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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Discussion Corner: Tough Life Changes for Sister Wives

We all saw the season teaser: Janelle, her other sister wives and Kody sitting on the interview couch. Janelle starts talking about honesty and Robyn interrupts her by loudly slapping her knee and yelling "Bull Crap! "

Remember how we all couldn't wait to find out what that was all about? Funny thing, it appears this scene somehow got left on the cutting room floor and was never shown.

Why do you think that happened? To jostle your memory, here's the teaser:

And while we are at it, Lourdes Ritz-Carlton wants to join the discussion with her own question !

During this time of almost no news on our favorite family, The Browns, I thought I'd try scouring for news on the Brown's quest for Detoxing the Operation, Globally. Or was it Operating Global Detox units...oh yeah, it was Global Operation Detox ! You know, that other Brown business venture with LIV! International.

WELL, when I google Global Operation Detox, I get something called "Hot Women International Inc.  Global Operation Detox". That's strange, so I ventured onto their Facebook page. Holy Toledo, is this for real?

On Facebook,  Hot Women International says their  " goal, mission, passion and purpose, Is to allow the space for the exploration and creation of "non-toxic" zones, as We travel in and around purification, both personally and collectively, in order to adventure into just how great We can both "Imagine," and "Let It Be, together, as We Engage Potential, and Power, with Universe-All Co-Creative Response-Ability For The Release/Unleashing of The Divine, Magnifying Magnificence, Allowing for The Celebration of Everything, Everywhere, In Everyone, Every Moment."

Folks, that was just one sentence. So I asked myself. Is this actually a division of LIV! International, or some kind of <choke>< clutching pearls> parody?

We may never know the real answer. But I can tell you that LIV! International has changed their campaign to just "Operation Detox", dropping the Global entirely. And on the subject of dropping(s), isn't it funny how LIV! does not appear anywhere on the Kody Brown's webpage  thefundamentalfitness.com?

What's up with that?


  1. I think they have been more honest and open with each other since the show started. I think things weren't discussed at all before. Cody ruled the roost and the wives survived. Robyn is the typical favorite wife. She welds the power and she wants the "honesty" of the others welcoming her with open arms. Well, ain't gonna happen-

  2. Really, what did happen to this? Did I miss it?

  3. I hope we get to see the whole scene someday! That looks so good!

  4. Or when Kristine said "cody definitely caters to Robyn" That was shown in a preview but we NEVER saw it. I waited for it. What happened to that?

  5. I hope they didn't show the scene cause Janelle reached over and b!tch slapped her.

  6. Actually, there was a lot in that clip that wasn't shown and that makes me mad. I'm dying to know what really happened in the "bullcrap scene". It's obvious that Robyn hates Janelle. I wonder if somehow the Brown's found a way to convince TLC not to show that scene because it put Robyn in a negative light. I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it.

  7. Lesbuan4Janelle:
    I totally love that! I hope so too!

  8. I thought I had dreamed that clip up, until someone first mentioned it on this blog, not that long ago; and, now someone else (?) has on this posting...

    It seems that Kody & Chattel, Inc. is employing a nice bit of reputation management regarding one or both of those ladies.

    As for all that jive talkin' (sorry, I couldn't resist a Bee Gees reference) on that detox whatever-the-heck site, let's all HOPE it's a joke...

  9. Hello Lourdes!
    It has been a quiet week on the Brown home front!
    Speaking of LIV- In Oct. when they first popped on the scene, (I wish I had saved it) Kody was at the 1,000 mark and Robyn and Christine were at 500. Since then, in Nov and Dec NONE of the Browns have attained at least $500 sales- which is strange to me. Are the ducklings not following and buying? Maybe they are learning they are like the Dionne Quintuplets; people want to come and stare- cock their head sideways and look, maybe a picture, then leave, but NOT BUY. I found that odd.

    And what's up with the Voss Water? My god, they even had one shoved near poor Da-on when he couldn't study. I'm surprised they didn't sprinkle it on the newborn like holy water right out of his miracle birth!! (ALERT! the very mention of the birthing scene causes me to have flashbacks...."I'm touching his head" in such a seductive tone"....EWWWWW

    Voss Water was prominently displayed so many times that if you had a drinking game every time you saw it - you'd be hammered.

    HA you get the drift...

  10. I wonder if the "bullcrap" comments was about how her kids were being picked on by the other kids. It's still incredulous to me that Robyn (& Kody for that matter) thought they could pull in a younger, needy single mother with 3 "older" kids (I mean old enough to KNOW what's going on) and think all the other kids would just accept them as "family" members right of the bat! I think they were so much better off as a family before Robyn entered.

    I'm all for respecting their right to live this kids of life as long as it is their true choice and not for bogus religious rules that obligate them to participate or suffer the consequences.

  11. I wish, wish, wish that there was a forum to talk to these ladies (somewhere they would participate in), so it were possible to ask direct questions and get answers. I know that they are trying to protect what little privacy they have left, and this will never happen, but I feel like these women have so much to TELL! Can't you just see Meri, for instance, given a platform, going OFF on everything that's frustrating her! It would be pure trainwreck drama fun!

  12. Lourdes Ritz-Carlton, I just looked at the the "Global Operation Detox" site you mention and watched part of the video attached to the site. I don't think it's a spoof (but it ought to be, it's so ridiculous!). This is about physical AND financial health (just like Liv). Question is, did Liv International get their ideas from this group, or vice versa? Incidentally the "master teacher" on the video is a chiropractor. Couldn't be the chiropractor Kody was tweeting about, could it? That would be too funny!

    About the "bullcrap" preview - great hook to get the viewers in, but I'll bet Goodie-Two-Shoes regretted saying that on camera (tarnished her sparkly halo). Still would LOVE to know Janelle's reply! Pretty sure these two ladies don't like each other, which is a big message to all those women out there gushing about how wonderful to be in a polygamous relationship and spend all that time with your best friends. Newsflash - you get what you get in polygamy, and it's rarely best friends! (Wouldn't want my best friends sleeping with my husband anyway.)

  13. In case anyone want to visit the Global DeTox site, here's the link -

  14. Goes to show you in the clip with Queen Robyn slapping her hand on her knee and saying "Bullcrap",that she has a temper..poor girl..did something NOT go your way???? And I can almost see that UGLY pout of hers..chin drop..UGH!!

  15. I've noticed that there is little to no direct interaction between Robyn and Janelle. I would venture to guess Janelle doesn't even pretend to tolerate her. Must make editing the show interesting.

  16. Oh I'm pretty sure Janelle sees right through and has NO time or tolerance for Robyn Bullcrap! My guess is the only upper hand Robyn has over Janelle is that Janelle's younger sons may be bullying Robyn's kids, which of course is a no-no, but I'm guessing with so many siblings, fights and arguments must be a daily thing and the 3 new kids on the block aren't used to this much chaos and probably aren't as thick skinned as the others.

  17. I don't quite understand, is it the same group, or not?

  18. Lourdes, we've missed you babe!!!!

  19. OK, I checked and it was a different Chiropractor than the one Kody had mentioned in a tweet. But this IS too weird. Are they connected?
    Lourdes, love this line...
    "And on the subject of dropping(s), isn't it funny..."
    I started laughing thinking about detoxing your colon and droppings!LOL

  20. I also think that 'bullcrap' and talks about honesty probably was surrounding discussion of the kids' relationships with one another. Also- is Robyn even pregnant in the clip? That kind of hints that it must have come either before or after the actual season was filmed?

  21. ^Anon 6:02, yeah she is preggo in the clip.

    LOL at Lesbian4Janelle. Hilarious.

    And Mister Sister I about lost control laughing with your comment about sprinkling the voss holy water on the baby at birth. hahahaha

  22. I kept wondering when that scene would show up. I thought it had something to do with Robyn's kids possibly going to live with their Dad. The way Robin says"our" kids about the teenagers is annoying, and how she didn't want them to be in the church youth group. She shouldn't have had a voice in that at all.

  23. Where is Robyn's mom? Saw her dad when the baby was born but not her mom. Bet she leaves this family when the show is over and decides sharing wasn't for her...

  24. Was Janelle in AZ today? I could have swore I saw her at Anthem outlet mall and my daughter says I am crazy.

    1. Kody and Janelle were in Mesa on Friday for a Liv International event and had a get together with fans interested in the 'family business' at a restaurant in Gilbert. Plus they attended a wrestling match. So yep, you must've seen them on their way back to Vegas!