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Friday, December 9, 2011

Warren Jeffs’ Batty New Writings from Jail

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs, who seems determined to single-handedly keep the beleaguered U.S. Postal Service alive, has sent out his third mass mailing of “revelations” from God this year. The latest set of writings tend toward the apocalyptic, predicting that “consuming fire,” earthquakes, and illness will soon sweep the world.

“I shall cause the waters to boil, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, the desolating sickness of an overflowing scourge, also pestilences of disease, and other destructive powers shall soon be felt by all peoples, nations, tongues, kindreds, and governing powers,” Jeffs wrote, quoting God, in his October 31 “Revelation of the Lord.”

The revelations are written in the same archaic and incoherent style that Texas Monthly’s Katy Vine noted Jeffs favored at his trial. “Let the nation humble themselves who are thus of a persecuting zeal against my holy Celestial Law of Celestial Marriage of Plural revealing,” Jeffs wrote.

As in previous writings, Jeffs took time to muse on world affairs, instructing Turkey to stand with Israel against Iran.
Jeffs, who stood trial in San Angelo, made sure the Tom Green County Commissioners received the packets. “We’ll just have to wait and see,” Commissioner Ralph Hoelscher told San Angelo Standard-Times Matt Waller of Jeffs’ revelations. 

Jeffs, serving a life sentence in Palestine’s Powledge Unit for child sexual assault of his underage brides, has turned his prison cell into a makeshift office where he is churning out religious texts at a record clip. In mid-November, FLDS faithful sent out thousands of copies of a different set of Jeffs’ rambling revelations, some of which wound up in the mailboxes of Texas judges, according to Harvey Rice of the Houston Chronicle.

“I looked at this and thought, either they sent this to every judge or I got some bad stuff coming my way,” Galveston County District Judge Susan Criss, who received the 247-page packet, told Rice. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office took the writings and considered conferring with a terrorism-focused FBI Task on the contents, Rice reported.

The Utah Attorney General’s Office seemed less concerned. “The threats according to Warren Jeffs seem to be coming from God . . . and there is nothing I can do about that,” a spokesman for the Utah Attorney General told Rice when asked whether his office would investigate.

Back in February, Jeffs sent a threatening letter to Obama, promising that the lord would send “great destruction” to Illinois if Jeffs were not freed, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.

Curious if Jeffs marked your corner of the world for destruction? Back in November, the Salt Lake Tribunes polygamy reporter Lindsay Whitehurst plotted out “the areas slated for God's wrath” on a handy (and hilarious) Google map.

Those interested in purchasing their own (keepsake?) copy can do so on FLDS.org, where Jeffs writings are listed by ISBN number. Christmas is just around the corner. 

Latest revelations from Warren Jeffs

(Source: http://www.tmdailypost.com/article/religion/warren-jeffs-batty-new-writings-jail    Written by: Sonia Smith Dec 8,  2011)


  1. What a freak show. I don't know if his followers are even able to make independent decisions, but if they were I hope the Feds are watching them.

  2. Someone take away that man's pen and paper! Sheesh.

  3. The Almighty seems to be having quite a problem with grammar and syntax! (The almighty Jeffs, that is.)

  4. This sickens me. They shouldn't let him even WRITE from prison. Can't they stop this if they wanted to? Or not?

  5. Really, Can the prison STOP HIM> of course they can!


  6. I am not a hater, nor am I enthusiastic near guns,
    but this man needs put out of his misery.
    Conract, yes. Contact, no.

  7. Looking at the google map on this page, does the volcano looking figure mean that I am going to be stricken dead by an erupting volcano? Just curious because right now I am freezing!!! A little fire might go a long way to getting warm.....well, until I go down in flames, but I really hate being cold!!!

  8. ahhahahah

    This man IS a making o a devil. Unfortunatly, he is also the makings of his church. all from hell.

  9. I hope he rots in hell. Good examply why polygamy is WRONG. The teachig are WRONG. Joseph SMith is WRONG.

  10. I was watching some videos on youtube about FLDS and the community in Bountiful B.C.
    They trot these women out, dressed like clowns and say "What? were just like everybody else"

    Those FLDS dresses! Who's dumb idea was that? They call it modesty, so do the Duggars (not FLDS) It doesnt make sense! It seems that, they think a dress hides the female form from below the waistline. Below the beltline women AND men are genitals, two legs and two feet. Female genitals are hidden already. A mans arnt. Men should be wearing the dresses not women right?
    As Robyn would say BULLCRAP! Is it easy access, how is that called modesty? Guys are not good at getting jeans off a girl Thats my opnion.