shady business to keep up with the Jones, then ran when she knew he was in trouble. Remember the 60,000 B day party for the weird whiny looking kid?
    I think she told everyone he beat her, I don't think he did.I fell terrible for his family. Now her trout lips will be boo hooing all season

  4. I do watch this program and I do not feel sorry for Taylor at all. She made the decision to end her marriage the day she filed for divorce from Russel. He was the one who was devastated.

    My thoughts are with his daughter and sons and mother and sister. And, why was there so much tension between Taylor and Russel's mom and sister right after he died? There were family dynamics going on that we will probably never know about.

    Taylor will probably be playing the part of the poor widow for a long time when she was the one that ended the marriage.

  5. And ended themarraige once he got himself, and her in trouble, which he has been in before. he did it for HER. I can't stand her now.

  6. This is a good (although very sad) illustration of the so-called, "Reality TV Show Curse." Somewhere around 2 dozen families have attributed the breakdown of their family through divorce, estrangement, suicide, etc. to their having been on a reality TV show. That does not take into consideration the adverse affects on individuals.

    I wonder whether the Browns will be affected by the "Reality TV Show Curse."

  7. I wonder Terrasola! What a great topic! LOL

  8. Well, BH disappointed tonight. I am so sick of seeing that pouty anorexic face of Tayor (which is not her real name) I could barf. And fighting over rooms. Childish.