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Monday, September 19, 2011

Anyone that Catches Sister Wives on TV on a show this week...

Take some notes and write a blog! I stupidly cut my TV off too soon before I moved here, so be sure just to keep up informed!!! Take  some notes, send it in!


  1. I can't wait.
    I was shocked on RHOBH with the way they played Ken as a villian, and Adriana and Paul fighting. you never know!
    I bet this will be on the move still, and spring/summer activities.

  2. Princess, I would not be surprised if they are not all divorced or thinking about it before this season is over. What drama. Ken was kind of out of line but counseling is not such a bad idea when you a trying to save something like a marriage or child. Ken feels that he would never go but he could be the one who needs it most.

  3. ok, i will cover Anderson for you Mister.

  4. Cool!
    Moving is crazy, and I thought I'd go before now, but now I'm dragging my feet!

  5. OK, Taylor going to be on Dr Phil tonight. Got the DVR set to record.